Ruby Falconer on Shamanic Egyptian Astrology

Ruby Falconer has been an astrologer for over 37 years, and she collaborated with Linda Star Wolf in writing the book Shamanic Egyptian Astrology: Your Planetary Relationship to the Gods. She explains how the Egyptian pantheon is older than the classical, Greco-Roman myths, which form the basis of modern Western astrology. She explains how Egyptian deities represent a language of wholeness and add a dimension of divine femininity to the astrological archetypes. The classical myths were heavily influenced by patriarchal wounding that was happening during ancient Greece and Rome, and so there are many stories where the feminine goddess are wounded by the hand of masculine gods.
Falconer provides some examples of how this patriarchal bias is still present within the traditional Western astrological archetypes, and explains how the corresponding Egyptian mythological stories can provide a more holistic story with richer dimensions and complexity. She talks about some of the current transits between Saturn and Uranus and talks about the corresponding Egyptian archetypes of Sobek and Wadjet, and explains the struggle between the ego's need to maintain security of Saturn/Sobek and the need of Uranus/Wadjet to allow new energy to come through. She talks about reclaiming the essence of Shamanism, which is about letting the ego regularly die in order to effectively embody different solar purposes and being comfortable with change. There is a part of us that needs to die in order to change, and she talks about how much our culture suffers from the fear of change and the prospect of death.Source here

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