Kepler's Astrology


 CONTENTS Dorian Gieseler Greenbaum vii Introduction Abbreviations and Translation ConventionsxiFriederike Boockmann (trans. P. J. Boner)1Johannes Kepler’s Horoscope CollectionTranslations of Kepler’s Astrological WritingsPart I. Kepler as Practising AstrologerSection 1. Kepler’s Personal Practice of AstrologyI.1.1 (trans. C. Linde) 33 Helisaeus Röslin’s Delineation of Kepler’s Birthchart, 1592I.1.2 (trans. C. Linde/D. Greenbaum) 41 David Fabricius and Kepler on Kepler’s Personal Astrology, 1602I.1.3 (trans. D. Greenbaum) 55 Kepler’s Delineation of his Family’s AstrologyI.1.4 (trans. C. Linde/D. Greenbaum) 65 Kepler and Michael Mästlin on their Sons’ Nativities, 1598Section 2. Kepler’s Clients I.2.1 (trans. C. Linde/D. Greenbaum) 79 Kepler’s Methods of Astrological Interpretation for Rudolf II, 1602I.2.2 (trans. C. Linde/D. Greenbaum)105 Kepler’s Astrological Interpretation of Rudolf II by Traditional Methods, 1602I.2.3 (trans. C. Linde/D. Greenbaum)117 Kepler’s Letter to an Official on Rudolf II and Astrology, 1611
Culture and CosmosivI.2.4 (trans. C. Linde/D. Greenbaum)123 Excerpts from Kepler’s Correspondence and Interpretation of Wallenstein’s Nativity, 1624-1625Section 3. Historical ChartsI.3.1 (trans. C. Linde/D. Greenbaum)141 The Nativities of Mohammed and Martin Luther, 1604I.3.2 (trans. C. Linde/D. Greenbaum)151 The Nativity of AugustusSection 4. Weather PredictionI.4.1 John Meeks163 Introduction: Kepler and the Art of Weather PrognosticationI.4.2 (trans. J. Meeks)177 Kepler’s Weather Calendar of 1618I.4.3 (trans. J. Meeks)199 Excerpts from Kepler’s Weather Calendar of 1619Part II. Kepler on the New StarAstrology on Trial:Kepler, Pico and the Preservation of the AspectsDe stella nova: Chapters 7-9 (trans. P. J. Boner)209 Part III. Kepler on Astrological Theory and Doctrine III.1 (trans. C. Linde/D. Greenbaum)235 On DirectionsIII.2 (trans. C. Linde/D. Greenbaum)271 David Fabricius and Kepler on Astrological Theory and Doctrine, 1602III.3 (trans. C. Linde/D. Greenbaum)297 David Fabricius and Kepler on Fabricius’s Directions, 1603-1604III.4 (trans. C. Linde/D. Greenbaum)303 On Aspects, 1602 Culture and Cosmos