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Radio broadcasts launched by ISIL loyalists in Nangarhar used to 
recruit fighters and spread anti-government propaganda.

Shereena Qazi | 21 Dec 2015 07:51 GMT 

ISIL's radio broadcasts in Nangarhar province have 'hooked' some 
listeners [Ghulamullah Habibi/EPA] [caption]

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) has launched a radio 
station in Afghanistan to recruit fighters and stir up anti-government 

The one-hour-long Voice of Caliphate broadcast in Pashto language was 
started in eastern Nangarhar province by supporters who pledged 
allegiance to ISIL. It was unclear when the broadcasts began but 
Afghan officials say they found out about the station a week ago. 

"The ISIL militants in Afghanistan are growing stronger and this radio 
channel is helping them recruit fighters which will make them even 
stronger,"  Achin district governor Haji Ghalib told Al Jazeera. 
ISIL and the Taliban. "Their aim is to brainwash people through this 
radio channel. However, we are trying to track it and shut it down."

READ MORE: ISIL won't get far in Afghanistan - for now

Mohammad Yasin Samim, spokesman for the Ministry of Communications and 
Information Technology, told Al Jazeera the technology being used made 
it hard to locate the source of the broadcasts.

"What makes it difficult to immediately shut down the radio station is 
that it is broadcast via portable transmitters that do not have a 
fixed location," Samim said. "It does not have a base station."

Tolo News, an Afghan news channel,  included an audio clip of the 
Voice of the Caliphate in a report, in which a presenter said ISIL's 
flag will soon fly over the Afghan Presidential Palace.

A resident of Jalalabad, the provincial capital, told Al Jazeera some 
locals find themselves "hooked to the channel". "Their listeners are 
increasing every day - I am one of them. They say that the current 
government is un-Islamic and how we should all stand up against them," 
said Hamid, who asked that his surname not be published. 

"I found out about this radio channel from my friend and I make sure I 
listen to it every day. What they say is not wrong because they want 
to bring Sharia [Islamic law], which I am in favour of." 

But another resident said the channel is "poisoning the youth of 
Afghanistan" and demanded that it be shut down immediately. "Many 
people listen to radio in Afghanistan as not all have access to 
televisions. I have listened to their channel and I can tell you that 
the ISIL fighters are conveying only hatred. Young people can be 
fooled by this very easily," Hamidullah Dawlatzai told Al Jazeera. "It 
can turn into a disaster. It is pure evil."

Competing with the Taliban

Battles between the Taliban and ISIL fighters have increased over the 
past few months, most notably in the Taliban stronghold of Nangarhar 

When asked about ISIL's radio broadcasts, the Taliban responded that 
it was an "ineffective way to reach out to people". "This [radio] will 
die out soon. It won't last long," Taliban spokesman Zabihullah 
Mujahid told Al Jazeera. "The radio channel has a very limited 
audience. Just a one-hour programme cannot get people to join ISIL."

The Taliban has a history of recruiting people through poetry, 
especially those of a well-known Pashto poet in Afghanistan, Faqeer 
Mohammed Darwish, who wrote about "fighting for Afghanistan's freedom 
and jihad against foreign fighters". 

Q&A: ISIL, the Taliban and the battle for the Khorasan

"My poems are aimed at reminding the youth how our country was invaded 
by foreign forces and how important it is to fight them out," Darwish 
told Al Jazeera. "My jihad is to motivate young people through my 
poems to join us in jihad."

ISIL recruiting and brainwashing Afghan children

Darwish pledged allegiance to the Taliban after the appointment of new 
leader Mullah Akhtar Mansoor upon news of Mullah Omar's death. He also 
wrote a new poem in Pashto praising Mansoor. 

'Serious threat from ISIL'

US Army General John Campbell, who leads the international forces in 
Afghanistan, said ISIL had coalesced over the past six months in 
Nangarhar and Kunar provinces.

Between 1,000 and 3,000 ISIL fighters are in Afghanistan, according to 
Campbell. He said its presence has forced the Taliban to redirect 
resources away from fighting Afghan security forces.

In an unannounced visit to Afghanistan last week, US Defense Secretary 
Ashton Carter warned of the threat posed by ISIL in Afghanistan. "We 
are seeing little nests of ISIL spring up around the world, including 
here in Afghanistan, but I will say that that is a threat that we 
track very closely," Carter said (AlJazeera, via Clara Listensprechen, 


The loyalists of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist 
group have reportedly launched a radio station in eastern Nangarhar 
province of Afghanistan.

The radio station – Caliphate Radio, has been launched with an aim to 
encourage encouraging local youth to enroll in jihadi ranks and airing 
anti-government Islamic rulings, or fatwa.

The security officials have not confirmed the launch of the radio by 
ISIS fanatics so far, however the provincial council officials have 
said the broadcast has already started using a broadcast band of 90 

The launch of radio station by ISIS fanatics comes amid growing 
concerns that the terror group is gaining foothold in Afghanistan with 
more militants formerly fighting for other militant groups pledging 

The commander of the US and NATO forces in Afghanistan Gen. John 
Campbell said the loyalists of the terror group are attempting to 
establish a regional base in Jalalabad, the capital city of eastern 
Nangarhar province with foreign militants from Syria and Iraq had 
joining the ranks of ISIS loyalists in eastern Nangarhar province.

Gen. Campbell further added that the loyalists of the terror group in 
Afghanistan are also trying to consolidate links with the leadership 
of the terror group based in Syria and Iraq.

This comes as the United Nations late in the month of September this 
year, stating the terror group is making inroads in Afghanistan with 
the number of sympathizers and followers growing across the country.
The report further added that the group is recruiting followers in at 
least 25 provinces of Afghanistan with 10 percent of the sympathizers 
belonging to the Taliban group.

“The number of groups and individuals who are openly declaring either 
loyalty to or sympathy with ISIL continues to grow in a number of 
provinces in Afghanistan,” the report said.

The report also added that around 70 militants of the terror group are 
busy in forming the core of the group’s branch in Afghanistan which 
was initially formed by Abdul Rauf Khadem after visiting Iraq in 2014.

Posted by: (JOSE MIGUEL ROMERO ROMERO, Spain, Dec 16, dxldyg via DXLD)

VOA NEWS Ayesha Tanzeem December 17, 2015

ISLAMABAD - The Islamic State group has launched an FM radio channel 
in eastern Afghanistan's Nangarhar province. Local journalist Anaat 
Khan said the channel has been active for almost a month and can be 
heard in the provincial capital Jalalabad.

Local Provincial Council Member Zabihullah Zmaray said the broadcast 
lasts two hours daily from 6 to 8 p.m. and tries to convince the local 
population that their current system is un-Islamic.

"They broadcast propaganda in their favor and against the state in 
order to turn the people against the government. But in the last 
decade people have become aware and they are not falling for it," 
Zmaray said.

He added that it is a mobile setup and the government was not worried 
because "the people will stand with the system and against (IS)." But 
Khan said the local population is scared. "They dislike IS, but they 
are so scared that they will listen to anything," he added.

Khan, who has heard the broadcast, said IS asks the local population 
whether they prefer them or the government and promises the local 
population victories over their enemies. "They say that they will fly 
the black flag first in Kabul, then in Islamabad (Pakistan), and 
afterwards in all the capitals of Muslim world," Khan said.

Provincial governor's spokesman Attaullah Khogyani said they are
making efforts to get the station off the air, according to local
TV Channel TOLO News (VOA Radiogram Dec 19 via roger, dxldyg via DXLD) 

By Pamela Constable, Washington Post

JALALABAD, Afghanistan -- At exactly 6 p.m. across this nervous city
and surrounding districts, a clandestine radio broadcast comes to life
each night with sounds of clashing swords, drumming hoofbeats and
bursts of machine-gun fire.

"Caliphate Radio, where hell welcomes the conspirators of infidels,"
intones the announcer in the Pashto language. For the next 90 minutes,
speakers deliver sermons about Islam, recite Koranic verses in Arabic,
threaten death for anyone connected with the "infidel" government and
call on young Afghans to join their holy war.

No one is sure where the week-old broadcasts are coming from. 
Officials say they are attempting to track the radio broadcast 
facility and silence it, but they suspect it is mounted on a truck, 
moving among the tribal regions that straddle the nearby border with 
Pakistan. The program can be heard throughout Nangahar province but 
not nationally.

Already, the broadcasts have struck new fear into residents of this
besieged eastern region, a rich agricultural area and strategic trade
corridor. Fighters loyal to the Islamic State, known here by its 
Arabic acronym Daesh, are reportedly reaching as close as 12 miles 
from this provincial capital as they wrest control of areas where 
Afghan security forces largely remain confined to outposts.

Islamic State forces in Afghanistan have been mostly a mixture of
disaffected Taliban and tribal militants from Pakistan and of Uzbek 
and Chechen fighters. Recently, though, there have been indications 
that some fighters from the Middle East have joined them and are 
attempting to establish a stronghold in Nangahar. Many Afghans suspect 
that the militants and the new radio station are being sponsored by 
Pakistan, which officials in that country deny.

[The Islamic State is making these Afghans long for the Taliban]

Provincial leaders said they are frustrated with the poor results of a
recent military offensive that failed to push back Islamic State
militants. With NATO air power no longer available to provide cover to
Afghan troops, they said, the government is being forced to rely on
poorly trained local police and even on Taliban fighters -- widely
viewed here as a lesser, homegrown evil -- to take on the better armed
and financed Islamic State forces.

"The Afghan soldiers fight well. But they are badly managed, and the
government is weak. How else can 20 Daesh fighters capture districts
where they have sent in 2,000 army troops?" demanded Ahmed Ali Hazrat,
the provincial council head. He said that local armed tribes are ready
to take on the Islamic State in coordination with the army but that
their offer has been rebuffed. "Without international air support,
there is no way the Afghan forces can defeat them," he said.

Last week, Gen. John Campbell, the top U.S. and NATO military 
commander in Afghanistan, signaled growing U.S. concern about the 
Islamic State's ambitions here, saying that its leaders may be trying 
to create a regional stronghold in Nangahar. On Friday, Defense 
Secretary Ashton B. Carter briefly visited a U.S. base in Jalalabad, 
where he predicted a "hard" year ahead in the fight against the 
Islamic State and the Taliban.

[The Islamic State is growing in Afghanistan, and has its eyes on a
specific city]

Leaders from four districts, including two close to Jalalabad, said
their areas are now partly or fully under Islamic State domination. An
elder from Chaparhar, a short drive from Jalalabad, said the 
extremists are "beheading four to five people a day" there and control 
90 percent of the district. He said that one family was murdered in 
recent days and that Islamic State fighters returned two of their 
severed heads to local authorities. The elder, who fled with his 
family to Jalalabad, spoke on the condition that he not be identified.

"They just kill people; they don't say why," he said. "They have
already warned me. If they see my name, they will kill me, too."

`Everyone is afraid'

The launching of Caliphate Radio has magnified the intimidating power
of the Islamic State and has made the group seem more ubiquitous.
Officials said the broadcast can be heard throughout most of the 
province. In Jalalabad on Saturday evening, every word came through

"This is an infidel government, with an infidel system," one speaker
said. "Those who are in the same trench with infidels are not Muslim"
and are therefore worthy of death. He included in that group anyone 
who delivers goods to government agencies, shares offices with 
foreigners, or befriends Jews or Christians. "It is negative 
propaganda that we kill everyone," he asserted, "but we are fighting 
to finish an evil system."

The chilling effect is palpable in this bustling city of 350,000, 
which is full of hotels and restaurants that cater to tradesmen and
travelers. On a recent day, the streets emptied quickly after dark, 
and police and army vehicles circulated. Business owners said trade 
was down; officials said the city was flooded with jobless men who had 
fled conflict zones.

"Everyone is afraid," said one council member, from nearby Achin, 
where Islamic State fighters remain in control four months after they
executed villagers by forcing them to sit on explosives.

"These people are not human. They have much money and many big 
weapons. They can put Dashikas on every hilltop," he said, referring 
to Russian-made DShK heavy machine guns. He spoke on the condition of
anonymity, fearing for his security.

"They easily slip in and out across the border, and they bring
everything in on horses. We wonder who is really behind them," he 

The radio is worrisome for a second reason: its potential to appeal to
young Afghans who are alienated, idle or already influenced by radical
Islamist teachings. Local officials say the area's high unemployment
rate makes young men susceptible to the Islamic State's promises of
high pay.

Another group of potential recruits are students at Nangahar
University, the second largest in the country. In November, Islamist
student activists staged an anti-government protest, waving both
Taliban and Islamic State flags. Police made 27 arrests.

One economics instructor, who spoke on the condition of anonymity
because of security concerns, said the campus -- once known as a 
center for medical and technical studies -- is now so full of 
radicalized students that it is too dangerous for a foreigner to 
visit. In some dormitories, he said, students are watching extreme 
Islamist videos and becoming swept up in the idea of violent jihad.

A Sunni cleric here, Maulvi Zahir Haqqani, who is working with the
government to counter the Islamic State's message, said he and his
fellow scholars issued a fatwa, or religious edict, this week
denouncing the militia's predations as un-Islamic and encouraging
residents to defend themselves against the "invaders."

Haqqani said the Taliban, though cruel, is more palatable here because
it consists of fellow Afghans, ethnic Pashtuns and Hanafi Muslims, a
mainstream Sunni sect. The Islamic State is largely made up of 
Salafist Muslims, who follow an ultraconservative strain of the faith 
that originated in Saudi Arabia and Egypt, and the group is led by 
Middle Easterners.

The Islamic State radio broadcasts told listeners in recent days that
Taliban fighters should be higher-priority targets than the 

Relations between the two Islamist militias are complex, with some
Taliban members joining the Islamic State while others are fighting 
it. Afghans worry that their growing armed rivalry will sow chaos in 
the region.

Already, elders and officials from across Nangahar said, the conflict
has emptied Achin, close to the Pakistani border, and has sent 
residents fleeing from six more of the province's 23 districts --
Khogyani, Chaparhar, Deh Bala, Shinwar, Behsud and Pachiragam. In the
past week, they said, Islamic State fighters have reached an area of
Chaparhar that is 12 miles from Jalalabad.

"The women are all locking themselves in their houses because they 
have heard about the flags Daesh is demanding," said Habiba Kakar 
Qazizada, a teacher from Behsud. Islamic State fighters have ordered 
that flags be raised over houses with widows or unmarried daughters, 
whom they claim the right to take as spoils of war. "The Taliban treat 
women like goods, too, but they are more lenient," she said.

The broadcasts of Caliphate Radio have made it clear that the 
insurgents do not plan to stop until they control Afghanistan. On
Friday, before signing off with a stirring, familiar melange of 
ancient and modern battle sounds, the announcer vowed that "soon our 
black flags will fly" over the presidential palace in Kabul.

Read more:
Afghan government turns to militias as Taliban gains strength
Afghans who once watched war from afar are forced to flee
After Kunduz, the Taliban is now targeting other Afghan cities

(c) The Washington Post Company (via Mike Cooper, DXLD)

** AFGHANISTAN [non]. UAE, 5940.092, IBRA Radio's Dari service 
program, via Babcock brokered service Al Dhabbaya-UAE unit, at 
S=9+15dB signal here in southern Germany. Called Dari like "Sadaye 
Zindagi" at 0235 UT on Dec 18 (Wolfgang Bόschel, Stuttgart, Germany, 
log at 0225 til 0255 UT on Dec 18, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** AFGHANISTAN [non]. VOA-Deewa R.-Thailand on 9355 at 1820 in Pashto. 
Afghani music, Man with ID, telephone conversation. // 9370-Iranawila. 
Good (Online Twente SDR via Mike Bryant, KY, Dec 20, dxldyg via DX 
** ALASKA [and non]. Good signal of KNLS The New Life Station Dec 22:
0800-0900 on  9615 NLS 100 kW / 270 deg to SEAs English tx#2
0900-1000 on  9680*NLS 100 kW / 300 deg to NEAs Russian tx#2
* very poor due to strong signal of Ictimai Radio on 9676.9.
(Ivo Ivanov, Sofia, Bulgaria, Dec 22, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

Very weak signal of KNLS The New Life Station.
Today December 23 no signal of Ictimai Radio on 9676.9:
0900-1000 on  9680*NLS 100 kW / 300 deg to NEAs Russian
-- 73! (Ivo Ivanov, B`lgariya, Dec 23, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ALGERIA. I just looked at MWLIST and see that the Algeria 891 kHz 
has been reported off the air, but from the notes, maybe it has 
returned. The reason I mention that, is that when I was stationed 
about 1 hour drive from Boston in 1980, I heard chanting on 890 --- I 
assumed it was Algeria almost every night. cd (Chris Dunne, Pembroke 
Pines FL, Dec 20, WTFDA Forum via DXLD)

891 kHz Algiers Ouled Fayet still on reduced power? ALGERIA, 891, 
after these recent carrier-only tests of new TransRadio Berlin unit at 
Algiers Ouled Fayet MW 891 kHz channel site. How is the service now on 
this RA chaine-1 channel, reception on remote SDR units around 
Mediterranean reveals only reduced power usage these days, heard first 
program ch 1 \\ on both LW 153 and MW 891 kHz at 1830 UT, but latter 
much less the signal strength of Youth program channels on 531 or 549 
kHz. wb (Wolfgang Bόschel, Germany, Dec 20, mwmasts yg via DXLD)

You are fully right. 891 has a quite good signal at 21 UT, but it 
can't be full power. Can be test of 600 kW day/300 night. Best 
regards/ (Bengt Ericson, Sweden, ibid.)

Much lower than the test tone of past days (Roberto Scaglione, Sicily, 

Re 891 kHz Algiers Ouled Fayet --- I don't understand the MW prop 
condition this morning. 891 Algiers poor signals heard at 08 UT at 
remote Madrid Spain, Forli Italy, and at St. Gallen Switzerland, but 
fair to well heard signal from Algiers heard on new remote Perseus net
unit close to Polish-Czech-Slovak border near Sumperk-Ostrava, Opole 
and Katowice. 

PS: also Heusweiler Saar 1179 kHz signal is really well heard in 
eastern Sumperk-Moravia near Polish border. I guess the guy at Sumperk 
uses an excellent MW range antenna? (Wolfgang Bόschel, Dec 21, ibid.)

** ANGOLA. 4949.75, R. Nacional de Angola, 0317-0408, Dec 20. Poor, 
but audio well above threshold level the whole time; religious 
program; EZL pop songs; 0400 time pips; news; 0405 clear ID: "Rαdio 
Nacional de Angola"; enjoyable to listen to the pop songs; has been a 
while since I last heard them at this level. Audio at
with ID and music (poor quality) 

4949.75, R. Nacional de Angola, 0302-0408, Dec 22. Again with above 
threshold level audio; able to make out several IDs. For me, any 
reception I have that I am able to dig out clear IDs is good 
reception! They played one Xmas song! (Ron Howard, Asilomar State 
Beach, CA, Etσn E1, antenna: 100' long wire, dxldyg via WORLD OF RADIO 

4950, 12/23 0104-0109, RNA, Mulenvos, in Portuguese. YL talks, but 
unlistenable. Many days RNA is on air but has a terrible  
radiotelegraphy interference; presumed, best audible in USB mode (DXer 
Josι Ronaldo Xavier (JRX), Cabedelo - Brazil, Degen DE1103 / Tecsun S-
2000, Hard-Core-DX mailing list via DXLD)

** ANTIGUA & BARBUDA. TEP - Observer Radio - 91.1 MHz - Caribe - 
Amigos, ontem houve uma boa abertura transequatorial na faixa de FM 
Broadcasting aqui na cidade de Sγo Paulo. Comecei a receber o ruνdo 
oscilante caracterνstico da TEP por volta de 23:00 horαrio de Brasνlia 
[01 UT] encobrindo totalmente o fraco sinal que recebia da Rαdio 
Ipanema FM de Sorocaba SP, 91.1 MHz, quando ΰs 23:20 no meio desse 
ruνdo surgiu a emissora caribenha Observer Radio 91.1 MHz. Essa 
abertura durou cerca de 50 minutos indo atι as 00:10 hora de Brasνlia. 
Em horαrio UT foi entre 0120 e 0210. Vamos ver se agora a TEP 
estabiliza por aqui; essa temporada estα sendo muito fraca.

Observer Radio - 91.1 Mhz - Antigua and Barbuda - Caribe - Parte 1
Observer Radio - 91.1 Mhz - Antigua and Barbuda - Caribe - Parte 2
73΄s (Fran Jr, Sγo Paulo, Dec 22, SPSony XDR-F1HDAntena interna 
direcional Yagi de 6 elementos, radioescutas yg via DXLD)

A segunda gravaηγo estα bem melhor. Parabens (Anderson Josι Torquato, 

Grato Anderson, a segunda foi por volta de 0200 UT no pico da 
abertura; ontem nγo abriu a TEP por aqui. 73's (Fran, ibid.)

Still tough copy, but amazing DX. 4821 km = 2996 miles, St John`s to 
Sγo Paulo (Glenn Hauser, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ARGENTINA. 11710.90, Dec 19 at 0136, RAE is S5 with undermodulated 
music; hadn`t measured it lately, and tonight it`s a bit higher than 
usual, but never yet reaching 11711.0 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING 

15345, 12/23 1718-1723, RAE, B.Aires, in German. OM talks; good signal 
and a strong distorted modulation; unlistenable, 44331 (DXer Josι 
Ronaldo Xavier (JRX), Cabedelo - Brazil, Degen DE1103 / Tecsun S-2000, 
Hard-Core-DX mailing list via DXLD)

DE ARGENTINA --- by gruporadioescuchaargentino

La periodista  Marνa Seoane, renunciσ hoy a su cargo como directora de 
Radio Nacional. Su decisiσn fue comunicada desde su cuenta de 
Facebook, donde explicσ que su salida se produce en un marco de 
orgullo, luego de haber administrado "con profesionalismo y honestidad 
la radio pϊblica".

Su renuncia se da en una semana clave, en la que se espera que el 
responsable del Sistema Federal de Medios y Contenidos Pϊblicos, 
Hernαn Lombardi, tome posesiσn de varios de los mϊltiples entes que 
componen su flamante cartera y comience a definir el nuevo modelo de 

Una de las piezas clave de ese inmenso sistema de medios es Radio 
Nacional, dirigida hasta ahora por Seoane. Se trata de una cadena de 
50 emisoras AM y FM distribuidas en todo el paνs. Incluye ocho 
"emisoras comerciales" propiedad del Estado que quedaron por fuera de 
la cadena oficial.

En muchas de estas radios se cree que Lombardi encontrarα gremios en 
protesta que piden el pase a planta permanente de los empleados 
contratados que, segϊn ellos, el Estado mantuvo en negro estos aρos.

"Acabo de presentar mi renuncia a como directora de Radio Nacional", 
publicσ esta tarde Saoane, y destacσ su orgullo por "haber impulsado 
las realizaciones mαs importantes de toda su historia. De haberla 
hecho popular y de haber logrado colocarla en el lugar que siembre 
debiσ tener en la consideraciσn de los argentinos".

Seoane, que apuntσ contra la "policνa mediαtica macrista que difama y 
miente", aclarσ que "nunca" tuvo "responsabilidad alguna sobre la 
contrataciσn de periodistas", ni "responsabilidades administrativas ni 
econσmicas sobre el manejo del patrimonio de Radio Nacional".

Por ϊltimo, la ex Clarνn aρadiσ que decidiσ renunciar hoy a su cargo 
"en homenaje a los caνdos del 21 de diciembre de 2001" (La Naciσn via 
GRA blog via WORLD OF RADIO 1805, DXLD)

Quizαs la Sra. Seoane confunda en sus declaraciones lo popular con 
populista. Los medios del gobierno perdieron popularidad durante los 
ϊltimos 12 aρos porque respondieron al kirchnerismo populista. De 
todas maneras, la periodista ha tenido un gesto que la enaltece. Esa 
misma decisiσn no parece tenerla el militante Martνn Sabbatella al 
frente del AFSCA. Veremos cuαnto tiempo aguanta. Saludos RGM (Rubιn 
Guillermo Margenete, condiglista yg via DXLD)

** ASCENSION [and non]. BaBcoCk changes from Dec 15:
BBC via Woofferton, instead of Ascension
0530-0600 on  6135 WOF 250 kW / 140 deg to WeAf Hausa,  ex ASC
0600-0630 on  9870 WOF 250 kW / 170 deg to CeAf French, ex ASC
0630-0700 on  9440 WOF 250 kW / 152 deg to WeAf Hausa,  ex ASC
0700-0730 on  9440 WOF 250 kW / 180 deg to WeAf French, ex ASC
1800-1830 on 15400 WOF 250 kW / 182 deg to WeAf English,ex ASC
1830-1930 on 15400 ASC 125 kW / 027 deg to WeAf English,ex 18-20
1930-2000 on 15400 WOF 250 kW / 182 deg to WeAf English,ex ASC

HCJB, Radio Akhbar Mufriha
2145-2215 on  9530 ASC 250 kW / 027 deg to WeAf Hassinya Th-Sa/Mo/Tu
2145-2215 on  9530 DHA 250 kW / 275 deg to WeAf Hassinya Sun, ex ASC
73! (Ivo Ivanov, B`lgariya, circa Dec 16, dxldyg via DX LISTENING 

Temporary for Ascension maintenance? They`ve done this before, tho it 
seems a lot of trouble, closing ASC just on a Sunday (gh, DXLD)

** AUSTRALIA. Dec 17 - We know ABC Tennant Creek NT will be off the 
air for a while (2325 & 4910), but today seemed to me that 2485 (ABC 
Katherine NT) was also silent while checking from 1243 and subsequent 
listening till 1315. ONLY able to hear 4835 (ABC Alice Springs NT).
(Ron Howard, dxldyg via WORLD OF RADIO 1805, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

Thanks to Rob Wagner (Victoria, Australia) for his feedback: "Yes Ron. 
2485 was not heard here last night when checked at 1145 UT. Gone off 
in sympathy?? :-)  Rob" Appreciate his confirmation! (Ron, Dec 17, 

2485 kHz, Katherine NT ist wieder auf Sendung, 4835 kHz sowieso, -- 
aber Tennant Creek 2325 kHz wartet noch auf die Reparatur ("Wolfgang 
Bueschel", 1224 UT Dec 19, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

2485, ABC Katherine NT on Dec 19 back on the air after being off for 
several days; // 4835, ABC Alice Springs NT; 1242 with Xmas songs (Ron 
Howard, Asilomar State Beach, CA, Etσn E1, antenna: 100' long wire, 

2325, ABC Tennant Creek NT, after being off the air for about a week, 
they returned today (Dec 23); noted at 1338 talking about the new 
"Star Wars" movie; // 4835, ABC Alice Springs NT and // 2485, ABC 
Katherine NT (Ron Howard, Asilomar State Beach, CA, Etσn E1, antenna: 
100' long wire, dxldyg via WORLD OF RADIO 1805, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** AUSTRALIA [non]. 2015 Christmas Special --- This year's show is a 
bit different but we're sure you'll enjoy our perks and quirks. On 
today's 2015 Christmas Special we're playing some compulsory Christmas 
music, wonder what happened to Christmas is today's society, we look 
at famous Christmas quotes and figure out what an Australian does for 
a hot summer's Christmas day. We have a SPECIAL E-QSL to send to 
listeners hearing us via shortwave radio! LISTEN (MP3): 
(Rob Wise, Tasmania, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

GERMANY, No signal of Hobart Radio International via R. Channel 292 on 
Dec 19, 1900-1930 on  6070 ROB 010 kW / non-dir to CeEu English, 
Christmas Show: transmitter is off
-- 73! (Ivo Ivanov, B`lgariya, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

Friday, December 18, 2015 Communications / Press Releases

December 17, 2015 --- One year since Azeri authorities raided and shut 
RFE/RL’s Baku bureau and imprisoned prominent contributor Khadija 
Ismayilova, U.S. Representative Chris Smith has introduced a landmark 
bill denying U.S. visas to senior members of Azerbaijan’s government.

The December 16 announcement came as Rep. Smith chaired a hearing to 
examine “Azerbaijan’s persecution” of Ismayilova. The investigative 
reporter was sentenced to 7.5 years in prison in September on charges 
widely viewed as retaliation for her reporting linking members of 
President Ilham Aliyev’s family members to massive foreign real estate 
holdings, controlling stakes in the country’s telecom and airline 
industries, and ownership of Azeri gold mines.

In testimony provided at the hearing, RFE/RL Editor in Chief Nenad 
Pejic described Ismayilova’s imprisonment and the December 26 closure 
of RFE/RL’s Baku bureau last year “as a targeted and coordinated 
effort by the country’s most senior leadership to punish journalists 
who report on the government’s corruption, silence independent 
journalism, and end RFE/RL’s operations in Azerbaijan.”

In published remarks announcing the bill, Rep. Smith, who is Chairman 
of the Helsinki Commission, explained, “…the United States can no 
longer remain blind to the appalling human rights violations that are 
taking place in Azerbaijan.” He said, “The Azerbaijan Democracy Act 
demonstrates that the United States…will not compromise when faced by 
a government that represses the political opposition, the media, and 
religious minorities.” 

Almost concurrent with Rep. Smith’s announcement, Secretary General of 
the 47-nation Council of Europe Thorbjorn Jagland yesterday provided 
notice of an official inquiry into Azerbaijan's compliance with the 
European Convention on Human Rights, citing “an arbitrary application 
of the law in Azerbaijan, notably in order to silence critical voices 
and limit freedom of speech.”

Journalists with RFE/RL’s Baku bureau yesterday received the 
Broadcasting Board of Governors’ (BBG) 2015 David Burke Distinguished 
Journalism Award for demonstrating exceptional bravery and integrity 
in reporting and, said BBG Chairman Jeff Shell, “tackl[ing] issues of 
critical importance in some of the most dangerous locations on earth.” 
(via Hansjoerg Biener, DXLD)

** BAHAMAS. 1540, ZNS1 Nassau, DEC 18, 1059 - Good; "You're tuned in 
to Radio Bahamas 1540 AM, 107.9 FM, this is the voice of the Bahamas," 
then lost to WDCD Albany sign-on. Also noted strong hets from ZNS1 
spurs at 1521 and 1559 kHz (Bruce Conti, WPC1CAT, Nashua NH; WiNRADiO 
Excalibur, MWDX-5 phasing unit, 15 x 23-m variable termination 
SuperLoop antennas at 60  northeast and 180  south, NRC IDXD Dec 18 
via DXLD)

** BAHRAIN. R. Bahrain  on 9745 at 0039 in Arabic, Dec 18. Loud male 
speaker, orchestra. Into Meast vocals. Weak, just above noise floor 
(Online WebSDR at U. of Twente, Netherlands via Mike Bryant, KY, 
RB-Abu Hayan on 9745 in Arabic. M with Shabab ID, into what sounds 
like modern romance music by W. Fair (Online Twente SDR via Mike 
Bryant, KY, Dec 20, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST) Time missing, 
probably 1700/1930 span along with other logs (gh)
Surprisingly strong signal of Radio Bahrain on Dec 23:
1445-1515 on  9745 ABH 010 kW / non-dir to N/ME Arabic in CUSB due to 
NHK World on  9750 YAM 300 kW / 290 deg to EaAs Japanese is off today
-- 73! (Ivo Ivanov, B`lgariya, Dec 23, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** BANGLADESH. 4750, Bangladesh Betar (Home Service), 1427-1435, Dec 
23. Fairly good signal; almost no QRM; subcontinent music, theme music 
and news in Bangla; certainly above average reception. My audio at  
(Ron Howard, Asilomar State Beach, CA, Etσn E1, antenna: 100' long 
wire, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** BANGLADESH. 9455, Bangladesh Betar - Dhaka, 1332-1344*, Dec 14. 
Nepali Service with brief talk by a man announcer followed by 
continuous local music until carrier was terminated. Poor to Fair 
(Rich D’Angelo, December 20, 2015: French Creek State Park DXpedition 
No. 49 (December 13, 14 and 15, 2015); Equipment: Ten-Tec RX-340, 
Drake R-8B and an Eton E1, 500-foot wire essentially north for the RX-
340 and 250-foot wire essentially northeast for the R-8B and a whip 
antenna for the E1, NASWA Flashsheet Dec 20 via DXLD)

** BELARUS. RB-Minsk on 11730 at 1422 in Russian, Dec. 18, M & W 
speaking over patriotic music. Strong, despite co-channel Iran (Online 
WebSDR at U. of Twente, Netherlands via Mike Bryant, KY, dxldyg via DX 
Strong signal of Radio Belarus, but modulation not 100%:
1100-1400 on 11730 MNS 100 kW / 246 deg to WeEu Belarussian on Dec.23
-- 73! (Ivo Ivanov, B`lgariya, Dec 23, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** BHUTAN. Hi Glenn, I suggest checking BBS/Bhutan again today (Dec 
17), as it's Bhutan's "National Day" and BBS might have an extended 
schedule and special programs. Worth checking! Thanks very much to 
Sei-ichi Hasegawa for the alert about their "National Day"!
(Ron Howard, CA, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

[and non]. 6035.053 accurate frequency now. Yes, - second time Thimpu 
heard here 100 Hertz higher frequency than usual. Poor signal into 
southern Germany, Just S=5 above threshold signal level at 0232 UT on 
Dec 18. Male announcer voice.

Much late, nothing from Kunming Yunnan in southern China mainland sce
propagate co-channel 6035.0 kHz at this 0230 UT hour towards central 
Europe anymore (Wolfgang Bόschel, Stuttgart, Germany, log at 0225 til 
0255 UT on Dec 18, dxldyg via WORLD OF RADIO 1805, DX LISTENING 

6035.055 (thanks to Jim Young [Calif.] for measurement), 0049, Dec 22. 
Just missed sign on; 0051-0101 non-stop indigenous chanting/singing. 
Am very pleased to finally catch their sign on format.
contains my 5+ minute recording of this unique chanting. Thanks very 
much to Jim for his helpful assistance in monitoring BBS, one of my 
favorite stations! (Ron Howard, Asilomar State Beach, CA, Etσn E1, 
antenna: 100' long wire, dxldyg via WORLD OF RADIO 1805, DX LISTENING 

** BIAFRA [non]. 11600, Dec 17 at 2031 check, zero signal from R. 
Biafra via BULGARIA: is it still on at 2000-2200 daily? (Glenn Hauser, 

Hello - has anyone copied them on the (reportedly) 23200 kHz 
frequency? (Rich Near Chicago, IL, Ray, dxldyg via DXLD)

Note how this announcement declared the transmissions as test for now: 

And I find it again quite irritating how African people appear to no 
longer have other means to communicate with each other than broken 
English (Kai Ludwig, Germany, ibid.)

Radio Biafra via Secretbrod, 2000-2300 on 11600

And video from 2002 UT, Dec.18
(Ivo Ivanov, QTH: Sofia, Bulgaria, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

Strong signal of Radio Biafra at 2000UT on 11600 kHz, Dec 19
(Ivo Ivanov, Sofia, Bulgaria, Sony ICF-2001D 30 m. long wire, ibid.)

No sign of Radio Biafra on 11600 kHz today at 2000 UT using the U. of 
Twente WebSDR. Not even a weak carrier noted. Is the broadcast only on 
weekdays? (Richard Langley, 2012 UT Sat Dec 19, ibid.)

Audio disappeared between about 2110 and 2115 UT but the carrier was 
still there. Back now. Speaker keeps repeating the SW frequency. 
Studio --> transmitter problems? (Richard Langley, NB, dxldyg via 

SECRETLAND(non), SPL The Global specialist for International 
Communications on shortwave and provided to you strong and quality 
signal around the world. SPL relay test broadcast of Radio Biafra via 
Secretbrod on December 19:

2000-2143 11600 SCB 100 kW / 195 deg to WeAf English, live broadcast
2143-2233 11600 SCB 100 kW / 195 deg to WeAf open carrier / dead air
Also open carrier 2110-2115, frequency announcement 2116, off air 2233
73! (Ivo Ivanov, QTH: Sofia, Bulgaria, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

11600, Sat Dec 19 at 2029, JBA carrier from presumed R. Biafra via 
BULGARIA. Which is about all I can ever expect to get. At 2000, 
Richard Langley in NB could not hear it at all even via UTwente SDR, 
and wondered if it`s Mon-Fri only? But Ivo Ivanov reports hearing a 
strong signal at local range Dec 19 at 2000. 

Richard Langley, NB replied via the DXLD yg: ``Ivo: Did you mean 19 
December? As I said, I detected nothing via Twente at 2000 UT. But, I 
periodically checked the frequency from time to time and noted an S9 
carrier at 2045. I then stayed on the frequency, and Radio Biafra 
signed on at about 2050:46. They are on right now with what the 
speaker said is a live broadcast. Pretty good reception via Twente but 
some fading at times. Audio disappeared between about 2110 and 2115 
but the carrier was still there. Back now. Speaker keeps repeating the 
SW frequency. Studio --> transmitter problems? -- Richard Langley`` 
[as of 2117] (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

Also open carrier / dead air from 2143 till 2233 and off air. Videos 
will be added later today -- 73! (Ivo Ivanov, Dec 20, dxldyg via DXLD)

Open carrier, dead air from Radio Biafra at 2000 UT on 11600 kHz, Dec 
20. SPL The Global specialist for International Communications on 
shortwave and provided to you strong and quality signal around the 
world. Cheers!!! (Ivo Ivanov, ibid.)

SPL relay test transmissions of Radio Biafra via Secretbrod on 
December 20:
2000-2300 on 11600 SCB 100 kW / 195 deg to WeAf ONLY open carrier / 
dead air
-- 73! (Ivo Ivanov, B`lgaria, dxldyg via WORLD OF RADIO 1805, DX 

At least the carrier is almost spot on frequency. I measured it just 4 
Hz off. ;-) (Richard Langley, 2105 UT Dec 20, ibid.)

Radio Biafra is currently on 11600 kHz with a fair signal via Twente 
(at 2122 UT, 21 December). The host is taking calls from listeners but 
with some difficulties. Appears to be a live program again (Richard 
Langley, NB, ibid.)

In English! But the accent is so thick I can't make out most of it 
(Also on Twente WebSDR) ~2148z (Rodney Johnson, NV, ibid.)

Looks like the broadcast might have gone to about 2300 UT. Need to 
review the recording but signal quality definitely deteriorated in the 
last hour. Poor propagation? (Richard Langley, 2312 UT, ibid.)

Yeah. But should be getting better. (Rodney, 2324 UT, ibid.)

Why? It`s later and later into the night on Africa-Europe path (gh)

On reviewing the recording, it seems reception deteriorated 
significantly at around 2210 UT. Due to propagation conditions? Could 
still make out the telephone beeps used during the phone-in calls and 
occasional voice and music towards the end of the broadcast. All 
traces of audio disappeared by 2256. So, this appears to be nominally 
a three-hour broadcast. Do we have confirmation that when problems 
don't occur, the broadcast runs for three hours? (Richard Langley, NB, 
Dec 22, ibid.)

Radio Biafra on Dec 15 [sic], 2000-2300 on 11600 Secretbrod
-- 73! (Ivo Ivanov, QTH: Sofia, Bulgaria, Dec 22, dxldyg via DXLD)

SECRETLAND(non), SPL The Global specialist for International 
Communications on shortwave and provided to you strong and quality 
signal around the world. SPL relay test broadcast of Radio Biafra via 
Secretbrod on December 22:
2000-2300 on 11600 SCB 100 kW / 195 deg to WeAf English, live 
(Ivo Ivanov, Sofia, Bulgaria, Dec 22, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

? You mean this time it succeeded with continuous modulation? (gh)

And just a carrier noted on 11600 kHz today (23 December) at 2130 UT 
via Twente. And at 2132, the carrier was gone (Richard Langley, ibid.)

** BOLIVIA. We seem to have lost 4699.9, Radio San Miguel, Riberalta 
another silent Bolivian (Bob Wilkner, FL, SW Bulletin Dec 20 via DXLD)

** BOLIVIA. 6025. 0246-0305 UTC. 17.12. Bolivia. Red Patria Nueva. 
Mϊsica Folclσrica con algunos anuncios de la emisora, tanto en espaρol 
como en quechua, asν como la hora e ID: “Radio Patria Nueva, Bolivia” 
y pequeρo avance informativo. SINPO: 54444 con leves siseos de R. 
Martν desde 6030 (Claudio Galaz T., Receptor: Realistic DX-160, 
Antena: Hilo de 30 metros + Tierra + Balun 4:1, Lugar: Ovalle, Chile, 
lista: condig, via DXLD)

** BOLIVIA. 6134.76, R. Santa Cruz, 0118, Dec 22 doing fairly well;
many mentions of "Radio Santa Cruz Internet"; certainly better than
normal reception (Ron Howard, Asilomar State Beach, CA, Etσn E1, 
antenna: 100' long wire, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** BRAZIL. Am hearing 4885, Brasil, Rαdio Clube do Parα, Belιm, PA 
from 2330; alas, seems irregular (Bob Wilkner, FL, SW Bulletin Dec 20 

4885, Dec 12, 0825, R. Club do Parα, Belιm PA, prgr. Eu e Vocκ na 
Madrugada; QRM de CODAR. 1941, Dec 13, rubrica desportiva Bate Bola, 
mas em franca e rαpida progressγo (Carlos Gonηalves, Portugal, ibid.)

Also noted here in Δngelholm on Dec 16 with close/down as early as 
2218 (Thomas Nilsson, Sweden, ed., ibid.)

That explains why I am not hearing it before 0700 (gh, OK, DXLD)

** BRAZIL. [Re 15-50:] 5990, Rαdio Nacional Amazτnia, Brasνlia, at 
2000, on 12 Dec --- PLEASE DISREGARD log as I am not sure what 
frequency I heard this on to a degree I can be sure. When I looked at 
my SDR frequency it did state 5990. I was distracted by a phone call 
earlier and probably made a mistake (John Cooper, PA, NASWA Flashsheet 
Dec 20 via DXLD)

** BRAZIL. 5939.907, A Rαdio Voz Missionaria, Camboriu SC, S=8 at 0613
5964.970, ZYE858 Rαdio Transmundial, Santa Maria RS, poor S=5 signal
6009.946, Rαdio ZYE521 Inconfidκncia, Belo Horizonte MG, and
6040.411, RB2, BrasPortuguese, Ave Maria prayer px at 0637 UT. S=6-7
6059.774, SRDA, S=5, hit by RHC 6060 English sce at S=8 signal.
6119.984, SRDA, S=5-6 at 0631 UT (Wolfgang Bόschel, Germany, logs at 
0555-0645 UT Dec 19, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** BRAZIL. 6135.2, R Aparecida, Aparecida, SP seems silent leaving the 
adjacent Bolivian easy listening from 2300. /Best -bob (Bob Wilkner, 
FL, SW Bulletin Dec 20 via DXLD)

** BRAZIL. 11780.1, Dec 17 at 2045, RNA is already on in Brazuguese, 
only about S6 this early. Yesterday did not cut on until *2100 for `A 
Voz do Brasil` (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** BRAZIL. 28446.9-USB, Dec 19 at 2043, ZZ90IARU, call given 
fonetikaly, working US station. I`ll bet this has something to do with 
the ninetieth anniversary of the IARU which was last June, but his 
QRZ.com page says he will be on the air also in December 2015, i.e.:

90 YEARS OF IARU Op. Mario Libardi - PY2DV
Rua Dr. Costa Leite 1038
Botucatu - Sγo Paulo 18602-110
Brazil (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** BULGARIA. SECRETLAND, SPL relay IRRS Shortwave Radio Warra 
1500-1530 on 15515 SCB 050 kW / 195 deg to EaAf Oromo Sat December 19

SPL The Global specialist for International Communications on 
shortwave and provided to you strong and quality signal around the 

Mixture between Radio Warra Wangeelaa-ti of 15515 & Denge Kurdistan on 
9400: 1500-1700 on  9400 SCB 100 kW / 090 deg to WeAs Denge Kurdistan 
+ R. Warra Wangeelaa
1500-1530 on 15515 SCB 050 kW / 195 deg to EaAf Sat only Radio Warra 
-- 73! (Ivo Ivanov, B`lgariya, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)
See also BIAFRA [non] (Glenn Hauser, WORLD OF RADIO 1805, DXLD)

** CAMBODIA [non]. Re: TAJIKISTAN Poor signal of Voice of Khmer M'Chas 
Srok, Dec 13, 1130-1200 17860 DB 200 kW 125 deg to SEAS Khmer Thu/Sun.

17860 Suns only, TOTALLY distorted audio feed, 20 kHz wide bandwidth 
signal at 1140 UT. I guess the technicians at Yangi Yul site should 
align their satellite receiving equipment properly. Wolfy (Wolfgang 
Bόschle, df5sx, Dec 20, dxldyg via WORLD OF RADIO 1805, DXLD)

** CAMEROON [non]. GERMANY(non), Lutheran World Federation, Voice of 
Gospel on December 18
1830-1900 on  9800 ISS 500 kW / 180 deg to WCAf Fulfulde Sawtu 
73! (Ivo Ivanov, QTH: Sofia, Bulgaria, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CANADA [and non]. 6069.995, CFRX Toronto, talk by female and male 
at 0623 UT, fair S=6
6070.000, CVA, Vatican Radio, Latin prayer at 0632 UT, S=9+50dB 
powerhouse (Wolfgang Bόschel, Germany, logs at 0555-0645 UT Dec 19, 

6070, Dec 21 at 0621, JBA carrier, presumably CFRX almost wiped out 
with K-index of 6 at 0600, after G2 storms and R1 blackouts.

[and non]. 6070, Dec 23 at 0339, JBA carrier, surely not CFRX, so is 
it off? Propagation is somewhat degraded but should be getting more 
than this. With southern advantage, RHC Spanish is strong on 6060 & 
6075; altho unusually weak in English on 6000, 6165. Maybe if CFRX 
relayed CHHA in Spanish it would be stronger, hi. But northerly MW 
signals like 830 WCCO also wiped out. 

By 0639, however, CFRX is there making SAH of ~8 Hz under much 
stronger Vatican in Church Latin (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING 

Glenn: CFRX was on this morning when I checked at about 1145 UT just 
before I left for work (Richard Langley, NB, Dec 23, dxldyg via DX 

Or could CFRX have been running reduced power/antenna as has happened 
before? (gh, DXLD)

** CANADA. Hi everyone! I am just after information about the CBC's 
domestic shortwave services. Why are these transmitters still 
broadcasting when the CBC has cut services like RCI, the Northern 
Quebec Shortwave Service and lots of rural TV transmitters? 

Does anyone listen to these services and while CKZN broadcasts to 
Labrador what is the purpose and broadcast area of CKZU? I have picked 
up CKZN on 6160 kHz once here in Scotland and really miss the Northern 
Quebec Service which came in here really well in the evenings, it's 
just not the same listening online. Thanks guys, (Rob, Glasgow, 
Scotland, dxldyg via WORLD OF RADIO 1805, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

Rob, these transmitters are under the auspices of CBC, and not RCI.  
There are vast areas of northern Canada which are poorly served by 
existing, mostly retranslators. In the case of CKZN, it would serve 
remote areas of northern Labrador, while CKZU would do the same for 
northern BC. In both cases, fishing vessels could also tune in. I use 
CKZU frequently when I'm at my DX cottage on Haida Gwaii, and in 
addition, in my vehicle when it was so equipped with a SW receiver. 
There are plenty of isolated areas where there's nothing available on 
the AM or FM bands, especially during the summer. I can attest how 
well CKZU is heard up there. They beam due north, I think. Then again, 
I too miss the Northern Quebec service. It was something special. With 
Sackville now history, little chance of RCI ever returning to SW, 
sadly. 73, (Walt Salmaniw, Victoria BC, dxldyg via WORLD OF RADIO 

** CANADA. Merry Christmas from DXer.ca --- Over on the DXer.ca 
homepage I have a 32 kbps MP3 recording on a CBC RCI broadcast that 
has not been heard since December 1989! A 1-hour program from the 
Reel-Reel master that Ian McFarland owns. Head on over - download for 
free - The sample is 32 kbps - but I will be making a 128 kbps stream
available on Christmas Eve to enjoy the track in its full glory! And 
Merry Christmas! Welcome to the DXer.ca website (Colin Newell, dxldyg 
via DX LISTENING DIGEST) All about First-Nations Xmas traditions (gh)

** CHILE. 6925-AM. 0240-0435 UT. 19.12.2015. Chile. RCW. Mϊsica 
folclσrica chilena. i.e: Cuecas, et al. A las 0300, noticiero de R. 
Francia Internacional en Castellano. A las 0311, la secciσn “Dx 
Jukebox Oldies” con canciones del recuerdo en inglιs y francιs. SINPO: 
45434, desde las 0246 mejora a 45444. Desde las 0355 SINPO: 45343 
(Claudio Galaz T., Receptor: TECSUN PL-660, Antena: Hilo de 50 metros, 
Lugar: Barraza Bajo, IV Regiσn, Chile, condiglista yg via DXLD)

** CHINA. 6225-USB, Chinese military (Navy), tuned in 1224 and still 
on at 1243, Dec 22. Fair/good reception of Chinese numbers; strongest 
reception so far; not heard every day, but seems they like this 
frequency (Ron Howard, Asilomar State Beach, CA, Etσn E1, antenna: 
100' long wire, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. Good reception of Voice of Jinling, December 18
1420 & 1455 on  6200 NAN 100 kW / 161 deg to EaAs Chinese
73! (Ivo Ivanov, QTH: Sofia, Bulgaria, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA [and non]. Music Jammer on 9355 at 1845, Dec 20. No doubt 
jamming RFA (Marianas), but at least their new music loop is better 
than their old one (Online Twente SDR via Mike Bryant, KY, dxldyg via 
Please explain how they differ and why one is better than the other 
(gh, DXLD)

Music Jammer on 9870 at 1911, Dec 20. Old school flute and drum music. 
Good (Online Twente SDR via Mike Bryant, KY, dxldyg via DX LISTENING 

CNR-1 Jammer vs Sound of Hope Xi Wang Zhi Sheng, 0830 on 11530, 11580 
probably via transmitters in Taiwan 
(Ivo Ivanov, Sofia, Bulgaria, Dec 22, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA. 7260, Dec 18 at 1253, very poor signal with singing. Aoki 
shows two possibilities (discounting the third, Vanuatu at this hour); 
CRI in Japanese via Xian; and Mongolian Radio 2 but that was from A-15 
and not sure if currently active. Anyhow, the point is how poor Asian 
conditions were today. Asian conditions are horrible this morning 2-10 
MHz, and non-sequitur temp here is 22F (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING 

** CHINA [and non]. 7270, Dec 17 at 1345, a carrier is on here; 1356 
can make out some talk at VP level; 1400 timesignal as talk continues, 
then music, and at 1403 I make the music // 7365, i.e. CNR1 jammers, 
but there is also a weaker second signal. I`m checking this out 
because of a report of 7270 during the 14 hour as V. of China, 
clandestine from Taiwan. 

But in all such cases, the first assumption one must make, is hearing 
a ChiCom jammer. If that can be ruled out, then maybe it`s something 
else listed. This also requires being alert to the * next to 
frequencies in the Aoki list, meaning jammed! which seem to get lost 
or ignored. Ron Howard was also checking this today and found no sign 
of V. of China, but the second signal was another from inside China, 
PBS Nei Menggu in Mongolian. 

V. of China is certainly an obscure California-based clandestine, 
allegedly on air only two hours a day at 14 and 23 on 7270; see page 
505 of WRTH 2015 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) See TAIWAN

** CHINA. On 5905 kHz heard a VERY TERRIBLE CRI Russian service, HEAVY
DISTORTED audio from the digital SATELLITE FEED receiver at the relay
station. S=9+10dB in Europe, at 1325 UT on Dec 17 (Wolfy dxldyg via 

William Ide, Joyce Huang, VOA NEWS, December 16, 2015

BEIJING - Despite being the world's biggest censor of online content, 
China is hosting a conference this week at a small town in eastern 
Zhejiang province to try to sell its views about Internet governance 
to the world.

The list of big international companies in attendance was short, but 
did include the head of China Internet giant Alibaba and Taiwan's 
FoxConn Technology.

Representatives from Apple, IBM, Microsoft and Facebook also attended, 
despite calls to boycott the proceedings. Facebook, Twitter and 
YouTube are among a long list of websites that are blocked in China.

In addition to a keynote address from Chinese President Xi Jinping, 
the opening session Wednesday included speeches from Russian Prime 
Minister Dmitry Medvedev and Pakistani President Mamnoon Hussein.

Internet sovereignty

In his speech, Xi argued all countries should jointly oppose Internet 
surveillance and hacking, and urged countries to fight against what he 
called a cyber arms race. He also spoke about Internet sovereignty, a 
key position China uses to justify its tight controls.

"We should respect each others' right to choose our own Internet
development paths and Internet governance models, Internet public
policies and the equal right to participate in international cyber 
governance," Xi said, adding that "(we should) oppose cyber 
hegemonism, not interfere in others' internal affairs, not 
participate, connive or support cyber activities that jeopardize
others' national security."

China has some of the world's most sophisticated Internet controls.

Beijing denies it censors content, saying it manages information. It 
has long had a key aim of controlling public opinion to keep the 
Communist Party in power. Companies that want to operate in China must 
accept that reality or pack up and leave.

"Safeguarding the legal rights of foreign-invested businesses will not 
change," Xi said. "As long as China's laws are respected, we warmly 
welcome companies and entrepreneurs from all countries to invest in 

Meeting mocked

On social media, some postings that were quickly taken down by 
authorities mocked Beijing's hosting the event, asking why such 
massive security had to be deployed to such a small town and 
questioning China's role as host.

"The world is already connected by the Internet and here you are [a 
country] that madly takes down posts, blocks sites, wipes out 
anonymity and clings to your old ways, resisting modern political
culture," one post said.

Qiao Mu, a professor at Beijing Foreign Studies University, said the 
idea of China hosting the conference is laughable, given its controls 
of the Internet and denial that it censors online content.

"If China does not censor content, then why is it that in Wuzhen
(during the conference) that Facebook and Twitter can be accessed, but 
not in other parts of China," Qiao said.

Full text:

See also:
(VOA Radiogram Dec 19 via roger, dxldyg via DXLD)

** CHINA [non]. CRI relays on US MW stations gone? See U S A

** COLOMBIA. 5910.070, Alcaravαn Radio, Rumba music at 0610 UT, S=8-9
6010.048, LV de tu Conciencia, at 0618 UT, poor signals in Germany 
(Wolfgang Bόschel, Germany, logs at 0555-0645 UT Dec 19, dxldyg via DX 

** CRIMEA. Radio Meydan away from Crimea --- The world's only Crimean 
Tatar radio Meydan, which after the failure of Roskomnadzor to obtain 
a license to broadcast on the Internet, stops in the Crimea. This QHA 
is the chief editor of the radio station Asan Khairetdinov.

- The entire staff of Radio "Meydan" dismissed. Now I am preparing the 
entire database is passed in Kiev. Broadcast will already be there. 
Here, the "Meydan" will not - said the chief editor.

According to him, the reason for the closure of media resources, such 
as in the case of children's programs edition «Lale» and information 
site "15 minutes" - the owner of the rights filed for this brand. All 
employees who wish to continue to work, it was proposed to move to 

- We were told that all those who want to, come to Kiev, I'll give you 
a job, but in the Crimea, you will fail. At the moment of collective 
radio station in Kiev no one is going, - said Asan Khairetdinov.

Recall that the editors of the children's programs «Lale» Crimean 
production studio «QaraDeniz Production» December 16 cvoyu stopped 
work, as well as the site of "15 Minutes." As explained in his address 
to the readers of the editorial staff, the decision was taken due to 
the fact that the owner of the previously moved to Kiev media holding 
ATR, which includes a children's television channel «Lale» Lenur 
Islyamov laid claim to this brand. The members of the band "15 
minutes" will be working on a new project.

Meydan Radio ceased broadcasting on the night of April 1. The radio 
station, which is part of the media holding ATR, was unable to obtain 
a certificate of registration of mass media in accordance with the 
Russian legislation. Meydan is open from 5 February 2005. This year, 
the station celebrated its 10th anniversary. qha.com.ua (via OnAir.ru 
via Rus DX 20 Dec via DXLD)

** CUBA. 1140, Huge ID outa Radio Surco, Cuba. Wonder if this the same 
Cuban I've been chasing for months. New. Great Auroral conditions 
tonight. I mean REALLY great (Saul Chernos, Burnt River ON, 0134 UT 
Dec 23, NRC-AM via DXLD)

One of my recordings earlier this year:

"Transmite CMIP, Radio Surco, desde Ciego de Avila, capital de la 
locucion cubana." Fairly regular here at the coast, one of 4 different 
Cubans (!) attempting to "stick it" to WQBA Miami (Mark Connelly, 
WA1ION, South Yarmouth, MA, NRC-AM via DXLD)

Thanks, Mark. That makes 1140 one down and three to go for me in the 
Cuban dept! Not sure if last night's Surco is the unIDed one that's 
been dominant the last few months; aurorae can play good tricks with 
the usuals (Saul Chernos, Burnt River ON, ibid.)

Actually, besides Radio Surco, there are 5 other Cubans on 1140!
R. Bayamo, Media Luna  // 1150 & 1620
R. Cadena Agramonte, Camagόey // 910
R. Mayabeque, La Salud // 1040
R. Musical Nacional, Santa Clara // 590
R. Rebelde synchros // 670, 1180, 5025 and a gaggle of others

WQBA will probably show up in the "stew" as well. Poor WRVA! Happy 
hunting! (Mark Connelly, WA1ION, South Yarmouth, MA, ibid.)

Hi Mark, I'm sure WRVA is OK in its primary coverage, or at least one 
would think it would be. Thanks for the list with parallels. Last few 
nights would have been great for you at the seafront (Saul Chernos, 
Ont., ibid.)

** CUBA. 1310, Radio Enciclopedia, Nueva Gerona, Isla de la Juventud. 
0052 December 19, 2015. The usual female announcing, "Moon River" and 
other film scores in the co-channel.

1320, Radio Artemisa, Artemisa, Artemisa. 0145 December 19, 2015. 
Fair, parallel excellent 1020 with Spanish man and woman. Both 1320 
and 1020 are missing from the RadioCuba 2015 listing, though they've 
been active for a long time, and are listed in the WRTVH 2015, with 
only 1000 listed in the RadioCuba document.

1320, Radio Veintisιis, La Jaiba, Matanzas. 1100 December 22, 2015. 
Sitting on the channel while tending to paperwork, the Cuban national 
anthem popped up at 1100, fade, then back in the co-channel with 
traditional Cuban folk vocals. Checking parallels to confirm if this 
or Radio Artemisa, it's this one, as parallel much better 1060 kHz.
(Terry L. Krueger, All times/dates GMT, NRD-535, IC-R75, roof dipole, 
active loop u.o.s., Clearwater, FL u.o.s., DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. 5990, Dec 20 at 0041, Spanish music, sounds like it could be 
RHC instead of CRI relay; undermodulated. But not // 6060 with `Sonido 
Cubano` nor weaker 6075.

As I am checking other RHC frequencies, at 0111 Dec 20 I find that 
11760 is in dead air and at 0114 so is 6060; nominal are poor 6075 and 
9535, VG 11670, G 11840, and by 0115 so are 11760 & 6060 (Glenn 

MARTΝ --- by gruporadioescuchaargentino

[A very good story: translate it for yourself if necessary; or maybe 
The Miami Herald also published it en inglιs - gh]

Ante la posibilidad de que Radio y TV Martν cierren o cambien de 
funciσn en los prσximos meses como consecuencia del restablecimiento 
de relaciones entre Estados Unidos y Cuba, el libro Cuba Sin Censura 
(Alexandria Library, Miami, 2015), con bibliografνa e νndice 
onomαstico, es de indudable importancia. La historia de esta emisora 
se presenta desde un punto de vista personal por Jorge A. Riopedre, 
quien comenzσ allν como director de noticias y trabajσ en ella por 30 

Solamente al leer el primer capνtulo, “La vνspera”, ya nos adentramos 
en una especie de thriller de intrigas polνticas que parecen el tema 
de una novela mαs que el de un ensayo histσrico. Riopedre tiene una 
mano y memoria magistral para recorrer los eventos, pero tambiιn 
conservσ un diario del acontecer desde el primer momento, y guardσ 
importantes documentos. A veces son demasiados para absorberlos en una 
sola lectura. El narrador es a la vez descriptivo y opinante, pues no 
separa los hechos de sus propias conjeturas al respecto, pero con un 
dominio del estilo impecable y lujoso. El resultado es la comprensiσn 
de que la creaciσn de Radio Martν por el gobierno de Ronald Reagan, y 
por oficios del director de la Fundaciσn Cubano Americana, Jorge Mas 
Canosa, y la inspiraciσn de Humberto Medrano, recorriσ un camino de 
obstαculos desde sus inicios hasta que culminσ en la salida al aire el 
20 de mayo de 1985. Las vicisitudes no cesaron entonces tampoco.

En su narraciσn, Jorge Riopedre es a la vez descriptivo y opinante, 
pues no separa los hechos de sus propias conjeturas. 

David Santiago el Nuevo Herald

Una de las varias intrigas que cuenta se cierne alrededor de uno de 
sus primeros directores, Paul Drew, que tratσ de que la emisora 
tuviera menos empleados de origen cubano y que fueran sustituidos por 
miembros del establishment norteamericano, como por ejemplo, Saul 
Gefter en lugar de Medrano.

Hubo que luchar frente a todos esos inconvenientes, para que la 
estaciσn comenzara y funcionara hasta ahora con noticias del mundo 
libre y sin censura. Las actitudes polνticas del Congreso 
norteamericano eran muy diversas con respecto a su establecimiento, y 
tambiιn las de dos secretarios del gobierno de Reagan. Ademαs, habνa 
mucha oposiciσn a que fuera solo para Cuba, sin estar ligada a la 
emisora para toda Latinoamιrica, Voice of America (VOA). Finalmente 
fue establecida como se pensσ originalmente en 1983, en Washington 
D.C. por el International Broadcasting Bureau (IBB), como hermana de 
Radio Free Europe, la VOA y otras. Mαs tarde, Radio Martν se mudσ a 
Miami en 1996, que la independizσ aun mαs.

En la presentaciσn en Books & Books, Arocha, editor de Alexandria 
Library, contσ emocionado: “Oν por primera vez, en el Restaurante 1830 
en La Habana, la ‘Clave a Martν’ [tema de Radio Martν], a fines de los 
aρos 80, a las 11 de la maρana. Estaban pasando la telenovela 
Esmeralda, y nadie tenνa miedo. En Cuba no se sabνan otras noticias, 
ni el tema del narcotrαfico, ni nada. 

Despuιs de aquel dνa, solo se podνa oνr en onda corta y yo me dedicaba 
a enseρarle a la gente como sintonizar Radio Martν, en quι 
frecuencias, con quι antenas, y dσnde se podνan evitar las 
interferencias”. Fue esa memoria la que le hizo querer ayudar en la 
ediciσn de este libro. Tambiιn colaborσ en la presentaciσn Orlando 
Rodrνguez Sardiρas (Rossardi), quien trabajσ todos esos aρos en Radio 
Martν en diversos puestos importantes.

Rodrνguez Sardiρas comentσ que leer este libro era como leer un diario 
de su familia. “Juguι en todas las bases”, dijo, y “no hay duda de que 
Humberto Medrano fue el alma de Radio Martν, fue un aliento para 
todos, haciendo las cosas que hay que hacer”. El libro le estα 
dedicado a Medrano, a Mas Canosa y a Ernesto Betancourt, que se 
recuerda como su mejor director al principio de las operaciones. 

“Jorge tiene datos precisos, y muchos nombres que se me habνan 
olvidado y otros que quisiera olvidar. Debemos perdonar, pero no 
olvidar”, anotσ Rodrνguez Sardiρas. “Los primeros cinco aρos fueron 
como Camelot, sentνamos que tenνamos una misiσn, que llevαbamos la 
verdad para Cuba”. Recordσ la biblioteca que era necesaria antes de la 
internet, y que ιl dirigiσ por un tiempo, antes de la era digital.

Al presentar su punto de vista, Riopedre dio las gracias a toda la 
familia de Medrano, algunos allν presentes, y a Carlos Alberto 
Montaner, como inspiradores, y dio la prueba de la importancia de RM, 
al ver que Raϊl Castro exige que se cierre, “es una prueba de su 
ιxito”, subrayσ. “Los problemas internos que hubo en RM se originaron 
fuera de la emisora”, declarσ el autor, “y crearon una imagen 
negativa, pero la mayorνa de los empleados eran verdaderos 
profesionales. La emisora sν cumpliσ su misiσn: puso ‘en jaque’ a la 

The New York Times comentσ que era un milagro de radiodifusiσn, la 
emisora que mαs se oνa en Cuba, informσ Riopedre. “Sobreviviσ la 
maquinaria mediαtica de La Habana, y las maquinaciones de la Casa 
Blanca, en los aρos que siguieron”. Una anιcdota que contσ es que 
alguien le dijo a una niρa en Cuba cuando visitaba Vilma Espνn la 
ciudad, que allν estaba la mujer mαs importante del paνs, y la niρa 
corriσ a decirle a su madre: “Corre, mami, que aquν estα Esmeralda”.

La paradoja, dice en su libro Riopedre, es que Radio Martν haya 
constituido la ϊnica victoria real de Estados Unidos en el medio siglo 
de conflicto con Cuba (El Nuevo Herald via GRA blog via DXLD)

(Miami Herald editorial Dec 12 via gh, DXLD)

** CUBA. Good signal of Cuban Spy Numbers HM01 on December 21
0654-0748 on  9330 secret / hidden tx ?Bejucal? Spanish 
-- 73! (Ivo Ivanov, B`lgaria, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CZECHIA. Radio Prague --- I heard a report and interviews about 
Havel anniversary in ENGLISH on Cesky Rozhlas Medium Wave 639 and 954 
kHz – 1910-1915 Fri 18 Dec. Recognized female announcer from Shortwave 
days - Daniella Lazarova. Wonder if this is a regular English slot or 
a once-off (Derek Lynch, Ireland, Dec 20, WORLD OF RADIO 1805, DX 

Czech Radio, CRo Plus, has started carrying news bulletins in English 
weekdays at 1805 and 1905 (BDXC UK Broadcasts in English B-15 booklet 
via DXLD)

Thanks, that explains it. The 639 kHz frequency is very high power and 
does well into UK and Ireland, especially in Winter (Derek Lynch, DX 

750 + 30 kW = 780 kW, per WRTH 2016 (gh, DXLD)

The Dominican Republic, which had once contemplated an analog shutoff 
this year, has decided it will wait for August 9, 2021, to conclude 
analog operations. By way of Decree 294-15, the date has been changed. 
Indotel had noted some interfering factors as well as a lack of 
investment and readiness by broadcasters. [new tagline:] Este programa 
es pϊblico, ajeno a cualquier partido polνtico. Queda prohibido el uso 
para fines distintos a los establecidos en el programa. Read my Mexico 
Beat blog (Raymie Humbert, AZ, Dec 23, WTFDA Forum via DXLD) Re: DTV

** EAST TURKISTAN. CHINA: 5059.984, PBS XJBS Xinjiang Chinese service 
from Urumqi, S=9+10dB, commercials at 0242 UT on Dec 18.

4979.988, PBS Xinjiang Uighur service, female announcer on S=9+5dB 
signal at 0245 UT on Dec 18.

4850.000, even frequency PBS Xinjiang Kazakh service, guitar string /
flute music performer, at 0247 UT on Dec 18. Fair S=9+5dB signal into 
southern Germany.

3949.977, PBS Xinjang Chinese language service from Urumqi site in 
western China, poor S=7 signal at fade-out at 0252 UT on Dec 18.

3990.000, PBS Xinjang Uighur language service from Urumqi site in 
western China, fair S=8 signal strength. Male voice presenter heard at 
0255 UT (Wolfgang Bόschel, Stuttgart, Germany, log at 0225 til 0255 UT 
on Dec 18, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

These are sometimes audible around SR/SS grayline here (gh, OK, DXLD)

** EAST TURKISTAN. 7250, Dec 19 at 0126, poor S9 signal in Chinese, 
per EiBi, CRI in Mandarin via Urumqi to South Asia, this hour only 

12015, CRI via Kashi-Saibagh 2022, English, “Weekly Business Report” 
including talx re inflation and other economic news. “Beijing Hour” 
promos at BoH and a ‘non-time check’ at 1142 as “34 minutes past the 
hour” (SIC). They are usually better than that! Then into silly sports 
news and I lost interest. // 11650 was much worse, 252+31+ (just 
barely able to tell it was //) but this channel was 35444; 1133-1145 
12/Dec (Kenneth V Zichi, MARE Brighton MI DXpedition, dxldyg via DX 

** ECUADOR. Henrik Klemetz med kommentar ang R Tarqui:
Bildgalleriet med ett tjugotal? bilder δr imponerande. Se t ex 
auditoriet och se utsidan byggnaden i gamla delen av Quito. 
Δgaren/grundaren finns pε tvε bilder i form av en tavelbild pε vδggen. 
Honom uppvaktade jag flera gεnger under ett Quito-besφk 1966 fφr att 
fε ut ett QSL. Stationen hφrdes vid den tiden pε ca 4975 och fanns 
kvar pε kv nδr jag besφkte Quito i januari 1975. Pε inspelningen som 
jag sjδlv gjorde i Quito hφr man Gustavo Herdoνza sjδlv. 

Han blev nεgot senare borgmδstare i Quito i εtminstone en period (fyra 
εr brukar det vara). Den som nu stδngde stationen δr hans son. En bild 
pε honom finns i ovanstεende artikel. /HK (Henrik Klemetz, Sweden, SW 
Bulletin Dec 20 via DXLD)

Picture gallery with about twenty? images are impressive. See for 
example the auditorium and see the outside building in the old part of 
Quito. The owner / founder has two images in the form of a picture 
image on the wall. He courted I several times during a visit to Quito 
in 1966 to get a QSL. The station was heard at the time on about 4975, 
and remained on the square when I visited Quito in January 1975. On 
the recording I myself did in Quito hear Gustavo Herdoνza yourself. 

He became somewhat later mayor of Quito for at least a period (four  
years tends to be). The now closed station is his son. A photograph 
are available in the above article. / HK (Google translation via DXLD)

** EGYPT. Unscheduled transmission, probably of Radio Cairo Dec 15
0915-0930 9965.2 ABS 200 kW / 325 deg to ENAm open carrier/dead air:
(DX RE MIX NEWS #931 from Georgi Bancov and Ivo Ivanov, Dec. 21, 2015 
via DXLD)

R. Cairo-Avis on 9970 at 0055 in Arabic, Dec 18. Lively modern ME 
female vocals. Incredibly distorted (Online WebSDR at U. of Twente, 
Netherlands via Mike Bryant, KY, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST) It`s 
on 9965, slightly variable. SDR at too-wide bandwidth setting? (gh, 
Strong signal and very low modulation of Radio Cairo, Dec 18
1800-1900 NF  9435 ABS 200 kW / 325 deg to WeEu Italian, ex 9655 B-14
1900-2000 NF  9570 ABS 200 kW / 325 deg to WeEu German, ex 9905 B-14
2000-2115 NF  9900 ABS 200 kW / 325 deg to WeEu French, ex 9905 B-14
2115-2245 on  9900 ABS 200 kW / 325 deg to WeEu English same in B-14
73! (Ivo Ivanov, QTH: Sofia, Bulgaria, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

R Cairo, Abu Zabaal on 15345 at 1745 in English. M & W talking about 
Egyptian heritage. Strong carrier, but barely audible due to 
distortion. // 15500. Targeted to East Africa (Online Twente SDR via 
Mike Bryant, KY, Dec 20, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)
Bata, 0511-0540, Dec 15. Carrier just seemed to pop-up out of thin air 
causing a het since station opened up slightly above listed 5005 kHz.  
Started up with male African highlife vocals. A man announcer with 
fast Spanish talk was noted after two musical selection. Female vocals 
at 0519 and pretty much continuous music programming. Poor with some 
noise and fading to contend with (Rich D’Angelo, December 20, 2015: 
French Creek State Park DXpedition No. 49 (December 13, 14 and 15, 
2015); Equipment: Ten-Tec RX-340, Drake R-8B and an Eton E1, 500-foot 
wire essentially north for the RX-340 and 250-foot wire essentially 
northeast for the R-8B and a whip antenna for the E1, NASWA Flashsheet 
Dec 20 via DXLD)

5005.00, Dec 19 at 0551, JBA carrier rating S5 but no modulation 
audible, presumed RNGE (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

[non-log]. 5005, RNGE Bata. Dec 20, listening 0445-0540 and heard 
nothing; clearly off the air (Ron Howard, Asilomar State Beach, CA, 
Etσn E1, antenna: 100' long wire, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

5005, Dec 21 at 0505 and 0610 chex, JBA carriers from presumed RNGE. I 
gather that it is not on the air every day (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX 

5005, RNGE/R. Bata. Recently have been checking here 0445-0515 with no 
success. Perhaps the problem was I was tuning away too soon? Dec 23 
again with 0445-0520 no signal; next check at 0530 had definite signal
with African pop song; today's program consisted of repeating the 
following format: 2-3 minutes of Spanish followed with an African pop 
song (very nice music!); IDs for "Radio Nacional (de Guinea 
Ecuatorial?)," "Radio Nacional" and "Radio Bata"; mostly poor; found 
overall conditions to be very poor. My audio at  
(ID at 0:51) (Ron Howard, Asilomar State Beach, CA, Etσn E1, antenna: 
100' long wire, dxldyg via WORLD OF RADIO 1805, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

This clip starts with someone speaking Spanish with a somewhat strange 
bookish accent, typical of that ex-colony? (gh, DXLD)

** ERITREA [non]. SECRETLAND, Dimtse Radio Erena on new or wrong 
frequency on Dec 23
1700-1730 NF 11850 SCB 050 kW / 195 deg to EaAf Oromo, ex 11855
1730-1800 NF 11850 SCB 050 kW / 195 deg to EaAf Arabic, ex 11855
-- 73! (Ivo Ivanov, B`lgariya, Dec 23, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)
Maybe to avoid YEMEN [non] on 11860? (gh, DXLD)

** ETHIOPIA. Voice of Tigray Rev – Addis Ababa on 5950 at 0340, Dec 
18. M & W in Tigrinya (very Arabic-sounding. M&W speaking, tho doesn’t 
seem like news. Short clips of E. African music. (Online WebSDR at U. 
of Twente, Netherlands via Mike Bryant, KY, dxldyg via DX LISTENING 

** ETHIOPIA [non]. Voice of Oromo Liberation, frequency change from 
December 13
1700-1730 NF 11810 NAU 100 kW / 145 deg to EaAf Oromo  Wed,  ex 17630
1730-1800 NF 11810 NAU 100 kW / 145 deg to EaAf Amharic Wed, ex 17630
1700-1800 NF 11810 NAU 100 kW / 145 deg to EaAf Amharic Sun, ex 17630
73! (Ivo Ivanov, B`lgariya, circa Dec 16, dxldyg via WORLD OF RADIO 

GERMANY, Voice of Oromo Liberation via Media Broadcast on Dec 23:
1700-1730 on 11810 NAU 100 kW / 145 deg to EaAf Oromo Wed off at 1710
1730-1800 on 11810 NAU 100 kW / 145 deg to EaAf Amharic Wed no signal!
-- 73! (Ivo Ivanov, B`lgariya, Dec 23, dxldyg via WORLD OF RADIO 1805, 

** EUROPE. EURO-PIRATE  R. Merlin Int’l on 6280.2 at 1011, Dec 19. M 
DJ, station promos and Cyndi Lauper music. Fair (Online WebSDR, U of 
Twente, Netherlands via Mike Bryant, KY, dxldyg via DX LISTENING 

** EUROPE. Dear FRS friend, Season's Greetings from all of us at FRS-
Holland! We wish you a Merry Christmas 2015 and a Happy 2016 in good 
health. December 27th 2015 [Sunday]: FRS-Holland on 7700//9300 kHz. 
For details please surf to 
All the best from the entire FRS-Holland team (via Rich D`Angelo, Dec 
21, NASWA yg via DXLD)

FRS' traditional Seasonal broadcast 2015 will be aired aired on Sunday 
December 27th. This year’s broadcast will see a different approach in 
contrast with previous editions. FRS-Holland will be airing two 3 hour 
blocks. The first one will be between 0852-1200 UT/09:52-13:00 CET 
followed by an afternoon slot between 1252-1600 UT/13:52-17:00 CET. 
Frequencies remain unchanged: 7700//9300 kHz. There might be an 
evening slot in favour of North American listeners; if so, details 
will be announced as soon as possible! Our seasonal programmes will be 
presented by Paul Graham, Jan van Dijk, Roger Davis, Dave Scott & 
Peter Verbruggen. The music of your life and more… We will ring out 
2015 in a great way! (via WORLD OF RADIO 1805, DXLD)


Very long, illustrated, multi-subject item basically about why the FI 
and other British dependencies in the South Atlantic belong to 
Argentina (Glenn Hauser, DXLD)

** GERMANY. Betreff: Re: [mwcircle] Deutschlandfunk & closure of MW
Hello Harald, Can you please confirm which frequencies will go dark at 
2300 UT on the 31/12/15? Best wishes (Barry :-) Carlisle UK Davies, 
Dec 16, MWCircle yg via DXLD)

Nordkirchen 549 kHz (100 kW) 
Thurnau 549 kHz (100 kW) 
Braunschweig 756 kHz (200 kW) 
Ravensburg 756 kHz (100 kW) 
Neumuenster 1269 kHz (300 kW) 
Heusweiler 1422 kHz (400 kW) 
But I don΄t know yet if it will be at 2300 UT exactly. 73 (Harald, 

This station always brings back happy memories as it was the first 
station I listened to, especially their regular English dx programme 
back in 1971. I wonder if there are any recordings online of that 
period (David, Sent from my iPhone, Thorpe, BDXC-UK yg via DXLD)

I don't seem to be able to get the German web site translated into 
English and will the phone-in be only in German too? I suspect though 
this is just more pro DAB/DAB+ propaganda and the medium wave 
transmission end-dates are set. I'd really like to ask Mrs Merkel if 
the EU is for or against international cross-border broadcasting as 
this rabid digitization implies (Rog Parsons (BDXC 782), Hinckley LE10 
0NJ, BDXC-UK yg via DXLD)

Of course, it was German only. To my surprise they let a few people on 
the air who wanted to complain about the fact that DLF could no longer 
be heard abroad without MW. The answers these people received were 
polite but unambiguous. In substance the idea was: this is none of our 
business, we are not in charge of that, it's the Deutsche Welle's job 
(Rιmy Friess, BDXC UK yg via DXLD)

Yes, Deutschlandradio / Deutschlandfunk nowadays is strictly a 
domestic broadcaster. But in contrast to other German broadcasters, 
who closed down their mw outlets this year, they are willing to 
discuss things openly. Even if nothing will change their mind. They 
also want to close down their FM transmitters in favour of DAB+ as 
soon as possible, but that will take a couple of years. Rιmy: Are 
there any open discussions going on in France regarding the end of mw 
transmissions? 73 (Harald Kuhl, ibid.)

** GERMANY. 5905.000-USB mode, DWD Pinneberg, North Sea weather 
maritime report at 0605 UT, S=9+15dB. Bandwidth up to 5909.5 kHz 
(Wolfgang Bόschel, Germany, logs at 0555-0645 UT Dec 19, dxldyg via DX 

** GERMANY [or non?]. 1005 UT on 20 December. Radio DARC in German 
(with English IDs) on 6070 kHz. This is scheduled via Channel 292 
transmitter at Rohrbach - however, EiBi has this as Moosbrunn. It is a 
strong signal, which maybe suggests Moosbrunn, but I'll assume 
Rohrbach for now, unless anyone knows otherwise?
(Alan Roe, Teddington, UK; Elad FDM-S2 + 17m wire, dxldyg via DXLD)

Sunday Radio DARC via Moosbrunn, Austria with 100 kW. Sunday before 
1000 UT, Rohrbach with some music program. Monday evening Radio DARC 
via Rohrbach with much less power. 73 from Salzburg (Christoph Ratzer, 
-- http://ratzer.at http://remotedx.wordpress.com ibid.)

Strange that even WRTH 2016 does not mention that on Sundays the 
signal from 1000 till 1100 UT on 6070 kHz is indeed coming from 
Moosbrunn. Klingenfuss 2016 Shortwave Frequency Guide has the correct 
program and site, but a wrong time for it. HFCC has the correct site 
and time but the wrong program name :-) 73 (Harald Kuhl, ibid.)

** GERMANY [and non]. NDR Christmas Transmission on Dec 24, 2015
On Dec 24, 2015 Media Broadcast will transmit a 4 hour long program on
behalf of NDR (Norddeutsche Rundfunk) in Hamburg. The transmission is
intended for sailors and Marine personel on the high seas, who cannot
celebrate Christmas with their family and relatives. Transmission 
times will be 1900-2100 hours UT. Below you'll find the complete 
frequency schedule for the transmissions. Happy Tuning !!

1900-2100 6185 kHz towards CIRAF 27,80,36,81, 11 NAU 125 kW
1900-2100 9810 kHz towards CIRAF 41,49,54,79, 58 MOS 100 kW
1900-2100 9830 kHz towards CIRAF 57,53,48,79 ISS 250 kW
1900-2110 9885 kHz towards CIRAF 48,53,41,79 NAU 125 kW
1900-2100 11650 kHz towards CIRAF zones 13,46,15,66, 52,57 ISS 250 kW

2100-2300 6040 kHz towards CIRAF 27,80,36,81, 11 NAU 125 kW
2100-2300 9515 kHz towards CIRAF 48,53,41,79 NAU 125 kW
2100-2300 9655 kHz towards CIRAF 13,46,15,66, 52,57 ISS 250 kW
2100-2300 9765 kHz towards CIRAF 41,49,54,79, 58 MOS 100 kW
(via Roberto Scaglione, bclnews.it yg via DXLD)

At 21-23 also on 9830 kHz - why not?
9830 2100-2300 57,53,48,79 ISS 250 156 0 217 5 241215-241215 F MBR MBR 
request #15131 (Wolfgang Bόschel, ibid.)

** GERMANY [and non]. Saturday Dec 19 from 1955 UT, I`m monitoring the 
Satzentrale stream for WORLD OF RADIO which they have been carrying at 
nominal 2000 UT. Ham DX program in German continues late, but WOR 1804 
starts at 2008. They have some other German DX programs, and non-DX 
programs, as per full schedule, in UT+1 at 
whence one may also link audio. Nothing is scheduled on the half-
hours, so they have flexibility (Glenn Hauser, OK, WORLD OF RADIO 

** GOA. Story of "Voice of Freedom" from Goa --- The Underground Voice 
That Fought for Goa, Meet Unsung Libia Lobo --- By Rishika Baruah

During Goa’s liberation movement, Lobo used to run an underground 
radio service called “Voz de Liberdade” in Portuguese, ‘Goenche 
Sadvonecho Awaz’ in Konkani and the “Voice of Freedom” in English. The 
broadcasts started in 1955 from the jungles of Amboli bordering Goa.
Full story at :
(Alokesh Gupta, New Delhi, Dec 17, dx_india yg via DXLD)

** GOA. AIR-Panaji on 11560 At 1404 in Dari, Dec. 18. Subcontinental 
vocals. Blasting into Europe (Online WebSDR at U. of Twente, 
Netherlands via Mike Bryant, KY, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

Probably Bengaluru still substituting (gh, DXLD)

** GREECE. Transmissions of Voice of Greece on December 14, all on  
9420 AVL 170 kW / 323 deg to WeEu

0655-0725 Greek, time announcement 0716 UT!
0725-0745 Serbian/Romanian/Spanish/Russian
1020-1030 Romanian/Serbian/Russian & Music
No signal of Voice of Greece on 9420 after 1145 UT, typical for Avlis 

Voice of Greece in 0628-0804 UT slot on December 15
0628-0708 Greek
0708-0800 Vary*
* Serbian/Romanian/Spanish/Russian/Polish/Albanian/Italian.
Missing language is Arabic. Today VOG off the air at 0804UT
(DX RE MIX NEWS #931 from Georgi Bancov and Ivo Ivanov, Dec. 21, 2015 

And Greek music, what else, Italian Canzone touch of the 50ties, at 
0709 UT on Dec 19 on accurate 9420.002 kHz. S=9+15dB (Wolfgang 
Bόschel, Germany, logs at 0555-0645 UT Dec 19, dxldyg via DX LISTENING 

Random reception of Voice of Greece on Dec 22
0700-0705 Greek and off at 0706
-- 73! (Ivo Ivanov, B`lgariya, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

Voice of Greece is again on shortwave on December 23 as follows, all 
on  9420 AVL 170 kW / 323 deg to WeEu
0700-0800 Greek and other languages: Serbian, Romanian, Spanish, 
Polish, Italian, Russian, Arabic & Albanian missing [which???]
0800-0905 Greek
0905-0910 Arabic/Italian, xPolish
0910-1005 Greek
1005-1015 Romanian/Serbian/Russian
1015-1105 Greek
1105-1110 Spanish/Polish, xItalian/ Alb.missing
1110-1200 Greek
1200-1300 Greek, relay ERT 1 (Proto Programa)
from 1300 Greek, instead [OF] English 1300-1305 UT
from 1305 Greek and continues how many hours?
-- 73! (Ivo Ivanov, B`lgariya, Dec 23, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

English on Voice of Greece, But Not the News! Like Ivo, I was 
listening out for the English news on ERT - Voice of Greece today at 
about 1300 UT on 9420 kHz via the Twente receiver. Disappointingly, it 
didn't occur. Anyway, I kept listening to the pleasant Greek music as 
the signal quality gradually improved from about S7 to S9 to 40 over 9 
after an hour or so. I was then surprised to hear English at 1401:18 
UT. It was a 45-second announcement about a film script writing 
contest on the subject of Cyprus. The script can be either in Greek or 
English. A recording of the announcement is attached. 

Between 1400 and 1500 UT there is some splash from China on 9430 kHz. 
Switching to LSB with a wide bandwidth gives good music quality. Oh, 
and as usual, the time signal pips at the top of the hour were way 
off. Not sure when the transmitter signed off today. It was still on 
after 1500. P.S. How often is English news actually broadcast at 1300 
UT? At least once a week? Less often? (Richard Langley, NB, Dec 23, 

My last video is from 1517 and no signal at 1625 UT

VOGreece again on 9420 after 2000 UT, Dec 23 -- 73! (Ivo Ivanov, QTH: 
Sofia, Bulgaria, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GUAM [and non]. 9912-9913, Dec 20 at 1423, noise centered around 
here, sounds like DRM except relatively narrow band, a blessing as 
presumably Juche jamming against KTWR 9910 in Korean at 1345-1500, 
which is fairly audible, and in the clear when tuned on LSB: W&M 
dialog, maybe didactic, sounds Korean but never hear a keyword such as 
``imnida``! (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) Or maybe not 
really jamming: see KOREA NORTH

** GUATEMALA. 4055, R Verdad with English ”Spiritual Songs” including 
familiar hymns apparently sung by local choirs, such as “A Mighty 
Fortress is our God”, “It is Well With My Soul”, “Rejoice the Lord is
King”, “How Great Thou Art” and “Softly and Tenderly (Jesus is 
Calling)” but with no announcements or other speaking in between. 0550 
closedown of program with English OM announcements, and English 
“Lord’s Prayer” (they use ‘debts’ and not ‘trespass’) at 0553. MANY 
IDs in various languages (English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and a 
Slavic language among them) and then Spanish/English close down with 
“buenas noches” and “good night” and into National Anthem (the LONG 
version!) which finished at 0606. Carrier off. Decent but for general 
band noise: 35443+ 0504-0607* 13/Dec (Kenneth V Zichi, MARE Brighton 
MI DXpedition, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDIA. 6145.020, AIR Urdu service from Aligarh broadcast center 
site. music service, subcontinental female singer in full performance 
at 0225 UT on Dec 18. S=9+10dB signal propagate from greyline point in 
India into dark night zone in southern Germany (Wolfgang Bόschel, 
Stuttgart, Germany, log at 0225 til 0255 UT on Dec 18, dxldyg via DX 

AIR-Nat’l Channel (Aligarh) on 9380 at 0005, Dec. 18. Great vocals on 
Vividh Bharati prgm. Hardly ever heard in the U.S., strong signal into 
Western Europe. // 9870 (weaker). (Online WebSDR at U. of Twente, 
Netherlands via Mike Bryant, KY, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

AIR-Delhi on 9445 at 1841 in English, Dec. 20. Something must be wrong 
with this transmitter – strong carrier but audio very distorted. 

AIR-Bengaluru on 13695 at 1810 in English, Dec. 20, 1810 into This 
Week in Parliament, focusing on Indo-Paki relations. Target = East 
Africa. Good (Online Twente SDR via Mike Bryant, KY, dxldyg via DX 

** INDIA. Re: AIR Panaji SW tx problem --- Evening transmission (1245-
1710 UT) of All India Radio's Vividh Bharati service on 9870 kHz has 
been re-stored wef 18th Dec, 2015. 73, (Alokesh Gupta, Dec 19, 
dx_india yg via DXLD)

So have the GOA transmissions that transmitter replaced reverted to 
Goa site, or moved to yet somewhere else, or off? (gh, DXLD)

** INDONESIA. 3904.98, Pro 1 RRI Merauke, 1300, Dec 21. Time 
pips; general news followed by economic news; 1323 ending news 
with usual patriotic song "Bagimu Negeri"; followed by local ID "Pro 
Satu RRI Merauke"; recently almost fair, but ham QRM.

3904.98, Pro 1 RRI Merauke on Dec 23 coming in well above the norm, 
but audio is rather mushy (slightly distorted?); anomaly today with no 
news at 1300 & 1400; mostly EZL songs (some in English - Elton John 
"Can You Feel the Love Tonight," etc.); 1459 "Pulau Ambon" (Island of 
Ambon)/"Love Ambon" and ID till 1501*. My audio at 
(Ron Howard, Asilomar State Beach, CA, Etσn E1, antenna: 100' long 
wire, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. Voice of Indonesia on Dec 15, with strong, but again low 
from 1325 on  9525 JAK 250 kW / 010 deg to EaAs English, QRM 9530 VOA 
from 1625 on  9525 JAK 250 kW / 290 deg to N/ME Arabic
from 1725 on  9525 JAK 250 kW / 290 deg to WeEu Spanish
from 1825 on  9525 JAK 250 kW / 290 deg to WeEu German
from 1925 on  9525 JAK 250 kW / 290 deg to WeEu English
(DX RE MIX NEWS #931 from Georgi Bancov and Ivo Ivanov, Dec. 21, 2015 
via DXLD)

9524.99, Dec 17 at 1411, JBA carrier from VOI is audibly one smidgen 
below 9525.00 on the R75, or maybe 9524.98 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX 


Hello Glenn. I am pleased to announce that my webcasting station 
formerly known as Geneva Community Radio has returned to the "air" as 
Global Community Radio. Still based in Geneva, New York, the new GCR 
now consists of two 24/7 internet streams. Global Community Radio 
Channel One is devoted to various types of primarily spoken word 
programming. One thing that I feel will make GCR1 truly unique is that 
we will offer relays of many international public broadcasters in 
English. Some of these relays will come from WRN, while most will come 
from various podcasts made available by these broadcasters. In 
addition, GCR1 will offer many of the same informative programs that 
the former Geneva Community Radio offered, including several programs 
from Pacifica and its associated producers and affiliates.

On the other hand, Global Community Radio Channel Two will be all 
about music. GCR2 will present many different musical genres, 
including Classical, Jazz, Folk, World Music, New Age/Electronic, 
Nostalgia/Standards, Oldies, Show Tunes, and Eclectic/Freeform music 
programming. Most of our schedule is organized in a block style 

In addition to being a webcast for listeners, GCR streams are also 
available to non-commercial radio stations, including campus, 
community and LPFM stations, who would like to retransmit our 
programming during times when no local programming is available. This 
service will be offered to stations absolutely free of charge. At 
present, we have one station in upstate New York, WRAQ-LP in Angelica, 
committed to rebroadcast portions of both GCR1 and GCR2 for several 
hours per day.

I sincerely hope other like minded stations will follow suit. You can 
find out more about the new Global Community Radio by visiting 

World of Radio will continue to be heard on Sundays at 9:00 PM Eastern 
(UT Monday at 0200), now on GCR1. As always, your thoughts and ideas 
are greatly appreciated. Thanks for your continued support of my radio 
efforts. I'm proud to air World of Radio on the new Global Community 
Radio. Season's Greetings (Jake Longwell, Dec 23, WORLD OF RADIO 1805,

** INTERNATIONAL WATERS [and non]. Listening to excellent locations 
from sailing vessels, using the Marine Weather Center. SSB Voice Nets 
Schedule for November 2015 through October 2016. Click for details: 
(Bob Wilkner, FL, SW Bulletin Dec 20 via DXLD) See also REF: 2182

** IRAN [and non]. Ε blande DX-ing med politikk eller med religion er 
sjelden noen god ide, og det er da ogsε noe de fleste forsψker ε 

Men noen ganger kan det skje ting man ikke helt hadde regnet med. Jeg 
mener ε huske at det var Jan Alvestad som ved en anledning var nζr ved 
ε bli arrestert av den lokale lensmann etter at lokalbefolkningen et 
eller annet sted pε Vestlandet hadde rapportert hva de trodde var 
mistenkelig aktivitet med lange antenner pε et ψde sted.

Nε har ikke jeg opplevd akkurat det, men i dag skjedde det likevel noe 
som det smaker religion og/eller politikk av. I lψpet av hψsten har 
jeg hψrt og rapportert en del mellombψlgesendere i Iran. Delvis er det 
snakk om regionalsendinger beregnet pε innenlandske lyttere og delvis 
er det utenlandsprogrammer (Vo-IRI – Voice of The Islamic Republic of 
Iran) som bruker mellombψlge til nabolandene. Litt usikker pε hva som 
gir de beste mulighetene for svar har jeg delvis brukt email og delvis 
snailmail for ε sende rapporter, og noen svar er det ogsε kommet.

I dag opplevde jeg imidlertid at en rapport som var sendt medio 
oktober kom i retur. Fψrst skjψnte jeg ikke hvorfor, det var en 
rapport til VoIRI pε deres utenlansprogram pε aserbaidjansk sε 
adressen skulle vζre grei nok. Etter ε ha studert og tydet stemplene 
fant jeg ut at grunnen til at sendingen kom i retur var at den var 
sεkalt «refusert».

Nε var det sε godt som 100% sikkert ikke VoIRI som hadde refusert den, 
det mε ha vζrt den kontroll som iranske myndigheter fψrer med 
innkommende post som hadde reagert pε et eller annet, men hva? Jeg vet 
ikke sikkert, men en pil som er tegnet med samme tusjpenn som den som 
er benyttet for ε krysse av «refusert» gir en pekepinn. Den pilen 
peker mot ett av de norske frimerkene pε konvolutten. Dette frimerket 
har det norske riksvεpenet, dvs lψven med krone og bittelite kors pε 
toppen. Om det er dette mikro-korset som har blitt for sterk kost for 
det muslimske Iran vet jeg ikke, men det er den eneste forklaringen 
jeg kan komme opp med.

Konvolutten bζrer for ψvrig tydelig preg av ε ha vζrt εpnet. Det 
forundrer meg i grunnen slett ikke. Iranerne som refuserte den har 
sikkert ogsε εpnet den, og nεr det gjelder innkommende post (returnert 
post) fra Iran kan det vel tenkes at vεrt eget PST ogsε vil ta en 
titt. Iran stεr vel fortsatt pε en liste som innebζrer at vi ikke skal 
forsyne dem med utstyr eller informasjon som kan brukes til utvikling 
eller produksjon av masseψdeleggelsesvεpen. PST og NTNU i Trondheim 
har hatt en kontrovers i den sammenheng nεr det gjelder studenter fra 
Iran, og en DVD-plate kan jo inneholde litt av hvert i sε mεte. Men 
bεde den iranske sikkerhetstjenesten og eventuelt PST er nok blitt 
skuffet nεr de undersψkte hva som var I konvolutten, inklusive 
innholdet pε DVD-platen (Jarle Synnevεg via Facebook DX-LISTENERS' 
CLUB, via SW Bulletin Dec 20 via DXLD)

Google translation from Norwegian, slightly improved by gh:

Mixing DXing with politics or religion is rarely a good idea, and it 
is indeed something most try to avoid. But sometimes it can happen 
things one had not quite counted with. I seem to remember that it was 
Jan Alvestads as on a opportunity was about to be arrested by the 
local sheriff after locals somewhere in Western Norway had reported 
what they thought was suspicious activity, Long antennas in a deserted 

Now I have not experienced exactly that, but today it happened 
nevertheless something that it tastes religion and / or politics of. 
During autumn I have heard and reported some medium wave transmitters 
in Iran. Partly it is a question of regional broadcasts intended for 
domestic listeners and partly it abroad programs (VO-IRI - Voice of 
The Islamic Republic of Iran) which uses medium wave to neighboring 
countries. A little unsure of what they give best opportunities for 
reply, I partially used email and partial snailmail to send reports, 
and some answers are also come.

Today I experienced, however, that a report was sent in mid-October 
came in return. First I did not understand why, it was a report to 
VOIRI on their external service in Azeri, then address should be 
straightforward enough. After studying and indicating pistons I found 
out that the reason that the broadcast came in return was that it was 
called a "rejected".

Now it was almost 100% certain not VOIRI who had rejected it, it must 
have been the control that the Iranian authorities leads with incoming 
mail that had reacted to something, but what? I do not know for sure, 
but an arrow is drawn with the same marking pen as it was used to  
check the "rejected" is suggestive. The arrow is pointing toward one 
of the Norwegian stamps on the envelope. This stamp has the Norwegian 
coat of arms, i.e. lion with crown and wee cross on top. Whether it is 
this micro-cross that has become too harsh for the Muslim Iran I do 
not know, but it's the only explanation I can come up with.

The envelope bears the way clear signs of having been opened. It 
amazes me basically not at all. Iranians who unpublished it has 
certainly also opened it, and when it comes to incoming mail (returned 
mail) from Iran may well be that our own PST will also take a look. 
Iran stands well still on a list which means that we should not 
provide them with equipment or information that can be used for the 
development or production of weapons of mass destruction. 

PST and NTNU in Trondheim had a controversy in the context in terms of 
students from Iran, and one DVD disc can contain the bit of each in so 
manner. But both the Iranian security services and possibly PST is 
enough become disappointed when they studied what was in envelope, 
including the contents of the DVD (Jarle Synnevεg via Facebook DX 
Listeners' CLUB, via SW Bulletin Dec 20 via DXLD)

** IRAN. 12040, Dec 18 at 1320, only S3 but clear, lovely IS from 
VIRI, belying a country where they throw Americans in jail without 
cause, 1324 sign-on in Japanese, 60 degrees from Kamalabad (Glenn 

V of IRIB Russian service in B-15 season
0250-0620 deleted CeSiberia FE Russia
!0820-0920! 15170sir 17820sir CeSiberia FE Russia
0820-1150 deleted CeSiberia FE Russia
1150-1450 deleted CeSiberia FE Russia
1420-1520 7350kam 9580ahw CeSiberia FE Russia
1650-1750 6110ahw 7375kam CeSiberia FE Russia

0820-0920 17685kam WeRUS Moscow St.P.
1420-1520 11880sir WeRUS Moscow St.P.
1750-1850 6110kam 7220sir WeRUS Moscow St.P.
1920-2020 6195kam 7225sir WeRUS Moscow St.P.

17685.002 kHz accurate from Kamalabad site to Western Russia noted at 
0840 UT Dec 21 at proper S=9+45dB signal level.

\\ and also an outlet to Siberia and Far Eastern Russia target on
17820.008 kHz accurate, still backlobe into Germany at S=9+25dB signal
strength. Nice clean program audio noted today, even from Sirjan site, 
who often send out disturbed signals from their satellite feed 

\\ also 15169.998 kHz from Sirjan eastern Iran site. S=9+10dB strength 
(Wolfgang Bόschel, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 21, dxldyg via DXLD)

[and non]. Unscheduled frequency of VIRI/IRIB, December 18
0723-0820 on 17850*Kamalabad or Sirjan txs site German
// frequency 15175 KAM 500 kW / 310 deg to WeEu German
// frequency 17690 SIR 500 kW / 313 deg to WeEu German
* strong co-ch Radio France Inter in French on 17849.9
73! (Ivo Ivanov, QTH: Sofia, Bulgaria, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** IRAN [non]. Reception of Radio Ranginkaman/Rainbow on Dec.18:
1700-1730 on  7460 SOF 100 kW / 090 deg to WeAs Farsi Mon/Fri
1700-1730 on  7550 TAC 100 kW / 236 deg to WeAs Farsi Mon/Fri
73! (Ivo Ivanov, QTH: Sofia, Bulgaria, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** IRELAND [non]. 5820, MADAGASCAR, RTE Radio One – Talata Volonondry, 
1938-1958*, Dec 14. several people crammed into a studio discussing 
economic issues and government policies (two men and two woman). 
Program ended at 1955 mentioning it was Friday and giving “RTE Radio 
One” station identification. Brief instrumental music segment before 
carrier was terminated. Poor to fair and steadily improving (Rich 
D’Angelo, December 20, 2015: French Creek State Park DXpedition No. 49 
(December 13, 14 and 15, 2015); Equipment: Ten-Tec RX-340, Drake R-8B 
and an Eton E1, 500-foot wire essentially north for the RX-340 and 
250-foot wire essentially northeast for the R-8B and a whip antenna 
for the E1, NASWA Flashsheet Dec 20 via DXLD)

A seasonal treat, propagating that early to eastern NAm (gh, DXLD)

** ISRAEL. 21619.8, 4XZ, Israel Navy; 1452, 12-Dec; sending VVV VVV DE 
4XZ (Harold Frodge, MARE DXpedition, Tipsheet 18 Dec via DXLD)

Yet another 4XZ intrusion into the broadcast bands, but why not, as 
Israel Radio, Kol Israel gave up on SW (Glenn Hauser, DXLD)

** ITALY. New post on RADIO LATINO 
RADIO LATINO NOW ON AIR ON 7625 Khz --- by Radio Latino For 1 hour.
Radio Latino | December 19, 2015 at 5:45 pm | Categories: SHORTWAVE 
RADIO | URL: http://wp.me/p5NFyi-67 
(via Ivo Ivanov, 1645 UT Sat Dec 19, dxldyg via DXLD)

Another test of Radio Latino on Dec 20
1215-1345 on 7590 unknown tx site, weak signal
73! (Ivo Ivanov, QTH: Sofia, Bulgaria, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ITALY. Greetings from Italy! Here is the schedule for the next test 
broadcasts of Marconi Radio International:
25th December 2015, from 0800 to 1100 UT
27th December 2015, from 0900 to 1300 UT

Our frequency is 11390 kHz and power in the region of 30 watts. Test 
broadcasts consist of non stop music, station identification 
announcements in Italian, English, Spanish, French and Catalan as well 
as DX shows in English and Italian.

MRI encourages reception reports from listeners. Audio clips (mp3-
file) of our broadcasts  are welcome! Until now reception reports, 
found to be correct, have been received from 14 countries:  Austria,  
Belgium, Bulgaria, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, 
Netherlands, Romania, Russia, Spain, Switzerland and Ukraine. We are 
anxious to receive feedbacks from more countries!

We QSL 100%. Our E-mail address is: 

We hope that you will share this information with your members. Thank 
you very much for your cooperation
Marconi Radio International (MRI) Short wave test broadcasts from 
Italy on 11390 kHz (Marconi Rdio International, Dec 24, WORLD OF RADIO 

** KASHMIR. 4950, AIR Kashmir, Srinagar (presumed), 0139-0216*, Dec 
22. Has been a long time since I caught their morning broadcast; had
some faint audio, which is better than I hear for their evening 
programs about 1300, when all I hear is their open carrier; best of 
course in USB, due to Angola on the low side (Ron Howard, Asilomar 
State Beach, CA,  Etσn E1, antenna: 100' long wire, dxldyg via DX 

** KOREA NORTH. 6400 and 11680 back on the air from about 15 Dec after 
being silent for several weeks These two were also off for a long 
period until early April (Olle Alm, Sweden, 18 Dec, DX LISTENING 

6400 and 11680 again silent today, Dec 19, after only three or four 
days of renewed activity. 9665 has been operating regularly. Glenn: 
Good signals on other frequencies, so not propagational (Olle Alm, 
Sweden, ibid.)

KOREA, DPR: Bad conditions maybe but nothing heard on 6100, 9665, 
11680 for KCBS and nothing on 6400 for PBS at 1730-1830 on 20 December 
2015. Also nothing on 2850 & 3320 which usually are observed here with 
tiny signals (Rumen Pankov, Sofia, Bulgaria, Dec 22 via Bόschel, 
dxldyg via DXLD)

Hi dear Rumen, checked the KRE / KOR stations in 1830 to 1910 UT time 
slot Dec 22, used remote SDR net units in Tokyo and Osaka Japan.

Pause - nothing noted at 1845 UT Dec 22 on 
2350 2850 3920 3959 3968 3980 5830 6070 6100 6400 6518 9665 11680 

3219.899 KRE Carrier only 1830 UT, S=9+30dB in Tokyo
3250.002 KRE PBS Korean, female singer, 1834 UT, S=9+30dB
3319.997 KRE PBS Korean, 1835 UT, S=9+40dB
3912.004 KOR VoP, KRE jamming, 1837 UT, S=9+40dB
3985.021 KOR EoH/VoH, KRE jamming, 1840 UT, S=9+40dB
4449.991 KOR VoP, KRE jamming on 4449.931 kHz, 1842 UT, S=9+50dB
4557.000 KOR VoP, KRE Jamming, 1845 UT, S=9+40dB
6003.018 ??? two peaks - also on 6002.988 kHz at 1850 UT.
6015.000 poor KRE jamming only, 1858 UT (6020 CHN Firedrake)
6135.008 and 6134.983 UNID two peaks, VoF KOR, KRE jamming ? 1858 UT
6169.997 KRE S=9+10dB
6250.004 KOR / KRE S=9+10dB
6348.032 KOR S=9+20dB, and ditter audio signal jamming by KRE.
6600.000 KOR S=9+10dB, jamming by KRE.

KRE log on 0100-0130 UT Dec 23 in Tokyo and Nagoya remote SDR units:

6100.000 KRE KCBS Pyongyang from Kanggye, S=8-9, at 0126 UT womans 
6518.004 KOR VoPeople Kyonggi-do Koyang NOT heard,
only KRE scratching noise jamming heard so far, S=7 at 0130 UT.
9665.003 KRE KCBS Pyongyang from Kanggye, S=8-9, at 0105 UT \\ 6100
(Wolfgang Bόschel, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** KOREA NORTH. 9912 approx., Dec 23 at 1413, ute noise blob, which is 
usually here, so maybe not Juche jamming against 9910, KTWR in Korean 
as I previously suggested (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) GUAM

** KOREA NORTH [non]. Test broadcasts of Furusato no Kaze via Tamshui 
and T8WH Angel 5 from Dec 12:
0500-0730 15635 TSH 300 kW / 002 deg Japanese Sat via Tamshui, TWN
1000-1230  9960 HBN 100 kW / 345 deg Japanese Sat via T8WH Angel 5
73! (Ivo Ivanov, B`lgariya, circa Dec 16, dxldyg via WORLD OF RADIO 
1805, DX LISTENING DIGEST) Every Saturday?

** KOREA NORTH [non]. 5985, Thu Dec 17 at 1339, Sea Breeze in English 
with usual sounders, mentioning human rights, 1341 piano interlude, 

Ron Howard tells why last Thursday they were not in English, but 
Korean: ``Hi Glenn, Surely last week`s anomaly of not having English 
on Thursday was due to the fact it was "North Korean Human Rights 
Abuses Awareness Week," (Dec 10-16) which incorporated an 
international symposium by the Japanese government (which was carried 
via Shiokaze?).
Ron Howard, San Francisco`` (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

Hi Glenn, Indeed, Shiokaze on Thursday (Dec 17) again in English. 
Several times recently noted what sounds like a new type of jamming? 
Is not just a noise, but actually distorts the Shiokaze audio. Need to 
follow this to find out if it becomes regular against them (Ron 

** KOREA NORTH [and non]. RIAS Berlin article --- Daily NK December 21
West German radio gave Easterners window to world during Cold War
Media's role in uniting Germany and lessons for the Koreas
Posted by: (Mike Barraclough, dxldyg via DXLD)

** KOREA SOUTH. New 4885, Echo of Hope - VOH, 1345-1430, Dec 21. Fair; 
in Korean with drama, news, Korean songs; easy to ID with "VOH" 
letters in English and // 6003 (jammed) and 6348 (jammed). Testing?
Audio at   
(Ron Howard, Asilomar State Beach, CA, Etσn E1, antenna: 100' long 
wire, dxldyg via WORLD OF RADIO 1805, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

Thanks to Bernd Friedewald (DK9FI) for the following email. 

"Many thanks for the tip. Great! Just put on PERSEUS SDR in Japan and 
they are still there at 1642 UTC. Looks for test...

I remember when I was at the HFCC conference at Dallas we visited 
Continental. Here we saw a 100 kW (or more) transmitter(s) available 
for delivery to South Korea. Maybe this is one of them because KBS is 
still using the very old transmitters." 

Appreciate his feedback (Ron Howard, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

I was there too, but the transmitters I remember seeing were destined 
for Madagascar World Voice (gh, DXLD)

4885: Heard until -1803*, Dec 21, Suddenly s/off in middle of a talk. 
(Hiroyuki Komatsubara (Japan)). Could it be a pushing error at the 
transmitter? The usual heard frequency is 3985 (Anker Petersen, Ed, 
DSWCI DX Window Dec 22 via DXLD)

New 4885, Echo of Hope - VOH, 1222, Dec 22. Second day testing here; 
fair/good and not jammed; // 3985 (jammed) // 6003 (jammed) and // 
6348 (jammed). Per Hiroshi and Hiroyuki Komatsubara, observed schedule 
so far is  *1158-1803*.

with strong reception yesterday in Japan (Ron Howard, Asilomar State 
Beach, CA, Etσn E1, antenna: 100' long wire, dxldyg via WORLD OF RADIO 

4885, Dec 22 at 1402, S6 signal in Korean, a bit stronger than 4835 
Australia, S5. Ron Howard first heard this Dec 21 as a new frequency 
for Echo of Hope, the clandestine to N Korea, // 6003 and 6348 which 
are jammed. Testing new transmitter? And he heard again Dec 22 also // 
3985. ``Per Hiroshi and Hiroyuki Komatsubara, observed schedule so far 
is *1158-1803*``. Dec 23 I check at 1403, now only a JBA carrier like 
everything else on 60m. 4885 is a good spot for it as no other Asians 
there (Glenn Hauser, OK, WORLD OF RADIO 1805, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

4885, Echo of Hope - VOH, 1406-1416, Dec 23. Third day testing here; 
mostly fair and not jammed; frequent "VOH" IDs; // 3985 (jammed) // 
6003 (jammed) and // 6348 (jammed). My audio with ID and news at
(Ron Howard, California, dxldyg via WORLD OF RADIO 1805, DX LISTENING 
DIGEST) Another station on 4885: see BRAZIL

** KURDISTAN [non]. Denge Kurdistani-Issoudun on 9400 at 1830 in 
Kurdish, Dec. 20. M with very raspy voice, ME music. Strong (Online 
Twente SDR via Mike Bryant, KY, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** KUWAIT. 19010, The only 19 MHz broadcaster in that band. At 0830 UT 
heard US IBB "Radio Azadi" (R Free Afghanistan) Dari service from IBB 
relay site in Kuwait. Fair S=9+5dB sidelobe signal towards central 
Europe (Wolfgang Bόschel, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 21, dxldyg via DXLD)

** KYRGYZSTAN. KYRGYZ REPUBLIC, 4819.854, Kyrgyz local domestic 
Birinchi Radio, Kazakh R1 program from Bishkek at Krasnaya Rechka 
broadcast center site heard with same program on both 60 / 70 mb 
channels of 4010.033 {50 Hertz higher than previously in 2015 year} 
kHz S=8 level at morning fade-out / greyline path propagation, and on 
\\ 4819.854 kHz same signal strength (Wolfgang Bόschel, Stuttgart, 
Germany, log at 0225 til 0255 UT on Dec 18, dxldyg via DX LISTENING 

4819.84, *0000-0010 19.12, Kyrgyz R 1, Krasnaya Rechka. Carrier with 
tones on from 2350, opening ann 0000 in Bishkek and Russian, national 
hymn, folksongs 32322 // 4010.04 (45444), QRM Xizang 4820.00 (Anker 
Petersen, Denmark, my latest loggings from Skovlunde on the AOR 
AR7030PLUS with 28 metres of longwire, via Dario Monferini, playdx yg 
via DXLD)

** LIBYA. 1053.103, R. Libya, Tripoli, DEC 9, 0200 - Male a cappella 
Arabic vocal with reverb; good (Mark Connelly, WA1ION, South Yarmouth 
MA; Microtelecom Perseus, cardioid-pattern SuperLoop 10m vert. by 11m 
horiz. (peak 165 , null 345 ), cardioid-pattern SuperLoop 11m vert. by 
30m horiz. (peak 80 , null 260 ), NRC IDXD Dec 18 via WORLD OF RADIO 
1805, DXLD)

Not only split, but split from split, so watch out for its unique 
frequency. WRTH 2015 lists as only 100 kW, V. of Homeland, Tripoli at 
05-21 UT, so now all-night? (Glenn Hauser, WORLD OF RADIO 1805, DXLD)

1053, at 2013-2109 UT on Dec 4. Phone-in-show with children singing 
and vivid DJ. At 2100 UT Birthday song in Arabic and English. At 2109 
UT ID by man. At times stronger than Talk Sport [UK] and R. Yash-Iashi 
from Romania. SIO: 333 (Zeljko Crncic, Germany, Dec 12, BCDX 19 Dec 

** LITHUANIA. 9455.000 kHz DX Program of RMRC via Sitkunai Lithuania: 
Heard this DX program in Russian since 1000 UT, mentioned BBC interval 
signal, antenna discussion, Radio Holygram etc. etc. And from 1031 UT 
also mentioned German CEO Harald Gabler of RMRC on 9455.000 kHz. And 
talk about St.P conference and media center excursion too at 1036 UT.
9455 kHz, here in Stuttgart Germany S=9+30dB. Also at Tokyo and Osaka 
Japan S=4-5 -96dbm signal just above threshold, like St. Helena level 
signal. But on remote post in Moscow Russia powerhouse S=9+45dB, twist 
the needle. Not US Radio Liberty Russian program \\ 12025 kHz. I guess 
they had difficulties to tune match the 25 meterband antenna properly 
on 11690 kHz at Sitkunai broadcast center site? So this 31mb outlet is 
an alternative? ("Wolfgang Bueschel", dg1sbn, 1030 UT Sat Dec 19, 

It's a very good signal here in the NW of England at 1045 on 9455 = S9 
peaking to 9+10db. Lots of fading though. A discussion in Russian and 
English with someone referred to as 'Alan'.

My guess is Alan Pennington. The discussion spoiled by loud rock 
'music'/'singing' in the background.  Continued in Russian from about 
1049 - without the 'nusic'. Signed off at 1100 with lots of 
announcements - and chimes. 

Just in time to avoid splash from another Russian transmission 
starting on 9460. I missed the ID, but if it's KSDA with AWR programme 
it's a very good signal. Also S9=10dB on peaks. Nice Christmas song 
from 1107. 73 (Noel R. Green, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

Apparently the special EDXC broadcasts via Lithuania, organised by the 
Rhein-Main DX Club, did not go ahead as planned on 5th December 
because of problems at the Sitkunai transmitter site. However, the 
programme has been rearranged for tomorrow, 19th December:
From Alexander Beryozkin: 

Dear friends, there is another try for the shortwave transmission of 
Rhein-Main-Radio-Club about the EDXC Conference 2015 in St. 
Petersburg: via Lithuania...
19.12.2015 on 11690 UT 0900-1000 for Asia (Japan) in English
19.12.2015 on 11690 UT 1000-1100 for Russia in Russian.
Correct reception reports will be verified with a special QSL card. 
Reception reports by email should be sent to: mail@rmrc.de or by 
normal postal service to: Rhein-Main-Radio-Club, Postfach 700849 60558 
Frankfurt Germany -- Michael Haun RMRC Vorstand Rhein-Main-Radio-Club 
(via Mauno Ritola, WRTH - World Radio Tv Handbook Facebook Group, 18 
Dec via Alan Pennington, BDXC-UK yg via DXLD)

Nothing heard on 11690 kHz. Now we learn "On 9455 kHz by mistake" (re 
Mauno Ritola on WRTH Facebook). So just caught the end of the Russian 
hour on 9455 with fair strength at 1056 before closing with ID. But 
have missed the English hour :-( Frustrating! 73 (Alan Pennington,
Caversham, UK, AOR 7030plus ALA1530 loop, ibid.)

** MEXICO. 900, Dec 18 at 1305, ``Siempre 88.9`` newscast about the 
``apagσn analσgico``, i.e. DTV conversion, starting with a jingle 
about it, and mentioning the cutoff as of Dec 31, which is really no 
longer to be enforced; trying to find a DTV set at two publicized 
locations without success, out of stock. 

Anyhow, this is presumably XEOK in Monterrey NL, as in DXLD 13-38 we 
researched that the national newscast originating at 88.9 in Mιxico 
DF, an Acir group station, would lead only to XEOK as an affiliate on 
900 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MEXICO. All DTV from Campeche (including Azteca) --- Last night I 
did a scan in my TV, and oh surprise, I got all Campeche DTV channels, 
including TRC and Azteca ones (the most important because I couldn't 
get those until now).

    XHCCA (the background buzz is from the channel)

And the other stations I got in summer:
(Gargadon, Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche, Dec 18, WTFDA Forum via DXLD)

Surprised that the 2-1 and 5-1 are using "AZTECA" and not their calls 
for their PSIP short name (Raymie Humbert AZ, ibid.) 

I'm surprised too, because Azteca channels in Ciudad del Carmen are 
using their callsign (3.1 is shown as XHCCT, and 7.1 is shown as XHGN-
TD). Another interesting fact is XHCCA is using its own transmitter, 
and it is not a XHOPCC subchannel (as I thought), because while XHCCA 
signal was marked as "Normal" (2 of 4 bars) in my TV, XHOPCC signal 
was marked as "Good" (3 of 4 bars). (Gargadon, ibid.)

I think the confusion Espectador had on the 30/32 thing made a lot of 
people believe they were subs. There's no channel sharing concept yet 
in Mexico broadcasting law. XHOPCC broadcasts at 8 kW, XHCCA at 10 
(Raymie, ibid.)


Azteca stations are getting a facelift starting next year.

As part of the plan to take Proyecto 40 national "in HD quality", 
local newscasts will also move to P40, which is much more suited for 
the format (it's a news/talk channel generally comparable to foroTV, 
Milenio TV, etc.). They also plan on increasing local content — 
something Azteca has really never done in its history, but which they 
have already started in Tijuana.

Meanwhile, the Guanajuato state network is getting multiplexed.

The new subchannels will be known as Media 4 and Expresa 4. No other 
information is available. The IFT mentions 47.x but XHLEG uses 4.x 
(its old analog channel). Last edited by Raymie; 12-18-2015 at 05:05 
PM (Raymie Humbert, Phœnix AZ, Dec 18, WTFDA Forum via DXLD)

In one state, the constitutional date of December 31 is going up 
against unforeseen political realities.

While most states, including Colima, had their elections back in July, 
the small western state saw its turn into a complicated legal battle 
over a very close gubernatorial race. Ultimately, the election was 
nullified by the national electoral court, and so voters in Colima go 
to the polls yet again on January 17, 2016.

The PRI asked for a delay of the apagσn in Colima, and the INE took 
them up on their proposal. 

This isn't unprecedented; you might recall that Tijuana's apagσn in 
2013 got pushed back because Baja California was in the middle of a 
gubernatorial race. But opposition parties, including the PAN, PRD, 
Movimiento Ciudadano and Morena, said that the PRI was working as 
Televisa's middleman. INE council member Enrique Andrade agreed with 
the PRI and said he was worried that an apagσn in the middle of the 
electoral campaign would leave people without access to information.

The petition has been sent on to the IFT, along with a request for 
information on the status of television deliveries in Colima.

Only one station in Colima is not broadcasting in digital, state 
network XHAMO-11 (with intermittent operation authorization) — and 
that station has some of its own issues. 
(Raymie, Dec 19, ibid.)

The IFT has put up for public comment the proposed ground rules for 
Auction IFT-4 — the 191 FMs and 66 AMs for commercial use across the 
country. Things to note:

    1. New FM proposals will be evaluated in part based on how long 
they will take to begin broadcasting in HD Radio. Expect a significant 
increase in new HD Radio stations. There are three elements to FM 
proposals in the IFT scoring system: financial bid, time (in months) 
to get to air, and time (in years) to get to air with HD Radio.

    2. No new stations above 106 MHz as all future stations at the top 
of the dial will be social use. (The same also applies to the AM 
expanded band, on which there is only one commercial radio station in 

    3. Very few stations near the US border despite availability of 
frequencies even at 800 kHz station spacing. The bulk of the FMs are 
in states with underdeveloped FM bands — Veracruz, Quintana Roo, 

    4. Station spacing is at 800 kHz so very few stations in major 
cities. Also no stations above class B1 (25 kW ERP).

    5. AM frequency recycling. Most of the AMs are recognizable 
frequencies that will soon have new stations. In the AM pool are such 
stations as 580 Piedras Negras, 1240 Morelia and San Luis Potosν 710.

    6. If you have 40% market share in an area, don't bother knocking. 
You can't get a station in that same area. (I wish the IFT had a 
cluster breakup rule — some cities really need it!) (Raymie, Dec 20, 


    XHFW's new logo, from Twitter: XHFW is rolling out a new "26" 
logo. What happened to PSIP?

    Externan zacatecanos descontento por apagσn analσgico, NTR 
Zacatecas: Some are saying goodbye to their favorite programs because 
they can't get converter boxes.

    Suben las ventas de antenas UHF y decodificadores tras Apagσn 
Analσgico, Once Noticias: It's UHF antennas that are in hot, hot 

QUEDARON SIN SEΡAL, XHEMU: ...even in Piedras Negras, which had three 
UHFs in analog.

    SQCS-TV Digital: Canal pϊblico de QR transmitirα seρal digital a 
partir del 22 Diciembre-Apagσn Analσgico, podrνa cambiar de nombre,

 Expediente Quintana Roo: It's a Christmas miracle! The QR state 
network is going digital starting tomorrow! But it may change its 
name, because it will no longer be on channel 7+ (don't you just love 
it when a TV station goes by its channel number AND OFFSET?). This is 
a miracle because we only have one authorization out of four. 
Predicted UHF channel assignments: 30 Chetumal, 31 Cancϊn, 41 Playa 
del Carmen.


    As predicted, the December 31 list is growing with 141 additional 
TV stations in 19 states, on top of the 99 already authorized. Some 
new states are showing up on the list, like Oaxaca and Campeche.

    Baja California: Ensenada incl. XHENB
    Baja California Sur: La Paz
    Campeche: All stations
    Chihuahua: Ciudad Cuauhtιmoc, Ciudad Jimιnez, Ciudad Madera, 
Chihuahua and Ojinaga (this should complete the state)
    Colima: All stations
    Guerrero: Acapulco, Chilpancingo, Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo
    Hidalgo: XHPAH-TV
    Edomex: Shadow XHXEM Temascaltepec
    Michoacαn: Sahuayo-Jiquilpan and Lαzaro Cαrdenas (should complete 
the state)
    Nayarit: All remaining stations except XHNSJ
    Oaxaca: San Miguel Tlacotepec and Huajuapan de Leσn
    Puebla: Tehuacαn, Zacatlαn
    Quintana Roo: XHCOZ-TV
    Sonora: Bacanora, Hermosillo, Magdalena de Kino, Navojoa and Santa 
    Tabasco: Frontera and La Venta incl. XHVET
    Tamaulipas: All remaining stations incl. Cd. Mante, Cd. Victoria 
and Tampico
    Tlaxcala: Three transmitters in the state network: XHTXB-TV, 
    Veracruz: Cerro Azul, Las Lajas, Mecayapan, Perote, Santiago 
Tuxtla, Veracruz and Xalapa
    Yucatαn: All stations 

Last edited by Raymie; 12-21-2015 at 08:22 PM. (Raymie, Dec 21, ibid.)

One of the best apagσn videos yet comes to us from Televisa Zacatecas.
Shutting off XHBD's transmitter (screen at left) actually causes 
alarms to go off at the transmitter site! (Raymie, Dec 22, ibid.)

The IFT made things interesting yesterday by dropping a hot new public 
comment period...for guidelines to use for virtual channels.

The proposed virtual channel guidelines are here.

A few highlights:

    Article 6: "...Shadow channels will always be assigned the same 
virtual channel as their corresponding main station." This is not the 
case in practice. With the big exception of XHAW which operates as 
12.x even in Saltillo, most shadows built across Mexico have used the 
virtual channel of their old analog frequency. Examples: XHPUR 13.x 
and XHTEM 20.x Tlaxcala; XHSFJ 10.x and XHJAL 12.x Jiquilpan, Mich. In 
fact, in certain cases, this may cause further confusion.

    Article 7: "The Institute will use the programming or commercial 
information that it already has or is able to obtain to define the 
Virtual Channel that it will assign to each Broadcast Television 
Concessionaire in the country, which will be in accord with the 
coverage of the programming channel, national, regional, or local, 
taking into account the Identity of the programming channel." The 
document defines Identity as "a group of characteristics of a 
programming channel, such as the commercial name, logo, programming, 
among others, that allow the channel's recognition and identification 
by audiences".

This sounds like it's opening the door to a semi-national scheme 
where, no matter where you are in the country, channel 7.1 would be 
Azteca 7, 5.1 would be Canal 5, etc. There are two huge problems:

    #1. It could cause a mass move of virtual channels. Let's look at 
Chihuahua, Chih. (XHABC excluded):

    Current 2: Azteca 13 XHCH
    Current 4: Azteca 13 XHIT
    Current 5: XHFI Canal 5
    Current 9: XHAUC Gala TV
    Current 11: XHECH Azteca 7
    Current 13: XHCHZ CE
    Current 20: XHCHI Canal Once

    Now look at the problem we're left with. In Chihuahua, we have two 
stations that could go on channel 13 (or, given the way the IFT will 
handle overlap, 13 and 14). XHFI and XHAUC stay. XHECH gets booted 
from 11 by XHCHI. XHCH and XHCHZ effectively switch places.

    Now, if you press 2.1, instead of Azteca 13, you're going to get 
CE. Pressing 11 will give you Canal Once instead of Azteca 7. You're 
breaking muscle memory patterns that have been around for quite some 

    Or in Tepic, Nay.:

    Current 2: Televisa local XHKG
    Current 4: Azteca 13 XHAF
    Current 5: C5 XHTFL
    Current 8: Azteca 7 XHLBN
    Current 10: XHTPG (Nayarit state network)
    Current 13: CE XHTEN

    Here the problem is a little different. XHAF displaces XHTEN on 
13, and XHTEN displaces XHKG on 2. But where does XHKG go? Channel 36? 
Channel 4? Does it have to decide on a new channel of its choice? 
Local stations in various cities would be displaced. Any local station 
on channel 2 or 13 would have to find a new channel identity, and many 
of these locals have been around for decades.

    #2. Border cities.

    In a network plan, XHCJH-TDT 36 (20.x) Ciudad Juαrez would be 
entitled to the use of virtual channel 7. However, doing so would 
present a conflict with KVIA. How would KVIA like it if Mexico did 
that? It would suddenly have to either negotiate with Azteca or 
rebrand itself, causing viewer confusion north of the border.

    This is not as much of a problem with Guatemala or Belize given 
that Guatemala is ISDB-T and Belize has no digital television 

    I am glad the IFT came in here. It was clear that Mexican 
broadcasters did not have an idea of what to do with virtual channels, 
especially noncommercial ones (Raymie, Dec 22, ibid.) 

    [and non] Certainly a challenge. In the U.S., a station that had 
an analog signal is expected to use its old analog channel number as 
its virtual channel. The few stations that never had an analog signal 
are expected to use their digital RF channels, unless they conflict 
with an older station's virtual channel in which case they use that 
station's RF channel (for example, a new digital station on RF-5 in 
Delaware never had an analog signal. Virtual channel 5 in Delaware 
would collide with WTTG's virtual channel 5 in Washington. So the 
Delaware station is expected to use WTTG's RF channel -- 36 -- as 
their Delaware virtual channel).

    If a firm owns more than one station in a market, it may use the 
same virtual channel on as many of its co-owned stations as it wishes. 
The idea is that they can arrange a proper split in *minor* virtual 
channels to avoid conflicts -- and if conflicts do happen, the only 
station they'll hurt will be themselves. But they can only do that 
within one market. WNBC couldn't, for example, buy a station in 
Worcester, Mass. and use their virtual channel 4. Worcester isn't in 
the NYC market.

    Finally, the standard did establish a set of virtual channels 
above 69 which could be assigned for nationwide use. Theoretically, 
NBC could reserve virtual channel 74 (for example) and ask all NBC 
affiliates to use that number. Such a thing could work in Mexico.

    The FCC plan has done a pretty good (although not perfect) job of 
avoiding virtual channel conflicts. In the early days of DTV it was 
unclear how some TV sets would perform in the presence of duplicate 
major channels. We now know nearly all sets will handle them without 
much trouble. What the viewers will think, on the other hand, may be 
rather different (Doug Smith W9WI, Pleasant View, TN EM66, 
http://www.w9wi.com Dec 22, ibid.)

I'm aware of the standards. In fact, I mentioned it some time back 
when Intermedia was building K26KJ-D (Multimedios) El Paso. Their VC 
is 25 because that's KINT's physical channel.

The problem is that we have decades-old channel assignments and 
associations changing. In San Francisco de Campeche, the mess is near 
total because Azteca broadcasts on 2 and 5. If a national channel plan 
is enacted, suddenly people will tune 2 and 5 and get Televisa, not 
Azteca (Televisa operates channels 8 and 12 in Campeche, the state 
network uses 30 and there's XHOPCC on 32).

There should be an ability for networked services, such as state 
networks, to use the same channel in a regional area. For instance, 
the Hidalgo state network, with seven transmitters, could feasibly 
broadcast channel 3 on all of them (or 42, as they are doing in 
Pachuca right now).

But if you're a local station that has branded as channel 2, 5, 7, 9 
or 13 for decades on end, you have to be thinking, "What does this 
mean for me, my viewers and my branding?" XHST Mιrida has been 
Trecevisiσn or Canal Trece for decades. XHCEP Celaya might find itself 
in a squeeze if people receive XHL from Leσn and suddenly they have 
two channel 11s.

A national plan would work only if it guaranteed channels on a local 
or regional basis for the state networks, local stations, etc. For 
instance, it could be expected that all stations on virtual channel 10 
are state networks, or that Televisa local stations could use 
channels, say, 4 and 6. But that fails to alleviate the border cities 
problem, where applying the national plan could end up encouraging 
stations in the US to rebrand. Imagine being KYLX Laredo (the 
successor to KVTV, channel 13) and being told "well, Azteca is going 
to come in and get channel 13 rights across Mexico, either people tune 
in two channel 13s or you move". A lot of brand equity for small, 
local stations would be erased by this move, and viewers would also 
have to deal with changing their muscle memory. All the chaos of the 
1994 TV affiliation switches with all the craziness of Mexico. I don't 
want that.
Here's one station that need not worry about virtual channels, and 
another Christmas miracle in my opinion.

    XHAMO-TDT 11 Colima (intermittent operation) is on the air as 
Mexico's first—nope, second, sorry XHMTA—VHF digital station. (Sorry, 
XHUS, you were too slow.) There are images of the transmitter setup 
and of the tower here. 
Last edited by Raymie; 12-23-2015 at 01:03 AM. (Raymie, Dec 22, ibid.)

Quote Originally Posted by Raymie: One of the best apagσn videos yet 
comes to us from Televisa Zacatecas. Shutting off XHBD's transmitter 
(screen at left) actually causes alarms to go off at the transmitter 

What I found funny is that the alarm sounder is identical to those 
used in car alarms in the 1990s, you could say it was the "official 
medley" of any large USA city.

Couldn't help but notice two screens near the center with "Law and 
Order" in English. Do some Mexican nets air English language 

[Taglines:] Comparing Sporadic-E skip to skip on the AM and shortwave 
bands is like comparing apples and oranges. Comparing tropo to skip is 
like comparing apples and bacon cheeseburgers (Robert Grant, USA, Dec 
23, ibid.)

Certainly, probably dubbed. Also note Gala TV running Telemundo's 
novelas (Raymie, ibid.) 

Quote Originally Posted by Raymie: The IFT has put up for public 
comment the proposed ground rules for Auction IFT-4 — the 191 FMs and 
66 AMs for commercial use across the country. Things to note:
 5. AM frequency recycling. Most of the AMs are recognizable 
frequencies that will soon have new stations. In the AM pool are such 
stations as 580 Piedras Negras, 1240 Morelia and San Luis Potosν 710.

That surprised me. I thought they were phasing out AMs because they 
decided AM had no market, and now they're auctioning them back on? I 
always thought they should have given an exception to XEMU, As it gave 
millions of Mexicans who move around Texas and between Coahuila and 
Texas a connection to home. Also odd is releasing 710 back to SLP when 
540 was a better (Omnidirectional Clear) channel (Robert Grant, ibid.)

``XHAMO-TDT 11 Colima (intermittent operation) is on the air as 
Mexico's first VHF digital station.``

Wasn't XHMTA Matamoros (RF12) the first digital VHF in Mexico? Or am I 
missing something? (mismac, south Texas, Dec 23, ibid.)

Yeah, duh, forgot XHMTA. But it is the first new VHF in a very long 
time (Raymie, ibid.) 

Quote Originally Posted by Raymie ``A national plan would work only if 
it guaranteed channels on a local or regional basis for the state 
networks, local stations, etc.`` 

Yep, that's why the virtual channels above 69 were reserved. Canal de 
las Estrellas is channel 72 nationwide, Canal 5 is 75, Azteca 7 is 77, 
Azteca 13 is 83, etc.. No conflicts. Except that a station in Mexico 
City that's been channel 5 forever is now channel 75. Promo department 
nightmare. If I wasn't fighting a horrible head cold I'd try to figure 
out whether it's possible for one station to transmit more than one 
TVCT. Can XHWX be both channel 4 *and* channel 83? (Doug Smith W9WI, 

Quote Originally Posted by Robert Grant`` Do some Mexican nets air 
English language programming?``

If available and if the channel has SAP: 

Quote Originally Posted by Raymie ``5. AM frequency recycling. Most of 
the AMs are recognizable frequencies that will soon have new stations. 
In the AM pool are such stations as 580 Piedras Negras, 1240 Morelia 
and San Luis Potosν 710.``

Or Salvatierra Gto. 1290: 
(Gargadon, Campeche, ibid.)

I just reread this on the IFT site. The way I read it (remembering 
that I read Spanish at a 3rd-grade level..), Article 9 says that in 
case of a collision of major virtual channels, the IFT will assign 
*minor* virtual channels, giving the lowest minor virtual channel to 
the oldest station.

That would solve any technical issues but it won't solve viewer 
confusion. It's also problematic if the oldest station decides to 
multiplex. One broadcaster is responsible for 9.1, 9.3, and 9.4 while 
another runs 9.2 and 9.5?

There are indeed (IMHO) enough numbers below 14 to assign channels for 
local stations & state networks. The conversion is never as easy as it 
seems (Doug Smith W9WI, Pleasant View, TN EM66, ibid.)

Right, I saw that. But boy, is that awkward too.

[new tagline rather than apagσn dates:] Este programa es pϊblico, 
ajeno a cualquier partido polνtico. Queda prohibido el uso para fines 
distintos a los establecidos en el programa (Raymie, Dec 23, ibid.)

** MYANMAR. 6165, Thazin Radio, 1156-1234, Dec 15. nice program of 
vocals and instrumental music selections. A female announcer spoke 
over music at 1229 prior to news at 1230. Poor with China National 
Radio poking though periodically but mostly way underneath Thazin  
(Rich D’Angelo, December 20, 2015: French Creek State Park DXpedition 
No. 49 (December 13, 14 and 15, 2015); Equipment: Ten-Tec RX-340, 
Drake R-8B and an Eton E1, 500-foot wire essentially north for the RX-
340 and 250-foot wire essentially northeast for the R-8B and a whip 
antenna for the E1, NASWA Flashsheet Dec 20 via DXLD)

** NETHERLANDS [non]. Am 18.12.2015 um 15:27 schrieb VOA Radiogram:

The Mighty KBC will broadcast a minute of MFSK32 Sunday at 0158 UT 
(Saturday 8:58 pm EST) on 7395 kHz, via Germany. This new 0158 
transmission time coincides with the beginning of the Radio Romania 
International interval signal for their French broadcast starting at 
0200. This co-channel situation is a good test for the MFSK32. The 
entire KBC broadcast is Saturday 2300 to Sunday 0200 on 7395 kHz. 
Reports for this KBC reception to Eric: themightykbc@gmail.com 

QRM-situation here in Germany:

MFSK-32 via scattered RF against the RRI-interval signal worked well, 
demodulated in DSB:

RSID: <<2015-12-13t01:58z 7395000="" mfsk-32="">>

Here's a boat in Harlingen Harbor, where the KBC ship is docked,
illuminated for the holidays ... Sending Pic:170x83C;

Look at this boat during daylight to see what looks like a dipole

The illuminated vessel is the "Zeesleepboot Holland", a museum ship - 
I'm sure. The "dipole" is a T-antenna for the radio operator room with 
the old radio-transmitters and direction finders - am I right?

The whole report:
Also best holiday wishes and 73, (roger, Germany, dxldyg via DXLD)

** NEWFOUNDLAND. 2598-USB, Dec 17 at 0738, YL with marine weather in 
English, Very poor S3, so what is scheduled at this hour? Per

it`s: ``MCTS Placentia / VCP - Broadcasts 07:37 St. Lawrence 2598J3E 
Radiotelephony --- Technical marine synopsis and forecasts for marine 
areas 231, 232, 233, 234, 235, 236, 237 and 238.
Weather forecasts for marine area 213.
Ice Edge and Conditions South Coast east of Penguin Island, East Coast 
to Cape Freels.
Notices to Fish Harvesters (when available).``

St. Lawrence is on the Burin peninsula, west side of Placentia Bay in 
the extreme south end of the island, just east of St Pierre & 
Miquelon, FRANCE (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** NEW ZEALAND. 6224-USB, Dec 18 at 1247, VP signal, only S5 vs S4 
noise level with weather by OM voice, sounds DU accent but can`t tell 
whether Ozy or Kiwi; mostly about wind direxions and knot speeds. EiBi 
shows it`s ZLM, Taupo Maritime Radio, at 1233-1253. Many transmissions 
thruout the day, but not every hour, start at 3 minutes past the hour 
and half-hour, and end 20 minutes later. Taupo is in the middle of 
North Island, at the NE corner of lake of same name, as far from a 
coast as you can get, but at a good skip distance, and not far from 
RNZI`s Rangitaiki site, I think (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING 

** NEW ZEALAND. Last day on air for RNZ's Hewitt Humphrey
Radio New Zealand 22 December 2015

RNZ newsreader Hewitt Humphrey will present his last-ever news 
bulletin today. Humphrey is retiring after more than half a century in 
the broadcasting industry. He read the first news bulletin on Morning 
Report when the programme started 40 years ago.

Listen to Hewitt Humphrey discuss his career on Morning Report (?8 
min?4 sec?)  http://www.radionz.co.nz/audio/player/201783805

His bulletins have covered world-changing events, from the Vietnam War 
to the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the United States.

They have also been interrupted by the unexpected but Humphrey almost 
always kept his cool. When a cleaner began hoovering the radio studio 
part-way through a sports bulletin, Humphrey continued to read but 
later told listeners: "Sorry about the noise during the sports news, 
the studio was suddenly attacked by a vacuum cleaner."

Comedian Spike Milligan, however, managed to rattle Humphrey. Sitting 
in the studio during a news bulletin, Milligan cried in a faux-
distressed voice "Let me out"! Humphrey initially continued reading 
but then couldn't help himself and laughed.

In his 51 years as a broadcaster, Humphrey said his last role - as 
RNZ's presentations standards manager - was his favourite.

"I get to meet a lot of the new young reporters who come in from the 
tertiary institutions and I have to say they are very talented young 
people, a lot of them. And I'm quite impressed with the standard of 
speech," he said.

He will read his last bulletin at 6pm and last headlines at 6.30pm 
Posted by: (Mike Terry, Dec 22, dxldyg via DXLD)

** NEW ZEALAND. Re the RNZI Rangitaiki SW transmitter site, well this 
in on the hit (want) list. I simply don't have any private pics of the 
site, but have previously asked Adrian Sainsbury of RNZI without 
gaining any response, but I now find significant info & pics of the tx 
site on the RNZI website.
(Ian, Australia, Dec 23, shortwavesites yg via DXLD)

** NICARAGUA. 740 Nicaragua "La Sandino" into Michigan now --- Auroral 
conditions still in effect here tonight with 740 Nicaragua "La 
Sandino" with a big signal at times over everything else, parallel to 
with Spanish ballads. That's a new one for me tonight! 73, (Tim Tromp, 
W Michigan, Perseus SDR + South D-KAZ, 0345 UT Dec 24, ABDX via DXLD)

Was originally on 750 in the post-revolution; since then must have 
shifted to accommodate Managua stations as 720-740-760, etc. I see in 
WRTH 2016 that in many areas of the MW dial, Managua emitters are at 
20-kHz spacing; must be really crowded, and bad luck for adjacent-
channel DXing there. Also, every single Managua station is on an 
``even`` frequency; planning fits in those everywhere else in the 
country on odd or some even channels (Glenn Hauser, DXLD)

** NIGERIA. 6090, Radio Nigeria – Kaduna (presumed), 2046-2100*, Dec 
14. program of tribal vocals with a man announcer presumably in Hausa 
with brief talks. Mainly music program. Quick announcement at 2059 
followed by music fanfare and carrier terminated. Poor to fair with 
moderate fading (Rich D’Angelo, December 20, 2015: French Creek State 
Park DXpedition No. 49 (December 13, 14 and 15, 2015); Equipment: Ten-
Tec RX-340, Drake R-8B and an Eton E1, 500-foot wire essentially north 
for the RX-340 and 250-foot wire essentially northeast for the R-8B 
and a whip antenna for the E1, NASWA Flashsheet Dec 20 via DXLD)

[and non]. 6090-, Dec 19 at 0552, LAH audible on lo side of ANGUILLA, 
as I was expecting, since Olle Alm, Sweden, had just notified us that 
FRCN Kaduna had reactivated (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) :

6090, Kaduna finally back on the air. Heard 18 Dec at 2130 with Hausa 
talk and music, gradually taking over from CNR. Same low frequency as 
before. Ethiopia had a good period here when both Nigeria and China 
were off. Ethiopia 6090 now signing off at 2100 just like 6110. Kaduna 
6090 signed off at 2259. Now it remains to be seen if they are back on 
a regular basis (Olle Alm, Sweden, 18 Dec, WORLD OF RADIO 1805, DX 

6089.855, Dec 18 -2259*, FRCN Kaduna with heavy signal. ID in Haussa 
at 2257 as "R Kaduna" then NA and sign off 2258:30 (THOMAS Nilsson, 
Δngelholm, Sweden, SW Bulletin Dec 20 via DXLD)

Kaduna Jarji SW on 6090 kHz was not heard anymore, at least since end 
of August 2015. Heard at 0550 UT on Dec 19 on accurate 6089.859 kHz, 
S=9 signal, ID Radio Kaduna at 0559 UT followed by some drums. Hit 
heavily by co-channel CBB Caribbean Beacon (University Network) from 
Anguilla on 6090.000 kHz (Wolfgang Bόschel, dxldyg via WORLD OF RADIO 

Now we await another unscheduled outage by Anguilla to hear Kaduna 
clearly over here (Glenn Hauser, OK, WORLD OF RADIO 1805, DX LISTENING 

Radio Nigeria Kaduna was back again on shortwave from 1751 [tune-in?] 
on  6089.9 JAR 100 kW / non-dir to WeAf Hausa
-- 73! (Ivo Ivanov, B`lgariya, Dec 19, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

Good signal of Radio Nigeria Kaduna on Dec 22
from 1640 on  6089.9 JAR 100 kW / non-dir to WeAf Hausa
(Ivo Ivanov, Sofia, Bulgaria, Dec 22, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** NIGERIA. And also Voice of Nigeria in French language service this 
Dec 19 morning on 7254.922 kHz at 0703 UT. Bulletin news. VERY CLEAR 
AUDIO !!!! S=5-6 signal in southern Germany (Wolfgang Bόschel, 
Germany, logs at 0555-0645 UT Dec 19, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** NIGERIA [non]. TURKEY/U.K., Strong co-channel between Voice of 
Turkey & Radio Dandal Kura:
0700-0800 15480 EMR 500 kW / 120 deg WeAs Turkish TRT, Voice of Turkey
0700-0800 15480 WOF 300 kW / 165 deg WeAf Kanuri Radio Dandal Kura Int
-- 73! (Ivo Ivanov, B`lgaria, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** NORTH AMERICA. 3440, PIRATE (No. Am.), WHYP, 0207, 12/19/15. Low 
audio with music and indistinct talk since about 0155, James 
Brownyard’s voice came up with ID, “Yea Yea’s”, George Zeller’s “It 
was just about the worst station on the air” with various audio 
manipulations, 0210 off. Poor. (Taylor – WI)

3450, PIRATE (No. Am.) Amphetamine Radio, 0249, 12/19/15. Just enough 
audio poked though for CW ID, punkish music, faded out. Poor.

6880, PIRATE (No. Am.), Partial India Radio, 2223, 12/19/15. “This is 
the under seas service of Partial India Radio,” ID by Harold Krishna, 
OM with talk about this being the first program in some time and 
saying this was the Jay Smilkstein memorial program, ID and gmail 
address, then e mail given phonetically, Beatles, another ID, “Tears 
of a clown,” into a program of usual PIR comedy, altered music, and 
frequent ID’s. Fair – good (Mark Taylor, Madison, Wisconsin, Perseus, 
SDRPlay, Eton e1, Grundig Satellit 800, Sangean 909X w/ clear mod, and 
various other portables; 40 meters dipole, 100’ long wire, Flextenna, 
NASWA Flashsheet Dec 20 via DXLD)

** NORTH AMERICA. Bangalore Poacher: 12/14/15, 2309-2320* UT, 6951 AM. 
S7-8 and great audio with a parody of the Lincolnshire Poacher station 
featuring Indian accented OM and YL repeating lots of numbers and an 
ad for life insurance. Funny stuff! (Filipkowski, RI)

6951, 2312-2320* Dec 14, numbers sequences, Lincolnshire Poacher 
tuning notes, catch phrases such as “the panic button” and ”beat the 
best prices” heard.  Most in accented Indian English language. Carrier 
terminated with[out?] anything close to a closedown announcement. 
Fair. (D'Angelo-PA/FCDX)

6951 AM, Bangalore Poacher verified an electronic report with a full 
data PDF attachment “Indian Sweet Master” (official sponsor of 
Bangalore Poacher) featuring “this delightful and delicious order of 
Gulab Jamun” in one day. (D’Angelo-PA)

6951 AM, 14 Dec 2015 2301-2320*, Rock music. Frequently, a flute 
playing "A Pirate's Life for me," then bunches of numbers, lots of 
numbers. Occasionally, a kazoo. Oh, yeah, numbers, lots of numbers.  
(45454, Hunsicker, PA) (FRW Dec 19 via WORLD OF RADIO 1805, DXLD)

Evidently same station I heard 21 hours earlier with Lincolnshire 
Poacher tune, as in previous DXLD (gh, DXLD)

** NORTH AMERICA. 6959.0-AM, Dec 19 at 0051, weak music on the R75, 
encouraging me to switch to the NRD-545. But a few minutes later as in 
next log, it`s in USB, so different pirate station? Maybe, maybe not, 
per unID logs at

6959.0-USB, Dec 19 at 0108, rock guitar music, lyric ``I don`t want to 
be alone`` heard more than once, 0112 CW ``ID`` as KARMA, and then a 
message, repeated which I partially copied, trying to listen to Allan 
Weiner at same time, but others got it exactly on 
as ``KARMA  KARMA IS A BITCH IF YOU ARE`` and nothing further heard 
from 0113 (Glenn Hauser, OK, WORLD OF RADIO 1805, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** NORTH AMERICA. 6925.75-AM, Dec 19 at 0118, very poor S8 signal with 
music. These logs 
say it was Pirate Radio Boston with an Xmas show at 0032-0134* (Glenn 

** NORWAY. 22 December 2015 --- Svenn Martinsen posted on the WRTH 
Facebook group:

Thank you so much for your interest in the licensed test and 
development transmissions from LLE-4. These are recent pictures from 
LKB LLE showing the construction of the inverted "V" antenna for 1611, 
also the refurbished Comrod plus the restored part of the original 
southeastern broadcasting mast. The next transmissions on 1611.0 kHz: 
Christmas Day Friday Dec 25th(evening 2100z-) Monday Dec 28th(evening 
2100z-) Thursday Dec 31st Afternoon 1600z- In addition we'll try one 
morning transmission soon 0600-, date not decided. US DXers have 
requested the time 0000-0200z we'll see what we can do. Happy 
Christmas! Posted by: (Mike Terry, dxldyg via WORLD OF RADIO 1805, 
DXLD) No mention of SW here but used to be also around 5.9 MHz (gh)

** OKLAHOMA. 1390, Dec 23 at 0350 UT past 0414 UT, open carrier/dead 
air from local KCRC Enid; by 0414 UT however a bit of a whine has been 
added. Still OC/DA at 0527 UT check! Carrier is so strong that I can`t 
null it and hear anything else, but it does remove splash from 
adjacents; see U S A 1380. 

Rerecheck at 0647 UT, *still* dead air, and now on the DX-398 nulling 
as much as possible I can hear some other 1390 station with music, 
Xmas? The DA also reduces the QRM from KCRC spurs almost on 1360 & 
1420. Still DA at 0707 UT, so all-night? No owner or staff of KCRC 
cares to monitor and/or go in to the studio to restart it, if that 
can`t even be done remotely. But quite unusual for this station, 
unlike its sibling 1640 KZLS (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** OKLAHOMA. 1600, Dec 17 at 1531 UT check on groundwave, KUSHing is a 
steady S9+20 on the R75 with E/W longwire and Preamp2; noting 
belatedly as a reference point upon suspicion that they have 
quintupled power as permitted; the CP would have expired in a few 
weeks. At night they must remain only 70 watts, always non-direxional.

BTW, I see the new FCC website has added an ``AM Revitalization`` link 
to the AM Queries; for KUSH, it bring up a huge list of FM translators 
by frequency above 92 MHz: ``*** 309 FM Records within 403.14 km  
distance [=250 miles] of 35  59' 13.00" N, 96  42' 39.00" W ***`` --- 
supposed to help an AM station try to pick one out to acquire?? The 
so-called AM Revitalization Effort is explained here:
(Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** OKLAHOMA [and non]. 1650, Dec 17 at 1324 UT, dominant signal is in 
Spanish about Nueva York, so El Paso or Denver? Not hearing much of 
anything from gospel music KFSW Sallisaw lately since its conversion 
from KYHN, so wonder if they are really running nominal 10/1 kW U1 
non-direxional? During Dec should already be on day power from 1315 UT 
to 2300 UT (January: 1330 UT to 2330 UT).

1650, Dec 19 at 0140 UT, gospel music in the mix with Spanish from 
TX/CO, so presumably Sallisaw`s KFSW but not the dominant signal it 
used to achieve as KYHN. Not up to snuff? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX 

** OKLAHOMA. 11240.0-AM, Dec 19 at 0152, S1 signal but sounds like a 
broadcaster, maybe with a game. Does not work out to be a simple MW 
harmonic but it does prove to be // local 1390 KCRC Enid ESPN. I can`t 
figure out any formula mixing it with other locals on 960, 1640 to 
land it on 11240. It could also be external mixing with a very strong 
SWBC signal, but nothing like that at plus or minus 1390 from 11240 

** OKLAHOMA. Quick check on caradio of the signals previously impaired 
by the late-November ice-storm, Dec 17 at 2147 UT:
 88.3, K202BY, Family Radio, Enid is still off
 94.3, KLGB-LP, Enid is finally back to full power all over Enid, not 
just audible within one block of site; gospel music seems harder-rock 
now than it used to be, still sponsored by Enid Coldwell Banker Realty
 98.1, WWLS-FM, The Village, finally back to full power, sports talk
 99.7, KNAH, Mustang, is back on and/or full power, fighting over 
channel with country music vs Kansas Spanish
100.5, KATT OKC; 101.9, KTST OKC; 102.7, KJYO OKC --- all sound like 
full power now (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** OMAN. 15140, Dec 17 at 1412, RSO is on again today, S7 to S9 with 
rock song in English by some currently popular YL; 1416 OM DJ plugging 
something going to happen at ``9 pm``; recheck at 1432 there is music 
rather than news in English on half-hour (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX 

RSO-Thumrayt on 15140 at 1440 in English, Dec. 18. US pop music, M 
announcer, “This is Oman FM”. Strong signal (Online WebSDR at U. of 
Twente, Netherlands via Mike Bryant, KY, dxldyg via DX LISTENING 

15140, Dec 20 at 1443, RSO English hour is instead open carrier/dead 
air with flutter, hitting S9 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** PAKISTAN. Surprisingly strong signal of Radio Pakistan on Dec 15:
from 0900 on 15730 ISL 250 kW / 313 deg to WeEu Urdu, but off at 0909
(DX RE MIX NEWS #931 from Georgi Bancov and Ivo Ivanov, Dec. 21, 2015 
via DXLD)

** PALAU. 9929.93, Dec 20 at 1417, dense gospel music from T8WH sounds 
awful when tuned to 9930.00 in SSB; have to refine it way down for 
off-frequency outlet. EiBi shows WHR-3 on 9930 Sat/Sun only at 10-14; 
but also Sound of Hope, Taiwan daily at 11-16, and consequently CNR1 
jamming except for a break at 1400-1430: however, neither of these 
heard now (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** PERU. 4810, OAW9A, R Logos, Chazuta, Andean flute and vocal music, 
EST T/C at 5:28, 5:36 and again at 5:48. OM Spanish talx and at ToH 
into a prayer and/or religious talk. The lively Andean music was fun! 
33+553+ with lots of swiper QRM. Offtuning or using LSB helped. 1020-
1100 12/Dec (Kenneth V Zichi, MARE Brighton MI DXpedition, dxldyg via 

** PERU [and non]. 5980, Dec 19 at 0059, JBA carrier, 0100 some music, 
and now two carriers beating, i.e. BBC UAE and Perϊ. I`m attempting to 
detect when one of them, R. Chaski goes off, but they are just too 
weak, and give up at 0107. Just before then, some other carrier(s) 
swept across (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

5980, 2301-2309 UT, 19.12.2015. Perϊ. Radio Chaski. Portadora sin 
modulaciσn (Claudio Galaz T., Receptor: TECSUN PL-660, Antena: Hilo de 
50 metros, Lugar: Barraza Bajo, IV Regiσn, Chile, condiglista yg via 

** PERU. 28400-USB, Dec 19 at 2040, OA5O, special call of Radio Club 
Peruano, working North American stations, S5. Accent and dixion are so 
bad that there could have been another letter after the 5. But in 
QRZ.com, I don`t reach an OA5O, instead OA4O, so maybe that was it. 
Only a few signals on 10m, all from S America except for a beacon from 
the US 7-call area (I hope that beaconeers keep these accurate, rather 
than retaining old calls when moving to other areas) (Glenn Hauser, 

** PHILIPPINES. R. Pilipinas-Tinang at 1920 in English, Dec. 20. 
Virtually uninterrupted English EZL music. Fair (Online Twente SDR via 
Mike Bryant, KY, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** RUSSIA. Weak signal of Local Radio Voronezh, Comintern Radio Dec 21
1200-1400 6990 VOR 001 kW / non-dir EaEu Russian Local Radio Voronezh
1400-1500 6990 VOR 001 kW / non-dir EaEu Russian Comintern Radio
-- 73! (Ivo Ivanov, B`lgariya, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** RUSSIA. HISTORY === The history of the international Moscow radio
in the version published on the website of radio station "Voice of 
Russia" in 2004.

I then copied the twenty pages on the website "Voice of Russia". TO
Unfortunately, not copied audio clips and photographs, was only text.
Privacy is no more, the same wording. History of Radio Moscow was the
the new leadership does not need. The new management, however, history
it is, but its called "history agency" in which no International 
Moscow radio or the radio station "Voice of Russia" never did not 
exist prior to the closing. 

The following text, copied online ruvr.ru, judging by the final 
result, repeatedly rewritten and adjusted depending on the vagaries of 
State censorship and the general line of the ruling parties, recalled 
I hastily painted and repainted with paint a cheap old beat-up fence 
with fall off here and there, bad stykuyuschimimsya color pieces, 
reflects the controversial but no less great age, who have lived our 
once common country. 

I very much hope that the Russian radio amateurs all slept through the 
history of radioglusheniya, will be engaged, finally, the history of 
international radioveshaniya USSR, collect as much as possible 
complete and comprehensive information about this time and write a 
book or create online multimedia an encyclopedia about the history of 
the domestic broadcasting. 

This subject is still alive, on the surface, still alive event 
participants, which, if intelligently ask, and very much interesting 
about his life and work You could tell. It is also hoping that the 
preserved audio archives, that they are under cover of night, Dmitry 
and Margarita have not collected all in a heap and not He was taken to 
a Moscow landfills. By the way, do not be surprised if it turns out 
that it was so (Vladimir Kazgunov / "open_dx" via Rus DX 20 Dec via 

If you type in google "code words of" a lot of interesting comes up. 
In the first reference example,
And this is only a small part. In general, the whole life is not 
enough :) (Leo Barmaleo / "open_dx" via Rus DX 20 Dec via DXLD)

** RUSSIA [and non]. 19th edition of the "Broadcasting in Russian" 
Handbook, published by St. Petersburg DX Club, has been recently 
released. The handbook features all radio stations transmitting 
programmes in the Russian language in AM bands (on long, medium and 
short waves) at present, both from Russia and abroad. Station listings 
include frequency and programme schedules, transmitter location and 
power, target areas, postal addresses, phone/fax numbers, Web sites, 
social network pages, e-mail addresses as well as QSL policy info. The 
schedules are generally valid until March 27 2015 (i.e. during B15 
broadcasting season).

The Handbook is in Russian and distributed as a hard copy only. Volume 
is 64 pages of A5 size. Please address your purchase requests and 
questions to St. Petersburg DX Club:
Alexander Beryozkin, P.O.Box 463, St. Petersburg, 190000, Russia
or by e-mail: dxspb[at]nrec.spb.ru 
The price is 5 EUR or 6 USD (including delivery by registered mail).
Your comments and suggestions regarding the handbook contents are 
always welcome. Alexander Beryozkin, St. Petersburg DX Club
(via Mikhail Timofeyev, Hard-Core-DX mailing list via DXLD)

** SAUDI ARABIA. 15380, Dec 17 at 1353, Qur`an is S5 with reverb, from 
BSKSA. Per Aoki, this 500 kW at 310 degrees USward is about to go off 
at 1357. No correlating with sunset here like Yemen, since this one is 
all-Qur`an-all-the-time, HQS (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SOLOMON ISLANDS. This was sent to me last year probably but I only 
ran across it again on the SIBC website. It's a history of their 
operations and has some pictures and technical detail.

They have AM, FM and Shortwave signals. I have never heard the AM 
signal, but I heard their 10 kW 9545 kHz signal ONCE back in May 2015 
in California. Never before and never again have I heard them. And for 
such low power, they were pretty clear.
(Paul Walker, AR, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

5020, Dec 13 0720 Solomon Island Broadcasting Corp., Honiara, 0720 (!) 
UT. Karel Honzik machte mich auf eine seltene Empfangsmφglichkeit aus 
Honiara aufmerksam: Der Sender ist schwach auch morgens gegen 0720 UT 
auf 5020 kHz zu hφren, der Empfangsweg ist der „Lange“ also όber die 
Ostkόste Sόdamerikas, daher auch das beste Signal an der Sόdamerika 
Beverage. Leider stφrt um diese Zeit Radio Rebelde - aus der gleichen 
Empfangsrichtung - auf 5025 kHz das schwache Signal doch erheblich. 
Danke Karel fόr den Hinweis!
Today (Dec 14) Solomons are audible around 0710 UT on 5020 with poor 
signal, more than 25.000 km at the long path (Christoph Ratzer, 
Austria, A-DX via SW Bulletin Dec 20 via WORLD OF RADIO 1805, DXLD)

5020, Dec 15, 0730 SIBC, Honiara also noted here in the morning with 
weak signal (Thomas Nilsson, Sweden, ibid.)

Can`t even detect a carrier here on the long-path way, around 0720 Dec 
27; Cuba 5025 splash severe (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

5020, Dec 19 *1859-, Solomon Island Broadcasting Corp., Honiara, Dec 
19, 1900 UT, SIO 232. Nach einer langen Arbeitswoche ist es eine gute 
Sache wenn die SIBC pόnktlich um 1859 UT mit dem Morgenprogramm auf 
5020 kHz analog όber Funkwelle zu senden beginnt und dann auch noch 
mit S9 bei meiner Empfangsstation zu hφren ist. Im warmen Heim 
empfange ich dieses Signal aus fast 75 km Entfernung jetzt όber das 
Telefonkabel (Christoph Ratzer, Austria, A-DX via SW Bulletin Dec 20 

** SOMALIA [non]. GERMANY(non) Media Broadcast changes:
Voice of Khaatumo, Codka Khaatumo, cancelled from December 11:
1700-1730 on 17580 ISS 250 kW / 120 deg to EaAf Somali Mon-Fri
73! (Ivo Ivanov, B`lgariya, circa Dec 16, dxldyg via DX LISTENING 

Probably cancelled after the edition of Dec 1. This is the last one 
they posted at http://voiceofkhaatumo.com
(Kai Ludwig, dxldyg via DXLD)

** SOMALILAND [and non]. SOMALIA, Ein OM Jawahar aus Saudi Arabien 
berichtete ueber 'Jamming' gestern gegen das somalische R. Hargeysa 
auf 7120 kHz so ab 1330 / 1400 UT.

Da bin ich vorsichtig mit einer Wertung, bei 6900 bis 7100 kHz treiben
sich auch oft OTHRadars aus Russland, Tuerkei, China oder Iran mit 
ganz anderem Zweck herum (wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 12)

Greetings from Saudi Arabia! I monitored Radio Herghesha from Somalia 
on 7125{?} kHz on 11 Dec from 1330 UT in English up to 1345 UT when 
Somali language started and from exactly 1358 UT it was jammed with 
blasting jammers. I could observe the jammers up to 1400 UT. A kind of 
moving and blasting noise jammers was observed (Jawahar Shaikh, 
Jeddah, Dec 12, BCDX 19 Dec via DXLD)

Re: Radio Herghesha, Somalia - observed jammed. Many thanks for the 
news, dear Jawahar, I'll check this Somalia - 7120 ! kHz - outlet, 
intensive day by day (Wolfgang Bόschel, ibid.)

[and non]. 7120, Dec 23 at 0330, not yet a signal from R. Hargeisa, 
altho there is a ham in Spanish on LSB. By 0341 there is a JBA carrier 
about equal to the S6-7 noise level, and still Spanish on LSB. Can`t 
make out any program modulation on USB tuning (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX 

** SOUTH AFRICA. 3320, 12/23 0020-0103, RSG, Meyerton, in Afrikaans. 
An excellent musical program dedicated to Christmas period: Soprano 
singer, Sebastian Bach aria, B. Crosby, Plαcido Domingo and many other 
songs; 0100 YL ID, continues beautiful music; fair, 35333 (DXer Josι 
Ronaldo Xavier (JRX), Cabedelo - Brazil, Degen DE1103 / Tecsun S-2000, 
Hard-Core-DX mailing list via DXLD)

** SOUTH CAROLINA [non]. U.S.A.: 15770, WRMI Radio Miami International 
(presumed); 1715-1722+, 20-Dec; Bro. Hystairical; ragging on scoffers, 
mockers & other prophets including "other supposed men of God." He 
also said that he is "The Sign" (Beware of False Prophets?) & still 
saying he might not be on after 1/1. SIO=4+53+ 

+++ tuned in at 2132 to hear a non-B.S. huxter talking about 
"fornicants". (Is that generic for fornicators & fornicatees?) 
SIO=454; different English non-B.S. huxter on 7570 talking about the
Rapture. (When's the next regularly scheduled one?) SIO=454 (Harold 
Frodge, Midland MI, USA, 5515 Whitehall St., Midland MI 48642-3156, 
Drake R8B + 185' & 60' RW + 125' bow-tie, All dates and times for all 
logs are UTC unless otherwise noted as AM or PM which is ELT. FMBC & 
VHF/UHF logs are in MHz; all other logs are in kHz. ----- All logged 
by my ears, on my receiver, in real time! ----- DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SPAIN. Test of Radio Exterior de Espaρa via Noblejas on Dec 17:
from 0905 on  9690 NOB 200 kW / 290 deg to NoAm open carrier/dead air
from 0905 on 11530 NOB 200 kW / 161 deg to WCAf open carrier/dead air
from 0915 on 11530 NOB 200 kW / 161 deg to WCAf open carrier/dead air
from 0915 on 15500 NOB 200 kW / 110 deg to N/ME open carrier/dead air
73! (Ivo Ivanov, B`lgariya, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

REE-Noblejas on 15390 at 1750 in English, Dec. 20. Two loud M & W 
calling a fϊtbol game. Good (Online Twente SDR via Mike Bryant, KY, 
dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST) Surely you meant Spanish? (gh)

** SPAIN [non]. Radio Mi Amigo Newsletter December 2015

Welcome to the Radio Mi Amigo International NEWSFLASH for December.
Weekday Schedule change --- As you may be aware, our recent weekday 
broadcasts at 17.00 CET on 6005 kHz are being severely compromised by 
The Voice Of Iran. Therefore, we decided to change our weekday 
schedule from this week as follows:
Monday to Friday:
14.00 CET (1300 UT) on 6005 kHz and repeated:
19.00 CET (1800 UT) on 3985 kHz

How would you like your Festive Top 5 played on Radio Mi Amigo 
International this month? Email:
and listen out on Sundays to Paul Newman's Radio Shack to hear it 
between 10.00-11.00, repeated 14.00-15.00 CET. If your Top 5 is 
played, you'll receive some Radio Mi Amigo Christmas Goodies, but get 
in quick!

Make a date with us over Christmas. We're going to broadcast special 
Festive programmes (in addition to our normal run of schedule) on 
Thursday 24th and Friday 25th December from 10.00 to 15.00 CET on 6005 
& 7310 kHz. On the same evenings between 20.00-01.00 CET we will be 
repeating these programmes from our 1485 kHz medium wave service based 
in Riga, Latvia, so yet another chance for a nice bit of Festive DX!
All programmes will be simultaneously broadcast online in stereo.
Please see our Festive Schedule here:
(via Manuel Mιndez, Spain, Nov 30, HCDX via DXLD) Oops, already had 
this, but delayed until Dec 20 by HCDX; a timely reminder (gh)

Extra broadcasts during Christmas [not Radio Miami Go International]
To: info@radiomiamigointernational.com

Hello friends! Radio Mi Amigo International wishes you a very merry 
Christmas and we hope you will enjoy our programmes in 2016 as we have 
big plans! Just a reminder for you that we will be broadcasting this 
Christmas with some very special programming made for you by our DJ’s.
Here’s the schedule:
On both 6005 kHz and 7310 kHz  (and online in stereo):

Thursday December 24th
10.00 Peter de Wit - Christmas Aboard The Schoon Schip (Dutch)
11.00 Paul Newman with Christmas In The Radio Shack (English)
13.00 Ron O'Quinn's Festive Time Machine (English)
14.00 Lion Keezer - Season's Greetings To The World (Dutch, this show 
will be repeated at 19:00 CET on 3985 kHz & online
Friday December 25th
10.00 Jeffrey's Stenen Tijdperk Christmas Special (Dutch)
11.00 Kord Radio Nordzee International Chart 'Festive Flashback' 
13.00 Bruno's Christmas Soulbox (English)
14.00 Paul Graham's Christmas Cracker! (English, this show will be 
repeated at 19:00 CET on 3985 kHz & online
If you live in the Northern part of Europe you may also get these 
programs on Medium Wave 1485 AM (from Riga, Latvia)
starting each day on 20:00 CET (until 01:00 am)
The shows will also be broadcast in stereo in Spain (Costa Blanca) on 
FM 92.3 and 106.0 from 10 am till 3 pm CET. 
Check our website for all links, schedules, frequencies and additional 
information: http://www.radiomiamigointernational.com
Again, all the best from all of us here at Radio Mi Amigo 
International and thanks for listening and your support! (via Manuel 
Mιndez, Dec 23, dxldyg via WORLD OF RADIO 1805, DXLD)

** SRI LANKA. Good signal of Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation SLBC:
from 1700 on 11750 TRM 125 kW / 345 deg to N/ME Sinhala, December 16
(DX RE MIX NEWS #931 from Georgi Bancov and Ivo Ivanov, Dec. 21, 2015 
via DXLD)

** SUDAN. 9505, Voice of Africa – Al Aitahab, 1807-1842, Dec 14. woman 
announcer in English describing songs and artists until 1830 station 
identification and closedown of English program. Dead air from 1832 
until Arabic language program kicked in with music at 1839. Poor to 
fair and steadily improving (Rich D’Angelo, December 20, 2015: French 
Creek State Park DXpedition No. 49 (December 13, 14 and 15, 2015); 
Equipment: Ten-Tec RX-340, Drake R-8B and an Eton E1, 500-foot wire 
essentially north for the RX-340 and 250-foot wire essentially 
northeast for the R-8B and a whip antenna for the E1, NASWA Flashsheet 
Dec 20 via WORLD OF RADIO 1805, DXLD)

** SUDAN [and non]. BBC WS vs. Voice of Africa/Sudan Radio, Dec 17:
1600-1800 9505 SLA 250 kW / 010 deg to CeAs English BBC World Sce
1630-1730 9505 ALF 100 kW / 210 deg to CeAf French Voice of Africa
1730-1830 9505 ALF 100 kW / 210 deg to CeAf English Voice of Africa
1830-1930 9505 ALF 100 kW / 210 deg to CeAf Hausa Voice of Africa
-- 73! (Ivo Ivanov, B`lgariya, Dec 17, dxldyg via WORLD OF RADIO 1805, 

Radio Omdurman Sudan vs. Radio France International on December 17:
1930-2100 7205 ALF 100 kW / 210 deg CeAf Arabic Radio Omdurman Sudan
2000-2100 7205 ISS 500 kW / 204 deg NWAf French Radio France Int`l
-- 73! (Ivo Ivanov, B`lgariya, Dec 17, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SUDAN [non]. MADAGASCAR/VATICAN STATE, 13800.015, ONLY a single 
radio program station on air on that channel, heard often mentioned 
Sudan and Radio Dabanga, phone-in service at 1532 UT from Talata-
Volonondry Madagascar site. Proper propagation, S=9+30dB into southern 
Germany. At 1600 UT Radio Dabanga in Arabic via Vatican Radio SMG 
Santa Maria di Galeria on 13800.002 kHz (Wolfgang Bόschel, Dec 17, 
dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST) i.e. no Puntland on 13800 now (gh)

** SWAZILAND. Good signal of Trans World Radio Africa, Dec 16
1802-1847 on  9500 MAN 100 kW / 013 deg to EaAf English
1847-1902 on  9500 MAN 100 kW / 013 deg to EaAf Juba Arabic
(DX RE MIX NEWS #931 from Georgi Bancov and Ivo Ivanov, Dec. 21, 2015 
via DXLD)

TWR-Africa on 9500 at 1850 in Swahili [sic], Dec. 20. ID, children’s 
choir with religious music in Afro hi-life style. Strong (Online 
Twente SDR via Mike Bryant, KY, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST) 

** SWEDEN. Re Alexanderson Alternator, 17.2 kHz --- Don't have a radio 
that tunes that low? Paul comments that in recent years, people have 
experimented with using a a sound card with a computer program for 
spectral analysis. "Sound cards are designed to handle frequencies up 
to about 24 kHz. Moreover, it turns out that sound cards often have
a very low noise level, -100 dB or better, which means that an antenna 
can be connected directly to the sound card’s input signal without any 
additional amplifier." This sounds like something Paul is going to 
have to experiment with and fill us in on how it works! :) (Mare 
Tipsheet Dec 18 via DXLD)

But, but, VLF is RF, and sound cards process AF (Glenn Hauser, DXLD)

** SWEDEN. Swedish broadcast history - Stockholm/Spεnga --- 

Shortly after Motala was set into service it was time for Stockholm to 
get better radio reception. The year was 1930 and a small, weak 
transmitter in central Stockholm at Brunkebergstorg in the same 
building as Radiotjδnst couldn't serve Stockholm area enough and was 
an object to be replaced.

A new station was built on the Jδrvafδltet, in those days the small 
village Spεnga north of Stockholm. Jδrvafδltet was just farmland and 
an military exercises field. This was the outskirts of Stockholm.

It was constructed with Motala and Grimeton as models with two towers 
from Motala Verkstad. The towers carried a simple T-antenna fed from 
the station building. Mr. Carl Εkerblad designed the station building 
and professor Henrik Kreuger designed the antenna towers. A beautiful 
white house in neoclassic style, large windows from floor up to roof 
and of course three crowns over the entrance. During 2:nd World War to 
be invisible for bombers the station building was painted green, 
surrounded with fences and guarded by soldiers.

The transmitter was on 55 kW made my Marconi in the U.K. Due to 
different height of the ground, the south tower was only 146m high and 
the north tower 150m high. The lower section up to 40m was in two 
halves and assembled together with a help mast. 29:th August 1929 was 
the start date for the construction works. A crane was moved upwards 
after the sections became done one after one.

Not only a medium wave transmitter was located in the building. In the 
cellar cooling pumps, transformers and other technical equipment were 
located. Up in the attic it was equipment for telemetry and a beacon 
for the nearby Bromma airport.

As with Motala it became old and disturbing fading occurred in short 
distance. So plans to replace Spεnga were presented in the end of the 

Television should be spread around the country. As Spεnga should be 
closed down the towers were dissembled and were set up as link towers, 
one in Vδstervik and the second in Follingbo outside Visby on the 
island of Gotland.

So how could then the First Program be transmitted from Spεnga without 
any antenna? A small approx 50m high Rhendal-mast replaced the towers 
the two last years the station was in service before Stockholm/Nacka 
took over.

Today nothing is left from the radio station. You can [see] remains 
from the concrete base for the towers beside the walk and bicycle path 
between Spεnga and Tensta. Spεnga is today a suburb to Stockholm with 
mostly plattenbau from the 1960’s.

The station was completely demolished shortly after Nacka took over. 
Today Spεnga Sports Stadium is located at the same place as the radio 
station once upon a time was laying.

From 1934 Spεnga used 704 kHz (426m) with 55 kW at 80% modulation. 
After the wave length conference in Copenhagen 1948, Spεnga changed 
frequency to 773 kHz (388m) until closed down 1956. Nacka inherited 
773 kHz from Spεnga.

Posted by: Christian S (via Dario Monferini, playdx yg via DXLD)

** SWEDEN. Hφrby and Sφlvesborg album #89 Hello! I’ve a uploaded some 
pictures to album #89 Hφrby and Sφlvesborg. Some pictures are dated 
late 1930’s when the medium wave TX was inaugurated. In 1952 the first 
short wave transmitters were bought and installed in Hφrby. 20 years 
later two new Thomson-SW TX were installed and was in use until 1993 
when they became prohibited to use due to PCB in the insulation. And 
from 1993 until 30th October 2010 3x ABB/Thalθs.

Regarding to the MW TX in Hφrby, it was so torn at the end so the 
technicians prayed every morning for it would start. And that’s a true 

Albums #90 Motala LW and #91 Gφteborg MW created. 73 (Chris "Christian 
Stφdberg" sm6vpu, Dec 18, shortwavesites yg via DXLD)

Hello! I've uploaded almost all Pictures I have from Hφrby and 
Sφlvesborg. Some of the pictures have I got from the Radiomuseum in 
Gφteborg. They were intended for my old homepage which suddenly 
disappeared without any warning. All files from my homepage are saved 
but I don’t really have time to create a new homepage since I want a 
complete new layout. So here they are for download. /Chris 

More pictures to download:

Stockholm MW (774 KHz) (Spεnga 1930-1955 + Nacka 1955 - 1981.) 
Sundsvall MW (593 KHz) 1949-1978 http://1drv.ms/1Jkocld
Φstersund MW (719 KHz) 1957-1978 http://1drv.ms/1Jko8Sq
Gφteborg MW (981 KHz) 1951-1984 http://1drv.ms/1Jko4lJ
Motala 1928-1991 (191/189 KHz) (30kW, 150kW and 600kW) 
Sundsvall http://1drv.ms/1JkoiJs

Most of all B/W-photos are taken before 1st January 1969; there are no 
copyright (according to Swedish copyright law) or permission given to 
publish. 73 de Chris (Christian Stφdberg, sm6vpu, Dec 19, ibid.)

** SWEDEN. Nδsta specialprogram frεn SDXF lφrdag 26 december 
(Annandagen) Lyssna pε vεrt specialprogram φver kortvεgssδndaren i 
Sala sista lφrdagen i varje mεnad.

Lφrdag 26/12 kl 1200–1300 UT. Frekvens: 6060 kHz med 10 kW. Dε vi δnnu 
inte vet om vi kommer att ha en eller tvε sδndare tillgδngliga sε δr 
oklart om vi kφr samtidigt pε en annan frekvens eller en repris senare 
pε dagen. Se mφjliga scenarion nedan:

Scenario 1: 2 sδndare tillgδngliga. Andra sδndaren kommer i sε fall 
ocksε att sδnda kl 1200–1300 men pε antingen 3955 eller 3975 kHz med 5 

Scenario 2: endast en sδndare tillgδnglig. Repris kl 1800–1900 pε 6105 
kHz. Eventuellt uppdaterad information hittar du hδr innan sδndningen. 
Rapporter till vεr e-postadress qsl@sdxf.se eller via vanlig post till 
SDXF, Box 1097, 405 23 GΦTEBORG (SDXF via Rus DX 20 Dec via DXLD)

December 20, 2015, Ronny B Goode wrote on the WRTH Facebook group:
The Sala SW transmitter in Sweden will be on the air Saturday, Dec. 26 
at 1100-1200 UT (Radio Nord Revival) and 1200-1300 UT (SDXF). It is 
not yet clear whether the 5 kW tx will be operational. If it is it 
will be used in the 75 mb on 3955 or 3975 kHz. If not, the 
transmissions will be on 6060 kHz with replay at 1700-1900 UT on 6105 
kHz. Posted by: (Mike Terry, dxldyg via WORLD OF RADIO 1805, DXLD)

What is the power or the claimed power of 6060 and 6105? These do not 
appear in Aoki or HFCC at all. Previously 100 kW was claimed by Ivo:

``Radio Nord Revival via Sala, bad frequency selection on November 28
1100-1200 6060 SAL 100 kW / non-dir WeEu Swedish in LSB, not recorded
1700-1800 6105 SAL 100 kW / non-dir WeEu Swedish in LSB, QRM CRI 6100
-- 73! (Ivo Ivanov, Nov 28, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)``

Does Sala really have a 100 kW transmitter??? (Glenn Hauser, DXLD)

I guess 100 to maximal 200 watt? Not more, when compared signals 
strength, with for example 1-3 kW of hobby programs Kall 3985 6005 or 
7310. 73 wolfy (Wolfgang Bόschel, ibid.)

This comment on SALA activities contributed once by Kall technicians 
Chistian Milling:

Neue QRGs fuer Radio Revival aus Schweden.

"Radio Revival testing new frequencies in mid-January...
Update from the Sala transmitter site in Sweden:

In addition to the usual channels 3950 and 6065 kHz we have registered 
the following frequencies:
3970, 3980, 6035, 9815, 9875, 11745, and 11755 kHz.

We will be testing the other frequencies by mid-January 2015. If you 
would like to book airtime during these tests, please contact Ronny
as soon as possible. For those wanting to reach the British Isles with 
a good signal, the 31 metre band is a good alternative. 

We have two transmitters: one 5 kW rig which can broadcast in full AM 
and a 10 kW transmitter which can use A3H mode (LSB + carrier) or SSB.
The 5 kW transmitter is primarily used in the 75 metre band." 

Interessanterweise taucht keine dieser Reservierungen in der HFCC 
Liste auf. Auch die Schwedische Frequenzbehoerde

vermeldet nichts?! (Christian Milling-D, A-DX Jan 6, 2015)(via wb 
dxldyg via DXLD)

Oh, this is my mistake: The power is 010 kW, not 100 kW -- 73! (Ivo 
Ivanov, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

24 December 2015, Ronny B Goode just wrote in the WRTH Facebook group:

Update from the Sala transmitting site: our 5 kW rig is now working 
well again and we will be on the air this Saturday, Dec. 26 as 

1100-1200 UTC Radio Nord Revival
1200-1300 UTC Programme from the Swedish DX Federation SDXF
Frequencies: 3975 kHz AM 5 kW and 6060 kHz A3H 10 kW.

1700-1800 UTC Radio Nord Revival
1800-1900 UTC Programme from the Swedish DX Federation SDXF
Frequencies: 3975 kHz AM 5 kW and 5940 kHz A3H 10 kW

Reception reports can be sent to qsl @ sdxf.se or by post to Sveriges 
DX-Fφrbund, Box 1097, SE-40523 Gφteborg, Sweden. All reports will be 
verified by real QSL cards - not eQSLs - just the way Grandad used to 
do it. Merry Xmas and good listening! Posted by: (Mike Terry, Dec 24, 

** SYRIA. Radio rebels: Berlin group makes tiny transmitters for Syria
By FRANK JORDANS Associated Press

BERLIN (AP) -- On the top floor of an old brick building in the heart
of Berlin, a group of journalists and tech enthusiasts are working to
spur the Syrian media revolution. Their weapon is an unassuming black 
case the size of a shoebox that allows opposition radio stations in 
Syria to transmit inside hostile territory.

Dubbed PocketFM, the device is basically a low-powered radio
transmitter. Coupled with a satellite dish to receive new programs, a
car battery for power and a one-meter (three-foot) antenna, it can
broadcast FM radio within a 5-kilometer (3-mile) radius. . .
(via Mike Cooper, Dec 22, DXLD) 

[Same:] Full article
(via Mike Barraclough, dxldyg via DXLD)

** TAIWAN. From Dec 15 Radio Taiwan International's transmission
to South Asia in English language has been changed as follows:
1500-1600 on  9465 TSH 300 kW / 205 deg to SoAs English, new
1600-1700 on  6180 TSH 300 kW / 205 deg to SoAs English, deleted
-- 73! (Ivo Ivanov, B`lgaria, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** TAIWAN [and non]. Whilst I don't keep stats or records of 
transmitter sites that go silent throughout the year, it seams like we 
didn't have such a bad a year, like many previous years where numerous 
major SW sites that go dark. I can recall from Europe that we lost 
'Bijeljina - Jabanusa' & tentatively in Asia we may have lost RTI's 
Tainan site. One of our members reported that Tainan's transmissions 
ended in November, but another report that site will close in early 
2016. If anyone else can clarify, we would be appreciative (Ian, Dec 
23, shortwave sites yg via DXLD)

** TAIWAN. New time & frequency for RTI English transmission to South 
Asia --- Starting December 15th, 2015 Radio Taiwan International's 
transmission to South Asia in English language on 6180 kHz from 1600 
to 1700 UT has been changed to 9465 kHz from 1500 to 1600 UT. --- (via 
Alokesh Gupta, New Delhi, Dec 20, dx_sasia yg via DXLD)

Wolfgang Bόschel quoted this but must have been he who added this: 
Tamsui Taipei site 300 kW 205 degr (Alokesh Gupta-IND, DXasia Dec 19)

9465 also heard by Herbert Meixner in Austria on Dec 18 (Wolfgang 
Bόschel, dxldyg via DXLD)

** TAIWAN [and non]. TAIWAN/CHINA mainland, TWN SOH and others, CHINA 
jamming, Dec 23, 2015.

Monitoring log of some "SOH  Xi Wang Zhi Sheng" and other Taiwan 
broadcasts, and accompanied China mainland jamming of CNR program and 
Firedrake music. Slots on Dec 23 at 0130 to 0600 UT and 1430-1530 UT
heard mainly on remote SDR receiver unit posts in Australia and Tokyo,
and Okayama Japan.

 5170 - 5173.2 kHz TWN Tainan CWB Meteo sce - weather report
          in Cantonese, usb mode, no carrier, S=5-6 at 1435 UT.
 6230.xxx nothing noted of SOH.
 6369.937 SOH, tiny S=4-5 at 1445 UT.
 6729.937 SOH, tiny S=4-5
 6900.038 SOH, threshold level S=3-4
 6960.xxx nothing noted of SOH.

 7280.057 SOH female voice, S=6 at 1453 UT.
 7309.979 SOH, tiny S=4 at 1456 UT.
 7580.156 SOH, on threshold level.
 7729.967 SOH, on threshold level at 1502 UT, Dec 23.

 9155.xxx nothing noted of SOH.
 9180.xxx nothing noted of SOH.
 9200.xxx nothing noted of SOH.
 9229.965 SOH male voice,   S=6 at 0605 UT.
 9319.926 SOH / RFA relay,  S=6 at 0602 UT.
 9360.006 SOH female voice, S=5 at 1508 UT.
 9521.989 TWN number station, hit heavily by 9519.981 PBS Nei Menggu
 9634.895 SOH tentativelly, but VoVietnam domestic sce 9635.895 kHz
 9930.127 SOH male voice, tiny S=4 at 0600 UT.
 9970.110 SOH male voice, S=6

10819.982 SOH male voice, tiny S=4-5.
10870.118 CNR1 px jamming, tiny local stn jammer ...
10960.000 CNR1 px jamming, fair S=7 signal. \\ 11640 11600 11580 ...
11070.068 SOH fair S=7 signal level.
11100.115 SOH, but suffers by strong STANAG like UTE signal of 11102 
11149.894 SOH male + female voice px, S=6
11300.143 SOH male voice px, but tiny S=4-5 signal level.
11369.963 SOH, female voice heard, tiny signal just above threshold.
11410.010 SOH, S=5-6, but suffer by heavy UTE signal QRM.
11470.115 SOH, S=6 fair audio.
11529.995 SOH, tiny S=4-5 signal strength.
11579.989 CNR1 (local) jammer, poor S=4-5.
11600.230 CNR1 jammer, poor S=4-5.

11639.980 TWN Guanghua Zhi Shang (acc Aoki list) at 0525 UT Dec 23,
        weak underneath, but ahead the powerhouse from China mainland
11640.000 CHN even frequency, CNR1 S=9+15dB signal at 0540 UT.

11715.077 SOH, poor S=4-5.
11765.135 SOH, fair S=7 signal.
11775.025 SOH, fair S=6 signal at 0525 UT.

12150.060 SOH male voice, S=6 at 0330 UT.
12189.903 SOH / RFA relay program, S=6 at 0333 and 0505 UT.
12230.019 SOH male voice, weak and tiny S=4.
12344.932 ... x.945 wandered tx S=7-8, tentat CNR1 jamming at 0500 UT.
12369.970 SOH, carrier S=5 strength, tiny modulation at 0457 UT.
12430.039 CNR1 jammer, proper S=8-9 strength.
12500.216 SOH, fair S=5 signal, but QRM by KRE type scratch jamming...
12560.xxx nothing noted of CNR jamming.
12870.038 SOH tiny signal.
12910.123 SOH, fair S=7-8 signal at 0338 and 0450 UT.

12950.000 CHN even frequency, CNR1 S=9+15dB signal at 0343 and 0447 
          and co-channel weak underneath
12950.213 SOH, poor S=4 signal.
12980.120 SOH, S=6-7
13130.179 SOH, S=5
13199.885 SOH, S=5-6
13230.000 Tentat CNR1 jamming, S=7, but like CODAR much wiper tone.
13270.017 SOH, and tone jamming?, tiny S=4-5
13530.218 SOH, tiny S=4-5, but UTE QRM tone signal of 13528.400 kHz.

13639.885 SOH underneath of co-channel
13640.000 CNR1 px jamming, latter S=9+10dB signal strength.

13679.8xx nothing noted of SOH.
13820.226 SOH, tiny S=4 signal.

13870.000 CNR1 px jamming, latter S=9+5dB signal strength.
          and underneath co-channel
13870.013 SOH program at 0345 UT.

13919.944 SOH male voice, at S=8 level, but heard like CODAR wiper.
13980.000 CNR1 px jamming, latter S=9+10dB signal strength.
14370.xxx nothing noted of SOH.
14430.075 SOH male voice program, one of the stronger at S=8 level.
14499.910 SOH S=5-6 strength, 5 - 10 Hertz variable wandered.
14600.227 SOH male voice program, tiny S=4 at 0403 UT.
14774.966 SOH S=6-7 signal at 0300 UT.
14800.243 SOH tiny S=4-5.
14870.149 SOH female voice px, S=6 at 0258 UT.
14900.230 CNR1 px jamming, S=9+15dB signal strength.
14919.823 SOH S=5 signal at 0220 UT
14920.000 CNR1 px jamming, S=7 signal strength.
14980.xxx nothing noted of CNR / RFA program.

15070.200 CNR1 px jamming, S=6 signal.
15294.974 CNR1 px jamming, S=9+10dB signal at 0411 UT,
          ahead of SOH also at 0145 UT.

15388.000 TWN Xing Xing guangbo diantai 1 from Kuanyin site,
          numbers station 0400-0430 UT, fair signal
          and co-channel heavy QRM on regular.
15390.000 CHN CNR 13 program in Uighur, latter S=9+5dB strength.

15710.000 CHN CNR6 Amoy service, radioplay S=7-8 at 0140 UT.
15775.193 SOH female voice, tiny S=4-5 at 0156 UT.
15840.048 SOH endless mens talk in Chinese S=7 at 0150 UT.
15869.955 SOH tiny S=4-5.
15969.961 SOH poor and tiny S=4.
16100.270 SOH tiny S=4-5. Wandered 20 to 30 Hertz at 0213 UT.
16160.082 SOH female and male voices at 0211 UT, proper S=8-9 signal,
          unstable signal 5-10 Hertz varying ...
16250.097 SOH female voice, S=5-6.
16299.965 SOH tiny at 0208 UT
          and co-channel ahead
16300.000 CNR1 px jamming, S=9+10dB signal strength.
16350.020 UNIDENTIFIED, probably tiny SOH ?
16600.xxx nothing noted of SOH.
16774.013 UNIDENTIFIED, probably tiny SOH ?
16979.951 SOH S=9+10dB signal strength at 0240 UT.
17200.350 SOH female voice, S=7-8 at 0205 UT.
17400.094 SOH tiny S=4-5.
17440.524 CNR1 px jamming, S=9+10dB signal strength at 0201 UT.
(Wolfgang Bόschel, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Dec 23, 2015, dxldyg via DXLD) 

** TAIWAN [and non]. Reception of Voice of China + CNR-1 Jammer, Dec 
19, 1400-1500 on  7270 TSH 100 kW / 325 deg to EaAs Chinese
-- 73! (Ivo Ivanov, B`lgariya, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

Hi Rodney & Glenn, Ivo had an interesting posting today for 7270 (see 
above). So he did not have any PBS Nei Menggu QRM? On Dec 19, I heard 
sign on of AIR Chennai on 7270, at *1258, with AIR IS mixing with PBS 
Nei Menggu (again clearly // 9750, mixing with NHK). (Ron Howard, 

Perhaps he did not fully understand your conclusion about this? [that 
it`s not Voice of China] Anyhow, bears further checking after 1400.
(Glenn Hauser, ibid.)

Glenn, Ron, I listened to Ivo's recording and I'm guessing he presumed 
the calmer female announcer speaking Chinese was V of China. I'll keep 
trying as conditions recover from recent Geostorms. 73s (Rodney 
Johnson, NV, dxldyg via DXLD)

** TAJIKISTAN. 4790, BBC, *1259, Dec 22. At tune in of 1248, found 
open carrier already on; *1259 "BBC" ID; time pips; poor with CODAR 
QRM (Ron Howard, Asilomar State Beach, CA, Etσn E1, antenna: 100' long 
wire, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** TAJIKISTAN [and non]. CHINA vs TAJIKISTAN, CNR-2 vs Voice of Tajik 
on 7245 kHz, December 21
1300-1400 on  7245 BEI 150 kW / non-dir to EaAs Chinese CNR-2
1300-1400 on  7245 DB  100 kW / non-dir to CeAs English Voice of Tajik
-- 73! (Ivo Ivanov, B`lgariya, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** TURKEY. Wobbly signal of Voice of Turkey, Emirler, on December 23, 
transmitter on/off, on/off
1200-1225  7245 250 kW / 290 deg SEu Bulgarian, finally off at 1215 UT
1230-1325 17755 500 kW / 310 deg WEu German, no signal till 1245
1330-1425 12035 500 kW / 310 deg WEu English as scheduled B15, good 
73! (Ivo Ivanov, B`lgariya, Dec 23, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)


Alexei Makukhin, an advisor to the Ukraine’s Defense Minister, said 
during a press briefing that a new Ukrainian radio station for 
military personnel will begin operating on March 1, 2016. "It’s no 
secret that our troops on the frontline often suffer from an 
information vacuum," Makukhin said. "So we need a radio station. 
Seventy percent of its content will be music; there will also be news 
broadcasts and programs for the troops – where soldiers can say hello 
to their friends and relatives, request songs and share stories live 
on air. There will also be programs featuring interviews with experts 
and military personnel." 

The new radio station will be reportedly funded by Spirit of America, 
a non-profit company which assists US military personnel deployed in 
Iraq, Afghanistan and Africa. The station will be headquartered in 
Kiev and will broadcast its content on the FM band. Earlier this month 
the Ukrainian parliament approved the creation of a new broadcasting 
company called Ukraine Tomorrow. According to media reports, the new 
broadcaster will "provide foreign audiences with unbiased reports 
about important events in Ukraine" and "provide information support 
for Ukrainians abroad." (Sputnik News via Josι Miguel Romero2, Dec 18, 
noticiasdx yg via DXLD) Sputnik = Russian government controlled

George Osborne held two meetings with Rupert Murdoch before deciding 
on BBC cuts, HM Treasury confirms --- Disclosure part of massive dump 
of government documents published just before the seasonal 
parliamentary break [Osborne is Chancellor of the Exchequer, = 
Secretary of Treasury = Finance Minister]

   James Cusick Political Correspondent
   @indyvoices 11 hours  ago

George Osborne held two private meetings with Rupert Murdoch in June 
this year before the Treasury informed the BBC that it was imposing a 
£650 million cut to its budget.

Details of the meetings between the Chancellor and the global head of 
News Corp were revealed in new data published by HM Treasury.  The 
disclosure was part of a massive dump of government documents 
published just before the seasonal parliamentary break.

Come clean about meetings with Murdoch, Osborne told

No specific information was given about the content of the meetings. 
They were described simply as a “general discussion.”

In July this year The Independent reported that a meeting between the 
two men had taken place before the BBC Director-general, Lord Hall, 
was informed of the government’s plan to force the corporation to 
accept new financial responsibilities that would affect its programme 
output. Read more:

Rupert Murdoch always likes to back a winner

Rupert Murdoch had three meetings with George Osborne in one year

Although Labour asked the Chancellor to release details of the 
meetings in “good faith” by fast-tracking the release of transparency 
data, Downing Street remained silent.

Six months on, confirmation of the Murdoch-Osborne meetings will worry 
News Corp’s competitors, including the BBC.

Labour claimed there was a “public interest” in the information being 
disclosed because of the potentially substantial economic benefits 
that would come to Mr Murdoch’s UK businesses from a shrunken and less 
powerful BBC (via A. Burnette, DXLD)


Mark Thompson said it is wrong to force corporation to shoulder cost 
of `social transfer' to over-75s and that charter renewal talks have 
been acrimonious

Former BBC Director General Mark Thompson
Mark Thompson criticised the way charter renewal negotiations had been
handled Photograph: Robert Judges/Rex/Shutterstock [caption]

Jane Martinson Wednesday 23 December 2015 12.19 EST Last modified on 
Wednesday 23 December 2015 19.45 EST

A former director general of the BBC has warned that the corporation 
faces a much tougher political environment now than five years ago and 
criticised the way the charter renewal negotiations have been handled 
so far.

Mark Thompson said that it was wrong to force the broadcaster to
provide free licence fees for the over-75s at a cost of -L-700m a year
by the next decade.

Giving his his first interview about the BBC since he left in 2012,
after eight years at the helm, Thompson said the broadcaster was 
having to pay for government policy. "It's welfare ... It's totally
inappropriate to use BBC to support social transfer in this country."

When George Osborne tried to impose the same cost on the BBC during
negotiations in 2010, Thompson started writing his resignation letter,
along with several BBC Trustees. This July the current director
general, Tony Hall, agreed to shoulder the burden in return for relief
from other costs.

"In 2015 the political circumstances are very different and it is much
tougher for the BBC. In 2010 it was the coalition government and the
Liberal Democrats ... played a very big part in securing a different
and better settlement. That recourse has not been available to the BBC
this year."

In July, the BBC accepted a government proposal to take on the costs 
of providing free TV licences for the over-75s - a policy originally
introduced by Gordon Brown and funded by the taxpayer as part of a 
deal that would allow the -L-145.50 a year licence fee to increase 
with inflation if the "purposes and scope of the BBC" remain the same.
Conducted over a few days of secret negotiations, Labour described the
deal as a smash and grab raid.

The former director general, who now runs the company behind the New
York Times, believes BBC bosses should not have been made to agree a
financial settlement 18 months ahead of charter renewal in 2017,
although he insisted his remarks were not criticisms of the current
management. "You have to be in the room and I am not going to second
guess anything that Tony and the current leaders of the BBC have 
done", he said.

However, Thompson said that he was worried that it was difficult to
conduct a review of the BBC's operations - as required as part of the
charter renewal process - having agreed its funding. "The correct 
order is to discuss what the BBC should do and then work out what the 
funding should be."

The lack of a public commitment by ministers that will not seek a
radical overhaul of the "scale and scope" of the BBC and its output 
has been at the heart of the dispute between the broadcaster and 
government since the financial settlement was agreed. Executives 
believe ministers have promised not to radically alter the size of the 
corporation, whereas the green paper suggested a wideranging review.

Thompson, who was the longest-serving director general in more than 30
years, said it was right to ask "fundamental questions" during charter
renewal. "I am just very anxious at the end of all the questioning 
that we come up with the right answers. And for me the right answer is 
a strong, properly funded BBC of scale and scope."

The BBC announced -L-150m of cost savings this summer and is expected
to outline how it will save a further -L-550m next spring, around the
time the white paper on charter renewal is expected.

Thompson, who described himself as "not the right person to talk to
about cutting the BBC services", conceded there might be some areas 
the corporation could do a bit less of, such as sports rights and 
bought-in films. In 2010, Thompson's plans to close 6 Music were 
blocked by the BBC Trust after a public campaign.

"Anyone who looks at the BBC and says `I'm sure they can cut some
services' - either BBC radio, radio 3, BBC 4 - starts discovering, bit
by bit, that it is tough because those services are there for a reason
and most of them have passionate support from the public."

A former executive on Panorama and Newsnight, as well as editor of the
Nine O'clock News, Thompson said that doing less news should be a
non-starter, as there was even greater need for an impartial BBC news
in a difficult global political environment with increasing influence
from Russia, China and the MiddleEast.

"I think the public clearly rely [on the BBC] at every level for 
local, regional, national and international news. The idea, given the
underlying economics of local regional and even international
newspapers, that a diminution of the BBC would lead to more investment
in news is very big risk to take - and bad for the British public," he

His experience in the US over the past three years, where newspaper
revenues and circulation numbers have been hit by a fall in digital
advertising and greater online competition, suggests that the BBC is
being blamed for other ills, he says. "It is not as if there is any
evidence at all that UK newspapers are doing worse than newspapers in
countries without the BBC."

Although credited with success at the BBC - from the launch of the
iPlayer to the 2012 London Olympics - Thompson's tenure was also hit 
by several controversies, most notably payoffs to senior executives, 
the -L-100m cost of its failed digital media initiative and the Jimmy
Savile scandal.

"I have been absolutely shocked and horrified to hear that story and 
to hear what Jimmy Savile did at the BBC and other institutions ... I 
feel appalled by that," Thompson said, adding that he had no personal 
link with the disgraced presenter. "It is also straightforwardly the 
truth that I didn't ever work with Jimmy Saville, or I don't believe 
that I ever met him and I wasn't aware of what he had done until after 
I had left the BBC."

Having spent three years at New York Times, Thompson says few 
Americans can believe that the BBC is facing such a difficult year: 
"The BBC is one of the most important cultural institutions in the 
world. It is an absolute national treasure."

Having introduced a paywall at the New York Times, Thompson intends to
stay a while longer, in the US, having signed a new three-year
contract with the newspaper company last week.

"Who knows what the long-term future will hold," he says. "We have
achieved a lot over the last three years but there's plenty more to
do." His wife is American but there are parts of the UK they both 
miss. "Whenever I arrive at the apartment, the Archers always appears 
to be on," he says (via Mike Cooper, DXLD)

NEW DIVISION   Date: 22.12.2015     Last updated: 22.12.2015 at 12.42
Category: Corporate; Online and interactive

The BBC has today announced that Matthew Postgate has been appointed 
to the position of Chief Technology Officer, leading a new division 
that will bring together BBC Digital, Engineering and BBC Worldwide 
technology teams.

As previously announced, the new division will have a global remit, 
leading the BBC’s digital strategy and technology operations that keep 
the BBC on-air, online and operational. With immediate effect, Matthew 
will lead the project to create the combined group, and take over 
responsibility for the new division from April next year.

The CTO will initially report into the Managing Director Finance and 
Operations but will move to report to the Director General in 2016. 
and Matthew will be a member of Executive team. At some point during 
2016 as the BBC restructures, the CTO will change reporting line to 
the Director General.

Matthew Postgate says: “I am delighted to be taking on this role at 
such an exciting time for the BBC, helping to integrate the BBC’s 
digital and technology divisions, and to make the BBC truly internet-
fit for the future.”

Welcoming the appointment, Anne Bulford said: “Matthew is an 
outstanding leader and technologist who has been a key part of the 
BBC’s Digital and Engineering teams for the past 12 years. Matthew 
will help to build a BBC with digital at its heart, and I wish him 
every success in his new role.”

Matthew Postgate is currently leading the BBC’s Engineering division. 
Prior to his current role, Matthew was Controller, BBC Research & 
Development and a Director of YouView Ltd. He was part of the 
management team that launched BBC iPlayer and was in charge of BBC 
mobile, where he was responsible for building the corporation's world 
leading mobile services.

The merger of the BBC’s Digital, Engineering and Worldwide technology 
teams and the creation of this new role will result in the closure of 
the current CTO role leading BBC Engineering, as well as the role of 
Director, BBC Digital.

Notes to Editors

The merger of these divisions is part of the BBC’s ambitions to create 
an internet-fit organisation that is also a simpler, leaner BBC, as 
part of our drive to save £150m in costs across the organisation as a 
result of the iPlayer loophole. The shortfall has arisen because as 
more people use BBC iPlayer, mobiles and other online catch-up, the 
proportion of households owning a television is falling - while a 
loophole allows viewers to watch catch-up TV without a licence (via 
Hansjoerg Biener, Germany, Dec 23, DXLD)

(via "Hansjoerg Biener", Dec 17, dxldyg via DXLD)

** U K. 3948-3962, Dec 18 at 0620, DRM noise at S9 level spans this 
range on R75 1-kHz steps, and no ham dares to approach it, as if this 
part of 75m in North America were off-limits. It`s BBC in English, 
3955, 100 kW, 114 degrees from Woofferton during 0559-0700 UT only per 

** U S A. Loran C --- Does anyone knows which Loran C transmitter has 
been re-activated recently on 100 kHz? Caribou ME? (Sylvain Naud, 
Portneuf, QC, http://www.quebecdx.com 14 Dec, IRCA via DXLD)

Well, I think I answered to my own question thanks to this article:

Listeners from New Jersey should be getting a strong signal on 100 kHz
according to this story, unless other outlets have been added since.
(Sylvain, 15 Dec, ibid.) Viz.:

Posted: Friday, June 19, 2015 6:11 pm  RICHARD DEGENER, Staff Writer

Ben Fogletto / Staff Photographer: Rep. Frank LoBiondo and Charles 
Schue, CEO of UrsaNav field questions about the eLoran system. Friday 
June 19 2015 Coast Guard unveils new additions to the loran navigation 
system at the Coast Guard station in Diamond Beach, which some thought 
would be scuttled due to rise in GPS, but instead it was reworked. 
(The Press of Atlantic City / Ben Fogletto) [caption]

LOWER TOWNSHIP - The radio navigation system that helped win World War 
II and then guided mariners and aviators in peacetime may be making a 

And it starts right here in New Jersey. It won’t exactly be the old 
Loran C system southern New Jersey fishermen and general aviation 
pilots grew up with. It would be better. The so-called enhanced Loran, 
or eLoran, is being tested here at a decommissioned Coast Guard base 
that ran Loran operations from 1947 to 2010.

New Jersey became the first state to turn the signal back on Friday 
afternoon as two private firms, engineering companies UrsaNav and 
Harris, provided seed money for the tests supported by the U.S. Coast 
Guard, Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security and 
other federal agencies under something called a Cooperative Research 
and Development Agreement or CRADA.

“This is a phoenix arriving. We have the opportunity to add 2015 
technology to the older idea,” said Chuck Schue, the president and 
chief operating officer of UrsaNav, and a former Coast Guard 
commanding officer here at what was then called the Loran Support 

The rise of the satellite-based Global Positioning System, or GPS, had 
put radio navigation out of business. There is growing concern that 
the nation needs a back-up system since satellites can fall prey to 
solar storms, wars, jamming devices, and other threats. Fixing them 
can also involve the expensive proposition of going into space.

Schue noted a jamming device recently stopped flight data at Newark 
International Airport, in April all GPS systems in Russia inexplicably 
“went dark” for 11 hours, San Diego lost GPS for 13 hours, and solar 
flares have knocked out commercial satellites. Another concern is 
“spoofing,” where somebody can take control of a GPS in a car, boat or 
even a drone and actually navigate it.

“A prudent mariner always has two systems to navigate,” said Schue.

But Loran isn’t just for mariners. Planes use it. It can be used for 
precise positioning, navigation and timing with any number of 
applications. GPS also fails in some dense canopy areas, in between 
tall urban buildings, underground, under water and other spots where 
several satellites can’t line up, but eLoran would work.

Dana Goward, a retired Coast Guardsman whose non-profit Resilient 
Navigation and Timing Foundation is working on the project, said Loran 
C was precise within 100 meters but with eLoran “we can get to six 
meters or less.”

U.S. Rep. Frank LoBiondo, R-2nd., who serves on intelligence, Coast 
Guard and Armed Services panels in Congress, is a big supporter. “Very 
often, unfortunately, Congress is reactive to something going on. I 
want redundancy now to be able to not go dark,” said LoBiondo.

The congressman fought several years ago to prevent the 625-foot tower 
here from being torn down as part of the base was converted into a 
national wildlife refuge. He was thinking about a back-up system even 
then. “You’d never get permits to put up a 625-foot tower again,” he 

The Loran Support Unit was decommissioned in 2010 but under 
international agreements with countries such as Canada and Russia it 
had some operations as late as January 2014. That was the last time 
the equipment was turned on up until Friday.

After warning people there would be some noise, and people with 
pacemakers should leave, the signal was activated at 12:16 p.m. “This 
is the first Loran in the U.S. in a couple of years,” said Goward.
“California will be turning theirs on but we are the first,” said 

Those at the event stressed the importance of GPS. Coward said as a 
Coast Guard helicopter pilot he saved lives due to GPS. “Life would be 
very hard without GPS,” said Goward.

In 2014, however, the federal government decided a second system was 
need, just in case. A ground-based system would be much easier to fix 
if GPS went down. That gave rise to the idea of bringing back Loran.

The Loran system is considered one of the top 10 technologies of World 
War II. With stations at isolated islands and atolls in the Pacific, 
it was able to guide planes and ships to their targets over vast 
expanses of open water. The radio signals could be used to fix exact 
positions using a geometric triangulation system. The planes that 
dropped the atomic bombs on Japan used it.

The Loran Support Unit here in Diamond Beach at its height had 250 
Coast Guard and civilian workers. Then GPS came along, nobody much 
worried about satellites being destroyed, and the radio-navigation 
system was shut down to save an estimated $36 million a year.

Pam Drew, the president of information systems at Harris, said eLoran 
is vital for national security by augmenting GPS. “We will explore 
many places eLoran can be deployed where GPS isn’t available such as 
deep canyons, through buildings, in foliage and under water. We’re 
involved with unmanned aerial drones and eLoran could be key. There 
are applications for civilian and military uses,” said Drew.

LoBiondo recalled the debate on tearing down the Loran tower, which he 
won. “Folks suggested GPS was the answer to everything. A few of us 
said, ‘Maybe not so fast.’ I am just thrilled we are embarking on 
this. This will lead us to redundancy that is sorely needed,” said 

Friday was just a test. There will be no regular Loran signal in the 
immediate future but the two firms, UrsaNav and Harris, will continue 
doing research and development here. One goal is to reduce the size, 
weight, cost, power needs and other aspects of Loran, similar to what 
has evolved with GPS.

Drew noted if a decision is made to have a national eLoran system it 
will take federal dollars. LoBiondo said they have to demonstrate to 
federal agencies it is a wise investment (via DXLD)


December 16, 2015 --- ARRL - the National Association for Amateur 
Radio - wrote on their Facebook group: 

If you have a radio that will tune down to 486 kHz, listen on 
Christmas Eve as experimental station WG2FXQ takes to the air to 
commemorate the 109th anniversary of the Reginald Fessenden's first 
audio transmission. See the complete story here: 
Posted by: (Mike Terry, Dec 20, dxldyg via DXLD) Viz.:


TAGS: ac alternator, Antenna Feed Line, audio transmission, Brian 
Justin, brief Bible verse, carbon microphones, Christmas event, 
earliest wireless pioneers, early radio history, Experimental Station 
WG2XFQ, Fessenden’s broadcast, Heising AM modulation, Historic 
accounts, homebuilt station, listener reports, oscillator power 
amplifier, QRZ.com address, radio experimenters, Raymond Heising, 
Reginald Fessenden, shipboard operators, time zones, transmitter, 
WA1ZMS, WG2XFQ on-air operations, World War 

12/16/2015 --- Brian Justin, WA1ZMS, will again put his 600 meter 
Experimental Station WG2XFQ on the air on for a Christmas Eve 
commemorative transmission. WG2XFQ will transmit on 486 kHz from 
Forest, Virginia, to mark the 109th anniversary of Reginald 
Fessenden’s first audio transmission. Historic accounts say Fessenden 
played the violin — or a recording — and read a brief Bible verse. 
It’s been reported that other radio experimenters and shipboard 
operators who heard Fessenden’s broadcast were astounded.

Justin will conduct a run-up to this year’s event starting at around 
mid-day Eastern Time on December 23. The “official” Christmas event 
will begin on December 24 at 0001 UTC (the evening of December 23 in 
US time zones) and will continue for at least 24 hours. Justin said he 
plans to repeat the commemorative transmissions on New Year’s Eve and 
on New Year’s Day.

Fessenden’s transmitter was an AC alternator, modulated by placing 
carbon microphones in series with the antenna feed line. Justin’s 
homebuilt station is slightly more modern, based on a 1921 vacuum tube 
master oscillator power amplifier (MOPA) design. The transmitter also 
uses Heising AM modulation, developed by Raymond Heising during World 
War I.

Justin said all of his WG2XFQ on-air operations coincide with dates in 
early radio history as a way to recognize and honor some of the 
earliest wireless pioneers and their achievements. Listener reports 
are appreciated and may be sent directly to Brian Justin, WA1ZMS, at 
his QRZ.com address (ARRL via DXLD) (also via Scott Blixt, MDXC yg via 
WORLD OF RADIO 1805, DXLD) Not heard here UT Dec 24 or 25 (gh, OK)

** U S A. Hi Glenn: I have been hearing a marine weather broadcast on 
6519 kHz USB from 0915 (or earlier) ending at 0945 UT. The voice is a 
synthesized female voice. Content includes information from Seattle 
and surrounds all the way up to Alaska and the Bering Strait. Lots of 
detail describing wave heights and other essentials to mariners.

From listening to the content, it seems the audio originates at WLO in 
New Orleans. Where the actual transmitter is unknown to me. I know 
other stations broadcast marine weather on nearby frequencies and I 
have heard them. Most every voice is a male synthesized voice instead 
of female.

I have looked at the USCG sites and WLO. None list this frequency and 
time span. Can you shed more light on this? Any idea where this may be 
coming from and who might be the target audience? Can you hear it?

I use a Sony ICF-SW7600GR with a 30m dipole and a Yaesu FT-dx1200 
transceiver with a 40m dipole to monitor this signal (Karl Zuk  
Katonah, NY near NYC, Dec 19, DX LISTENING DIGEST) Continued at 
Unsolicited Testimonials

Hi Karl, Tnx for the kind words. Per this frequency reference
6519 is a WLO frequency from Mobile AL. He doesnt`t have the time you 
heard it, but ending at :45 seems to be the pattern. I think that most 
if not all of the WLO broadcasts are duplicated on KLB in Seattle, but 
on discrete frequencies. 73, (Glenn to Karl, via DXLD)

** U S A. Russia Today's take on a class lawsuit against the BBG


A $400 million class action lawsuit against US Broadcasting Board of 
Governors (BBG) was reportedly filed by several workers, who allege 
that the agency intentionally classified them as independent 
contractors to cut on their proper payment and benefits.

Voice of America (VoA) employees have been intentionally misclassified 
as independent contractors by officials of the government-funded 
agency responsible for US international broadcasting, plaintiffs said 
in the lawsuit filed this week in the US Court of Federal Claims, BBG 
Watch reports citing Law360 website.

"The BBG put the plaintiffs and class members on purchase orders so it 
could extract their faithful service to the United States while 
avoiding payment of the more substantial compensation that is owed to 
federal employees," the complaint reportedly stated. . .
(via Clara Listensprechen, DXLD)

** U S A [non]. Additional transmissions of VOA to East Africa:
from Nov 30:
1030-1100 13650 BOT 100 kW / 350 deg to EaAf Somali Daily, no signal
1030-1100 15620 SAO 100 kW / 076 deg to EaAf Somali Daily, very weak
1030-1100 17550 BOT 100 kW / 010 deg to EaAf Somali Daily, powerful:

from Dec 14:
1630-1700 11770 SAO 100 kW / 076 deg to EaAf Amharic Mon-Fri
1630-1700 15580 BOT 100 kW / 350 deg to EaAf Amharic Mon-Fri
(DX RE MIX NEWS #931 from Georgi Bancov and Ivo Ivanov, Dec. 21, 2015 
via DXLD)

** U S A. 5865, VoA Radiogram #141 with the usual mix of digital text
in English and photos that I recorded and decoded at home later, 
including items about the 'spots' on Planet Ceres' explained; an 
Estonian underwater robot; Russia's Dozhd TV under pressure; Santa on 
3916 kHz and a photo of the National Christmas Tree on the Mall in 
Washington DC. Photos in particularly well: @@ [attached to the 
original] 4+554+4+ 0930-1000* 12/Dec.

17580, VoA Radiogram #141 repeat of 0930 broadcast. MUCH weaker and 
noisier, 25453+ but text still in with 99%+ accuracy, but photos 
considerably worse: @@ 1600-1630* 12/Dec (Kenneth V Zichi, MARE 
Brighton MI DXpedition, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST) See also 

** U S A. [/rather Sao Tome] Re: ``6080, Dec 14 at 0636 UT, VOA 
International Edition, with report from climate agreement in Paris; 
0639 UT offers free 2016 VOA calendar with photos of America's #1 
city, New York, by P-mail if requested by E-mail to  VG at steady S=9+20dB, obviously Greenville site still 
substituting for Sao Tome, but during this semihour only (Glenn 
Hauser-OK-USA, dxld Dec 14)``

But nothing visible of Greenville usage in IBB RSM log reports of 
African monitoring posts on Dec 14-15, still mentioned Sγo Tomι 1530, 
4960, 6080, 6180, 9550 kHz (Wolfgang Bόschel, BCDX 19 Dec via DXLD)

I don`t care about that, from my vantage point it was obviously 
Greenville, which has been confirmed substituting for ST, only between 
0630 and 0700. Possibly on certain other dates it is back to ST. IBB 
RMS hiding something? (Glenn Hauser, DXLD)

** U S A [non]. 5990 US Radio Swoboda Russian service from tentative 
BIBlis/LAMperteim sites in Germany, heard with ID at 0700 UT

GERMANY/KUWAIT 5990 US Radio Swoboda Russian service from tent. 
BIB/LAM sites in Germany, not requested/registered yet, heard with ID
at 0700 UT on Dec 21. Maybe another RL Swoboda outlet to serve 
Kaliningrad Oblast, Belarus, Moldova target and Russian nationals 
living still in Ukraine? But could be an technician special outlet to 
measure the proper curtain antenna matching? S=9+15dB signal, but 
heard also in Madrid Spain and Calabria Italy remote posts.

\\ heavy powerhouses measured monitoring in remote SDR Moscow Russia 
 9635 LAM S=9+50dB
12025 BIB S=9+55dB
17530 KWT S=9+30dB
wb (Wolfgang Bόschel, dxldyg via DXLD)

Radio Liberty on unscheduled 5990 kHz with strong signal here at 0820 
UT, Dec 21. Videos, later today (Ivo Ivanov, ibid.)

Unscheduled & unregistered frequency of R. Liberty in Russian to E Eu, 
Dec 21
0700-0800 5990 unknown transmitter site // 9635LAM, 12025BIB, 17530KWT
0800-0900 5990 unknown transmitter site, no parallel frequencies SW
0900-1000 5990 unknown transmitter site // 12025BIB, 17770UDO
1000-1100 5990 unknown transmitter site // 12025BIB, 17530LAM
1100-1300 5990*unknown transmitter site, no parallel frequencies SW
1300-1400 5990*unknown transmitter site //  9610TIN, 15130LAM
1400-1500 5990*unknown transmitter site // 11890PHT, 15130LAM
*co-ch CRI Mongolian/Russian/Mongolian. No signal of R. Liberty on 
5990 at 1430 [heard that date only??]
-- 73! (Ivo Ivanov, B`lgaria, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [and non]. WORLD OF RADIO 1804 monitoring: confirmed Thu Dec 
17 at 2100, good on WRMI 7570; missed monitoring the next, UT Fri 0200 
on WBCQ 9330v-CUSB; did anyone hear it? Next:
Fri 2130   WRMI 15770 to NE
Fri 2130.6 WRMI 7570 to NW
Sat 0730   HLR 7265-CUSB to SW
Sat 1530   HLR 7265-CUSB to SW
Sat 2030v  WA0RCR 1860-AM ND? [how far from St Louis is it audible in 
daytime? Harold Frodge was hearing it in Michigan last week]
Sun 0415v  WA0RCR 1860-AM ND? [may have started earlier last week]
Sun 0900   WRMI 5850 to NW [NEW!]
Mon 0400v  WBCQ 5110v-CUSB Area 51 to WSW [beware of JL Xmas special]
Mon 0430   WRMI 9955 to SSE  
Tue 1200   WRMI 9955 to SSE
Wed 1415.5 WRMI 9955 to SSE
Wed 2200   WBCQ 7490v to WSW

WORLD OF RADIO 1804 monitoring confirmed Friday Dec 18 at 2130.1 on 
WRMI 15770, and at 2130.6 on WRMI 7570; lower frequency as usual 
stronger and holds up better here; reverse in Europe? Next:
Sat 0730   HLR 7265-CUSB to SW
Sat 1530   HLR 7265-CUSB to SW
Sat 2030v  WA0RCR 1860-AM ND? [how far from St Louis is it audible in 
daytime? Harold Frodge was hearing it in Michigan last week]
Sun 0415v  WA0RCR 1860-AM ND? [may have started earlier last week]
Sun 0900   WRMI 5850 to NW [NEW!]
Mon 0400v  WBCQ 5110v-CUSB Area 51 to WSW [beware of JL Xmas special]
Mon 0430   WRMI 9955 to SSE  
Tue 1200   WRMI 9955 to SSE
Wed 1415.5 WRMI 9955 to SSE
Wed 2200   WBCQ 7490v to WSW

WORLD OF RADIO 1804 monitoring: trying UTwente Sat Dec 19 at 1557 on 
7265-CUSB, not hearing much of anything, neither WOR nor CRI.


Near shortest day Dec 19, I am trying to hear me on WA0RCR, 1860-AM, 
Wentzville MO, at scheduled 2030 UT Saturday: only a JBA carrier is 
detectable now and just before 2100, not enough to overcome the S6 
noise level. However, Harold Frodge could get it last Saturday in 
Michigan. Better tune in as early as 0400 for the repeat at nominal 
0415 UT Sunday, since last week it may have started early to end 
before 0442. Otherwise:
Sun 0900   WRMI 5850 to NW [NEWish! Please confirm]
Mon 0400v  WBCQ 5110v-CUSB Area 51 to WSW 
[beware of Johnny Lightning Xmas special, which could run overtime]
Mon 0430   WRMI 9955 to SSE  
Tue 1200   WRMI 9955 to SSE
Wed 1415.5 WRMI 9955 to SSE
Wed 2200   WBCQ 7490v to WSW

WORLD OF RADIO 1804 monitoring: confirmed on WA0RCR, 1860-AM, UT 
Sunday Dec 20 at 0426 about 3 minutes into show at Biafra [non] topic, 
so started circa 0423 this week. Awakened too early and too late to 
confirm the Sunday 0900 on WRMI 5850, but presumably. Did anyone hear 
it? Next:
Mon 0400v  WBCQ 5110v-CUSB Area 51 to WSW 
Mon 0430   WRMI 9955 to SSE  
Tue 1200   WRMI 9955 to SSE
Wed 1415.5 WRMI 9955 to SSE
Wed 2200   WBCQ 7490v to WSW

WORLD OF RADIO 1804 monitoring: confirmed only 4 minutes late, 0404 UT 
Monday Dec 21 on Area 51 webcast, and barely audible on WBCQ 5109.7-
CUSB. Also confirmed from 0430.5 UT Mon Dec 21 on WRMI webcast and 
poorly on 9955; the K-index at 03 was, after all, 6. Next:
Tue 1200   WRMI 9955 to SSE
Wed 1415.5 WRMI 9955 to SSE
Wed 2200   WBCQ 7490v to WSW

WORLD OF RADIO 1804 monitoring: confirmed Wed Dec 23 from 1415.5 on 
WRMI 9955, good and no jamming. Next: Wed 2200 on WBCQ 7490v 

WORLD OF RADIO 1805 monitoring. Ready for first SW airings Dec 24:
Thu 1230   WRMI 9955 to SSE
Thu 2100   WRMI 7570 to NW
Fri 0200   WBCQ 9330v-CUSB to WSW
Fri 2130   WRMI 15770 to NE
Fri 2130.6 WRMI 7570 to NW
Sat 0730   HLR 7265-CUSB to SW
Sat 1530   HLR 7265-CUSB to SW
Sat 2030v  WA0RCR 1860-AM ND? 
Sun 0415v  WA0RCR 1860-AM ND? 
Sun 0900   WRMI 5850 to NW 
Mon 0400v  WBCQ 5110v-CUSB Area 51 to WSW
Mon 0430   WRMI 9955 to SSE  
Tue 1200   WRMI 9955 to SSE
Wed 1415.5 WRMI 9955 to SSE
Wed 2200   WBCQ 7490v to WSW

For full WOR schedule, including many webcasts, AM, FM, satellite:

** U S A. 5109.7-CUSB, Dec 18 around 0145, `Mennonite Radio` on WBCQ 
is only a poor signal, winter propagation just not helpful. This is at 
01-02 UT Fridays, following from same source `Broad Spectrum Radio` at 
00-01 for at least the rest of December, i.e. Xmas- and NY-eves. I had 
to miss BSR as out to a band concert here. Content of that not clear, 
but supposedly secular; a media program? I hope James availablizes it 
too as a podcast.

5109.7-CUSB, UT Sat Dec 19 from 0100, WBCQ with `Allan Weiner 
Worldwide`; the first few minutes my attention is divided as I have 
him on the PL-880 and on the NRD-545 am copying a pirate on 6959, 
while also tracking R. Chaski for a cutoff time. At 0110 Allan is 
talking about broadcasters who are no longer with us, such as ``the 
late, great Bill Cooper`` who got into a shootout with police in 
Arizona; and Michael Ketter; 

Allan also says Art Bell will be missed --- seems he has abruptly 
stopped his `Midnight [sic] in the Desert` show (which was briefly on 
WBCQ) due to threats against him and his family, to the level of 
gunshots being fired on his property in Nevada. Strange I had not 
heard about this as the news broke a week ago. Catch up via stories 
and scads of comments at:
The Future of Midnight in the Desert and Dark Matter Radio Network: 
So will WTWW and CFRX keep carrying M[sic]ITD with Heather instead of 
Art, if indeed, DMRN keeps carrying it at all? UT Tue-Sat 0500-0800 on 
5085, 6070.

Back to `AWWW`, then on the phone with Hal Turner for the next semi-
hour until starting to let him go at 0142, recounting his betrayal by 
the FBI landing him in prison, and how he has ``throttled back a 
little bit`` his new show on WBCQ, UT Thursdays 0200-0400 on 7490; and 
the need for free speech on the radio and everywhere. Before 0200, 
J.P. Ferraro is the guest, as 5109.7 switches to `Grogcast`, so we 
have to listen on 7489.9-AM only (Glenn Hauser, OK, WORLD OF RADIO 

** U S A. Youth update on USS Batfish, antennas, and more kits
W5KUB.COM watched in over 150 countries - Amateur Radio Roundtable 

This week's W5KUB.com show (December 22nd) Emmett Hohensee, W0QH, the 
chief engineer of Radiowavz, will give us a report on youth activities 
on the USS Batfish submarine, and will discuss setting up antennas.  
Joe Eisenberg, K0NEB, will be back with us to talk about more kits.  
After this we will open the show up to phone calls and talk to anyone 
who would like to call in. 
Be sure to send your FCC related questions to Riley Hollingsworth, 
K4ZDH, to AskRiley@w5kub.com. Riley retired from the FCC’s Compliance 
and Information Bureau as Legal Adviser for Enforcement Program. He 
will be answering your questions every few weeks on our "Ask Riley" 

Remember our show is also on international shortwave radio station 
WBCQ out of Monticello, ME on 5110 Khz, Please send a signal report to 

Amateur Radio Roundtable is a live weekly amateur radio webcast, held 
every Tuesday night at 8 PM CT (0200 UT Wednesday) at W5KUB.com. The 
show covers a wide range of topics for ham radio operators and 
electronic hobbyists; including balloon launches, satellite, go-kits, 
emergency communications, SDR, digital modes, DXing, home brewing, 
hamfest updates, and more. We also want to grow our shortwave listener 
base and will be including programs that intrest those listeners as 
well. Viewers will have the opportunity to ask questions via the chat 
room or telephone. 

Since we changed our main video service to Youtube Live, we have had 
almost zero complaints about buffering or freezing. Quality and 
stability reports have been great. Because of this, we will stop 
broadcasting on the back up server each night. You will need to watch 
on the main server. If there are ever any problems where we lose the 
main video server, we can quickly turn on the back up feed. This will 
cut down on the double data we have to send out for each show.

We need your help. If you use Twitter, please send out a tweet 15 
minutes before the show or retweet our announcement. I suggest 
something like "live #hamradio show starts in 15 mins on w5kub.com 8 
PM CT". This should help increase our viewer base.
Towards the end of each show, we provide a link and viewers who have a 
camera, microphone, and a Google+ account, can join the show. Your 
video and audio will be on the webcast. This part of the show is very 
informal and up to 10 people can join. We talk about anything the 
viewers want to discuss.

We would like to share pictures of your ham shack on the webcast. Send 
a picture of your ham shack with a description and we will feature 
your shack pictures on the show. In fact, if you give us your 
permission, your shack could be used as the background of that week's 

If you have a specific subject idea for a future show, send an email 
to tom@w5kub.com. Forward this message to a Friend will allow you to 
share this message with your friends. If you missed last week`s show, 
you can watch it here on our Youtube channel. Our shows are recorded 
and placed on YouTube's W5KUB channel the following day. Join us for 
fun and interesting discussions! (Tom Medlin, W5KUB, DX LISTENING 

5109.7-CUSB, Dec 22 at 0222, `Amateur Radio Roundtable`, soundtrack of 
W5KUB.com video webcast, sufficiently audible via WBCQ, until 0330 
when WBCQ sign-off announcement fires whether the `cast is finished or 
not and off 0331* (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Wondered if you'd mention this one for me, sir. For quite a 
while I have been interested in seeing if I could attract an audience 
for the webcast outside the dishnuts.net feed.
I want to satisfy that curiosity so I bought time on WBCQ 5110 this 
Friday evening from midnight to 3 UT [UT Sat Jan 2]. Anyone who wants 
to participate can call 1-330-752-6909 or use the Skype ID 
ray.t.mahorney As always thank you sir and keep up the good work (Ray 

** U S A. Updated B-15 of WRMI Okeechobee from Dec 1 here:
73! (Ivo Ivanov, QTH: Sofia, Bulgaria, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Message sent to WRMI Dec 18: ``Terry & Jeff, 9955 had some 
problems this morning, modulation cutting out for split seconds, 2 or 
3 times per second, and carrier also dropping but not going off 
completely. First noticed 1257 at end of Wavescan, and still so at 
1318 in Prague. By 1441 in F&E it was OK. Just letting you know in 
case this is intermittent and you did not deliberately fix it in the 
meantime. May need to check it out during daytime downtime. 73, 

Also noted on 9955: at 1329 Dec 18, outdated promo by Bruce Baskin for 
fragmentary sports coverage ``this fall`` including World Series, to 
be heard at ``9 am eastern``, really 1359 UT (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX 

Re WRMI with IADs before and after 1300 UT Dec 18 on 9955, Jeff White 
replied: ``Glenn: We have had some problems with electricity this 
morning, with phases cutting out, etc. This could be the problem, but 
I'm not totally certain. Jeff`` (Glenn Hauser, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. WTWW-1 Scriptures For America on daytime frequency Dec 16:
0200-1400 9475 TWW 100 kW / 050 deg to ENAm English, instead of 5830
(Ivo Ivanov, B`lgariya, circa Dec 16, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

9930, Dec 17 at 2040, surprised to find the day frequency of WTWW-2 on 
the air; haven`t heard it for ages, and it`s 55 over S9! Religious 
discussion mixed with financial advice, thus totally untrustworthy. 
WTWW.us website remains extremely vague about their true programming 
schedule. It`s a bit stronger than their other blowtorch, WTWW-1 on 
9475, and WTWW-3 is in third place at only S9+25. Also, looking at the 
NRD-545 S-meter on 9930 I can see it dip 5 or 10 dB during pauses, 
which implies the carrier is slightly reduced (or is it an artifact of 
overloading the receiver?) 

9930, Dec 19 at 2054, WTWW-2 is on again, this time with C&W music at 
S9+50. Is there a schedule?? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

Christmas music via WTWW tx#2 on 9930/5085 kHz
More info can be found here: http://wtww.us/
73! (Ivo Ivanov, QTH: Sofia, Bulgaria, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

WTWW Lebanon, TN, 5085, 0712 19 DEC - SINPO = 35323. English, Art Bell 
‘Midnight [sic] in the Desert’ show (only Art has quit again) with 
Heather Wade fielding phone call supporting Heather’s taking over 
Art’s show, but Heather seems to think that Art is going to be back. 
sf116.8, a5, k1, geomag: very quiet. 100kw, beamAz 315 ?, bearing 
107 . Sangean ATS505 w/Kaito KA33 active loop in west facing window. 
Received at Las Vegas, United States, 2615 km from transmitter at 
Lebanon, TN (WTWW). Local time: 2312 (Rodney Johnson, NV, dxldyg via 

Re: [dxld] Art Bell quits after threats, gunfire --- This is just sad 
and so wrong to lose Art again. We really liked listening to Art on 
shortwave; it made us remember the old days when Art first came on the 
air. Art, peace and grace, we want you back as soon as it's safe 
(Thomas Dorman, Dec 19, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

Others were not so kind. John Lightning, e.g., was denigrating Bell as 
a wuss for quitting time and again. Well, what would you do if your 
family was threatened by gunfire? Or was that made up? (gh, DXLD)

The sad truth is that Art Bell has been dealing with crazy people who 
have wanted to kill him for 20 years. I will miss Art again too, and 
hope that he will resurface soon. I have been thinking for years that 
he either needs to find another property to live on where people can't 
track him down, or have an armed guard ON SITE (Steven Wiseblood / 
AB5GP, dxldyg via DXLD)

Glenn: -- "BTW, Saturday night/UT Sun Dec 13 around 0430, I am hearing 
old Art Bell show weekly reruns from a decade ago all over the bigsig 
MW dial....."

This would be the "Somewhere In Time" weekly show, old Art 
presentations from years past as syndicated by iHeartRadio/Premiere 

BUT, in case you have not heard, Art quit again circa Dec 11, after 
threats and gunfire on his property in Nevada. M[sic]ITD is continuing 
on Dark Matters with a new hostess, Heather; still on SW 5085 UT Tue-
Sat 0500-0800, but CFRX and consequently CFRB 1010 have dropped it, 
replaced by generic ``Newstalk 10-10 programming`` (Glenn Hauser, Dec 

** U S A. 3215, WWCR with the “Horserace Huxter” (Larry Cain) doing 
his best Kentucky Derby Preaching. WWCR ID at 0231. 5554+4+ 0222-0232
13 Dec (Kenneth V Zichi, MARE Brighton MI DXpedition, dxldyg via DX 
LISTENING DIGEST) UT Sunday; only? (gh)

Distorted audio of World Wide Christian Radio WWCR-1 Dec 14:
from 1402 15825 WCR 100 kW / 046 deg to WeEu English US Christian News
(DX RE MIX NEWS #931 from Georgi Bancov and Ivo Ivanov, Dec. 21, 2015 
via DXLD)

World Wide Christian Radio WWCR-1 with transmitter's problem on 
December 21: 1345 & 1445 on 15825 WCR 100 kW / 046 deg to WeEu 
English, self-QRMing and squeals:
-- 73! (Ivo Ivanov, B`lgariya, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

6220, Dec 19 at 0130, no signal detected from WMDB via WNQM via mixing 
product with WWCR; yet the WWCR fundamental, 1300 kHz higher on 7520 
is still very strong at S9+40. Nor 6220 heard at several other recent 
chex. So maybe they have finally filtered out the ``La Ranchera 880`` 
Spanish spur? Window to check for it is UT Tue-Sat 00-03 only (Glenn 

15785-15855, Dec 21 at 1521, approx. fluxuating range of squeals 
coming out of 15825 WWCR transmitter, as heard on three receivers 
since 1455; worst between 15810 and 15840, and self-QRMing WWCR audio 
on 15825 itself. This fundamental is at only fair strength, while the 
lower WWCRs, 13845, 9980 and 7490, are blasting in as usual (Glenn 

** U S A. 7504.80, Dec 19 at 0202, WRNO DJ is introducing gospel music 
show, at S9+30 but unlistenable due to suptorted (suppressed & 
distorted) modulation. Spreads out but fortunately not quite down to 
7490 WBCQ. This station can never get its act together (Glenn Hauser, 

** U S A. 15555-USB, WJHR Milton FL, English Bible Bumping, what I am 
pretty sure was Rev Baxter and the “End Times Ministries” (they really
slurred the name but “fun times” -- which is what it sounded like! --
doesn’t quite fit. Although it you look at their website. These dudes 
are something else. They were replaying a broadcast from May 21, 2011 
(timely!) and assured that “No it (the Second Coming of Jesus and the 
Rapture/End Times) won’t happen” as Harold Camping is claiming. Not 
yet at least (because all the “prerequisites” spelled out in 
Revelation haven’t happened) and then there will be 3.5 years of 
“great tribulation” before the Rapture, etc. 

Well, how reassuring and 'honest' of them! They mentioned the 1988, 
1999 and now the 2011 end-of-times predictions and said they were all 
wet, and wanted you to call THEM (they gave their 800-363-TIME number) 
to buy their stuff. No begging for donations from these folks, they 
want to SELL you things! Hard to call them 'religious'. SINPO 45554+ -
- in much better than usual today. 2025-2037 (it was kind of like a 
car wreck, I just had to listen because it kept getting sillier!) 
12/Dec (Kenneth V Zichi, MARE Brighton MI DXpedition, dxldyg via DX 

** U S A. In the first few minutes of the Democratic Primary 
Presidential Debate on ABC-TV, 0128-0135 UT Dec 20, I scan the MW band 
to find which if any radio stations are also carrying it, never in 
synch with TV via cable: 

740-KRMG Tulsa OK, 750-WSB Atlanta GA, 840-WHAS Louisville KY, 1040-
WHO Des Moines IA, 1100-WTAM Cleveland OH, 1110-KFAB Omaha NE. I 
presume these already have some affiliation with ABC radio, but a lot 
of other ABC stations must be skipping it. Digging no further into the 
regional and graveyard pileups where there could be a few more. Then 
checking the FM band in OK: not a single station, tho presumably on 
inaudible 102.3 KRMG-FM Tulsa, of which 740 has been demoted to a mere 
50/25 kW appendage (Glenn Hauser, OK, WORLD OF RADIO 1805, DX 

The common thread I see is with iHeart Radio/Premiere, as I'm certain 
each station has an affiliated XDS box in the rack. KRMG takes Rush & 
Hannity, and WSB takes Hannity and "Handel On The Law" from Premiere, 
and the others are iHeart O&Os. Actually, WSB also takes Rush, come to 
think of it. I don't think Disney/ABC could send it without adding in 
tunes from "Song Of The South", or plugs for Star Wars (GREG HARDISON, 

** U S A. 550, Dec 20 at 0556-0559 UT, several ``News-talk 550 KTSA 
and 107-1`` IDs in promos. San Antonio station is not heard much here, 
night pattern with a little lobe to the north, three major lobes to 
WSW, ENE and SSE, also mutually protecting Midland (Glenn Hauser, OK, 

** U S A. 700, Dec 17 at 2031 UT, very poor signal from KHSE, music 
stops and I strain to detect the language: at 2034 UT, YL mentioning 
phone numbers definitely in Spanish. KHSE had been reported with a 
format change from Spanish:Religion to ETHnic --- that can and does 
still include Spanish, but not all the time?? Licensed to Wylie TX, 
and this daytime coverage map
shows site ENE of Dallas, with one of three major lobes toward us, but 
fringe contour not extending much beyond OKC. It`s 1500/920 watts. 
Apparently no website to check for true program schedule (Glenn 

** U S A. The end of progressive talk on 760 AM in Denver:
(via Artie Bigley, OH, Dec 21, WORLD OF RADIO 1805, DXLD) Viz.:

Denver Sports 760 To Launch January 4 Lance Venta | December 21, 2015 
Real Talk 760 KKZN Denver Sports KDSP Dave Logan 

iHeartMedia has confirmed that it will flip “Real Talk 760” KKZN 
Thornton CO to “Denver Sports 760” KDSP on Monday, January 4. The new 
format will feature a mix of local hosts with an emphasis on the 
Denver Broncos and Fox Sports Radio programming. Dave Logan and Susie 
Wagrin, who co-host the afternoon news block on sister News/Talk 850 
KOA will add a 10am-12pm talk show on KDSP. Logan also is the longtime 
play-by-play voice of the Broncos and a former NFL player. Another KOA 
host, Andy Lindahl, will also pull double-duty as afternoon host on 
760 from 3-6pm. Lindahl will continue anchoring “Prime Time Sports” on 
KOA from 7-8p. 

The rest of the “Denver Sports 760” lineup will feature Fox Sports 
Radio network programming including Dan Patrick from 7-10am, Colin 
Cowherd from 12-3pm, Jay Mohr Sports on delay from 6-9pm. CBS Sports 
Radio’s Ferrall On The Bench will be heard from 9pm-12am. The launch 
of 760 KDSP will be the final step in a network affiliation switch 
taking place on January 4. 

Bonneville’s 1600 KEPN will pick up ESPN Radio in place of Fox and CBS 
as Front Range Sports’ “ESPN Denver” 105.5 KJAC goes dark in 
preparation of its sale to Community Radio For Northern Colorado. – 

iHeartMedia announced today the debut of new sports radio station, 
Denver Sports 760 (KDSP-AM), which will begin on January 4. Denver 
Sports 760 will feature daily shows hosted by well-known Denver 
Broncos experts, including Dave Logan and Susie Wargin (10 a.m.-Noon) 
and Andy Lindahl (3-6 p.m.). In addition, Lindahl will be heard 
evenings 7-8 p.m., hosting PrimeTime Sports on KOA NewsRadio 850 AM & 
94.1 FM. Denver Sports 760 will be home to the biggest names in 
national sports talk, including The Dan Patrick Show (7-10 a.m.), The 
Herd with Colin Cowherd (Noon-3 pm.), Jay Mohr Sports (6-9 p.m.), 
Ferrall On The Bench (9 p.m.-Midnight), The Ben Maller Show (Midnight-
4 a.m.) and FOX Sports Daybreak with Andy Furman & Mike North (4-7 

“Denver Sports 760 will quickly become the premier destination for 
sports fans,” said Tim Hager, Market President of iHeartMedia Denver. 
“We’re excited to serve our listeners, partners and advertisers with a 
new station featuring original Denver Broncos content and the biggest 
names in sports.” All Denver Sports 760 programming will be available 
on DenverSports760.com as well as the iHeartRadio app. iHeartMedia is 
a leading media outlet in the Denver market and its programming and 
content are available across multiple platforms, including its 
broadcast stations; online via its branded digital sites; mobile; and 
social, with nationwide listening through iHeartRadio — with its more 
than 700 million downloads, more than 75 million social media 
followers and 87 million digital uniques across the Network

Read More At: 
(via DXLD)

** U S A. 830, Dec 23 at 0406 UT, WCCO is JBA on N-S antenna, and not 
at all on the east-west. MW from most of the US seems normal but 
Minneapolis is beyond the sub-auroral zone barrier. Instead, better on 
the E-W antenna is something with Spanish music, more like 830.04; 
0408 UT ID as ``La Favorita 830``. 

I am expecting WFNO Norco LA, the usual US station blocking real Latin 
American DX, and normally QRMing WCCO if you don`t null it: always 
suspected of day facilities at night, when 750 watts is supposed to 
head SE into the Gulf, while 5000 watts day has a broad pattern 
favoring the NNW right toward WCCO! WFNO got to be on this ``clear`` 
channel by barely exceeding the ``protected`` distance from Mpls.

But WFNO was last known as ``La Fabulosa``, and still listed as such. 
Possibly I misheard the slogan; need to recheck. I don`t find any 
Mexicans or beyond called Favorita (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING 

** U S A. 869.985 approx., Dec 19 at 0145 UT, WWL New Orleans is 
slightly off-frequency to the lo side; I have been noticing this for a 
long time as I bandscan MW in SSB on the NRD-545 at 10-kHz steps: 
makes a LAH unlike spot-on stations such as KOA 850.00. Seems unusual 
that a major clear channel station like WWL would be that far off. The 
MW Offset list, as of Oct 2015,
as usual has years-old info for these, but at least are included:
870  869.996  USA WWL (New Orleans, LA)  20101103
850  849.9999 USA KOA (Denver (IBOC), CO) [-850.0000] 20130316 
KOA has been non-IBOC-noise for a long time now, fortunately. Stations 
with IBOC were supposedly more careful about frequency accuracy, the 
only positive aspect of it (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 900, Dec 20 at 2132 UT, I happen to tune across KSGL Wichita 
KS, where YL DJ tells us the temperature is ``zero`` and on to some 
Xmas music. She sounds live, but must be an automatoness, defaulting 
to zero without any accurate current input, since it`s `way above zero 
Kelvin, Fahrenheit, even Celsius --- 57 or 58 F according to NWS 
Wichita 3-day history (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. WTIC IBOC STILL OFF [Hartford CT] --- I checked 1070 this 
morning and WTIC iboc is off. It's been about a week since I first 
noticed it being off, so maybe it's permanent. At 0950 EST Plattsburgh 
NY and Sunbury PA and Stirling NJ are mixing up the frequency (Jim B
in Springfield MA, WA1EDN, Dec 21, ABDX via DXLD)

1060 KYW is IBOC too, which has made 1070 very difficult to hear 
anything on here in the North East. Perhaps a member here who works at 
WTIC will fill us in. I will eagerly see what I can hear on 1070 
tonight. Thanks for the tip (FARMERIK [about 25 miles east of Jim], 

** U S A. 1100, Dec 19 at 0613 UT, `Red Eye Radio` from NW, quite 
separable from WTAM Cleveland by mutual nulling, so KNZZ Grand Junxion 
CO is once again on 50 kW ND day power; for a while they had been 
behaving themselves. In between, the pair produce a fast SAH (Glenn 

** U S A. 1290, Dec 20 at 0626 UT, classic rock, WIRL singing ID, back 
to music. That`s 5/5 kW U4 in Peoria IL, ``Good Time Oldies``. Unlike 
other frequencies, the 1290 map in the NRC Pattern Book does not 
distinguish between day and night contours: day is supposed to be 
dotted. That page needs to be replaced; are there others? I suspect 
for WIRL, the one tightly to the NNE with a minor lobe to the SSW is 
the night pattern, and the circle tangent SSW the day pattern (Glenn 

** U S A. 1310, Dec 23 at 0357 UT, mentions Owensboro as a health care 
region. Therefore, I assume it is WTTL Madisonville KY again, which is 
about 35 miles from Owensboro (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 1380, Dec 18 at 0614 UT, national adstring, including 
iHeartRadio.com promo, manages to squeeze by local 1390 KCRC, maybe 
peaking ENE/WSW. By 0641 UT, sports talk mixed with Star-Wars talk, 
not // ESPN. Most likely closest are KXFN St Louis, but AFAIK that is 
not an iHeart, while KHEY El Paso TX is, and is also with Fox Sports 
Radio, 5000/500 watts U1, so tentatively that (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX 

** U S A. 1380, Dec 23 at 0353 UT, ad for Berner(?) Toyota, across 
from Highland Mall(?), facilitated by the dead air from local 1390 
KCRC. Later I search on the Toyota name, and lacking any direct hits 
on Berner, an engine (was it Yahoo or Google?) helpfully suggests 
Bruner Toyota in Brownwood TX, or suburb Early. Guess what: there is a 
station there on 1380, KBWD. But the other clue was probably really 
``Highlander``, a Toyota model. KBWD is 1000/500 watts U1, one of my 
closer 1380s, and I`m quite sure that`s it (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX 

** U S A. WFOR 1400 Hattiesburg, MS --- I think the station will be 
off the air for awhile after its transmitter site was burnt to a 
blackened crisp...
This was just the transmitter site for the IHeart(Clear Channel) 
station, no studios there. Posted by: ("Paul B. Walker, Jr.", Dec 22, 
dxldyg via DXLD)

** U S A. 1430, KZQZ MO, Saint Louis. 12/13 noted off during the 
overnight hours; another check around 1800 [EST] on 12/17 shows that 
the station is presently not broadcasting at night, probably due to 
technical problems. This station is now temporarily 50,000W DA-D (Eric 
Bueneman, Hazelwood MO, IRCA DX Monitor Dec 26 via DXLD)

** U S A. 1510.0, Dec 19 at 1341 UT, discussion of GM corn from NE/SW, 
1346 UT several ads with 913 area codes (Kansas City +KS), so even tho 
it`s not sports talk, it must be KCTE Independence MO, and not off-
frequency producing a het, either; mentions `Sportsradio 810`, 
however, i.e. WHB KC MO, which must be a relative (Glenn Hauser, OK, 

It appears that G&E Studio, which was affiliated with China Radio 
International, might have lost funding from its arrangement with CRI 
and has discontinued its leased broadcasts on stations in the U.S., 
including KYND 1520 and KGBC 1540 here in the Houston area.  Much 
discussion of this on the RadioDiscussions.com Houston board.

KGBC is now running Hum Tum Radio, a South Asian targeted format 
produced in Houston (and also heard on 106.1 FM here) while KYND is 
running music fill while it searches for another programmer to lease 
time on the station.

This new development might have something to do with the Chinese 
government's reevaluation of its international media efforts as 
mentioned by Keith Perron on this forum a few months back.

The G&E Studio website is still there: http://gestudio.us/

Glenn, you have frequently reported hearing KYND during critical hours 
(daytime only station) so look for something different underneath KOKC 
(Stephen Luce, Houston, Texas, Dec 22, dxldyg via WORLD OF RADIO 1805, 

This CRI relay deal thru a ChiCom front organization in the US got a 
lot of negative publicity a few months ago, after the FCC had turned a 
blind eye to it. So now the question is whether CRI has also 
disappeared from several other cities, e.g. 1120 in Washington DC, 
1540 in Philadelphia, etc. (gh, DXLD)

** U S A. 1600, Dec 18 at 1315 UT, instead of KUSH OK, I am hearing 
unfamiliar choral national anthem, from north/south, no doubt the 
Republic of Vietnam`s in tribute from KRVA The Metroplex TX, followed 
by Vietnamese announcement and program. Shouldn`t that be KRVN? Tsk2, 
that call is already taken on 880 in NE (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX 

** U S A. 1600, UT Sat Dec 19 at 0205 UT, Saluki basketball, sponsored 
by Marion Toyota, at half-time show. This has got to be KATZ St Louis 
MO, breaking format from gospel hits as ``Hallelujah 1600``. Finally 
found on website a sked of Saluki football, but nothing about BKB:
Nor did they say they would really broadcast all those games. There 
are no 1600s in SIL or anywhere in IL, and KATZ night pattern aims 
toward us, not at all toward Carbondale and vicinity; day pattern is 
almost ND {but games are surely on local station(s) there, and I 
suppose there are some Saluki fans in St Louis area} (Glenn Hauser, 

** U S A. 1650, Dec 18 at 1313 UT, ESPNDeportesradio.com promo, from 
WSW/ENE, mentions ``paso a paso``, but this does not refer to El Paso 
TX, whence KSVE is certainly the source of this. Still not hearing 
KFSW Sallisaw OK, which should be the dominant signal at least after 
1315 UT sunrise (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) 

** U S A. I doubt that anyone will be surprised to hear that All 
Johnny Cash, All The Time is now history, as is KDDZ. KDMT is now in 
use and the format is Money Talk, as in Denver's Money Talk. Here is 
a real yawner for you. I won't be listening to that at all, but I did 
turn on Radio Disney once in a while for the music. I also listened 
when I was in a car with digital capability when I was near enough to 
hear it, but you could see farther than that digital signal went.
Digital is still dying here. In addition to 1690 dropping it, 1340 
also dropped it after it was sold and changed to sports. That just 
leaves 560, 670, 810 (day), and 910 using it in this market.

Meanwhile, 1550 (KBUD) is still silent with a for sale sign on the 
door. 73, (Kit W5KAT, CO, Dec 17, ABDX via DXLD)

1690, KDMT, CO, Arvada, 12/17 1840 [EST] Heard with business talk and 
then ID as “Denver’s Money Talk 16-90 AM” They have a new format and 
callsign. NEW! Another old Disney frequency goes away (Shawn Axelrod, 
VE4DX1SMA, Winnipeg MB Canada, NRC-AM via DXLD)

What is up with 1690 in Colorado - ? 1690 + ? + CO, Arvada (Presumed)  
12/21, 0700 M[ST = 1400 UT]. Talk radio (politics-what else?) to Male:  
"Right here on 7-10 KNUS".  

I was very sure I had heard a new call last week (KDMT), but local 
reporter was saying that they were using the old call KDDZ at the ToH 
when he was listening. This morning, I heard this call (KNUS) very 
clearly. Simulcasting? I can presume. Just what IS the current 
callsign for this Denver area broadcaster? Also the local DXer was 
saying that they are using a money business format now, altho this 
could be an overlap where politics is intertwined with business 
markets. Anyone? Best wishes from the Sonoran Desert (Rick Barton, 
dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST) See also 760

KNUS 710 is one of the Salem stations in Denver that's a sister to 
1690. I wouldn't be at all surprised if they're simulcasting or cross-
promoting ahead of an official launch of a new format on 1690 (s 
Fybush, NY, ABDX via DXLD)

Ah! TNQ for the reply, Scott Fybush! I am sure that the all Johnny 
Cash 24/7 format was short lived! heh (Barton, ibid.)

I didn't listen today, but the last time I checked in the past couple 
of days, they were running some sort of syndicated money type show and 
I heard the legal ID as KDMT, so KDDZ is history. I will see if I can 
check what they are doing tonight or tomorrow and let you know. 73,
(Kit W5KAT, CO, Dec 21, ibid.)

Although 1690 is now officially KDMT, they are still using some liners 
with KDDZ. I heard one yesterday afternoon at 4:30, so you might hear 
either if you catch them. They were airing financial programs 
yesterday when I heard them, not a simulcast of KNUS. 73, (Kit W5KAT, 
Dec 23, ABDX via DXLD)

** U S A. 94.1 MHz, FLORIDA (PIRATE) 94.1, Orlando. 1730 December 21, 
2015. A new one. Noted on the car radio upon departing Rock N Roll 
Heaven record store on Orange Avenue (by Lake Ivanhoe), Orlando though 
almost Winter Park. Signal totally lost just before the John Young 
Parkway exit on FL-408 toll road westbound, so, suspect it's in the 
South Orange Blossom Trail area based on gangsta rap format with lots 
of f-bombs in the lyrics (thus confirming not something licensed and 
semi-local). Also, a bit over-driven audio, never a great copy. 

Co-channel the W231CT WRSO 810 AM CBS Sports Radio translator, and 
also, once on FL-408, WLLD "Wild FM" (whose transmitter is in extreme 
SE Hillsborough County) stations. Don't see any 94.1 entries in FLPRS 
for pirates past or present in the area. Stupid choice; WRSO has 
probably already filed a complaint with the FCC. Curious how fast they 
respond to these things now that the field offices are presumably 
closed. Unless the Orange County Sheriff's Office is smart enough to 
know how to DF unassisted. Wondered why the W231CT signal was barely 
present near downtown Orlando. Looking at the coverage map on Radio-
locator, because it's actually in Longwood, well north of Orlando. 
First FM pirate for me in ages, and I had to drive over 100 miles to 
do that though it wasn't intentional. – 
Florida Low Power Radio Stations:
(Terry L. Krueger, All times/dates GMT, NRD-535, IC-R75, roof dipole, 
active loop u.o.s., Clearwater, FL u.o.s., DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Jingle bell rock: Lots of radio stations go all-Christmas in 
December. Here's why. By Maura Judkis,

Maybe the first time you hear Mariah Carey belt out "All I Want for 
Christmas is You" on the radio each season, it brings a smile to your
face. But then maybe you hear it a 10th time, then a 50th. Maybe 
you're the radio host who has to play it all December long. And maybe 
you would rather not. . .
(via Mike Cooper, DXLD)

Baseballessential.com  By Stevie Larson  December 11, 2015

(This is the first of a four part series taking a look at the History 
of Baseball Broadcasting. The second part will be published next week, 
and will cover the first television broadcasts of MLB games).

Today, if you wanted to see a baseball game, you would just turn on 
the TV or fire up your computer and go to mlb.tv. If you happened to 
be driving, you could either fire up your phone and watch the games on 
your phone, or turn on the radio and listen to them.

Before television and radio became big mediums, the first “broadcast” 
of a baseball game was not a broadcast at all. It was similar to what 
ESPN does on their gamecast. It was a large board with mechanical 
players who had to be physically moved, with a light up section for 
balls, strikes, and outs. The game was updated through a game account 
sent through a telegraph. These “viewing parties” were shown in bars 
and movie theatres, and were considered very popular, especially 
during the World Series.

This went on until 1921 when the first baseball game was broadcast on 
KDKA from Pittsburgh. The game was played on August 5, and saw the 
Pittsburgh Pirates defeat the Philadelphia Phillies 8-5. The game had 
only one announcer (imagine that!). Later that year, KDKA and WJZ in 
New Jersey broadcast the World Series on radio for the first time, 
with Grantland Rice and Tommy Cowan giving the calls. However, the 
broadcasters were not actually present at the game, they were actually 
at the station’s studios, and read a play by play account from a 
telegraph wire.

Radio was not recognized as a legitimate medium by owners for a while, 
as even in the 1930’s, teams that shared a city with another team were 
fighting to prevent road games from being broadcast while one team was 
at home. These deals were common throughout the league, and were 
constructed on the grounds that if the fans can hear a game on the 
radio, they were less likely to attend the game in person. Home games 
could still be broadcast, but if you lived in Boston or New York, and 
your favorite team was on the road, then you were unable to listen to 
their game.

Major League Baseball Commissioner Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis, who 
was installed as commissioner after the 1919 “Black Sox” incident, 
orchestrated a deal in 1935 that allowed the World Series to be 
broadcast on the radio on all three major networks. In exchange, 
baseball was paid $400,000 for the radio rights. This marked the end 
of the radio bans, as by 1939, all MLB teams were able to broadcast 
all their games on the radio. Posted by: (Mike Terry, dxldyg via DXLD)

(via Clara Listensprechen, DXLD)

** UZBEKISTAN. Stream of Praise Music Ministries, open carrier/dead 
air, 2100-2130 on  7530 TAC 100 kW / 090 deg to EaAs 
Cantonese/Chinese, Dec 17:
-- 73! (Ivo Ivanov, B`lgariya, Dec 17, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** UZBEKISTAN. Good reception of BVBroadcasting via BaBcoCk brokery 
FMO. 1200-1215 17820 TAC 100 kW 131 deg to SoEaAS English Suns only.
S=9+10dB signal here in Germany, 1205 UT on Dec 20. English prayer, 
Bible reading. [selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz]
(Wolfgang Bόschel, Dec 20, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** VENEZUELA. Radio Caracas ID'ed at 8:13 pm ET
// with website http://radiothe.com/radio-caracas-radio-s630/
Radio Caracas Radio 750 AM En vivo RCR - Escuchar Online!
``Radio Caracas Radio is a Venezuelan-based radio station dedicated to 
Venezuelan at home and the Diaspora community. Radio Caracas Radio 
(RCR 750 AM) station is of ...``

The website is about 1 second behind, lots of discussion, male 
speakers, many mentions of Caracas and Valencia, lots of ads also 
mentioning Valencia electrσnico with a website and a telephone number 
which is too fast for my lousy Spanish. As the night goes on it is 
becoming more and more dominant, still mixing with Cuba though playing 
Salsa with male and female speakers (Bob Young, Millbury, MA, SP-600 
with 1000' dipole, UT Dec 22, NRC-AM via WORLD OF RADIO 1805, DXLD)

Very clear has been on top starting at 6:00, still very clear at 6:30 
ET. Go and get it (Young, 2337 UT Dec 22, ibid.)

** VIETNAM [and non]. CHINA vs. VIETNAM, China Radio International vs. 
Voice of Vietnam, December 22
1900-1957 9730 KAS 500 kW / 298 deg SEu Portuguese China R Internat
1900-1957 9730 SON 100 kW / 320 deg WEu English/French V of Vietnam
(Ivo Ivanov, Sofia, Bulgaria, Dec 22, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** VIETNAM. 9635.79, VOV-1, 1258, Dec 20. In Vietnamese; 1300
instrumental National Anthem ("Sound of Singing Soldiers"). Seems
there are two transmitters here, as I often hear this on 9636.0; it is
either one or the other, no drifting at all.

7435.0, VOV-1, 1257*, Dec 20. This is scheduled for 1600*, but have
recently observed at 1257 suddenly going off the air; up till then //
9635.79, which continued on after 1300 (Ron Howard, Asilomar State 
Beach, CA, Etσn E1,antenna: 100' long wire, dxldyg via 

** VIETNAM. 7906-USB // 8294-USB, Ho Chi Minh Radio Coast Station, 
*1305 on Dec 22. Rapid series of tones; "Attention ... All stations 
..., This is Ho Chi Minh Radio"; distress messages for fishing vessels 
with persons overboard in English and Vietnamese; heavy accent, so 
hard to make out everything that was said, even with decent signal 
strength; marine conditions in Vietnamese.

8294-USB only (not on 7906-USB), at 1314 "All stations ... This is Ho 
Chi Minh Radio" with "Navigational Warnings" in English and 

(2008) contains some pictures of the studios/stations, maps, etc. for 
"Coastal Communication System Project in the Southern Part of 
Vietnam," that Japan helped set up for VISHIPEL (Vietnam Maritime 
Communications and Electronics LLC).

contains my recording mostly in English (poor, due to heavy accent) 
(Ron Howard, Asilomar State Beach, CA, Etσn E1,antenna: 100' long 
wire, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** YEMEN [non]. 11860, Dec 17 at 1436:42, R. Sana`a stops the ME music 
abruptly for another Qur`anic Call to Prayer lasting about 2 minutes, 
quick announcement in Arabic and more secular music; 1444 an echoey 
speech, 1446 rousing music; 1458 another speech this time with music 
under. Very strong signal as usual. Neat how QCTP correlates nicely 
with calculated sunset times in Aden per gaisma.com: 1437 today; by a 
week from now latening to 1441, so let`s see if the interruptions 
track right along with that (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

Radio Sana'a is also audible here in the NW of England at 1415/1500 UT 
with similar transmission reported by Glenn, but not easy to hear 
clearly due to co-channel, assumed to be IBB KWT, which is the same 
strength as Sana'a = S5+. This was about the best I could achieve when 
Jeddah was using 11855 for program 2 (Noel R. Green, Dec 18, dxldyg 

11860, Dec 18 around 1330, R. Sana`a is fairly good, but not up to 
peak strength until closer to 1400; at 1431 breaks from music for 
extended sermon, maybe for the Fribbath, almost the Sabbath, must be 
back-timed to end at 1436:18 when cut to Qur`anic Call to Prayer, at 
Yemen sundown, for three minutes, back to counter-revolutionary music 
from 1439:15 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

Hi Glenn, Seemed like several of us checked out your comments about 
the Maghrib (evening prayer, just after sunset) call-to-prayer via R. 
Sana`a, on 11860. Only observation that I can add is that at *1430 
heard the sign on of Kuwait (VOA Radio Ashna), which was thereafter 
mixing with R. Sana`a during the call-to-prayer (Ron (listening at 
Asilomar State Beach, near Monterey, CA, Dec 18, ibid.)

ARABIA SAUDI, 11860, Radio Sana΄a, 1640-1710, escuchada el 18 de
diciembre de 2015 en αrabe, emisiσn de mϊsica αrabe sin pausa hasta 
las 1700, tonos horarios, locutor con comentarios y entrevista a 
invitado, referencia a "arabia", SINPO 34433 (Josι Miguel Romero
Burjasot (Valencia), Espaρa, Sangean ATS 909, Antena hilo de 10 m, 

11860, Dec 20 at 1430, usual R. Sana`a rousing counter-revolutionary 
talk and music, and now with considerable CCI from IBB Kuwait, R. 
Ashna. So I keep an eye on the clock as I await another breakaway for 
vesper call to prayer at local sundown in Yemen: this happens at 
1437:08, vs 1436:18 two days ago, so it is shifting slightly later 
following the sun. (Ron Howard employs the proper terminology: 
``Maghrib (evening prayer, just after sunset) call-to-prayer``, but I 
tend to lump the Abrahamists in together.) The IBB CCI gets heavier 
and heavier, till they are about equal level by 1514, the worst yet. 
Hey Bill, when are you going to move this off? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX 

Vs. USA(non), Radio Sana'a vs. Radio Ashna, Dec 21
1430-1630 on 11860 JED 050 kW / non-dir to N/ME Arabic Radio Sana'a
1430-1500 on 11860 KWT 250 kW / 070 deg to WeAs Pashto Radio Ashna
1500-1630 on 11860 KWT 250 kW / 070 deg to WeAs Dari Radio Ashna
-- 73! (Ivo Ivanov, B`lgariya, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

11860, Dec 21 at 1435, R. Sana`a with siren sounds, much weaker than 
usual due to propagation disturbances: 

``Solar-terrestrial indices for 20 December follow.
Solar flux 117 and estimated planetary A-index 66.
The estimated planetary K-index at 1500 UTC on 21 December was 3.
Space weather for the past 24 hours has been moderate.
Geomagnetic storms reaching the G2 level occurred.
Radio blackouts reaching the R1 level occurred.`` [WWV at 1518]

At 1437:47, Qur`an starts after several seconds` pause. This is 39 
seconds later than yesterday. Recheck of gaisma.com finds today`s 
sunset times: Aden 1439 UT; Sana`a 1438 UT. 11860 continues weakening, 
only poor by 1500 today (Glenn Hauser, OK, WORLD OF RADIO 1805, DX 

Rep. Yemen Radio Sanaa, 11860, 1454 21 DEC - SINPO = 15211. No 
modulation detected, only barely audible carrier. sf117.3, a66, k4, 
geomag: active. 50kw?, Omni?, bearing 27 . Sangean ATS505 w/MFJ-1020C 
active antenna used to preselect Magic Wand Antenna hanging indoors on 
west wall. Received at Las Vegas, United States, 13039 km from 
transmitter at Riyadh. Local time: 0654 (Rodney Johnson, NV, dxldyg 

Who says it`s Riyadh? The 50 kW unit speculated upon is in Jeddah. 
Giving precise kilometric distances to sites implies more certainty 
than is called for (Glenn Hauser, DXLD)

Rep. Yemen Radio Sanaa 11860, 1459 22 DEC - SINPO = 35333. ?Middle 
Eastern Language?, middle eastern Mediterranean music with microtonal 
vocals. 1500z female announcer. QSB=ff. sf122.7, a38, k4, geomag: 
active. 50kw?, Omni?, bearing 27 . Sangean ATS505 w/MFJ-1020C active 
antenna used to preselect Magic Wand Antenna hanging indoors on west 
wall. Received at Las Vegas, United States, 13039KM from transmitter 
at Riyadh. Local time: 0659 (Rodney Johnson, NV, dxldyg via DX 

Rodney, Who exactly says this is from Riyadh? Big sig makes that more 
likely than Jeddah as Ivo thinx, but does anybody really know?? It 
might not be Saudi Arabia at all (Glenn Hauser, ibid.)

Glenn, Shortwave.am reports this. AOKI reports Jeddah. I've previously 
indicated in my logs that I don't believe that this is 50 kW and 
perhaps not even from Saudi Arabia at all. If it is in Saudi Arabia I 
would think it more likely Riyadh because of R. Saudi's 500 kW 
transmitters there. Do they have them that big in Jeddah? Why would a 
big dog necessarily come from Jeddah? (Rodney, Dec 24, ibid.)

There is no regular registration request read yet on international 
ITU/HFCC databases for this Sanaa' 11860 shortwave program. There is 
no reliable source, that brings light on the matter.

Aoki Nagoya database entry or Ivo's report are only an 'ESTIMATION'.

Is just only a 'estimation' yet by the folks, that rather simple 
signal is in the 50 kW class, never one of the 500 kW beasts at 
BSKSA's Riyadh broadcast center. Either is coming from a Riyadh' 
reserve unit, seen on Google Earth satellite images as horizontal 
rotatable LPH antennas, - or rather true from Jeddah site in the 50 kW 
power class.

Note to my estimation: all international monitor observations on 
remote receiving units in the Perseus SDR network in past two weeks, 
reveal the origin of a maximal 50 kW signal or a limited LPH - log 
periodic horizontal antenna usage in 7.5 dB gain range.

Only poor signals in S=3 ... 5 class yesterday Dec 23 observed in 
Japan and Europe, - and at present at 02 UT in NJ, MI-US and in 
Alberta Canada remotes too. wb (Wolfgang Bόschel, ibid.)

Thanks for the insights, Wolfgang. If it is indeed only 50 kW it's 
putting as good or better signal to here than BSKSA. I've never heard 
a 50 kW transmitter come over the pole so well from so far. Especially 
since we'd be completely on the back side of the beam (bidirectional 
beam maybe?).
73s (Rodney, Dec 24, ibid.)

Wolfy, That`s your point of view, but from Rodney`s and my point of 
view, no way is 11860 only 50 kW, at least in the 1330-1530~~ period 
when I am hearing it well (certainly nowhere near that strong at other 
times, if at all).

Optimum beam from Jeddah on the west coast would be about 165 degrees 
toward Yemen, which might carry on well by longpath to us. From 
Riyadh, much further east, optimum beam would be circa 190 degrees 
toward Yemen.

Remember there are 4 x 250 kW at Jeddah, so why assume it is 50 kW, 
and why assume it is Jeddah instead of Riyadh with its several 500 (or 
350 kW) units?

HFCC shows this sked for 50 kW Jeddah:
03-06 9580
06-17 11855
17-22 9580
and also:
15-18 6130

Are any of these frequencies active? Have not researched but I seem to 
recall that previous logs of Jeddah 50 kW frequencies had them with 
modulation or frequency accuracy problems. This 11860 is right on 
(nearly per wb measurement) and certainly good modulation.

Someones closer to the area could get DF fixes on it, but no one who 
can do that ever reports to us.

As I also suggested, it could be leased time from some other major 
site outside Saudi Arabia. Why not? Why not part of the time if not 
the whole 24 hours? Could be several different sites, like Denge 

Until and unless this is revealed, I suggest that it is misleading to 
post an exact distance to Riyadh for these logs. 73, (Glenn Hauser, 

Hi Glenn, I have corrected my Logs and put question marks around all 
references to Riyadh. I also erroneously reported the bearing to 
Jeddah (27 ) instead of Riyadh (18 ), of which I have also corrected. 
I'm using question marks at present because it is my best guess from 
what I hear compared to BSKSA. It just seems similar modulation 
(strong, clear) and fading characteristics (some flutter from going 
over the pole). If I find out something different I'll make the 
appropriate corrections (again). 73 and happy holidaze! (Rodney, 

Aren't these "Jeddah 50 kW" registrations plain wood, no longer heard 
already for years? It seems to me that this very circumstance led to 
the speculations about this being the origin of the 11860 clandestine, 
because it would mean that the equipment is no longer in use for own 
BSKSA programming. However, it could also indicate that this equipment 
no longer exists at all, at least not in operational condition.

And the "4 x 250 kW" are a new facility for which so far no signs of 
it being on air have been reported. Of course it could be in use 
already for quite some time, running frequencies registered as "RIY". 
I think it's a rather unlikely scenario that the complete new facility 
has been put into real programming use with that 11860 service for the 
first time.

And of course the Riyadh shortwave plant could be the origin of 11860 
as well. Is the BSKSA shortwave schedule so dense that neither a spare 
transmitter nor a suitable antenna (this would none of the European / 
American, African, Asian beams anyway) would be available? I don't 
think so.

As a matter of fact, 11860 is right now (after 0930) in Central Europe 
very faint. About what one would expect for a 25 metres signal from 
Saudi Arabia at this time. Thus I see so far no need to consider the 
possibility that leased capacity abroad could be at work here.

What baffles me is something else: Just this 11860 kHz shortwave 
signal, besides a stream buried deep in some Google application? 
That's all?? Hard to believe. I suspect that a substantial part of the 
picture is still missing (Kai Ludwig, Dec 24, ibid.)

Also Riyadh 11860 would beam south and it would be interesting to 
hear, how the strength is in South Africa for example. I checked at 
0915 via Qatar Perseus and 11860 kHz was clearly stronger than 
supposed Riyadh on 9715 kHz. Merry Christmas! (Mauno Ritola, Finland, 

11860, Dec 22 at 1425, R. Sana`a is S9+20, usual bigsig, music with 
heavy beat, drumming; 1430 I cannot hear any IBB Kuwait QRM starting; 
1438:04 Maghrib Qur`an starts, which is 17 seconds later than 
yesterday, following the sunset in Yemen. Now tnx to the built-in 
pauses I can barely make out R. Ashna underneath. Noel Green in 
England says the signals are about equal level there. How much longer 
will IBB allow these to collide? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING 

Weak signal of Radio Sana'a on December 22
from 1650 on 11860 JED 050 kW / non-dir [sic] to N/ME Arabic:
(Ivo Ivanov, Sofia, Bulgaria, Dec 22, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

11860, Dec 23 at 1425, usual inspirational music and Arabic talk, 
lower S8 level but still plenty, cut to Maghrib Qur`an at 1437:57.5, 
which is 7.5 seconds *earlier* than yesterday, so margin of error? 
Only now in the pauses can I detect R. Ashna, KUWAIT, still colliding 
underneath. 1441 onward to yelling and screaming, presumably 
advocating restoration of the ancien rιgime [oops: my Collins 
dixionary does not list any ``regime`` in either language!] (Glenn 

Clandestine: 11860, 12/23 1841-1855 Radio Sana΄a, Jeddah [sic], in 
Arabic. Traditional Arabic song; OM talks; fair signal and poor 
modulation, 35332 (DXer Josι Ronaldo Xavier (JRX), Cabedelo - Brazil, 
Degen DE1103 / Tecsun S-2000, Hard-Core-DX mailing list via DXLD)

The modulation is never ``poor`` when heard here in the 1330-1530 
period --- so different site at 1841-1855??? (Glenn Hauser, DXLD)

Radio Sanaa copied today - S9 plus and very clear audio at 1335z tune 
in (thanks to Glenn Hauser for his tip). OM in unknown language 
(Arabic?) ranting & raving. Couldn't stay at the dials too long - had 
to get to work. Merry Christmas to all, (Rich, Near Chicago, IL, Ray,
Drake R8 and Wellbrook 1530 at 28', Dec 24, dxldyg via DX LISTENING 

** ZAMBIA. 5915, Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation – Lusaka, 
2154-2158*, Dec 13. man announcer with brief talk followed by tribal 
vocals until carrier was terminated. No chance for an ID. Poor to 

[+ same] 0323-0407, Dec 14, tribal vocals and drums music followed by 
a man announcer with talk in local language. More group tribal songs 
until 0359 ID by a woman announcer and news. Back to music at 0405. 
Poor to fair. Again *0247-0254, Dec 15, noted with familiar Fisheagle 
IS followed by choral anthem at 0250 before a man announcer with 
opening ID and announcements. Poor (Rich D'Angelo, French Creek State 
Park DX-pedition, PA, NASWA Flashsheet Dec 20 via DXLD)

** ZANZIBAR. 6015, Zanzibar Broadcasting Corporation - Dole, 0313-
0410, Dec 14. man announcer with Swahili language talks, some local 
music and vocals. Re-tuned around 0400 to catch ID and news ready by a 
man announcer. Signal was poor and needed lower side band to clear 
mess on 6020 kHz. However, improved significantly to poor to fair for 
0400 news. Quite pleased to finally log Zanzibar on this channel. 
Again, *0254-0420, Dec 15, man talking over rhythmic instrumental 
music with 5+1 time pips at 0300 followed by a woman announcer with 
Swahili language ID for “Dar es Salaam” and opening announcements. Man 
with recitation an then another man with a long talk. Woman announcer 
with news at 0330. At 0400 drums, time pips and woman announcer with 
ID. Fair signal with splatter from CRI on 6020 kHz required LSB  (Rich 
D’Angelo, December 20, 2015: French Creek State Park DXpedition No. 49 
(December 13, 14 and 15, 2015); Equipment: Ten-Tec RX-340, Drake R-8B 
and an Eton E1, 500-foot wire essentially north for the RX-340 and 
250-foot wire essentially northeast for the R-8B and a whip antenna 
for the E1, NASWA Flashsheet Dec 20 via DXLD)

UNIDENTIFIED. 783.00, Dec 23 at 0409, JBA carrier on this TA-split 
frequency, likely MAURITANIA, if they are on all-night, and WRTH 2016 
says they are; 50 kW. Checked some other 9-kHz Eurafrican channels in 
the 600s and 700s, but nothing else (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING 

UNIDENTIFIED. 1309.74, 0051 December 19, 2015. Big het always present 
in darkness on the channel, looping roughly SSW/NNE and frequency 
approximate. Domestic? (Terry L. Krueger, All times/dates GMT, NRD-
535, IC-R75, roof dipole, active loop u.o.s., Clearwater, FL u.o.s., 

UNIDENTIFIED. 4870, Dec 17 at 1327, carrier cutting off and on and off 
until 1328*, vs a much weaker carrier slightly on lo side. Suspect the 
first one is AIR Kingsway, INDIA, attempting to start the Nepali hour 
as scheduled; don`t know if they kept trying and stayed on later; and 
the lower one RRI Wamena, always reported off-low (Glenn Hauser, OK, 

UNIDENTIFIED. 5931.0-CW, Dec 17 at 1334, S4 not-hand-keyed message 
with lots of numbers but not exclusively numbers, continuously past 
1338. Never heard any DE to try to copy an ID. INTRUDER (Glenn Hauser, 

UNIDENTIFIED. 5982.623 ??? UNID 50 Hertz tone carrier, hit heavily the 
adjacent ALBANIA CRI Arabic from Cerrik relay site, S=9+25dB backlobe 
(Wolfgang Bόschel, Germany, logs at 0555-0645 UT Dec 19, dxldyg via DX 

UNIDENTIFIED. 6035.02 approx., Dec 17 at 1343, today I have one VP 
carrier here, so will not hazard a guess whether it`s Bhutan or 
Shangri-La. Ron Howard followed up:

Hi Glenn, I suggest checking BBS/Bhutan again today (Dec 17), as it's 
Bhutan's "National Day" and BBS might have an extended schedule and 
special programs. Worth checking! Thanks very much to Sei-ichi 
Hasegawa for the alert about their "National Day"!

[but later:] ``Hi Glenn, Sorry to say I tuned in 6034.95, on Dec 17 at 
1131 through subsequent checking till 1314 and ONLY heard PBS Yunnan, 
with fairly decent reception. No hint of BBS. Disappointed! Maybe they 
had been out celebrating all day, hi. Ron`` (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX 

UNIDentified. Station with powerful signal was noted on December 17
from 1515 on 6175 Turkish and English, suddenly off air at 1517 UT:
-- 73! (Ivo Ivanov, B`lgariya, Dec 17, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

UNIDENTIFIED. (Voice of China?) 7270, 1456 20 DEC - UNID (VOICE OF 
CHINA -CLANDESTINE?). SINPO = 15411. ?Chinese?, female announcer. 
carrier s/off at 1500z (precisely, but didn’t hear pips because of 
QSB). Checked CNR1 // 9530 which had male announcer, no modulation 
heard on 7365 and 6125 (So not CNR1). QSB=moderate rate, modulation on 
noisy carrier only very occasionally above noise floor. sf120.6, a12, 
k5, geomag: minor storm. 100kw(?), beamAz 325 (?), bearing 310 (?). 
Sangean ATS505 w/Kaito KA33 active loop in west facing window. 
Received at Las Vegas, United States, 11015 km from transmitter at 
Taipei (Pali). Local time: 0656 -- (Rodney Johnson, NV, dxldyg via DX 

7270, Dec 22 at 1407, poor signal with talk, maybe Chinese but not 
sure; not // 7365 or 7385 which are CNR1 (7365 not a jammer, 7385 a 
jammer), altho possibly could be way out of synch with 7270, which is 
losing out by 1417. Question is whether this is Voice of China 
clandestine via Taiwan, or PBS Nei Menggu in Mongolian (Glenn Hauser, 

UNIDentified. Station with Arabic music, December 21:
1100-1110 on 9600 unknown tx site, test tone 1000 Hz
1110-1116 on 9600 unknown tx site, non-stop Ar music
-- 73! (Ivo Ivanov, B`lgaria, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

UNIDentified. Two stations as observed on December 23:
0910-0915 on 9600 unknown tx site non-stop Arabic music
0910-0915 on 9600 unknown tx site DRM mode, very strong
-- 73! (Ivo Ivanov, B`lgariya, Dec 23, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

UNIDENTIFIED. U S A. 10000, Dec 19 at 2049, WWV has been taken over by 
the NWS! Something`s haywire. Typical NOAA Weather Radio local info 
for central Missouri! Doesn`t even pause for WWV time announcement 
just before 2151:00, but overrides it, generally much louder 
modulation. Mentions Columbia, Jefferson City, California, 
Springfield, Joplin; local conditions for Columbia. Back to WWV 
control starting at 2052. Meanwhile I quickly checked the other WWV 
frequencies, 2500, 5000, 15000 all of which were much weaker, and did 
*not* hear this override. 

I keep listening to hear any more of this SNAFU. Ops normal including 
WWV`s regular oceanic weather info at 2108-2111, but then NOAA takes 
over again until 2112, back again at 2113-2114+ but stops before the 
pre-2115 WWV announcement. Nothing more till an hour later than my 
first observation, 2148-2152: altho there are some interruptions in 
NWS, not coordinated with anything WWV is saying, again overriding the 
pre-2151 time announcement. Now includes current 3:49 pm Central 
timecheck, partial ID as from somewhere in Missouri, 162.425 MHz, 
operated from NWS St Louis for central Missouri, site on a tower at 
Jamestown (which is halfway between Columbia and California; NW of 
Jeff. City). Again, not on the other WWV frequencies, just 10000.

I don`t hear any beat, but possibly this is not the WWV 10000 kHz 
transmitter, rather from something else. Why isn`t it affecting the 
other WWV frequencies?? Altho I ran across this myself, there was a 
previous report of such last week, at a different time in an hour:

``10000, WWV, 1535 and 1538. SINFO=3,3,5,3,3, this one is almost 
beyond belief, between the WWV minute announcements I heard the NOAA 
weather forecast for central Missouri including Jefferson City, the 
Kaito 1103 and its telescoping antenna. Someone please explain this 
one to me! 12/11 (John Davis, Columbus OH, NASWA Flashsheet via 

If WWV is doing this, automation must be accessing a VERY WRONG 
source, no human noticing! (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

10000, Dec 20 at 1748-1752, checking WWV for NOAA Weather Radio 
override, during an hourpart when this previously happened, but no 
sign of it, just silent ticking until toning resumes at 1752. (WWVH 
15000 had North Pacific weather in the 1750-1752 minutes). 

Shortly after publishing my previous report, I copied it to 
wwv@nist.gov and asked, Please explain this, but no reply. This one 
goes to them next. Now it`s obvious that NWS is NOT coming out of the 
WWV (or WWVH) transmitter:

10000, Dec 21 at 1419 tune-in, a bit of strong NWS stops, leaving a 
weak WWVH audible and WWV even weaker JBA. At 1429 NOAA Weather Radio 
for central Missouri resumes, with St Louis ID, and is about S8, way 
stronger than either NIST signal, and furthermore is on USB only (plus 
carrier? no LSB). This segment keeps going until 1432, including 
during tonal WWVH period. A few words cut on briefly before 1436. Back 
to NWS at 1439 with weather history, total precip for the year in 
Jefferson City, etc. By 1450 the WWV signal is building up to normal 
strong day level. I keep monitoring until 1517 but no more NWS 
interruptions, which would certainly be audible whenever they recur, 
evidently at totally random times. Remonitoring later catches some 
more NWS interruptions as in clips below.

So what`s going on? Obviously WWV is the victim of this interference, 
not the inadvertent cause. It could be 1) some USB automated 
transmitter, maybe a USCG or commercial coastal station, which is 
mistuned, defaulting to an `even` frequency like 10000 (but Central MO 
is hardly coastal, not a normal source to be relayed anywhere on SW). 
Is anyone familiar with such transmitters defaulting like this? But no 
signs of any IDs other than NOAA Weather Radio for central Missouri.

OR 2) some deliberate QRM by anyone with a USB transmitter, probably 
but not necessarily in range of the central-MO NOAA Weather Radio VHF 
transmitter to relay. That`s pretty close to here for such a good 
signal on 10 MHz; could be further, more appropriate skip distance.

NOAA Weather Radio roster for Missouri shows this is the one:
Jamestown | Prairie Home | KWN55 | 162.425 | 1000 | Weldon Spring, MO

Jamestown is the site name; Prairie Home is the transmitter name; 1000 
is the power; and WFO is the weather forecast office (announcements 
heard say this originates in St Louis, but Weldon Springs is a western 
suburb of it). And here`s its coverage map, at times much greater!

Some clips recorded Dec 21, clearly showing how this mixes/overrides 
WWV. We had to rush and grab a phone rather than proper patch cord 
setup. If you hear California mentioned, that`s a town in central MO. 
Note that NWS weather segments usually end with a beep and silence, 
not what you would expect on their own continuous 162 MHz broadcasts. 
I expect they can be accessed online as well.

1, [2:43 duration] extended forecast, independent fading, mixed with 
WWVH 1432 & 1433 timechecks; WWV not or hardly audible yet: 

2, [1:43] WWV time at 1549, NWS forecast, pauses, resumes with 
conditions, WWV time at 1550:

3, [4:14] WWV time at 1559, NWS, 1600 WWV full ID on hour; NWS resumes 
at 2:06 into clip, ends with beep, WWV ID:

4, [4:35] WWV tone stops, NWS starts, WWV at 1608, starts own North 
Atlantic Weather while NWS mixes, more at 1609, 1610 to 1611 when WWV 
tone starts, NWS continues mixing underneath; WWV at 1612, now with 
tone while NWS has stopped:

10000, no further KWN55 QRM to WWV noted Dec 22 or 23, tho I made only 
a few sporadic chex. On Dec 23 around 1430, not even WWVH or WWV 
audible on 10000, but 9980 WWCR BS blasting in and desensitizing 
receivers. FCC should never have allowed them even that close to WWV, 
altho beyond the `protected` SF band. WWV back up to VG level at 1511. 
Meanwhile, replies to my previous reports: (Glenn Hauser, OK, WORLD OF 

Glenn, Thanks for your email, and your report of the interference on 
WWV, 10 MHz. We've heard from a number of listeners about this 
interference issue. The FCC has been contacted and they are 
investigating. Sincerely, (Glenn Nelson, National Institute of 
Standards and Technology, Radio Stations WWV/WWVB, Dec 21 to gh, via 

We had some US Military SIGNIT [SIGINT?] recently with both local AWOS 
& NOAA WX broadcasts on 7714.1 USB. Might be something along that 
line, with 10 MHz accidentally plugged into a frequency set (Jack L. 
Metcalfe - Stanford, KY, Software Radio Laboratory QS1R (x2) & RFSpace 
Cloud-IQ SDRs, Icom IC-R8500, Icom IC-R75 (x2), Icom IC-R5, Uniden 
BCD996T, BCD996XT, AOR AR8200, 342' Long Wire & 131' Inverted L Sloper 
HF Antennas, SAMCO SAM-360 Yagi, Kreco D-150AN & GP-151AN VHF/UHF 
Antennas, Dec 21, UDXF yg via DXLD)

SIGINT involves RECEIVING signals, not transmitting anything; 
Electronic Warfare involves transmitting and jamming. I am a former 
Navy CTM (William Knight, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

Jack, heard the same thing yesterday here in NNJ, very strong signal. 
When heard this I went to shut off the VHF rig and did a "Duh??" 
moment when I saw it was already off. Took a few moments for my feeble 
brain to comprehend that the signal was on top of WWV. Made me laugh 
though (Paul, Dec 21, UDXF yg via DXLD)

I heard this last night, and when the NOAA WX station was on WWV's 
audio it also sounded like a phone ringing. And every time the NOAA 
audio ended with a beep. I tried hearing where the NOAA station said 
the tower was located but that part was pretty rough copy; conditions 
weren't that great last night. Any time I can't hear WWV on 10 MHz 
with good levels means propagation is pretty poor. When I heard it, I 
was adjusting the frequency calibration on my SDR dongle using WWV, 
and thought the dongle or my HF upconverter was screwing up. The audio 
started right after I had clicked to move the frequency up a bit. Our 
local weather station is just a few miles away, but it usually uses 
the female "Misty" voice. – (Tom Sevart N2UHC, St. Paul, KS, Dec 21, 
UDXF yg via DXLD)

Now 2224z near Chicago, something on USB (only) mixing with WWV on 10 
MHz. "Iron Mike" type voice, typical of NWS on VHF but can't quite 
make it out. Sounds like a looped recording. Will stay tuned (Rich, 
Near Chicago, Ray, Drake R8 and Wellbrook 1530 at 28', Dec 21, dxldyg 

I have a possible explanation: About 20 years ago I was involved in a 
similar situation. One of my customers, Bellcore, set-up a nationwide 
HF network of 100 and 1000W HF transceivers for disaster recovery. 
They programmed channels on one or more of their radios to WWV for 
time/frequency checks. One of the radios had some kind of a power or 
remote control glitch and went by itself to 10 MHz and became 
continuously keyed down with an open carrier! 

Since their drills were only once a month or so, this condition went 
on for days (or weeks?) until someone complained and the FCC tracked 
it down. Bellcore was contacted and it was promptly turned off. We 
could never track down exactly why it happened but Bellcore made sure 
that in the future that WWV was programmed as a receive-only channel!
I can speculate that a similar situation is how the currently 
offending radio is on 10 MHz but that certainly doesn't explain the 
NWS audio. However, I suppose there could be an open microphone at the 
location picking up NWS coming from another radio? I listened to the 
recordings and it seems there may be some other noise in the 
background, which could give some credence to this theory.

Certainly today there are hundreds of commercial/gov't HF radios out 
there that could potentially create this situation. However, most of 
them are now in the ALE (Automatic Link Establishment) mode constantly 
sounding their frequencies. The FCC doesn't have the resources they 
had 20 years ago so it may take them a lot longer to locate the 
transmitter! (Bob LaRose, San Diego CA, Dec 22, dxldyg via WORLD OF 

Glen[n], Others may have not caught it but there has been a station on 
5000 kHz frequency of WWV from time to time for at least the last 
week. It's weak but it is there. We thought it was an issue with the 
vintage receiver we were using but checked it on our newer radios and 
it was there also. In addition yesterday for a time there was also a 
station with WWV on 15000. It's not WWVH we are hearing, this we hear 
are people talking and at times music. Regards (Thomas Dorman, Dec 22, 

Music on standard frequencies could be the Italian faux-time station 
``Italcable`` (Glenn Hauser, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

UNIDENTIFIED. 12065, UNID Location. Test transmission, 1415-1419*, Dec 
14. John Figliozzi caught this while looking for Radio Australia. Test 
transmission announcements over instrumental music. The test 
transmission closed with the final announcements: “You are listening 
to a test transmission. Please e-mail your reception reports to 
testtransmission@gmail.com.” The station broadcast transmission 
carrier was terminated revealing Radio Australia weakly in the 
background. Pretty good signal (Rich D’Angelo, December 20, 2015: 
French Creek State Park DXpedition No. 49 (December 13, 14 and 15, 
2015); Equipment: Ten-Tec RX-340, Drake R-8B and an Eton E1, 500-foot 
wire essentially north for the RX-340 and 250-foot wire essentially 
northeast for the R-8B and a whip antenna for the E1, NASWA Flashsheet 
Dec 20 via DXLD) It`s BaBcoCk, as I also reported it (gh, DXLD)

UNIDENTIFIED. 15150 MYSTERY --- I am in the midst of typing my logs 
from the weekend's DXpedition, and I came across this in my notes; any 

Unknownia: 15150 UNID / AWR via Trincomalee (VERY Tent!) with English 
Indian accented OM talking politics mentioning India, “Labour Party” 
and “Islam”. NOT typical of AWR programming, and they are supposed to 
be in Cambodian at this time, so --- Is this India? They are also not 
scheduled for this time, and aren’t listed as using this frequency. It 
was NOT Romania on late, and nothing else is listed as English on this 
channel, and the audio was just too down in the mud to really make 
things out: 25332 and slowly fading. 1305-1320 by which time it was 
unusable. 13/Dec (Kenneth V Zichi, MARE Brighton MI DXpedition, dxldyg 

UNIDENTIFIED. FMBC: 87.9, Midland MI, Xmas Music Pirate; 12 Noon, 14-
Dec; Different singing non-ID as "Radio One". I've heard Hallmark 
Channel promos here a few times. The pop music pirate was dead 
air/transmitter hum (Harold Frodge, Midland MI, MARE Tisphet 18 Dec 
via DXLD)



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I read, with great interest, your recent data regarding your finds in 
the 2 MHz region with marine broadcasts. You have a unique way of 
inspiring us to seek and discover. I really appreciate your work. 
Thanks for listening (Karl Zuk, Katonah, NY near NYC, Dec 19, DX 



Here is an interesting site covering the inland marine communication 
systems for the Great Lakes and Mississippi River:
(Thomas Nilsson, Sweden, SW Bulletin Dec 20 via DXLD)

ILGRadio database

Dear Glen[n], the new files of ILGRadio are now available:

A lot of changes were made and I hope you will like it. Again the 
number of data sets are nearly looking the same, but a few thousands 
entries replaced by new up-to-data data in the UTILITY range!

ILG is available since 1983 and is quite popular among short wave 
listeners around the world. It you will like it please put a link to 
ilgradio.com on your web page. Please write also for any questions or 
suggestions. May I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Regards, Bernd Friedewald (DK9FI)

The master source for serious short wave listeners:
- the most up-to-date database in the world
- broadcasting or UTILITY stations - everything is here
- accurate in its detail
- entries checked by regular bandscans
- you can identify nearly each signal at once
- easy to handle and to read
- various formats for popular receiver software available
- absolute low in price
- test it out to talk about

This is the International Listening Guide
The real and original = the second to none short wave
database of the world incl. stations between 2-30 MHz
We are promoting short wave listening our web pages
ILG Software  &  BFM Internet-Vertriebs GmbH
P.O. Box 11 12,     D-34567 Homberg,   Germany
E-Mail Contact:   http://ilgradio.com/contact.html
(Bernd Friedewald, Dec 19, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

You may be wondering what this cost? For B-15 season info, 10 Euro; B-
15 and A-16, 15 Euro. This gets you a password for access (gh, DXLD)



One of the things that sets MARE apart from other DX groups is that we 
have NEVER been accused of taking ourselves too seriously. An email 
exchange as Harold and I compared notes from the DXpedition 
illustrates this. While discussing some of the 'whoopses' we made, it 
occurred to us that we've been missing a 'list opportunity':

You know, as we get grayer, it is quite common that we start to have 
health issues. This is true of DXers just as with others, but as we 
discovered at the DXpedition, the forms of illness DXers have can be a 
bit different. This all started when Harold mistook a "B" in a beacon 
for a "D" ... he missed a dit ... which led to the 'diagnosis' of a 
'slipped dit', and the creative silliness just sort of took off from 
there. This is a work in progress, but so far we've discovered the
 following ailments unique to DXers:

     -Slipped Dit: An ailment common among LW Beacon DXers
     -PTID (Past Time for an ID): A condition affecting MW DXers
     -Spanish Tongan Flu: A now rare bug once found on 5030 kHz
     -Erectile Dysfuncton: A condition resulting from guy wires 
failing (see below!)
     -Incapacitance: Insufficient bladder capacity to wait for an ID
     -Rigor Morse: Tightening of the fingers from copying fast CW
     -TriskaDXaphobia: Fear of DXing the 22 meter band

We're sure there are others. What have YOU contracted lately? :)
(Ken Zichi, MARE Tipsheet Dec 18 via DXLD)



"Christmas is all about giving, and we'd like to offer you the chance
to download the first Christmas issue. It's a fascinating document and
we hope you will enjoy it. Happy Christmas from BBC Genome!"

Blog post here
Posted by: (Mike Barraclough, dxldyg via DXLD)







Heard and QSLed, illustrated, from CANARY ISLANDS, MALLORCA, ROMANIA, 
Norwegian, archived starting on page 12 at
(Glenn Hauser, DX LISTENING DIGEST) Viz.:

UTILITY pε 2182 kHz

Det ε monitorere 2182 kHz kan mange ganger vζre veldig givende. Den 
22. november ble en annonsering av kulingvarsel fra Las Palmas Radio 
pε Canary islands hψrt i Komagvζr. God styrke pε signalen, og en 
rapport med opptak ble sent til den e-postadresse som stεr listet i 
2014/15 utgaven av Admirality's List of Radio Signals. Nε viste det 
seg at stasjonen har byttet eier/operatψr og min epost "stusset". Hva 
gjψre? Well, sente en e-post til MRCC i Las Palmas, og noen time 
etterpε sε kommer svar fra "Controlador" ved Hoved-MRCC i Madrid. Ikke 
noe navn, men "Controlador" forteller at samme kvelden som jeg hψrte 
Las Palmas radio hadde man blitt ringt opp av MRCC Gris Nez i 
Nordfrankrike - og de hadde tatt emot akkurat samme annonsering, ved 
akkurat samme tidspunkt som jeg gjort I Komagvζr! Han forteller 
videre, at allerede da hadde de blitt forbauset over hvor langt en MF-
signal egentlig rekker... Og sε kommer da min rapport fra langt nord i 
Skandinavien! "Controlador" bekreftet rapporten min, og lovde ogsε ε 
sende den videre til korrekt e-postadresse ved Las Palmas radio, sε 
her venter vi med spenning!

Nesten antydning til "Utility-QSL-flom" i dag (9/12). Nε kom QSL pε 
min rapport til Palma radio (Mallorca) som ble avlyttet i Komagvζr den 
2. november. v/s Josι Benitez pε CCR Valencia forteller at man bruker 
en sender fra Rhode & Schwarz pε 1 KW som er lokalisert i Marratxν, 
Palma de Mallorca Island. Senderen kjψres remote fra Cellnex Maritime
Communications Center i Valencia.

Utility-spalten mε jo fε et bidrag i ny og ne. Mottok akkurat QSL fra 
Bjψrnψya Meteo, som alt som oftest hψres fint her pε 2182 kHz og 
arbeidsfrekvensen 1757 kHz. v/s Raymond Sellevold hilset og ψnsket meg 
og personellet pε Vardψ radio en God Jul og et Godt Nytt Εr. Regner 
med at jeg kan formidle denne hilsen slik at den ogsε omfatter gjengen 
i DXLC. Har for ψvrig pψst pε med en hel del utility-rapporter i dag, 
sε vi fεr se om det kommer noe mer pε den fronten.

Constantsa Radio --- For BC-DX:ere er vel staden Constantsa ved kysten 
av Sortehavet mest kjent for Radio Romania sin lokalsender, som ofte
hψres pε 1530 kHz. Men, her fins ogsε kystradiostasjonen Constanta 
Radio, som iblandt hψres med annonseringer pε 2182 kHz. Den 20. 
november hψrtes Constanta radio hos meg i Komagvζr med flott styrke, 
og en rapport med opptak gikk I veg i gεr om formiddagen. I dag om 
morgenen kom svar fra Duty Operator som bekreftet med en hyggelig e-
post og det flotte elektroniske QSL-kortet her nede. Duty Operator 
fortalte at lytterrapporter faktisk fortsatt er viktige, da de gir 
stasjonen en bekreftelse pε hvor godt utstyret deres faktisk virker.
Jeg fikk ogsε tilsent meg et bilde pε operatψren som hadde vakt nεr 
jeg hψrte stasjonen, en pen ung dame ved navn Corina - men det bildet 
holder jeg for meg selv :)

Aasiaat radio pε vestkysten av Grψnland hψres av og til med gode 
signaler pε 2182 khz, og gir ogsε en god indikering pε kondisjoner mot 
NA. Jeg hψrte Aasiaat ute i Komagvζr om kvelden den 7. november, og 
sente en rapport med opptak for noen dager siden. I gεr kveld kom en 
hyggelig e-post fra Bo Mogensen pε stasjonen. Han bekreftet rapporten 
min, og skrev ogsε at det kommer et QSL-kort pε ekte papir med posten. 
Han forteller ogsε at han minnes Vardψ radio fra de gode gamle dager,
hva han nu mente med det - we're still around

Witowo Radio ved kysten av Ψstersjψen, er den siste kystradiostasjonen
i Polen. Hψrtes med meget god signal pε 2182 kHz i Komagvζr den 25.11. 
og en rapport med opptak for et par dager siden. Meget tidlig i dag 
morres kom svar i form av en hyggelig e-post og det digitale QSL-
kortet her nede. Man forteller at stasjonen har fεtt skiftet ut alle 
sendere og mottakere i 2014, og at man nε har topp modern utstyr. 
Uteffekten pε MF er 1 KW, noe som er standard for de fleste 

I tillegg er det ogsε kommet e-post-QSL fra Icelandic Coast Guard 
radio / Reykjavik og Valentia Coast Guard Radio. Begge hψrt pε 2182 
kHz i november. Det ε fε QSL pε en sψndag er vel ganske sjeldent, 
tenker jeg. Men, i gεr skjedde det. George Downie, som er Senior 
Maritime Operations Officer pε Aberdeen Coastguard svarte pε min 
rapport til stasjonen med en trivelig e-post, og det flotte e-QSL 
kortet her nede. George skriver:

"It is always nice to receive these reports from all round the world 
but as far as I know your report is from the furthest north we have 
had yet." Han lovde ogsε ε sende QSL-kort via klassisk sneilepost!
Hyggelig! (Hans Φstnell via Facebook DX-LISTENERS' CLUB, via SW 
Bulletin Dec 20 via DXLD)

Hvis det er folk der ute i det ganske land, som driver med Utility-DX 
og som trenger hjelp med veriesigners og e-postadresser til 
"vansklige" stasjoner, send meg gjerne et PM, sε skal jeg etter beste 
evne prψve ε hjelpe til. Har jo i jobben min tilgang til lister og 
referanselitteratur som de fleste DX:ere ikke har. God helg, alle! /HR
(Hans Φstnell, ibid.)

Kunde inte lεta bli att visa HR's uppmaning och fina QSL frεn ett 
omrεde som sδllan tδcks i vεra bulletiner. Kan kanske inspirera fφr 
lyssning pε nεgot annat nu nδr φvriga stationer sakta men sδkert 
fφrsvinner frεn KV. /TN (Thomas Nilsson, Sweden, ed., ibid.)   

and here`s the Google translation, slightly improved by gh:

UTILITY on 2182 kHz

The monitoring 2182 kHz can sometimes be very rewarding. On 22 
November, an announcement of gale warning from Las Palmas Radio at 
Canary islands heard in Komagvζr. Good strength at sign cubits, and a 
report recording was sent to the email address that is listed in the 
2014/15 edition of the Admiralty's List of Radio Signals. Now it 
turned out that the station has changed the owner / operator and my 
email "taken aback". What to do? Well, sent e-mail MRCC in Las Palmas, 
and some time afterwards so get answers from "CONTROLADORA" at Main 
MRCC Madrid. No name, but "CONTROLADORA" says that same evening that I 
heard Las Palmas radio had one been called by MRCC Gris Nez in 
northern France - and they had taken emot exactly the same 
advertising, at exactly the same time as I did In Komagvζr! He says 
further, that already they had been amazed how far an MF signal 
actually ranks ... And then when my report from the far north of 
Scandinavia! "CONTROLADORA" confirmed my report, and promised also to 
send it on to the correct email address by Las Palmas radio, so here 
we are waiting with excitement!

Almost hint of "Utility QSL flood" today (9/12). Now came QSL on my 
report to Palma radio (Mallorca), which was bugged in Komagvζr on 2 
November. v/s Josι Benitez in CCR Valencia says that using a 
transmitter from Rhode & Schwarz 1 KW which is located in Marratxν, 
Palma de Mallorca Island. The transmitter runs remoteness from Cellnex 
Maritime Communications Center in Valencia.

Utility gap has to make a contribution in a while. Just received QSL 
from Bjψrnψya Meteo, as everything usually sounds fine here on 2182 
kHz and operating frequency 1757 kHz. v/s Raymond Sellevold greeted 
and welcomed me and the staff at Vardψ radio Merry Christmas and a 
Happy New Year. Guess I can convey this greeting so that it also 
covers gang in DXLC. Has also poured in with a lot of utility reports 
today, so we'll see if it comes any more on that front.

Constantsa Radio --- For BC-DX: ere is well page Constantsa the shore 
of the Black Sea known for Radio Romania's local transmitter, which 
often heard on 1530 kHz. However, here are also coastal radio station 
Radio Constantsa, which among sounds with announcements on 2182 kHz. 
On November 20, sounded Constantsa radio with me Komagvζr with great 
strength, and a report of recording went in road yesterday about noon. 
Today morning came an answer from Duty Operator who confirmed with a 
nice e-mail and the great electronic QSL card below. Duty Operator 
told that listens reports indeed still are important, as they give the 
station a confirmation of how well their equipment actually works.
I also got tilsent me an image of the operator who was on duty when I 
heard the station, a pretty young woman named Corina - but the image I 
keep for myself :)

Aasiaat radio on the west coast of Greenland sounds sometimes with 
good signals on 2182 Khz and also provides a good indication of 
conditions against NA. I heard Aasiaat out in Komagvζr evening on 
November 7, and sent a report by recording a few days ago. Yesterday 
evening a nice email from Bo Mogensen at the station. He confirmed my 
report, and also wrote that there comes a QSL card on real paper 
record. He also says that he recalls Vardψ radio from the good old 
days, what he now thought about it - we're still around.

Witowo Radio on the shore of the Baltic Sea, the last coastal radio 
station in Poland. Sounded with very good signal on 2182 kHz in the 
Komagvζr 25.11. and a report of footage for a couple of days ago. Very 
early in the day this morning came the answers in the form of a nice 
e-mail and digital QSL card below. One tells that the drive has been 
replaced all transmitters and receivers in 2014, and that it now has 
top modern equipment. Output power at MF is 1 KW, which is standard 
for most coastal stations.

In addition, it also emerged email QSL from Icelandic Coast Guard 
radio / Reykjavik and Valentia Coast Guard Radio. Both heard on 2182 
kHz in November. It getting QSL on a Sunday is all quite rare, I 
think. However, yesterday it happened. George Downie, who is Senior 
Maritime Operations Officer at Aberdeen Coastguard responded to my 
report to the station with a nice e-mail, and the beautiful e-QSL card 
below. George writes:

"It is always nice to the receive These reports from all round the 
world but as far as I know your report is from the furthest north we 
have had yet." He promised also to send QSL card via classical 
sneilepost! Nice! (Hans Φstnell via Facebook DX Listeners' CLUB, via 
SW Bulletin December 20 via DXLD)

If there are people out there in the entire country, which is engaged 
Utility DX and who need help with veriesigners and e-mail addresses of 
"difficult" stations, send me a PM and I'll best efforts to try to 
help. Hath my job access lists and reference literature as most DXers 
not have. Good weekend, everyone! / HR (Hans Φstnell, ibid.)

[from Swedish:] Could not help but show HR's invitation and fine QSL 
from an area that is rarely covered in our bulletins. Can perhaps 
inspire on listening to something else now when other stations are 
slowly but surely disappearing from SW / TN (Thomas Nilsson, Sweden, 
ed., ibid.)


Flipping thru the January 2016 QST and, beginning on page 30, there's
"All-Mode 1 kHz to 1.7 GHz SDR Receiver" by James Forkin, WA3TFS.
Very interesting. Includes construction details. $10 to $15 for the
dongle and some parts one has the ability to create a decent SDR.
73, (Kraig, KG4LAC, Krist, Dec 18, NRC-AM via DXLD)

I have not made the converter yet but I have been using the SDR in its 
VHF mode. It is very sensitive and selective. I have logged 124 
different FM broadcasters to date. I have also used it to downlink and 
convert 138 MHz weather satellite photographs. A lot of fun for the 
$15 ebay investment! (Dave - AA1JM, ibid.)

ARRL December 17, 2015 

George Marti, W5GLJ, who pioneered and manufactured remote pick-up 
(RPU) technology to allow radio stations to originate broadcasts away 
from the studio wirelessly — and lobbied the FCC to authorize its use 
— died on December 13 at age 95. Marti lived in Cleburne, Texas, where 
he had served as mayor for 12 years.

A radio station owner himself, he developed his first RPU unit to 
broadcast local high school football games back to the studio, 
bypassing the use of expensive and sometimes unreliable telephone 
lines. His company, Marti Electronics, also developed and sold studio-
transmitter link (STL) equipment. An early Marti RPU is on display at 
the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History.

A radio amateur since his teens and a US Marines veteran, Marti also 
was a cattle fancier, banker, and philanthropist. He sold Marti 
Electronics in 1994 to Broadcast Electronics.

In 1991, the National Association of Broadcasters honored Marti with 
its Radio Engineering Achievement Award. In 2010, the Texas 
Association of Broadcasters awarded Marti its Lifetime Achievement 
Award; he also was inducted in 2002 into the Texas Broadcasters Hall 
of Fame. Posted by: (Mike Terry, dxldyg via DXLD)



The Intercept obtained the catalogue from a source within the
intelligence community concerned about the militarization of domestic
law enforcement.

A few of the devices can house a “target list” of as many as 10,000
unique phone identifiers. Most can be used to geolocate people, but 
the documents indicate that some have more advanced capabilities, like
eavesdropping on calls and spying on SMS messages. Two systems,
apparently designed for use on captured phones, are touted as having 
the ability to extract media files, address books, and notes, and one 
can retrieve deleted text messages.

Above all, the catalogue represents a trove of details on surveillance
devices developed for military and intelligence purposes but
increasingly used by law enforcement agencies to spy on people and
convict them of crimes (via Mike Peraaho, Dec 20, DXLD)


Any one notice that frequencies above 11 MHz up to 20 MHz have opened 
up? Been noticing the frequencies have really opened up from 11 MHz on 
up to 20 MHz, really have blown wide open since around 19 UT. 
Stations, beacons showing up all over the bands. Any one noticing this 
or are we just in a hot. Haven't seen this much activity across these 
bands in a long time. This is crazy cool! Regards (Thomas Dorman, 2029 
UT Dec 20, dxldyg via DXLD) Unfortunately his post was delayed

:Product: Weekly Highlights and Forecasts
:Issued: 2015 Dec 21 0423 UTC
# Prepared by the US Dept. of Commerce, NOAA, Space Weather Prediction 
# Product description and SWPC contact on the Web
# http://www.swpc.noaa.gov/weekly.html
#                Weekly Highlights and Forecasts
Highlights of Solar and Geomagnetic Activity 14 - 20 December 2015

Solar activity was at low levels. The period was dominated by low to
mid-level C-class flare activity from a number of active regions,
the largest of which was a C6/1f flare at 16/0903 UTC from Region
2468 (S15, L=128, class/area=Dao/120 on 10 Dec). Region 2468 was the
most productive region on the visible disk throughout the summary
period, however, an unnumbered region behind the northeast limb
produced multiple mid-level C-class flares within quick succession
and caused a slow increase in the background GOES-15 x-ray flux late
in the period. 

Two asymmetrical full-halo coronal mass ejections (CMEs) were
observed in SOHO/LASCO C2 coronagraph imagery on 16 Dec. The first
CME was observed in C2 imagery beginning at 16/0924 UTC and was
associated with the C6/1F flare mentioned above. The second CME,
associated with a filament eruption, was first observed in
coronagraph imagery at 16/1436 UTC. Both CMEs were determined to be
Earth-directed and arrived at Earth late on 19 Dec. See the
geomagnetic summary below for further information on this event. 

No proton events were observed at geosynchronous orbit.

The greater than 2 MeV electron flux at geosynchronous orbit reached
high levels on 14 Dec and 19 Dec with moderate levels observed
throughout the remainder of the period. 

Geomagnetic field activity reached active to G1 (Minor) geomagnetic
storm levels late on 14 Dec and early on 15 Dec due to the influence
of a corotating interaction region followed by the onset of a
negative polarity coronal hole high speed stream (CH HSS). Isolated
active field conditions were observed early on 16 Dec and again late
on 17 Dec due to weak substorming. The CMEs from 16 Dec presumably
merged in the interplanetary medium and impacted the Earth at
19/1528 UTC. During the passage of the interplanetary shock, solar
wind parameters aboard the ACE spacecraft became suddenly enhanced.
Total field strength values initially increased from 5 nT to 17 nT
and the Bz component went strongly southward shortly after the
initial shock passage. The prolonged period of southward magnetic
field (-Bz) associated with the passage of the 16 Dec CMEs caused
periods of active conditions late on 19 Dec and active to G2
(Moderate) geomagnetic storm levels on 20 Dec. G2 storm conditions
were observed between 20/0300-0600 UTC and 20/1500-2359 UTC. 


Solar activity is expected to be low throughout the period with a
chance for M-class flares (R1-R2 (Minor-Moderate) Radio Blackouts)
on 21 Dec through 03 Jan to the increased flare activity from an
unnumbered region behind the east limb. 

No proton events are expected at geosynchronous orbit.

The greater than 2 MeV electron flux at geosynchronous orbit is
expected to be at normal levels on 21-27 Dec, moderate levels on 31
Dec-02 Jan, and 14-16 Jan. High flux levels are expected on 28-30
Dec and 03-13 Jan. 

Geomagnetic field activity is expected to be at active to G2
(Moderate) geomagnetic storm levels early on 21 Dec due to the
waning effects of the 16 Dec coronal mass ejections. G1 (Minor)
geomagnetic storms are likely on 02, 06, and 10 Jan due to the
influence of recurrent coronal hole high speed streams.

:Product: 27-day Space Weather Outlook Table 27DO.txt
:Issued: 2015 Dec 21 0423 UTC
# Prepared by the US Dept. of Commerce, NOAA, Space Weather Prediction 
# Product description and SWPC contact on the Web
# http://www.swpc.noaa.gov/wwire.html
#      27-day Space Weather Outlook Table
#                Issued 2015-12-21
#   UTC      Radio Flux   Planetary   Largest
#  Date       10.7 cm      A Index    Kp Index
2015 Dec 21     120          35          6
2015 Dec 22     120          10          3
2015 Dec 23     115           5          2
2015 Dec 24     105           8          3
2015 Dec 25     100          12          3
2015 Dec 26      98          10          3
2015 Dec 27      98           5          2
2015 Dec 28      95           5          2
2015 Dec 29      95           5          2
2015 Dec 30      98           5          2
2015 Dec 31      98           5          2
2016 Jan 01     100          15          4
2016 Jan 02     100          20          5
2016 Jan 03     105          18          4
2016 Jan 04     110          10          4
2016 Jan 05     110           8          3
2016 Jan 06     110          20          5
2016 Jan 07     115          18          4
2016 Jan 08     115          12          4
2016 Jan 09     115          10          3
2016 Jan 10     120          20          5
2016 Jan 11     120          18          4
2016 Jan 12     120          10          3
2016 Jan 13     120           8          3
2016 Jan 14     118           5          2
2016 Jan 15     118           5          2
2016 Jan 16     115           5          2
(SWPC via WORLD OF RADIO 1805, DXLD) ###