Eon. Revue Spiritualiste / Initiatique.

Revue Spiritualiste / Initiatique.
1920-1925 Semimonthly, monthly, bimonthly, quarterly (irregular)
Paris, France. Language: French. Editor: Dr. P. Semelas, R. Weill, J. Dupont. Mme Z. Goltdammer-Dupont.
1/1, December 1920-1925. 8-96 pp., 16-20 fr.

There seems to have been a hiatus between August 1922 and May 1923. The vast number of pages in later issues reflects the journal's practice of reprinting without comment books and lengthy extracts from authors presumably associated with its work. The subtitle of the journal changed to Revue Initiatique in February 1921. The journal was begun with a focus on spiritualism but moved consistently towards occultism, Tarot, astrology, chiromancy, psychic studies, Martinism, talismans, spiritual hierarchies, magnetism, Egyptian Mysteries, etc. Its real goal, however, was the propagation of the teachings of the Order of the Lily and the Eagle (l'Ordre du Lys et de l'Aigle), the story of which is more fascinating than the journal itself. The Order was the creation of Marie Routchine. She was a Russian Jew, born in Odessa in 1883, but raised in France. Before the First World War she met Semelas in Cairo, where he is said to have initiated her into the last Rosicrucian lodge (which he said he had gotten at Mount Athos), and in 1915 they began the Order, she as "Dea” and he as "Deon.” He was a Greek (1884-1924) and heavily involved with Papus's Ordre Martiniste both before and after he came to France in 1915. When Marie died in 1918, he continued the work of the Order, first publishing the lost La Force de la Volunte in 1918 and then this journal, beginning in 1920. As outlined in the journal, the Order was heavy with titles (Sovereign Grand Mistresses, Grand Commanders of the North and of the South, etc.) and taught "Orphic Astrosophie, Orphic Philosophy, Psychurgy and Christian Theurgy," which in practice was reduced to the usual disquisitions on occult mysteries. Contributions by Albert Jounet and Teder and regular communications on Martinism. The Order is said to continue today as an adjunct of Martinism. BNF. 


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