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SHORTWAVE AIRINGS OF WORLD OF RADIO 1800, November 19-25, 2015
Thu 1230  WRMI    9955 [confirmed]
Thu 2100  WRMI    7570 [confirmed]
Fri 0200  WBCQ    9330v-CUSB [confirmed]
Fri 2130  WRMI   15770 [confirmed]
Fri 2130  WRMI    7570 [confirmed]
Sat 0730  HLR     7265-CUSB Hamburger Lokalradio 
Sat 1530  HLR     7265-CUSB Hamburger Lokalradio
Sat 2030v WA0RCR  1860-AM
Sun 0415v WA0RCR  1860-AM [confirmed]
Mon 0400v WBCQ    5110v Area 51
Mon 0430  WRMI    9955 
Tue 1200  WRMI    9955
Wed 1415  WRMI    9955
Wed 2200  WBCQ    7490v

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** ABKHAZIA. /GEORGIA. Abkhaz Radio observed 1-15 November 2015 on MW 
1350 (no traces on SW 9535) in Abkhaz and Russian, Mon-Fri at 0357-
0457 and daily 0457–vary 0555 and daily 1458–vary 1555. News in 
Russian: Mon–Sat at 0530–0540 and Mon–Fri 1507–1515 and Sat & Sun 
irregularly 1500-1515. Before the start of broadcast and after the 
end, sounded [like?] Auto Radio Moscow program in Russian (Rumen 
Pankov, Sofia, Bulgaria, 17 November 2015, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

CASUALTY OF THE TALIBAN --- By Sudarsan Raghavan,

KUNDUZ, AFGHANISTAN -- As the Taliban fighters approached, the
employees of Radio Roshani fled. They locked the station door behind
them, the pre-recorded programs still on the air, seemingly in
defiance. On the afternoon playlist was a feature to encourage Afghan
women to take part in politics.

But it was never broadcast.

"The radio was silenced at 2 p.m.," said station director Sediqa
Sherzai, who was listening to the programming shortly after fleeing 
the compound in Kunduz.

By then, Taliban militants had seized the station.

[Kunduz faces tough resurrection after brief Taliban takeover]

When the Taliban briefly ruled this northeastern city last month, it
didn't just target government officials and buildings. It also sought
to reverse the hard-fought gains by Afghan women since its austere
Islamist regime was ousted 14 years ago, after the 9/11 attacks. In
doing so, the Taliban was trying to undermine the wider American and
Western effort to foster gender equality in Afghanistan.

Backed by U.S. and Western funding, Radio Roshani produced programs on
building peace and understanding the law and aired discussions on
religious issues and cultural taboos. But it was the station's focus 
on women's rights that for years drew the ire of the Taliban. When its
fighters entered this city Sept. 28, Radio Roshani and other
independent radio stations were on their hit list.

What unfolded in Kunduz, the first city seized by the Taliban since
2001, highlights a growing concern among humanitarian workers and 
civil society activists: With the U.S.-led coalition scaling down its
military and aid presence, and the Afghan government and security
forces struggling to fill the vacuum, billions of Western dollars 
spent since 2001 to transform Afghanistan into a modern state could 
come to naught, the gains reversed by a re-energized Taliban.

"The Taliban attacks directly affect the female journalists. But on a
broader scale, it affects all women," said Lida Yosufzai, an anchor at
Radio Kayhan, which was also overrun by the militants. "We had 
literacy programs and other shows to help women. Now, everything has 

A week after the Taliban pulled out of Kunduz last month, Radio 
Roshani had no transmitter, no mixer and no computers. Even the 
microphones had been taken. The station looked as if a tornado had 
swept through. On the floor were reams of paper, headphones, CDs and a 
shattered television.

"All our money was invested into this station," lamented Obaidullah
Qazizadha, the co-owner and Sherzai's husband, as he looked at the
destruction."We were proud to play a role in empowering women."

Radio Roshani had risen from humble beginnings.

Inspired by an uncle who worked for the state television network under
communist rule in the 1980s, Sherzai had grown up dreaming of becoming
a journalist. But in the mid-1990s, three months after she graduated
from Kunduz University, the Taliban seized the province.

As in other parts of the country, women were forbidden to attend 
school or hold a job. They were required to wear head-to-toe burqas 
and could venture outside their homes only if accompanied by a male 
relative. So Sherzai launched an underground school for girls.

After the collapse of the Taliban in 2001, she continued to teach 
until a friend recruited her in 2004 to work at a radio station, re-
igniting her journalistic aspirations. Four years later, she decided 
to strike out on her own because she had "ideas about programs for 

[The unlikely life of Afghanistan's first female taxi driver]

She put together $6,000 and launched Radio Roshani with seven other
journalists, all women. The money paid for a transmitter, a mixer and 
a desktop computer. An antenna was mounted on a large crane outside 
and the station began broadcasting. Six months later, Radio Roshani
received a grant from a German provincial reconstruction team to buy
more equipment, and funding for programs came from the U.S. 

The station hired committed young female journalists. Among them is
Zuhal Nouri, 20, who honed her skills at several Western-funded media
training workshops. She's also a law student focusing on women's 
rights issues. She views journalism, she said, as "a duty to reflect 
the realities of society."

The station's programs and Western-sponsored advertisements encouraged
women to join the police force or take part in elections. In live
discussions, human rights activists and local officials debated
problems within the government and municipalities.

In one popular program, a cleric gave advice to women confronting
obstacles in Afghanistan's conservative tribal society. Listeners
called in, Sherzai said, sharing their predicaments: One family was
forcing a woman to marry someone she didn't love; another was trying 
to sell their daughter to an older man.

"He told them, `Based on Islam, no one is allowed to force a girl to
marry someone,' " Sherzai recalled. "He was liberal and open-minded."

The broadcasting of such attitudes triggered numerous Taliban threats.
Nouri and others were cursed during live programs.

A few months ago, someone attached a bomb to the cleric's car. He was
killed instantly.

Hours after the Taliban seized control of Radio Roshani, Sherzai's
cellphone rang.

By then, she had reached her house. A harsh-sounding male voice on the
other end asked where she was in the city, she recalled. When she 
asked who it was, he told her he was from the insurgency. She hung up. 
The phone rang again. She shut it off.

Sherzai believes the Taliban fighters had found her phone number,
listed in numerous documents on her desk, inside the station.

[Afghan women say hackers and threats have made them afraid of

Two days later, Sherzai donned a burqa and grabbed her infant 
daughter, Hejrat. They left Kunduz in a taxi, traveling on back roads 
to avoid Taliban fighters. A few hours later they arrived in Kabul, 
joining hundreds of government officials, activists and journalists 
who had fled Kunduz.

Sherzai is determined to resurrect Radio Roshani. She has borrowed a
mixer and a transmitter from female journalist friends in other
provinces. The station has started to rebroadcast previously taped

Sherzai is making the rounds of Western embassies and nongovernmental
organizations, seeking funds to rebuild. Without foreign assistance,
she said, "it's impossible for us to restart our usual operations."

"We don't want the voices of women to be shut down," she said. "We 
were encouraging other women to leave their houses, to work in public, 
to integrate into society. If we stop broadcasting, what kind of a 
message does this send to other women?"

Of the other female journalists who worked at the station, only Nouri
and two others have returned to Kunduz, Sherzai said. Two remain in
Kabul, and two others have sought refuge elsewhere in the country. One
has decided to flee to Europe (Washington Post via Mike Cooper, DXLD)


Abuja, Brussels, November 17th, 2015 (SIGNIS/Vanguard) – The Economic 
Community of West African states (ECOWAS) has said that its sub-
regional radio and television channels will come on stream in 2017.
Dr Isaias Barreto da Rosa, the ECOWASCommissioner in charge of 
Telecommunication and Information Technologies, made this known in an 
interview with the News Agency of Nigeria in Abuja on Tuesday. 
According to him, the setting up of the station will promote 
integration in the sub-region and help project the identity of its 

“Back in 2000, the Heads of State of our 50 member states decided on 
the establishment of a radio and television channel for the community. 
The idea behind this is to promote the West African identity. We have 
free movement of goods and people, a common passport for the entire 
sub-region. We are about to launch a biometric ID card that would 
allow people to move and settle in any ECOWAS member state without 
resident permit. We have been making tremendous progress as far as 
regional integration is concerned. Setting up a television channel is 
a very expensive project. There was a prefeasibility study, but we are 
at the initial phase of this project and we are going to run a 
feasibility study which will give us real estimate of how much this 
will cost. We are at the initial stage and we are reaching out to 
partners so we can move ahead with this project for our sub-region. We 
are aiming at 2017 for the launching of this radio and television 

JPEG - 8.1 kb Dr Isaias Barreto da Rosa [caption]

The commissioner said that the project would provide adequate 
information about ECOWAS, its visions, projects, programmes, successes 
and challenges. He explained that the existence of the radio/ 
television channel would help in enlightening the people and enhancing 
their participation in the realisation of the vision and objectives of 
the sub-region.

Barreto da Rosa further said that the commission would collaborate 
with local media organisations and the private sector to bring the 
project to fruition. He added that the collaboration will cut across 
the multilingual composition of the sub region.

“The promotion of the West African identity, values, the plural 
characteristics of the member states and the aspects that unite the 
300 million people that live within the sub-region, are the core 
objectives of this radio and television channel. Since this will be a 
West African radio and television channel, we will work to make this 
channel reach all West African citizens with the language issues taken 
into consideration. One of the core aspects of this channel is that we 
will not be competing with any local radio and television station 
within the sub-region. We will be partnering with them because we 
believe that through exchange of content, we could indeed broadcast 
content from other media organisations to the most remote areas of the 

Barreto da Rosa also stated that the commission will cooperate with 
the different partners as the project unfolds. He hinted that the 
ECOWAS Heads of States and Government will decide the most suitable 
location for the radio/television channel (via Hansjoerg Biener, Nov 
18, DXLD)

Unfortunately, no additional information was found on the website of 
ECOWAS itself (Dr Hansjoerg Biener, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ALBANIA. B15 ALR 24-aug-2015 ALR
 7465 0000 0100 7-9                            SHI  100 310       0 
146 1234567 261015 270316 D       Sqi        ALB ALR ALR  4325                                                                                                                     
 7390 0800 1000 27,28                          SHI  100 310       0 
146 1234567 251015 260316 D       Sqi        ALB ALR ALR  4326                                                                                                                     
 7470 0230 0300 7-9                            SHI  100 310       0 
146 234567  251015 260316 D       Eng        ALB ALR ALR  4327                                                                                                                     
 7465 1830 1900 27,28                          SHI  100 310       0 
146 123456  251015 260316 D       Fra        ALB ALR ALR  4328                                                                                                                     
 7465 2031 2100 27,28                          SHI  100 310       0 
146 123456  251015 260316 D       Deu        ALB ALR ALR  4329                                                                                                                     
 7465 2100 2130 27,28                          SHI  100 310       0 
146 123456  251015 260316 D       Eng        ALB ALR ALR  4330                                                                                                                     
 7465 1900 1930 27,28                          SHI  100 310       0 
146 123456  251015 260316 D       Ita        ALB ALR ALR  4331                                                                                                                     
(ALR`s official updated registration with HFCC, Drita Ηiηo, DXLD)

[and non] Radio Tirana Shijak replaced 7425 by 7470 kHz at #16519 
request in their North America service in English language at 0230-
0258 UT Tues - Suns, but NOT on UT Mondays.

7470 0230-0300 7-9 SHI 100 310 0 146 .234567 251015-260316
Eng ALB ALR 16519

Noted with transmitter on air, interval signal from 0227 UT on 
November 15, 7469.079 kHz footprint, S=9+5dB signal strength at -68dBm 
level. Totally interference FREE transmission on new 7470 kHz 
selection. Next transmissions on far away frequencies, like 7460 kHz 
Bahai Radio in Persian from Grigoriopol Maiac Moldova, S=7 signal in 
remote Aberdeen NJ-US east coast location. 7489.951 kHz TOM Brother 
Stair sermon on WBCQ, S=7 signal. vy73 wb df5sx wwdxc (Wolfgang 
Bόschel, Nov 14, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

Also noted this evening (15 November) at 02:50 UTC in New Brunswick 
with Tecsun PL-880 and built-in whip antenna at a "sweet-spot" in the 
house with relatively low RFI. Fairly good signal at 30 dB΅ (noise 
level about 5 dB΅).
-- Richard Langley

Frequency changes of Radio Tirana:
0000-0100 NF  7470 SHI 100 kW / 310 deg NoAm Albanian (test), ex 7465
0230-0300 NF  7470 SHI 100 kW / 310 deg NoAm English Tue-Sun, ex 7425
73! (Ivo Ivanov, B`lgariya, Nov 15, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

0000-0100 stays on 7465, and AFAIK did not test 7470; just 0230 (gh)

7465, Nov 18 at 0025, JBA carrier from R. Tirana, and 0057 very poor, 
0058 the R. Tirana IS can be detected, hampered by Cuban pulse jamming 
around the frequency. So the Albanian hour at 00-01 is still on 7465, 
NOT testing on 7470 as Ivo Ivanov has published. I think he was 
confusing this with the 0230-0300 English broadcast, where RT was 
testing 7470 for a while, has stayed there and registered as such with 
HFCC --- but still on 7465 for the 00-01 Albanian, which was never 
discussed for a change, and none needed, altho 7470 would not be any 
worse. Shijak would have preferred not to have to bother to change 
frequencies between 0100 and 0230. However, I seldom check the 
Albanian hour, so possibly it was also on 7470 at some time or other; 
did Ivo really monitor it there, ever? Propagation is so poor that it 
really doesn`t matter much, unfortunately (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX 

** ALGERIA. Log: RTA 2, 981 kHz 2240 UT --- das Tamazight-Programm von 
RTA ist wieder auf 981 kHz zu hφren. 73, (Patrick Robic, Austria, Nov 
13, A-DX via Wolfgang Bόschel, DXLD)

Aber heute Nacht [um 0000 UT] ist noch nichts wieder auf der Haupt-
Frequenz RTA Algiers Oulet Fayet 891 kHz 600/400/300 kW zu hφren, dem 
eigentlichen Objekt der Erneuerung durch TransRadio Berlin und Ampegon 
Schifferstadt an diesem Standort.

Es kφnnte ja sein, dass die 2. Frequenz 981 kHz mit geringer Leistung 
όber einen der anderen zwei niederen Sendemast (981 und 1422 kHz) in 
der Nδhe ausgestrahlt wird, - nur an diesem Wochenende wieder auf 
Sendung geht, und am Montagmorgen beim Fortgang der 
Erneuerungsarbeiten wieder abgeschaltet wird.

Zum Schutz der Techniker bei der Arbeit im Sendersaal, beim
Antennenschaltwerk, an den 315 m langen Feederleitungen und am hohen 
981 kHz Sendemast. Letzterer Mast und dessen Feederline zeigt schon im 
letzten Google Earth Satellite Image vom 20. August 2015 Wunden / 
Baumassnahmen von weissem Kalkstein(?) am Boden.

Die Aussendung auf 981 kHz ist in Madrid und Sόditalien nicht sehr 
stark aufzunehmen, sendet also mit einer eher geringen Leistung von 50 
kW? wb (Wolfgang Bόschel, Nov 14, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ANGOLA. 4950, 11/4 0050, RNA, Mulenvos, in Portuguese; OM talks; 
conversation or interview by phone, presumed; OMs conversation; a 
song; 0100 Time Signal bip; OM presents News --- Very poor or barely 
audible transmission, 25431 (DXer Josι Ronaldo Xavier (JRX), Cabedelo 
- Brazil, Degen DE1103/ Tecsun S-2000, Portable Telescopic antenna, 
Hard-Core-DX mailing list via DXLD)

4950, Radio Nacional, Mulenvos, 1858-1912, 15-11, Portuguese, 
comments, identification, "A Rαdio Nacional". 14321 (Manuel Mιndez, 
Lugo, Spain, Log in Playa Blanca, Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Sangean 
ATS 909-X, cable antenna, 8 metres, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

4949.7, R. Nacional Angola, 0446-0515, Nov 16. Very rare for me to 
have above threshold level audio, as I had today; 0459 listed 
frequencies; time pips; news 0500-0510. My poor quality audio at 
(Ron Howard, Asilomar State Beach, CA, E1 & CR-1, dxldyg via DX 

** ARGENTINA. Octavo dνa de paro de los trabajadores de Radio 

La emisora de Luis Cetrα y sus familiares Eugenia y Nicanor Cetrα, 
debe aϊn a sus trabajadores, los sueldos de Septiembre, Octubre, el 
sueldo anual complementario y retroactivos de la Paritaria 2015

En lo que va del aρo se realizaron diez medidas de fuerza (una de 
ellas durσ 10 dνas) contra la empresa dirigida por Cetrα, que recibe 
mas de 10 millones de pesos de pauta publicitaria del estado y no 
cumple con los pagos en tιrmino, de los haberes de los trabajadores. 
La familia Cetrα, utiliza los dineros que reciben de pauta 
publicitaria del Estado nacional para realizar suntuosos viajes de 
vacaciones en lugar de abonar en tιrmino los salarios.

Radio Rivadavia y Radio Uno desde hace mas de 20 aρos pagan a sus 
trabajadores en cσmodas cuotas, que en algunos casos llegan hasta 4 
cuotas mensuales incurriendo en una situaciσn realmente alarmante y 
donde se observa una extraρa pasividad por parte de las autoridades 
nacionales (Source? via GRA blog Nov 17 via DXLD)

** ARGENTINA. On 13 November 2015, Radio Nacional Iguazϊ was renamed 
Radio Nacional Iguazϊ  "Horacio Quiroga" in homage to the Uruguayan 
writer of Argentinian descent who lived in Misiones. Obviously it was 
a life surrounded by death, cf. 

The imposition of the name of Horacio Quiroga on the station was 
accompanied by the placement of a plaque to President Cristina 
Fernαndez de Kirchner, the management of RTS SE and National Radio 
Argentina for the decision to recover public media. Another plaque 
honors the employees for their commitment to this major overhaul, 
which included new transmitters for AM 710 kHz (25 kW)  and FM 99.1 
MHz (10 kW). (Dr. Hansjoerg Biener, Nov 17, DX LISTENING DIGEST) Viz.:

16 de noviembre de 2015 . 4:21 am La radio pϊblica en Misiones

Por resoluciσn del directorio de Radio y Televisiσn Argentina SE y a 
pedido del conjunto de los trabajadores de la radio pϊblica en 
Misiones, el viernes ϊltimo quedσ instituido el nombre de la emisora 
como Nacional Iguazϊ “Horacio Quiroga”, en homenaje al escritor 
uruguayo que se radicσ en Misiones y cuya literatura hizo conocer a la 
tierra roja en todo el mundo.

La imposiciσn del nombre de Horacio Quiroga a nuestra emisora fue 
acompaρada con la colocaciσn de una placa de reconocimiento a la 
presidenta Cristina Fernαndez de Kirchner, a la gestiσn de RTS SE y de 
Radio Nacional Argentina por la decisiσn polνtica de recuperar los 
medios pϊblicos, entre ellos las 50 emisoras de RNA, y la colocaciσn 
de otra placa en reconocimiento a los trabajadores de Nacional Iguazϊ 
“Horacio Quiroga” por haberse comprometido con esta recuperaciσn a 
partir de la cual la radio pϊblica en Misiones instalσ nuevos 
transmisores de AM 710 y FM 99.1 de ϊltima generaciσn, el primero de 
25Kw de potencia y el segundo de 10 Kw; se adquirieron equipos de 
estudios y de maestranza (computadoras, micrσfonos, auriculares, aires 
acondicionados, telιfonos, televisores, desmalezadoras, etcιtera) y se 
va recuperando el equipo de trabajadores con profesionales de las 
comunicaciones y en la administraciσn (via Hansjoerg Biener, DXLD)

** ARMENIA. Reception of Voice of Armenia, November 18:
1430-1500 on  4810 ERV 050 kW / non-dir to N/ME Farsi
(Ivo Ivanov, Sofia, Bulgaria, Nov 18, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ASCENSION. Hi Glenn, Ref. your note in the latest DXLD about the 
transmitters at Ascension not having their audio in sync. This is 
deliberate! It's to smooth out power consumption - i.e. avoiding a 
surge when there's an audio peak. The technique caused a problem a 
while back when a DXLDer spotted that two ASC transmitters on the same 
frequency (but different beams) had audio out of sync. I pointed this 
out to the relevant colleagues and it was fixed. Obviously, the 
technique should only be used when the transmitters in question are on 
different frequencies. The technique was introduced when Ascension 
went over to wind-generated electricity. Regards, (Chris Greenway, 

** AUSTRALIA. Rodney wrote: ``Right when I got up this morning 
(~1400z) there was no R. Australia on any or their usual frequencies 
on 31m and 25m``

No sign of Australia here on the east coast this morning (1000 UT) 
either. Normally strong Canadians on 6070 & 6160 also absent. R. 
Rebelde in good on 5025. No time to check anything on higher 
frequencies. Dismal conditions (Stephen Wood, Harwich, Mass., Nov 12, 

9580, RA, 0901-0918, Nov 10. In Pidgin/Tok Pisin; strong reception; 
item about Myanmar election; // 12065 // 12085. Pidgin schedule 0900-

Nov 12, found 9580 off the air at 1140 and subsequent checking till 
1343. Heard both 12065 (poor) and 12085 (fair). Unusual for 9580 to be 
silent! (Ron Howard, San Francisco at Ocean Beach, CA, E1 & CR-1, 

** AUSTRALIA [and non]. vs SINGAPORE, Strong co-channel between Radio 
Australia and BBC:
from 1340 12065 SHP 100 kW / 355 deg to EaAs English Radio Australia
from 1340 12065 SNG 250 kW / 330 deg to SoAs Bengali BBC
73! (Ivo Ivanov, B`lgariya, Nov 14-15, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)
As I have been pointing out for a long time, but nothing done (gh)

** AUSTRALIA. Early SW Radio - PCJ Media --- Keith Perron interviews 
Nigel Holmes on the Nov 14th (2015) edition of Media Network Plus.
Nigel discusses & reveals information about early Aussie SW radio 
sites, The NT domestic sites & Shepparton site.


J6-J21 is the oldest surviving curtain array (4 masts). The P array 
was errected in the mid/late 90's from memory. The only other two 
antenna structures (still present) are the two Rhombics that are over 
30 years old. Several curtain arrays have come & gone on the 
Shepparton site over its history (Ian, shortwavesites yg via DXLD)

** AUSTRALIA. Reach Beyond Australia was back on 9720 kHz from 
November 16: 1330-1445 on  9720 KNX 100 kW / 305 deg to SoAs vary, ex 
1400-1515 on 9740:

1330-1345 Hindi Sat-Thu; English Fri
1345-1400 Hindi Daily
1400-1415 Chattisgarhi Sat/Sun; Malayalam Mon
1400-1415 Telugu Tue/Thu; Kuruk Wed; Marathi Fri
1415-1430 Tamil Sat/Sun; Bahnla Mon; Marwari Tue
1415-1430 Hindi Wed; Telugu Thu; Gujarati Fri
1430-1445 Tamil Sun-Fri; Urdu Sat

Good reception of Reach Beyond Australia on Nov 16:
1445-1600 on 15340 KNX 100 kW / 310 deg to SoAs English Daily
73! (Ivo Ivanov, B`lgariya, Nov 16, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** AUSTRIA. 11955, Nov 17 at 1501, harmonious singing, good with 
flutter, listed as AWR Turkish via Moosbrunn --- amusing that I get 
this broadcast TO Turkey much better than the one FROM Turkey [q.v.] 
previous hour on 12035 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** AZERBAIJAN/ARMENIA. Stepanakert, Nagorno Karabakh in Azeri already 
is irregularly at *0420–0610* on 11760 but daily is now on the air on 
9677 at *0820–1410* heard in 1–15 November 2015 (Rumen Pankov, Sofia, 
Bulgaria, 17 November 2015, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

AZERBAIJAN. Ictimai Radio with FM modulation on shortwave from 0840 on  
9676.9 unknown tx site to CeAs in Azeri, Nov 15
73! (Ivo Ivanov, B`lgariya, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** BANGLADESH [and non]. Nov 12, on 4750, at 1429, definitely heard 
Bangladesh Betar theme music, followed by program in Bangla. So again 
hearing BB, CNR1 and RRI Makassar all mixing together (Ron Howard, CA, 

** BANGLADESH. 15105, Bangladesh Betar, *1236-1259*, Nov 9. Tune-in to 
a man announcer reading the news in English. A woman followed with a 
commentary at 1237. ID at 1242 followed by Bangladesh vocal 
selections. At 1258 final ID and closedown announcements inviting 
listeners to write. Poor to fair (Rich D’Angelo, French Creek State 
Park DXpedition No. 48 (November 8, 9 and 10, 2015), Equipment: Ten-
Tec RX-340, Drake R-8B and an Eton E1, 500-foot wire essentially north 
for the RX-340 and 250-foot wire essentially northeast for the R-8B 
and a whip antenna for the E1, NASWA Flashsheet via DXLD)

** BELARUS [and non]. Contradictory schedule data for Radio Belarus

There appears to be confusion about the current time slots for the AM 
transmitter operations in Minsk, probably related to summer time being 
abandoned in Belarus. HFCC shows that 11730 kHz is supposed to start 
at 1200. But I find it already on at 1130, resulting in a bad clash 
with BSKSA, using this frequency till 1200 for Europe.

The other way round, Radio Belarus shows 1170 kHz for the Polish 
program segment they air between 1600 and 1800. But a few days ago the 
transmitter stayed on until 1900. I had no opportunity so far to check 
out whether this is an additional hour (which would merely mean 
cutting off in midst the German segment) or probably the transmission 
starts not before 1700 (and thus does not contain the complete Polish 
segment either).

Surprisingly they indeed stick to the summer frequency 11930 kHz as 
shown in HFCC. When checking after 1900 (don't know when in fact it 
comes up and what the current slots for BR 1 on 7255 are) it had, just 
like // 11730, already faded out not only here in Eastern Germany but 
also on the Dutch SDR, with only faint, unusable residual signals 

Apparently some efforts have been made to repair the 11730 kHz 
transmitter. The hum has been reduced (but noises between about 200 
and 500 Hz are still present) and the program audio raised somewhat. 
6080 kHz, confirmed as being operated after 1900 with BR 1 for the 
Ukraine, sounded a few days ago still pretty hummy, though, as far as 
one could tell with poor reception (Kai Ludwig, Nov 13, dxldyg via 

** BELARUS. Belarus will sound Catholic "Radio Maryja"

In April next year in Belarus will start working Catholic "Radio 
Maryja Belarus" - the decision was taken at the recent World Congress 
of "Radio Maria", which was attended by representatives of Belarus.

While broadcast will be conducted only on the Internet, but it is 
planned extension of methods of broadcasting, said the head of "Radio 
Maryja Belarus" secular believer [sic] Vyacheslav Gulevich, reports 

Program radio station that will broadcast in the Belarusian language, 
will allow listeners to get acquainted with Christian Science [sic! 
perhaps a more accurate translation would be : Catholic knowledge? --- 
gh], to hear the translation services of the various Catholic churches 
all over Belarus, the transmission of cultural, Christian and social 
issues, music, stories about important events in the life of the 
Catholic Church around the world .

It will also feature an interactive program during which students will 
be able to get answers to their questions from the specially invited 
guests priests.

To make the "Radio Maria" accessible to all students, will be 
developed by the radio box with the possibility of accession of 3G-
modem - this will be a convenient solution for people who use the 
internet a little and do not have smart phones.

The intention is to agree on the inclusion of radio in the package of 
cable operators, so that you can listen through your TV. Be sure to 
create an application for smartphones.

Dushepastyrem new station was appointed rector of the Church of the 
Holy Apostles Peter and Paul in Kopyl COP. Alexander Tarasevich.

"Radio Maria" was established in Italy in 1987 as an association of 
Catholic priests and citizens, whose aim was the imposition of a 
science of the Catholic Church outside the parishes. katolik-gomel.by 
(via OnAir.ru via RusDX 15 Nov via DXLD)

** BELGIUM. 2761, Oostende Radio, 2336-2340 7 Nov, Maritime weather in 
Dutch/Flemish. Clear and strong (Don Moore, MARE DXpedition, Brighton 
MI, MARE Tipsheet Nov 13 via DXLD) Presumably USB

** BERMUDA. 2582, Bermuda Harbour Radio 7 Nov, 0040-0048, Notices to 
mariners, into weather for Bermuda area. Fair (Don Moore, MARE 
DXpedition, Brighton MI, MARE Tipsheet Nov 13 via DXLD) Presumably USB

** BERMUDA. Hello Glenn, I have a contact there, and he has given me 
updates on the radio scene in BDA --- which really does not change 
much. I wish I knew him in 2005 when I visited.

All I can tell you at this time, about ZBM 89.1, is that they have 
jettisoned the talk shows*, and are called Ocean 89. As you may know, 
they can be heard online via bermudabroadcasting dot com or their 
sister station's site, power95 dot bm

I heard them once this year as E-skip, but I highly doubt I will hear 
any other FM's from there, due to all others either being adjacents to 
HD stations, or co-channel to locals.

AM 1280 which is // bbnradio dot org, is the sole AM station left 
there, to my knowledge. In fact I was told that there was a SS station 
battling it there, about a week ago. I told him that it was likely 
either WADO in NYC or WCMN in PR which really is getting out lately.  
1450 AM Gold was a great station. The seasoned folk don't have much to 
listen to there, as far as secular music, outside of Magic 102.7 (not 
WMXJ here) which also streams.

*Everest deCosta, a talk host who I called on air in 2009 for which I 
have a recording, has retired, likely due to the shake-up. BTW from 
what I hear, they aren't changing at all, at night; same satellite AC 
as they have had for 20 years. What they are trying to accomplish in 
the day, I haven't a clue. The music is, to me, nondescript. Sincerely 
(Christopher Dunne, FL, Nov 18, WORLD OF RADIO 1800, DX LISTENING 

** BHUTAN. 6034.954, Bhutan BS in Dzonka from Thimpu. 0210 UT Nov 12 
weak and tiny signal, maybe fade-out on Bhutan-Germany path (Wolfgang 
Bόschel, log 0135-0210 UT Nov 12, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** BIAFRA [non]. 15560, FRANCE, Radio Biafra, 1933 to 1948 with IDs at 
1933 and 1948, SINFO=2,5,4,2,2, I heard several African songs, one 
with sticks and flutes and another with an organ. I found the station 
and heard the first ID with a R-390A and then I caught the second ID 
with the 6790. The 687’ horizontal array. 11/1 (John Davis, Our 
listening post is located northeast of Columbus, Ohio in the USA, 
NASWA Flashsheet Nov 15 via DXLD)

As in DXLD 15-44, a Nigerian government program supposedly supplanted 
Radio Biafra as of October 31, even if still IDing as Radio Biafra? 


There are many reports about the arrest of Radio Biafra director and 
activist Nnamdi on the Radio Biafra Facebook page but whether their 
reports of the numbers of people involved are accurate I am not sure. 
Also many news articles online, links to the BBC and VOA reports 
below; the VOA report has some reader comments added to it.

Nigeria protests over Biafra activist's arrest - BBC News [caption]

Hundreds of people in southern Nigeria protest about the continued 
detention of an activist who supports the creation of a breakaway 
state of Biafra. . .

    10 November 2015 From the section Africa 

[Image caption] Many ethnic Igbos feel Nigeria's central government is 
not representing their interest

Hundreds of people in southern Nigeria have been protesting about the 
continued detention of Nnamdi Kanu, an activist who supports the 
creation of a breakaway state of Biafra.

The director of banned Radio Biafra was arrested last month and is 
still being held despite a court order to free him, his mainly ethnic 
Igbo supporters say. There are reports of violence during a protest in 
Port Harcourt.

Biafran secessionists fought a three-year civil war that ended in 
1970. More than one million people lost their lives before the 
uprising was eventually quelled by the military.

Secessionist groups have attracted the support of many young people in 
the south-east in recent years. The BBC's Abdussalam Ahmed in the 
south-eastern city of Enugu says in reality they do not want a repeat 
of the civil war but are keen to draw the attention of the central 
government to some developmental challenges the region faces.

    Africa Live: BBC news updates

Activists told the BBC that five people were killed and several others 
injured after police fired shots and teargas to disperse the 
protesters in Port Harcourt - the largest city in the region.

But police spokesman Ahmad Muhammad said this was untrue. "Measures 
have been put in place to handle the situation in such a way that 
public peace is not disrupted and to ensure life and property are 
protected," he told the AFP news agency.

Protests were also held on Tuesday in the city of Owerri in Imo state, 
a day after the region's biggest market in the city of Aba was 
reportedly shut down by protesters. Our correspondent says the 
protests started peacefully on Friday in the oil-rich Delta state and 
has since taken place in five other major cities in the region.

The demonstrators are mostly young men holding Biafra flags and 
banners with pictures of Mr Kanu, who is also a leader in the 
secessionist Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

[Image caption] Nnamdi Kanu has been in the custody of Nigeria's 
intelligence agency for more than three weeks

"We won't give up until our director Nnamdi Kanu is released," one 
protester told our reporter during a protest in Enugu.

It is not clear where Radio Biafra is based but it mainly broadcasts 
to the Igbo-speaking south-east of the country. The Nigerian 
government says it has been operating without a licence and began 
jamming its signals in July, but its broadcasts are still available 
online and via mobile phones by a dialling a local number.

An IPOB leader, Uchemna Madu, told the BBC that the group was fighting 
against the "injustice and inequality" ethnic Igbos faced in Nigeria.
"We believe in Nigeria, we have businesses everywhere in the country 
but we are getting nothing apart from political and social 
marginalisation," he said. "Our lives and properties are not secured, 
we want to live on our own."

The Nigerian authorities have always maintained that most of the 
issues the Biafra activists are complaining about are not unique to 
southern part of the country.

Push for an independent Biafran state in southeastern Nigeria, which 
has persisted for decades, has seen a recent resurgence.

FILE - A man carries the Biafran flag during a parade in Ekwe village, 
near Enugu in southeastern Nigeria, May 27, 2008 [caption]

November 11, 2015 11:18 AM 

LAGOS — Protesters in southeastern Nigeria are demanding the release 
of a jailed radio station chief who advocates restoration of the 
nation of Biafra and its independence from Nigeria.

Nnamdi Kanu, director of Radio Biafra, was arrested last month by 
Nigeria’s secret police. A spokesman for the agency could not be 
located prior to publication, but local media reports say Kanu was 
charged with offenses related to his station's broadcasts.

A civil war over the self-styled Republic of Biafra ended in 1970, but 
the cause, which has persisted for decades and remains a sensitive 
issue, has seen a recent resurgence.

A spokesman for the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra chapter in 
southeastern Anambra state, Ugochukwu Chinweuba, says their goal is 
independence. “We don’t want to be in Nigeria anymore. We want to be 
on our own,” he said.

Forty-five years after the end of the civil war, Chinweuba says people 
in the southeast have not benefited from being part of Africa’s most 
populous country. “Everyone knows that what Nigeria have, like crude 
oil and resources of anything, comes from Biafra land," he said. "And 
we do not benefit anything of [it].”

Sporadic pro-Biafra rallies over the past few years have occasionally 
led to arrests. The government banned Radio Biafra in July.

Laja Odukoya, a lecturer in political science at the University of 
Lagos, says the protests are a symptom of Nigeria’s economic problems. 
Like much of the rest of Nigeria, rates of unemployment and poverty 
are high in the southeast. “Biafra, for me, is not necessarily a 
situation whereby you have a secessionism, but calling attention to 
the dysfunctionalism within the state and the need to address it,” 
Odukoya said.

The Biafran war remains a dark and controversial chapter of Nigeria’s 
history. The three-year conflict killed over a million people, many of 
them from starvation.

Comment on this forum (13) Comments page

by: Austin November 14, 2015 10:55 AM:
Nothing can suppress Biafra, live or death. We are BIAFRANS. We are 
not Nigerians and have never been treated as Nigeria by those who 
claimed that an unknown god, alongside with the British Government 
gave the name Nigeria to them as a gift of faithful servitude. We have 
no part to it but that Nigeria, not Biafra our own personal property. 
Nigeria must quit BIAFRANS soil to their own land.

by: Ani Chidi November 14, 2015 5:27 AM:
Please if u cannot travel down to Biafra land to report live events 
that are on going at the moment then visit Radio Biafra page on 
Facebook to get current pictures and videos, of the dead, the injured, 
the Nigerian security forces shooting live bullets on unarmed peaceful 

by: DUBEM November 13, 2015 5:38 AM:
Biafra. Or. Death. Full. Stop

by: Ani Chidi November 13, 2015 3:08 AM:
VOA, how can a lion (Cecil) killed in Zimbabwe receive more coverage 
than human beings that are being killed in their tens everyday in the 
eastern region of Nigeria known as Biafra simply for demanding their 
freedom from an Islamic enclave and you a Christian establishment 
[sic] kept silent while Biafran Christians are been persecuted?

by: Ani Chidi November 13, 2015 2:58 AM:

by: Ani Chidi November 12, 2015 11:50 PM:
VOA please for your information the protest organized by indigenous 
people of Biafra (IPOB) is going on in various countries around the 
world even in USA. Let the world know the current news of what is 
happening to us. We want our leader Nnamdi Kanu and we want total 
independence from British-Nigeria. It is our right to be free.

by: Ani Chidi November 12, 2015 1:46 PM:
The peaceful demonstration started since last weekend and VOA is just 
reporting it today and they did so trying to confuse the world with an 
old picture, where are your journalists, why are they avoiding the 
eastern region of Nigeria which is Biafra, they should be there to 
witness how soldiers and policemen shoot so many people dead and many 
are currently in the hospital with gunshot wounds.

Peaceful protesters without any arms on them been killed, yet VOA 
deemed it not news worthy. Did Nigeria bribe VOA with the blood oil 
money to keep silent. We simply ask that our Director Nnamdi Kanu be 
released and we want our freedom from this contraption called Nigeria.

The world is silent why men, women and children are systematically 
killed in the eastern region of Nigeria known as Biafra. Please we are 
BIAFRANS not Nigerians. It is a fraudulent establishment created by 
Britain in other to solve their selfish interest why innocent people 
die everyday.

by: Hedly from: UK November 12, 2015 7:31 AM:
Well done VOA! Too little but not too late to report on the atrocities 
happening in Biafra. All they want is freedom from Islamic over-
bearers to chart their own way. The west was built on freedom. Why is 
Freedom fight in Biafra not as widely reported as done in Europe and 
America? Nigeria was founded and sustained by deception. Everyone 
agrees on that. The Biafrans have lost 5 million lives in pursuit of 
their own homeland. Why isn't this registering with the world's 
media?? #FreeBiafra

In Response by: Emeka Ndukwe from: Lagos November 12, 2015 11:54 AM:
My brothers, there is nothing good in the VOA write up here. These 
people are the reason why our tribe is facing extinction. See the 
heading ''Nigeria protesters demand .....''; instead of ''Biafra 
protesters demand release of jailed Radio Biafra Director''. You can 
see that they do not recognize Biafra. They will rather address 
Biafrans as Nigerians. To them, all of us are monkeys, black monkeys 
and there is no difference between us. There is no manner of 
explanation you will give them to make them understand that we are 
different nations they came and packed senselessly together. They sue 
people to court to save animals from extinction but care less about 
races, like ours, that are facing even greater risks of that nature.

by: Plain Mirror Intl from: Plain Planet - Africa November 11, 2015 
2:02 PM:
Bravo VOA at least for this step taken at this moment. More is 
required of you; please, by next publication, try to bring in the 
actual pictures of the protests going on in South-East Nigeria (The 
Biafra land). Million man protests are on going in Biafra land, and we 
urge you to get to the rest of the world a first hand information by 
making sure that the true photos of the day are displayed. Do not 
forget, the photo on this report is still an old photo; today bears an 
apex of dynamism in this agitation; the people have risen up for their 
self determination. NO going back! Biafra MUST go.

by: Henry November 11, 2015 1:51 PM:
This report is just a sham. No video, the image depicted is a old one. 
No report of the shooting of unarmed protesters. No picture of dead 
bodies. What a report.

by: Nnadozie Chuks November 11, 2015 1:15 PM:
the international media is just reporting for the first time the 
million man mega protest which has been going on in Biafra land for 
many days now non stop. You could not even educate the world on what 
is really going on in Biafra Land. Nigerian Buhari government has been 
using his police, army and even military air force to shoot at 
peaceful and armless proteters. About ten people are already dead, 
many in hospital for gun shot wound and hundreds have been arrested. 
Our only crime is that we are protesting and asking Buhari government 
to release our leader "Nnamdi Kanu" who was arrested for speaking the 
truth and for his determination to set his people free. Peace be unto 

by: George nnam November 11, 2015 12:56 PM:
The illegal amalgamation of Nigeria has ended and Biafrans are 
entitled to secede. Therefore, restoration of Biafra is not 
negotiable. Nigeria government is living out of reality. The earlier 
they know that Nigeria has expired, the better they come to their 
senses that secession is the only way for that evil contraption 
created by the British for their own benefit as well as Hausa Fulanis 
and Yoruba, whereas Biafrans have been and still being slaves in that 
artificial country called Nigeria, despite all the natural resources 
coming from Biafran land.

Radio Biafra Facebook page (public) 147,115 likes   41,901 talking 
about this. In defence of the freedoms and rights of the Indigenous 
People of Biafra
(via Mike Barraclough, Britain, Nov 12, dxldyg via DX LISTENING 

> Keith Perron had a piece on the demise of the recent Radio Biafra
> SW broadcasts in the latest Media Network Plus show. Said the
> contract with the SW broker came to an end and wasn't renewed.

If it was a contract for two months it did not end after exactly two 

But first of all this reasoning is no explanation for the counter 
programming that has apparently been transmitted between Oct 31 and 
Nov 3, not heard by independent monitors but reported by Nigerian news 
media that do not appear to be related to the Biafra activists. Doing 
such things is no serious broadcasting work, rather serves to 
demonstrate that shortwave has almost ceased to be a relevant 
distribution platform, with the transition to a mere playground being 
almost completed.

> because of the hate-mongering tone of the broadcasts, many
> SW facilities are now shunning Radio Biafra.

This programming has in 2009 been transmitted by what is now Babcock 
International and in 2012/13 by Media Broadcast. It would be 
interesting if both providers "now" shun this customer, since the 
reason could be an objection by the foreign offices. This question 
must be raised in particular in regard to Babcock.

But I think the claim is kept too vague. The first question would be 
if serious attempts have been made to find another service provider at 
all. It does not look as if the shortwave signal is of really high 
priority for them.

At least no further mentions of shortwave have been posted to the 
Radio Biafra Facebook profile so far. I see there an appeal for a 
rally in front of 10 Downing Street, supposed to take place right now. 
So probably more stories about Nigeria/Biafra will appear in British 
news media (Kai Ludwig, Germany, 1225 UT Nov 13, dxldyg via WORLD OF 

** BOLIVIA. 4410 kHz, Radio Eco, Reyes, Beni, mϊsica tradicional de 
Bolivia tocado con guitarra, acordeσn, flautas por la voz de hombre. 
SINPO 35322, Dia 13 de Novienbre de 2015 a las 2319 UT
RX: Tecsun S-2000, Antenna: Long wire 3000 Meters (Daniel Wyllyans, 
Nova Xavantina MT, Brazil, Hard-Core-DX mailing list via DXLD)

I often check this frequency without results, usually after 0030, so 
maybe off before then (gh, DXLD)

** BOLIVIA. 6105.3 tentative, Radio Panamericana, La Paz 2320 to 2330 
very tentative, possibly relay of a  sporting event? 73, (Bob
Pompano Beach , South Florida, MCDX, Nov 17, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** BOLIVIA. CQ, CQ, CQ; Aquν Pedro F. Arrunαtegui para compartir algo 
con los que disfrutan y aman el DX latinoamericano; todas las horas 
son UT. Desde la tierra de los incas, les informo mediante este Quipus 
lo siguiente:

6134.86, R. Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz; 8/11 0125-0140, 33333, mx 
romαntica LA, ID “Radio Santa Cruz, en la chacra y en la oficina”, mx  
nuevo slogan ID “Santa Cruz, la Radio Romαntica” [chacra = small farm]

Muchos 218’s PFA (Pedro F. Arrunαtegui, Lima; La recepciσn la he 
efectuado del 26/10 al 15/11 en compaρνa de mis sabuesos Icom IC R72 + 
ELAD FDM-S1 + Splitter ASA 4 x 2 + Mizuho KX-3 + MFJ-1025 y una antena 
de hilo largo de 12 metros + antena auxiliar + una Mini Whip + una 
antena loop, DX LISTENING DIGEST) 

** BOTSWANA. VOA Botswana --- Had trouble getting a verie back from 
them? Ian Cattermole has finally had success and suspects new manager 
has arrived. This came from a report via their website.

Hello Mr. Cattermole, Greeting to you in New Zealand from the Voice of 
America Transmitting Station in Botswana, Africa. Thank you for your 
informative reception report. The program you identified was indeed 
transmitted from this facility using a Continental 100 kW transmitter
and a 90 meter tall TCI phased array antenna system. The low frequency 
of 9815 kHz offers great propagation during those hours. The side 
lobes of that broadcast (which you received) are the reason for the 
fair reception. Best regards and again, thank you!!! Charles
Charles A. Shepard - Station Manager T/EOS/B, IBB Botswana 
Transmitting Station, U.S. Broadcasting Board of Governors, United 
States Embassy - Botswana, Africa (Nov NZ DX Times via DXLD)

You mean the relay station has its own website? What is it? (gh, DXLD)

** BRAZIL. CQ, CQ, CQ; Aquν Pedro F. Arrunαtegui para compartir algo 
con los que disfrutan y aman el DX latinoamericano; todas las horas 
son UT. Desde la tierra de los incas, les informo mediante este Quipus 
lo siguiente:

4865.00, R. Verde Florestas, Acre; 6/11 2335-0005, 44444, saludos y 
mensajes, mx varias, ID “Radio Verde [sic] Florestas” 

4885.00, BRASIL, R. Clube do Parα, Belιn, PA; 6/11 0010-0140, 33333, 
news, ID no dan, programa Jornal du Para al final. 

5939.86, BRASIL, R. Voz Missionαria, Camboriϊ, SC; 8/11 0006-0025, 
33333, mx religiosa, ads, ID “Por Voz Missionαria mensajes [sic] y www 
Missionaria” mx, px Musical Missionaria, ID “Musical Voz Missionaria, 
en todos los idiomas". [so they were axually in Spanish?? -- gh]

6080.00, BRASIL, R. Marumby, Curitiva, PR; 8/11 0028-0115, 33333, 
Escucho oraciσn diciendo ``aquν en Curitiba`` px Todo Oraciσn, 
programas musical evangιlico, dan direcciσn de la iglesia en Curitiba. 
No dan ID. 

Muchos 218’s PFA (Pedro F. Arrunαtegui, Lima; La recepciσn la he 
efectuado del 26/10 al 15/11 en compaρνa de mis sabuesos Icom IC R72 + 
ELAD FDM-S1 + Splitter ASA 4 x 2 + Mizuho KX-3 + MFJ-1025 y una antena 
de hilo largo de 12 metros + antena auxiliar + una Mini Whip + una 
antena loop, DX LISTENING DIGEST) 

** BRAZIL. Foto da Antena de Onda Tropical 4885 kHz e AM 1400 kHz  
Radio Difusora Acreana / Photo Antenna Tropical wave 4885 kHz and AM 
1400 kHz Radio Difusora Acreana. Web site:  

73 (Daniel Wyllyans, Nova Xavantina MT, Brazil, Hard-Core-DX mailing 
list via DXLD)

** BRAZIL. 4905 kHz, Rαdio Relσgio,  Rio de Janeiro - RJ, OM fala  
sobre ser feliz, progama religioso da Igreja Internacional da Graηa, 
no ar 24 horas e levado um fundo musical, nota se muitos BIPS e o BOT 
YL falando a Hora, SINPO 35222, Dia 04 de Novembro 2015 ΰs 0405 UT:
RX: Tecsun S-2000, Antenna: Long wire 3.000 Meters (Daniel Wyllyans, 
Nova Xavantina MT, Brazil, Nov 13, Hard-Core-DX mailing list via DXLD)

** BRAZIL. 5035, Radio Aparecida, Aparecida, 2203-2210, 18-11, now on 
air with religious program. // 11855, 9630, 6135. 14321 (Manuel 
Mιndez, Lugo, Spain, Log in Playa Blanca, Lanzarote, Canary Islands, 
Sangean ATS-909X, HCDX mailing list via DXLD)

Yes, Rαdio Aparecida heard at 0122 UT on 5035 kHz even frequency, and 
\\ on 6134.808, 9629.945 - best S=9 strongest signal of all 
Aparecida's here in Germany, 11856.211 kHz S=5-6 poor at 0135 UT Nov 
19 wb (Wolfgang Bόschel, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** BRAZIL. Fotos parque das Antenas e Radio Bandeirantes em Ondas 
Curtas 6090, 9645, 11925, AM 840 kHz e FM 90.9 MHz desde Sγo Paulo - 
SP. Nota: as ondas curtas estγo OFF; A Rαdio Bandeirantes ainda nγo
falou oficialmente que sairam das ondas curtas, e  eles nem responde 
os emails dos ouvintes (ao menos meus emails).

Photos Park of Antennas and Radio Bandeirantes on shortwave 6090, 
9645, 11925, 840 kHz AM and FM 90.9 MHz from Sγo Paulo - SP - Brazil.
Note: short waves are OFF, Radio Bandeirantes has not officially said 
they left shortwave, and they do not answer emails from listeners (at 
least my emails). Web site: 
73 (Daniel Wyllyans, Nova Xavantina MT Brazil, Nov 13, Hard-Core-DX 
mailing list via DXLD)

** BRAZIL. 9723.17, Rαdio RB2, Curitiba, at 0240, on 15 Nov. A male 
announcer was speaking followed by music playing then the announcer 
spoke some more. The music turned into a slow song sung by a male 
singer. Poor-Fair (John Cooper, Lebanon, PA, Winradio-G33DDC, 
CommRadio CR-1a, RF Space-SDR-IQ, Sangean 909X with Clear Mods, Tecsun 
PL-660, GAP-Hear It In Line Module, Timewave ANC-4, Wellbrook ALA-
1530S+, PARS-EF-SWL HF End Fed Receive Antenna, Wellbrook UMB 130, 
NASWA Flashsheet via DXLD) Continues drifting downward, decelerating

** BRAZIL. 11780+, Nov 18 at 0718, open carrier/dead air from RNA/RNB 

** BRAZIL. Re: Olα a todos do grupo, Nesse final de semana, estive no 
sνtio do meu Pai na cidade de Silvβnia, a 100 km de  Goiβnia-GO. Como 
lα a QRM ι zero, tive a grata satisfaηγo em sintonizar novamente a 
Rαdio Gazeta em 19m - 15325 kHz, ou seja, estα ativa. Sinal fraco e 
desvanecimento, mas audνvel. Transmissγo de futebol (comentαrios).
Tentarei sintonizα-la aqui no centro de Goiβnia no final de semana que 
virα. Muita QRM por aqui, mas Gosto de desafios nas escutas (Cαssio 
Santos - Goiβnia - Goiαs, Nov 3, radioescutas yg via DXLD)

Bom dia. Ι isso aν Cassio, excelente escuta! O grande barato ι esse, 
realizar escutas difνceis, o desafio de puxar a rαdio do fundo do 
poηo. Para escutas fαceis temos as rαdios locais. Abraηo (Paulo 
Labastie, Nov 10, ibid.)

Ι isso mesmo Paulo. Aqui em Goiβnia nγo consegui ouvi-lα,  ainda; 
Somente "tentativas" em meio a muita QRM. No sνtio do meu Pai, as 
escutas sγo bem mais fαceis (QRM Zero). Creio que o transmissor da 
Radio Gazeta em 19M - 15325 kHz sςmente ι ligado aos domingos. Quando 
eu voltar ao sνtio com mais tempo, poderei confirmar. Abraηo a todos 
(Cαssio Santos - Goiβnia-Goiαs, Nov 12, ibid., WORLD OF RADIO 1800 via 
DXLD) Thinx it may be turned on 15325 only on Sundays (gh, ibid.)

Amigos, estou na zona oeste da cidade de Sγo Paulo a cerca de 17 km em 
linha reta dos transmissores da Gazeta OM e OC localizados na zona sul 
prσximo ao Autσdromo de Interlagos; agora 13:40 [local?] do sabado e 
nada em 15325 kHz. Acredito se estivesse no ar, eu receberia sem os 
efeitos da propagaηγo pela distβncia. A frequκncia mais prσxima recebo 
em 15345 khz, recebo Radio Pϊblica com alguns anuncios da cidade de 
Buenos Aires, creio que esteja lα pela regiγo. 73΄s (Fran [Jr.] - Sγo 
Paulo SP, Yaesu FT 757 GX, Antena interna - pedaηo de fio com 3 
metros, Nov 14, radioescutas yg via WORLD OF RADIO 1800, DXLD)


Con un acto solemne en el Palacio Planalto, la presidente de Brasil 
firmσ dνas pasados un decreto que autorizarα a las emisoras de radio 
migrar sus seρales de AM a FM, una frecuencia donde ganarαn en calidad 
de audio, competitividad y alcance, a travιs de los telιfonos 

"La migraciσn que acabamos de autorizar es la base para mejorar la 
calidad de las transmisiones, permitiendo mejoras en las relaciσn con 
los anunciantes", ha dicho Rousseff durante el lanzamiento. "Querνa 
decir que durante mis aρos de prisiσn las noticias llegaban por la 
radio. Era uno de los instrumentos del contacto con el mundo", ha 
contado la mandataria para remarcar la importancia de la radio.

La decisiσn del Gobierno fue una respuesta a una vieja demanda de la 
Asociaciσn Brasileρa de Emisoras de Radio y Televisiσn (Abert), que ha 
denunciado desde hace aρos las dificultades de emisiσn que enfrenta en 
las grandes ciudades para distribuir su seρal en Amplitud Modulada.

"Es una excelente noticia para toda la radiodifusiσn nacional, no 
solamente porque atiende los deseos y expectativas de los 
radiodifusores. El decreto tambiιn establece un nuevo marco de 
inversiones y de innovaciones en el sector, impulsando a la radio a 
tornarse mαs competitivas para atender mejor a sus oyentes y al 
mercado", ha dicho el presidente de Abert, Mαrcio Villela.

La Asociaciσn estima que el 90% de las 1784 emisoras de AM que operan 
en Brasil se pasarαn a la banda de FM. El ministro de Comunicaciones, 
Paulo Bernardo, ha aclarado que el traspaso serα opcional. Aclarσ, 
ademαs, que el Gobierno ya no darα licencias de AM, con el objetivo de 
sustituir poco a poco todas las frecuencias existentes.

"La radio AM estα perdiendo calidad, es una frecuencia muy difνcil", 
ha dicho el ministro. "En las grandes ciudades, principalmente, es muy 
difνcil que usted pueda sintonizar una radio AM. A las radios de los 
automσviles, por ejemplo, se les hace muy complicado sintonizarlas", 
agregσ el funcionario, que estarα presente en el acto de firma del 
decreto presidencial (Infobae via GRA blog Nov 14 via DXLD)

Prezados amigos e PY2ARI, Eu quase nγo participo dessa lista mas leio 
todos os assuntos postados; sempre sγo interessantes.

Eu ainda sou um dos poucos aqui na cidade do Rio de Janeiro que dorme 
ouvindo a radio CBN em AM 860 e a FM Atlβntida 101.7 que sσ toca flash 
backls [? sic] σtimos e raramente eu escuto a Rαdio Bandeirantes AM, 
1360 sςmente por casa da reprise de noite de um σtimo programa que ι 
apresentado das 10:00 h ao meio dia.

Eu vou comentar uma coisa que eu fiz de pesquisa e jα hα bastante 
tempo e sempre que eu posso, eu pergunto a desconhecidos.

Tirando pessoas evangιlicas que ouvem as estaηυes evangιlicas no AM 
aqui na cidade do Rio, eu nγo conheηo mais nenhuma pessoa que ouve 
radio no AM como chamam, ou nas OM como tecnicamente ela ι conhecida.

Eu vou fazer umas perguntas:

Se aqui tivesse alguιm interessado em ter, ou que jα tivesse uma 
estaηγo de rαdio nγo religiosa, continuaria a investir grana, $$$ num 
transmissor de AM nas OM ou migraria para o FM Stereo?

- Valeria ΰ pena investir aqui na cidade do Rio de Janeiro em um 
transmissor de OM, sabendo que a maioria dos radios de carro nγo tem 
mais recepηγo em AM?

- Valeria ΰ pena investir num TX de OM sabendo que a maioria das 
pessoas nγo religiosas nγo ouvem mais o AM?

- Valeria ΰ pena em 2015 investir num TX de AM em OM sabendo que o 
nνvel de ruνdos reinante aqui nessa cidade ι insuportαvel, e que na 
maioria dos bairros nγo se consegue mais ouvir nada nas OM?

Valeria α pena fazer um grande investimento em manter um TX nas OM com 
as condiηυes acima citadas e sabendo que o retorno financeiro com 
anϊncios e comerciais seria praticamente zero?

Sem dinheiro, tutu, grana, nγo tem como manter um TX em banda nenhuma 
em lugar nenhum.

Ι triste mas ι a relidade de 2015, estamos em 2015 e nγo nos anos 
maravilhosos das OC e OM da dιcada de 1960 ou de 1970; estamos em 2015 
num ano que falar em CD dα azar.

De forma alguma [nenhuma], eu sou inimigo do AM ou das OM que eu me 
criei; apenas estou pensando como um empresαrio em 2015 jα beirando 
2016. 73 (Alfredo Meurer Jr, Rio de Janeiro - RJ, radioescutas yg via 

On contrary, he does participate, and always with very long 
commentaries, which I usually skip. His main point here is that nobody 
but religion fans listens to AM any more, and it would not make 
economic sense to invest in or add to AM transmitters.

About all this Portuguese and other foreign languages I include in 
DXLD:: Unfortunately I understand them to a greater or lesser degree, 
and when I see something which would be worthy of inclusion if they 
were in English, I do include them. But I don`t have time to make a 
translation; even with Google it has to be proofread and fixed up. 
Even so in the above I fixed a number of typos and improved the 
syntax. But if you have any interest in the country or subject, it 
will be worth your while to run the text thru computer translation if 
necessary (Glenn Hauser, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** BULGARIA. SECRETLAND, SPL Secretbrod relay another strange Radio 
Fabrik Salzburg on Nov 14
1500-1530 on 15515 SCB 050 kW / 195 deg to EaAf Sat, 
instead of R. Warra Wangeelaa
73! (Ivo Ivanov, Nov 14, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

SECRETLAND, Some transmissions via Secretbrod on Nov 13:
Bible Voice Broadcasting
1700-1800 on 11600 SCB 100 kW / 090 deg to WeAs Persian
Dimtse Radio Erena
1700-1730 on 11855 SCB 050 kW / 195 deg to EaAf Afar Oromo
1730-1800 on 11855 SCB 050 kW / 195 deg to EaAf Arabic 
End Times Coming
1801-1831 NF 11600 SCB 100 kW / 306 deg to WeEu English
UN Radio news, instead of Radio City
1900-2000 on  7290 SCB 100 kW / 306 deg to WeEu English Fri
73! (Ivo Ivanov, *QTH*: Sofia, Bulgaria, *Equipment*: Sony ICF-2001D 
30 m. long wire, *Web: http://swldxbulgaria.blogspot.com/  Nov 13, 
posted Nov 14, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CAMBODIA [non]. TAJIKISTAN, Weak signal of Voice of Khmer M'Chas 
Srok on Nov 15
1130-1200 on 17860 DB  200 kW / 125 deg to SEAs Khmer Thu/Sun, video:
73! (Ivo Ivanov, B`lgariya, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CANADA. I have an aircheck I made in AM STEREO of “LG-73” when I 
was in Vancouver back in the summer of 2000. I think I also have one 
of CKMX 1060 in Calgary from that same trip. Both were AM Stereo and 
playing music. Not sure about 730 in Vancouver, but I know that in 
Calgary, 1060 dropped the AM Stereo when they changed to the classic 
country format. Still music so it didn’t make sense why they dropped 
the stereo but they did. I gotta admit it was pretty cool driving 
around and never leaving the AM dial. There was an AM in Red Deer that 
was contemporary music and AM Stereo and a couple in Edmonton as well. 
Anyways, I digress (Michael n Wyo Richard, Nov 12, ABDX via DXLD)

Must have been CKRD 700 in Red Deer. A former top 40 that seguιd into 
Hot AC by the early 90's. They were also stereo. 1060 was very late to 
converting to AM stereo. They didn't actually go stereo until 1991. 
They were a CHR at the time. I had an AM stereo tuner, the TM 152 and 
when I lived in Calgary, I listened to CHED exclusively for two 
reasons: one, they were a better station and, two, they were stereo.  
All the commercial AMs in Alberta in the major cities were stereo 
(Justin Nielsen, Ottawa?, ibid.)

Think you’re right, Justin. I want to say it WAS CKRD. Hot AC sounds 
right. That’s cool that all the commercial AMs were stereo. Wonder how 
many are left today? I get some Canadians at night here in Wyoming but 
it’s been quite a while since I had one that lit the stereo indicator.
(Michael n Wyo, ibid.)

I think that very few are in stereo any more up here; it could be less 
than 5 stations in the entire country. Quite a shame when so many were 
running stereo in the 80's and 90's. 

CKRD was a pretty good radio station. It was originally set up to 
cover both Calgary and Edmonton to relay grain prices back in the 
1920's. Red Deer was chosen because it was halfway between both cities 
(although slightly closer to Edmonton). It did a good job of covering 
both with a local quality signal, even when it was a ten thousand 
watter at 850. By the time it was at 700, power had increased to fifty 
thousand watts. My dad thought it was a local station when he stumbled 
across it on the car radio, only to be confused by all the Red Deer 
ads He liked it enough to set a preset for it on the car radio (Justin 
Nielsen, Nov 12, ibid.)

The 2015-2016 NRC AM Log, pages 261-264, has a listing by state and 
province of AM stereo stations --- 48 from Canada (Glenn Hauser, DX 

Maybe we digress from the subject, but the mention of CKRD caught my
attention. As one who grew up in the Red Deer area, it was the only
station I could get on my crystal set; but that sure wasn't in the
'20's. My info shows they signed on April 30, 1949. And also Red Deer
and certainly their Penhold and later Innisfail transmitter site is 
closer to Calgary, not the other way around (Don Moman, VE6JY, 
Alberta, ABDX via DXLD)

** CANADA. [presumably all these are USB but not stated --- gh]

2514, Iqaluit Coast Guard Radio via Killinek (Killiniq) Island 
repeater, Canada, 0205-0215, 7 Nov. Poor with weather // 6507. 

2598, Riviθre-au-Renard Coast Guard Radio, 2319-2325 7 Nov, French 
weather until 2324, then ID and into English wx. Poor.

2598, Placentia Coast Guard Radio, 0050 7 Nov, Newfoundland marine 
weather. Poor. I checked for all the NFLD coast guard stations
various times and they were either not there or very weak. Usually 
these are quite easy to hear. Apparently just bad conditions into that 
area (Don Moore, MARE DXpedition, Brighton MI, MARE Tipsheet Nov 13 
via DXLD)

6507/usb, NU, Iqaluit, Canadian Coast Guard Radio (ID Per Don Moore) 
with weather for Northland. Weak & FUNKY modulation in addition to the 
raspy computer generated voice. Poor-very poor. 2242-2245 7/Nov using 
SPR-4 + 500' randomwire (Ken Zichi, MARE DXpedition, Brighton MI, MARE 
Tipsheet Nov 13 via WORLD OF RADIO 1800, DXLD)

6507, Iqaluit Coast Guard Radio, Canada, 0205-0215 Nov 8, ID and into 
English weather in a slightly distorted computerized voice. Into 
French at 0212. Good signal. // 4363 & 2582, both poor. Also // 2514 
repeater at Killinek. These were all heard earlier around 2240 with  
barely audible signal. I've been trying for these two stations for 
years. Glad to finally get them and with a positive ID. Still need to 
get Cambridge Bay and Inuvik (Don Moore, MARE DXpedition, Brighton MI, 
MARE Tipsheet Nov 13 via WORLD OF RADIO 1800, DXLD)

** CANADA [non]. SECRETLAND, Radio City via Secretbrod Sat Nov 14
0900-1000 on  9510 SCB 100 kW / 306 deg to WeEu German Sat
73! (Ivo Ivanov, Nov 14, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHILE. 6925-AM. 12/11 2304 UT. Partido Chile-Colombia por las
eliminatorias para el mundial de Rusia. SINPO: 22222 (Claudio Galaz 
T., RX: Realistic DX-160. ANT: Antena de varilla, mαs antena de tierra 
y balϊn de ferrita 4:1, QTH: Ovalle, IV Regiσn, Chile, condiglista yg 
via DXLD)

6925-AM. RCW. 13/11 0009 UT. Partido Chile-Colombia por las 
eliminatorias para el mundial de Rusia. SINPO: 22222. A las 0136, Luis
Valderas desde San Antonio, V Regiσn, Chile informa la condiciσn de 
mucho ruido. Al contrario, Daniel Ulloa desde Talcahuano, VII Regiσn, 
Chile envνa siguiente audio: 
RX: Sony ICF-F12S, ANT: Hilo de 10 metros de largo (Vνa grupo Whatsapp 
“Chile DX”).

Eduardo Miguel, desde Reserva Nacional “Rνo Cipreses”, IV Regiσn, 
Chile con RX: Kenwood TS-990S, ANT: Hilo de 100 metros de largo con 
SINPO: 34333 a 34232 (Vνa Wechat 14/11); Josef Toledo desde Hacienda 
Valdivia, Comuna de Ercilla, IX Regiσn, Chile con SINPO: 44444 con RX: 
Icom IC-751A y ANT: Delta Loop para 40 metros (Vνa Line, 14/11); 
Estaban Pardo desde Reserva Nacional “Lago Las Torres”, Provincia de 
Chubut, Argentina con RX: Kenwood TS - 120S HF SSB Transceiver, ANT: 
Delta Loop SIO: 222 (Vνa Wechat 14/11 via Galaz ibid.). 

Comentario: condiciones inestables de la propagaciσn en 40 metros,
mucho ruido. Ademαs de no haber reportes hacia el norte del QTH de la
emisora (Claudio Galaz, ibid.)

6925-AM. RCW. 13/11 0952 UT. Emisiσn de cueca, noticias de Radio
Francia Internacional, mϊsica, noticias de Radio Sputnik. Fuera de la
transmisiσn 1101. SINPO: 24322 (Claudio Galaz, RX: Realistic DX-160, 
ANT: Antena de varilla, mαs antena de tierra y balϊn de ferrita 4:1, 
QTH: Ovalle, IV Regiσn, Chile, condiglista yg via WORLD OF RADIO 1800, 

6925-AM. RCW. 17/11 2355 UT. Partido Uruguay contra Chile. SINPO:
45232. No obstante a las 0021 UT del 18/11 mejora el SINPO: 45333,
especialmente la modulaciσn. A las 0028 se reporta el siguiente audio:
https://soundcloud.com/claudio-radioham-dx/6925-rcw-18-11 desde 
Talcahuano, VIII Regiσn, Chile enviado por Daniel Ulloa RX: ANT: (Vνa 
grupo Whattsapp: “Chile Dx”). A las 0029, Francisco Miranda desde 
Ρuρoa, Santiago, Regiσn Metropolitana informa s9+20 (Νdem). CE2WGD a 
las 0104 con SINPO: 33323 --- Vνa Twitter: 
Y escuchas e identificaciσn de la portadora desde Norteamιrica:
(Claudio Galaz, RX: Realistic DX-160, ANT: Antena de varilla, mαs 
antena de tierra y balϊn de ferrita 4:1, QTH: Ovalle, IV Regiσn, 
Chile, ibid.)

HFU logs were nothing definite, but carriers between 2316 Nov 17 and -
0127 UT Nov 18. The RCW op replied: ``Hello friends; long time without 
writing to you. We have seen this post on twitter and it is possible 
that our small carrier that have caught. We are broadcast on AM 6925 
kHz with 45 Watts. Best regards to your friends RCW Radio Company 
Worldwide`` (Glenn Hauser, DXLD)

** CHINA [and non?]. UNKNOWNIA (People's Republic of?): 6020, Crashing 
& banging in REALLY well -- relayed from Albania? Hmmmm. Relays of 
jammers creates a whole new market for private stations like WRMI to 
consider, doesn't it? Sell time to the controversial broadcaster and 
then sell time to the jammer too. No need to use two transmitters, 
just mix the audio before transmitting! Still there at 2118 re-check. 
:o 4554+4 2255 7/Nov -- Zichi DXp

[Note the times contradict: he always puts the original log time at 
the END next to credit, annoying. HFCC shows 6020 is SZG site in China 
northwestward at 1830-2300. However, IBB Chinese via TINIAN is also on 
6020 at 1700-2200, surely requiring jamming even if CRI is co-channel. 
Albania relay is at 00-04, far outside whatever times were meant. BTW, 
Kashgar is also on 6020 at 01-03 in Urdu --- gh, DXLD]

9410, Crash & bang with something audible slightly under. Moderate
strength. 2353 7/Nov -- Zichi DXp

9455, Crash & bang with nothing obvious under. strong  2118 -- Zichi 
DXp (Ken Zichi, MARE DXpedition, Brighton MI, MARE Tipsheet Nov 13 via 

9230, Nov 14 at 1355, Chinese, poor, no doubt CNR1 jammer (Glenn 

USA, WRMI tx#9 relay Brother HySTAIRical plus strong CNR-1 Jamming:
from 0835 on 11580 YFR 100 kW / 044 deg to WeEu English, November 15
73! (Ivo Ivanov, B`lgariya, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA [non]. 11855, Nov 16 at 0715, fair signal in Chinese, but 
unsounds Mandarin, so Cantonese? No, scheduled as (Mandarin) Chinese 
from CRI via ALBANIA at 310 degrees right toward us, but at this wee 
hour, presumably intended only for NW Europe; het from R. Aparecida, 
BRAZIL, off-frequency circa 11856.2 getting creamed by this at 07-09 

** CHINA. I just managed to track down the CRI B15 frequencies on the 
CRI webpages at the foot of this page:
- although transmitter sites are not shown.

Direct links for each region are:

North America
South Pacific

The frequencies link in the hitlist at 
will be updated soon). 
(Alan Roe, Teddington, UK, Nov 18, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CHINA [non]. UZBEKISTAN, Good reception of Stream of Praise Music 
2100-2130 on  7530 TAC 100 kW / 090 deg to EaAs Cantonese or Chinese:
73! (Ivo Ivanov, B`lgariya, Nov 14-15, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** COLOMBIA. CQ, CQ, CQ; Aquν Pedro F. Arrunαtegui para compartir algo 
con los que disfrutan y aman el DX latinoamericano; todas las horas 
son UT. Desde la tierra de los incas, les informo mediante este Quipus 
lo siguiente:

1449.980, La Cariρosa, Manizales; 28/10 0350-0420, 22222, mx varias, 
ads; se escucha con mucha dificultad ID “La Cariρosa, Manizales”. 
Muchos 218’s PFA (Pedro F. Arrunαtegui, Lima; La recepciσn la he 
efectuado del 26/10 al 15/11 en compaρνa de mis sabuesos Icom IC R72 + 
ELAD FDM-S1 + Splitter ASA 4 x 2 + Mizuho KX-3 + MFJ-1025 y una antena 
de hilo largo de 12 metros + antena auxiliar + una Mini Whip + una 
antena loop, DX LISTENING DIGEST) 

** CONGO. 6115, Radio Congo, Brazzaville, 6115, now on air, 1800, 16-
11, with news in French, ID "Radio Congo, le journal". 24322 (Manuel 
Mιndez, Lugo, Spain, Log in Playa Blanca, Lanzarote, Canary Islands, 

** CUBA. 15370, Nov 12 at 1440, RHC Spanish modulation is breaking up, 
but OK on 15730. Wiggle that patchcord.

9330, Fri Nov 13 at 0708, digital blaaps alternating with YL Spanish 
spy numbers, on regular sked, the only signal making it on 31m 
otherwise dead, not even WRMI or WRMI.

9850, Nov 14 at 1348, RHC modulation is breaking up, like it does on 
15370, next frequency from same transmitter. Item about an Esperanto 
confab in Habana, 18-22 Nov, 120+ expected to attend from Cuba and 
abroad; clip of RHC`s own Esperanto service, which is not something 
many SW stations can claim.

9820, Nov 14 at 1350, no signal from RHC here, but tuning on down, at 
1353, there it is on 9535! That`s supposed to be an evening frequency. 
I bet it`s the same transmitter but they failed to change it to 
morning frequency. 9550 is not on now either, but presumably will be 
on at 14-15, contrary to announcements. Remember, the final B-15 
changes are supposed to start Nov 15-16, e.g. 9710 replaced by 6075 

9710, Nov 16 at 0229, RHC is still here, so maybe the change to 6075 
goes into effect tomorrow, if it`s still to be carried out from 
tentative B-15 schedule. See also IRAN.

Morning of Nov 16, RHC is finally implementing the B-15 frequency 
changes, from tentative schedule as in DXLD 15-43.

At 1421 bandscan Nov 16, RHC Spanish found on: 9550, 9640, 9710, 9820, 
11760, 15370, 17580, 17730, 17750. NOT found any longer on 11860, 
11950, 13740, 15730. New ones are: 9710, 17580, 17730 and 17750.

At 1504 and 1525 chex, of the on-ones above, these are now off: 17580, 
9710, 9550. 16m is new in the mornings: 17730 is very good, 17580 
good, and 17750 fair with hum. The single frequency scheduled to stay 
on midday is now 11760 at 12-19. 

Watch out for 11670 to replace 11760 at 1900 in Arabic, 1930 in 
Creole, 2000 in English, 2100-2130 in French, aimed, where else? 
CHICAGO! And blocking access to All India Radio all across North 

11670, Nov 16 at 1937, RHC confirmed on new frequency`s first day for 
Chicago service in Creole, very good signal leaving no chance to hear 
All India Radio. Tnx a lot, Arnie! who had no good reason to move from 
11760 where there is nothing else to be heard. Still on 11670 ex-11760 
during the English hour at 2033 check. The full span of afternoon 
11670 usage is 1900-2130 in Arabic, Creole, English, French.

15370, Nov 16 at 2034, RHC Arabic is now here, ex-17730, very good, 
but this one axually aimed northeastward toward Arabisha.

6075, Nov 17 at 0131, RHC Spanish on another new frequency from 
tonight, ex-9710, and // 6060, so close, almost bookending poor CFRX 
6070 Toronto, with adjacent splash. The Dentro Cuban Jamming Command 
didn`t get the message to clean up their spurs around 6080, pulsing 
also audible QRMing RHC itself! (Glenn Hauser, OK, WORLD OF RADIO 

[and non] Poor to good signal of Radio Habana Cuba on 11670 kHz plus 
AIR English/Hindi
1745-1945 11670 BGL 500 / 325 WeEu English All India Radio
1900-1930 11670 BAU 100 / 340 WNAm Arabic Radio Habana Cuba
1930-2000 11670 BAU 100 / 340 WNAm Creole Radio Habana Cuba
1945-2045 11670 BGL 500 / 325 WeEu Hindi All India Radio
2000-2100 11670 BAU 100 / 340 WNAm English Radio Habana Cuba
2100-2130 11670 BAU 100 / 340 WNAm French Radio Habana Cuba
73! (Ivo Ivanov, B`lgariya, Nov 17, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

Quick log in Cuban B-15 season now of 1240 to 1310 UT time slot Nov 17

CUBA RHC / CRI / Radio Rebelde signals noted today Nov 17 on remote 
SDR - Software Defined Radios at NJ/KY-US, and Edmonton Alberta 
province at Canada.

5025, Radio Rebelde mx progr S=7 or -83dBm.
6000, RHC Spanish at 1240 UT, S=8-9, but suffered by Korean KRE/KOR
whistle QRM tone interference of nearby 6003 kHz channel, propagate 
from Koreas via East Asia, Northern Pacific, Alaska path.
9640, S=6, rather poor northwards in USA / CAN.
9710, S=7-8, but always low modulated reception, sidelobe though
meant at MEX/CTR/PNR, central America.
9820, S=6 at 1250 UT.

9850 RHC Bauta,- ! but not on air today !
only weak S=3 signal of Korean Kujang-KRE bcast transmission.

11760, RHC properly S=9+10dB as always, but UNDERNEATH annoying
CNR1 Chinese service co-channel, from Kunming southern China mainland 
bcast center.
17580, S=9+20dB, but distorted bad audio modulation quality, seemingly 
bad final stage booster tube ? Need for repair.
17730, S=9+25dB POWERHOUSE northerly in US.
17750, S=9+10dB, - on upper sideband S=8 signal of TRT Emirler Turkey 
foreign service in German language to central Europe at 1230-1326 UT.

9570, CRI English foreign service via booster at Titan Quivican San 
Felipe transmission center relay site. S=9+20dB at 10deg antenna.
vy73 wb df5sx 

CUBA Noted North American morning log at 1510 to 1540 UT Nov 18,
on remote SDR servers in MI/OH-US posts, as well as in EDmonton 
Alberta province in Canada.

Radio Habana Cuba - Horarios, Bandas y Frecuencias
Periodo del 16 de Noviembre de 2015 a 11 de Abril de 2016.

Sites Ba = Bauta, Be = Bejucal, Ti = Titan Quivican San Felipe

Zonas Geogrαficas Beam to:

North and Central/Sudamιrica
11760 kHz Ba 100 n-d 1200-1900 UT
S=9+5dB at 1510 UT, 19 kHz wide music signal,
Great "Sonido Cubano" or "Mϊsica Cubana" feeling...

San Francisco
15370 kHz Ba 100 310 1400-1600 UT
S=9+15dB, 19 kHz wide music signal.

Amιrica Central
9820 kHz Be 100 260 1200-1600 UT
S=3-4 on threshold in MI-US / Alberta CAN.
S=8 in FL-US remote post.

9640 kHz Be 50 125 1200-1600 UT
S=4-5 tiny poor in MI-US / Alberta CAN.
S=9 in FL-US remote SDR rx post. Little stronger than 9820 kHz. QRM 
co-ch KBS Seoul Vietnamese sce from Korea.

Rνo de Janeiro
17730 kHz Ba 100 135 1200-1600 UT
S=9+20dB powerhouse, 20.8 kHz wide music signal.

Buenos Aires
17750 kHz Ti 250 160 1200-1600 UT
S=8-9 backlobe, rather small 4.8 kHz wide signal.

CRI English relay via Titαn Quivicαn San Felipe:
15700 1400-1557 6,7SW HAB 250 305 HRS4/4/0.5 #216 CUB CRI RTC
S=9+20dB strength, up to 26 kHz wide signal at 1533 UT.

5025 kHz Radio Rebelde Bauta Cuba, S=9+10dB in FL-US remote SDR
unit at 1540 UT on Nov 18. 20 kHz wide music modulation signal.
df5sx (Wolfgang Bόschel, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 18, dxldyg via DXLD)

** CUBA. Full B-15 schedule of R. Habana Cuba from Nov 16, 2015 to Apr 
11, 2016
1200-1400  6000 BAU 100 / n-d NCAm Spanish
1200-1400  9640 BEJ 050 / 125 SoAm Spanish
1200-1400  9710 BAU 100 / 010 ENAm Spanish
1200-1400  9820 BEJ 100 / 260 CeAm Spanish
1200-1400  9850 BAU 100 / 340 WNAm Spanish
1200-1400 11760 BAU 100 / n-d NCAm Spanish
1200-1400 17580 BAU 100 / 160 SoAm Spanish
1200-1400 17730 BAU 100 / 135 SoAm Spanish
1200-1400 17750 QVC 250 / 160 SoAm Spanish, ex 15230 B-14/A-15

1400-1500  9550 QVC 250 / n-d CeAm Spanish
1400-1500  9640 BEJ 050 / 125 SoAm Spanish
1400-1500  9710 BAU 100 / 010 ENAm Spanish
1400-1500  9820 BEJ 100 / 260 CeAm Spanish
1400-1500 11760 BAU 100 / n-d NCAm Spanish
1400-1500 15370 BAU 100 / 310 WNAm Spanish
1400-1500 17580 BAU 100 / 160 SoAm Spanish
1400-1500 17730 BAU 100 / 135 SoAm Spanish
1400-1500 17750 QVC 250 / 160 SoAm Spanish, ex 15230 B-14/A-15

1500-1600  9640 BEJ 050 / 125 SoAm Spanish
1500-1600  9820 BEJ 100 / 260 CeAm Spanish
1500-1600 11760 BAU 100 / n-d NCAm Spanish
1500-1600 15370 BAU 100 / 310 WNAm Spanish
1500-1600 17730 BAU 100 / 135 SoAm Spanish
1500-1600 17750 QVC 250 / 160 SoAm Spanish, ex 15230 B-14/A-15

1600-1630 11760 BAU 100 / n-d NCAm Spanish Mon-Sat
1600-1630 11760 BAU 100 / n-d NCAm Esperanto Sun

1630-1900 11760 BAU 100 / n-d NCAm Spanish
1900-1930 11670 BAU 100 / 340 WNAm Arabic, ex 11760 B-14/A-15

1930-2000 11670 BAU 100 / 340 WNAm Creole, ex 11760 B-14/A-15
1930-2000 15370 BAU 100 / 053 WeEu French, ex 17730 B-14

2000-2030 15370 BAU 100 / 053 WeEu Portuguese, ex 17730 B-14
2000-2100 11670 BAU 100 / 340 WNAm English, ex 11760 B-14/A-15
2030-2100 15370 BAU 100 / 053 WeEu Arabic, ex 17730 B-14

2100-2130 11670 BAU 100 / 340 WNAm French, ex 11760 B-14/A-15
2100-2130 11880 BAU 100 / 100 SoAf French
2130-2200 11880 BAU 100 / 100 SoAf Portuguese

2200-2300  5040 BAU 100 / n-d Cuba Spanish
2200-2300  6075 BEJ 050 / 125 SoAm Spanish
2200-2300  9535 BEJ 100 / 260 CeAm Spanish
2200-2300 11760 BAU 100 / n-d NCAm Spanish
2200-2300 11840 QVC 250 / 168 SoAm Spanish
2200-2300 11880 BAU 100 / 100 SoAf English
2200-2300 13740 BAU 100 / 160 SoAm Spanish
2200-2300 15370 BAU 100 / 053 WeEu Spanish, ex 17730 B-14

2230-2300 17730 BEJ 050 / 135 SoAm French Mon-Sat, ex 15370 B-14/A-15
2230-2300 17730 BEJ 050 / 135 SoAm Esperanto Sun, ex 15370 B-14/A-15
2300-2330 17730 BEJ 050 / 135 SoAm Creole, ex 15370 B-14/A-15

2300-2400  5040 BAU 100 / n-d Cuba Spanish
2300-2400  6075 BEJ 050 / 125 SoAm Spanish
2300-2400  9535 BEJ 100 / 260 CeAm Spanish
2300-2400 11760 BAU 100 / n-d NCAm Spanish
2300-2400 11840 QVC 250 / 168 SoAm Spanish
2300-2400 13740 BAU 100 / 160 SoAm Spanish
2300-2400 15230 QVC 250 / 160 SoAm Portuguese
2300-2400 15370 BAU 100 / 053 WeEu Spanish, ex 17730 B-14

2330-2400 17730 BEJ 050 / 135 SoAm Portuguese, ex 15370 B-14/A-15
0000-0030 17730 BEJ 050 / 135 SoAm Quechua, ex 15370 B-14/A-15

0000-0100  5040 BAU 100 / n-d Cuba English
0000-0100  6000 QVC 250 / 010 ENAm Spanish Tue-Sat Mesa Redonda
0000-0100  6060 BAU 100 / 010 ENAm Spanish
0000-0100  6075 BEJ 050 / 125 SoAm Spanish
0000-0100  9535 BEJ 100 / 260 CeAm Spanish
0000-0100 11670 BAU 100 / 135 SoAm Spanish
0000-0100 11760 BAU 100 / n-d NCAm Spanish
0000-0100 11840 QVC 250 / 168 SoAm Spanish
0000-0100 11950 BAU 100 / 340 WNAm Spanish Tue-Fri Mesa Redonda
0000-0100 13740 BAU 100 / 160 SoAm Spanish
0000-0100 15230 QVC 250 / 160 SoAm Spanish

0100-0130  5040 BAU 100 / n-d Cuba Creole
0130-0200  5040 BAU 100 / n-d Cuba French

0100-0200  6000 QVC 250 / 010 ENAm English
0100-0200  6060 BAU 100 / 010 ENAm Spanish
0100-0200  6075 BEJ 050 / 125 SoAm Spanish
0100-0200  6165 BAU 100 / 340 WNAm English
0100-0200  9535 BEJ 100 / 260 CeAm Spanish
0100-0200 11670 BAU 100 / 135 SoAm Spanish
0100-0200 11760 BAU 100 / n-d NCAm Spanish
0100-0200 11840 QVC 250 / 168 SoAm Spanish
0100-0200 13740 BAU 100 / 160 SoAm Spanish
0100-0200 15230 QVC 250 / 160 SoAm Spanish

0200-0300  5040 BAU 100 / n-d Cuba Spanish
0200-0300  6000 QVC 250 / 010 ENAm English
0200-0300  6060 BAU 100 / 010 ENAm Spanish
0200-0300  6075 BEJ 050 / 125 SoAm Spanish
0200-0300  6165 BAU 100 / 340 WNAm English
0200-0300  9535 BEJ 100 / 260 CeAm Spanish
0200-0300 11670 BAU 100 / 135 SoAm Spanish
0200-0300 11760 BAU 100 / n-d NCAm Spanish
0200-0300 11840 QVC 250 / 168 SoAm Spanish
0200-0300 13740 BAU 100 / 160 SoAm Spanish
0200-0300 15230 QVC 250 / 160 SoAm Spanish

0300-0500  5040 BAU 100 / n-d Cuba Spanish
0300-0500  6000 QVC 250 / 010 ENAm English
0300-0500  6060 BAU 100 / 010 ENAm Spanish
0300-0500  6075 BEJ 050 / 125 SoAm Spanish
0300-0500  6165 BAU 100 / 340 WNAm English
0300-0500  9535 BEJ 100 / 260 CeAm Spanish
0300-0500 11670 BAU 100 / 135 SoAm Spanish
0300-0500 11840 QVC 250 / 168 SoAm Spanish
0300-0500 13740 BAU 100 / 160 SoAm Spanish
0300-0500 15230 QVC 250 / 160 SoAm Spanish

0500-0600  5040 BAU 100 / n-d Cuba Spanish, new [or English --- gh]
0500-0600  6000 QVC 250 / 010 ENAm English
0500-0600  6060 QVC 250 / 010 ENAm English
0500-0600  6075 BEJ 050 / 125 SoAm Spanish
0500-0600  6100 BAU 100 / 310 WNAm English
0500-0600  6165 BAU 100 / 340 WNAm English
0500-0600 11670 BAU 100 / 135 SoAm Spanish
0500-0600 11840 QVC 250 / 168 SoAm Spanish
0500-0600 15230 QVC 250 / 160 SoAm Spanish

0600-0700  5040 BAU 100 / n-d Cuba English, new
0600-0700  6000 QVC 250 / 010 ENAm English
0600-0700  6060 QVC 250 / 010 ENAm English
0600-0700  6100 BAU 100 / 310 WNAm English
0600-0700  6165 BAU 100 / 340 WNAm English
0600-0700 15230 QVC 250 / 160 SoAm Spanish, new

0700-0730  6100 BAU 100 / 310 WNAm Esperanto Sun
Transmitter sites: BAU=Bauta, BEJ=Bejucal, QVC=Titαn-Quivicαn
73! (Ivo Ivanov, B`lgariya, Nov 17, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CUBA. 6000, Nov 18 at 1346, RHC is still on now, and stronger than 
5025 Rebelde which is anyway still audible 34 minutes after our 
sunrise today at 1312; two hours after Habana sunrise 1145. 

At 1358 Nov 18 on 17730, I`m ready to copy the new frequency 
announcement: going off 9850, 6000; continuing until 1500 on 17580, 
9710; until 1600 on 15370 --- that`s all, ignoring all their other 
frequencies including the big one I`m hearing! Why? At 1437 check I am 
also hearing: 9550 with CCI, 9640, 9710 strong splashing upon 9700 New 
Zealand, 9820, 11760; and at 1441, 17750 suptorted. At 1455, the 
modulation is cutting out on 15370 as often happens.

11880, Nov 18 at 2055, as semi-napping, I land on a quiet OC, until 
2058 when RHC English suddenly cuts on. The sloppyrators at RadioCuba 
have turned the feed on early, supposed to be on 11670 only, before 
this starts French at 2100, and whose own 11880 English will not 
restart for another hour.

16180, Nov 17 at 2133, on the FRG-7 after hearing this cross-
modulating onto WRMI RFI relay on 15770, I know there must be an 
extremely strong spy-numbers transmitter nearby, and soon find it on 
16180, usual YL voice with a few numbers, alternating with digital 
blaaaps (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

El medio sostenido por EE UU asume que tiene que cambiar tras el 
restablecimiento de las relaciones diplomαticas con Cuba
Posted by: (JOSE MIGUEL ROMERO ROMERO, dxldyg via DXLD) Viz.:

Radio Martν quiere pasar la pαgina del anticastrismo
Luis Barbero Miami 11 NOV 2015 - 23:55 CET

Radio Martν --- Interior de la sede de Radio y Televisiσn Martν, en 
Miami. / PABLO BLΑZQUEZ [caption]

En un edificio recσndito de Miami, funcional, mαs bien feo, se estα 
jugando parte del ιxito de uno de los acontecimientos polνticos 
mundiales mαs relevantes de los ϊltimos aρos: el restablecimiento de 
las relaciones diplomαticas entre Estados Unidos y Cuba. El inmueble 
alberga la sede de Radio y Televisiσn Martν, el medio de comunicaciσn 
que EE UU sostiene desde hace 30 aρos con fondos pϊblicos y que es 
cιlebre por su lνnea editorial anticastrista. De la importancia del 
ente en el tablero polνtico da fe que el presidente cubano, Raϊl 
Castro, en su reciente discurso ante la ONU, reiterσ que la 
normalizaciσn definitiva llegarα cuando EE UU levante el embargo, 
devuelva la base de Guantαnamo, haya una compensaciσn econσmica y 
cesen las emisiones clandestinas de Radio y Televisiσn Martν, una 
obsesiσn para los dirigentes de la isla.

La sede refleja el cambio y confusiσn del momento. Comparten la 
entrada una foto de Barack Obama, el presidente estadounidense que se 
ha atrevido a poner fin a un residuo de la Guerra Frνa, y una placa 
que recuerda que el edificio se llama Jorge Mas Canosa, el empresario 
anticastrista que creσ Radio Martν y capitaneσ la derecha mαs radical 
del exilio cubano en Miami. Las instalaciones de esta agencia, en la 
que trabajan 132 personas y que tiene un presupuesto anual de unos 26 
millones de dσlares, tienen un mobiliario de los ochenta, como si 
estuvieran ancladas en el pasado a la espera de dar el salto a 2015.

Las instalaciones de esta agencia, en la que trabajan 132 personas y 
que tiene un presupuesto anual de unos 26 millones de dσlares, tienen 
un mobiliario de los ochenta

Ese salto, segϊn los rectores de la cadena y el Gobierno de EE UU, 
pasa por ampliar el foco y dejar a un lado el monotema cubano, el 
anticastrismo, y dar una “visiσn regional” de Latinoamιrica, afirma 
Humberto Castellσ, responsable de informaciσn de las tres plataformas 
en las que la Martν distribuye las noticias (radio, televisiσn e 
Internet) y director de El Nuevo Herald entre 2001 y 2009, etapa en la 
que el rotativo de Miami editado en espaρol fue distinguido con el 
premio Ortega y Gasset de periodismo.

Tanto Castellσ como Carlos Garcνa-Pιrez, un abogado criado en Puerto 
Rico al que Obama situσ al frente del ente hace cinco aρos para 
iniciar el giro, sostienen que Radio y Televisiσn Martν ya no es el 
aparato de propaganda anticastrista que fue en el pasado, aunque la 
lνnea informativa sigue siendo crνtica con el rιgimen cubano, con el 
que hay un permanente juego del gato y el ratσn.

La cadena busca todos los resquicios posibles para que sus 
informaciones lleguen a Cuba y el Gobierno de La Habana intenta 
taponar por tierra, mar y aire todas las iniciativas. Si Cuba bloquea 
la web, desde Miami se redirecciona; si se intenta limitar la seρal de 
radio y televisiσn, se buscan artilugios que faciliten la llegada de 
la imagen y el sonido o se envνan DVD a la isla (mαs de 190.000 en los 
ϊltimos tiempos) con las informaciones.

La red social Piramideo

El ente presume de llegar a casi dos millones de cubanos (el 20% de la 
poblaciσn); de poder enviar mensajes de texto a 400.000 telιfonos 
mσviles y de crear una red social, llamada Piramideo, en la que 
tambiιn se distribuye la informaciσn y a la que ya pertenecen mαs de 
700.000 cubanos.

“No hacemos propaganda, solo damos hechos ciertos. La nueva polνtica 
estα basada en ayudar al pueblo cubano. Nuestros reportajes estαn 
orientados al quehacer diario de los cubanos. Cuando hacemos algo de 
Cuba, llamamos para tener la voz de un portavoz. A veces nos 
responden, otras no. Esto es una agencia de noticias seria”, afirma 
Garcνa-Pιrez, quien pilota un cambio que serα definitivo si prospera 
un proyecto de ley que quiere reordenar los diferentes medios que EE 
UU sufraga a lo largo del planeta, como la Voz de Amιrica, Radio 
Libertad o el conglomerado Martν.

La cadena busca todos los resquicios posibles para que sus 
informaciones lleguen a Cuba

Karen Caballero, presentadora del informativo estrella, responde 
tajante: “Ante todo somos periodistas, ni activistas ni polνticos. 
Buscamos llevar la informaciσn sin censura a Cuba, donde el Gobierno 
controla y tergiversa. Si Obama comete un error, se informa. Y si la 
oposiciσn cubana, que es muy valiente, se equivoca tambiιn lo voy a 
decir”. Y Margarita Rojo, que trabaja desde su fundaciσn en Radio 
Martν hace tres dιcadas y se reconoce de la “vieja guardia”. Para 
ella, el sentido del ente en el siglo XXI es indiscutible: “ΏDuda 
alguien de la existencia de la BBC o de Radio Nacional de Espaρa? Es 
lo mismo”.

El giro informativo del ente, en fase de maduraciσn, ha venido de la 
mano de Carlos Garcνa-Pιrez y de Humberto Castellσ, quien tuvo recelos 
para incorporarse al proyecto hace cuatro aρos. “Siempre me preocupσ 
que esto fuera una agencia del Gobierno de EE UU”, afirma Castellσ, 
quien impuso la obligaciσn de llamar al Gobierno de Cuba para 
contrastar cualquier informaciσn. “Antes tenνamos un problema de 
credibilidad, ahora no, al menos en los informativos”, aρade rotundo 

** CUBA [and non]. 9490, Nov 16 at 0425, R. Repϊblica is still on much 
later than scheduled, song in Spanish, 0426 capsule for mujeres; pulse 
jamming not too severe now adding up to only S9, while propagation 
from Cuba is still VG, witness CRI relay blasting on 9790. R.R. is 
HFCC-registered as 00-01 & 01-02 & 02-03 only, 150 kW, 285 degrees via 
Issoudun, FRANCE. So what is its true span, variable? (Glenn Hauser, 

** EAST TURKISTAN. 9710, Nov 17 at 0135, some songs seem to have a 
slightly sacred sound in unknown language, fair S8 signal now that RHC 
has evacuated to 6075. O, it`s only CRI Spanish, so surely secular, 
finally IDing at 0143, 500 kW, 294 degrees at 01-03 via Kashgar (also 
Portuguese at 00-01) (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ECUADOR. CQ, CQ, CQ; Aquν Pedro F. Arrunαtegui para compartir algo 
con los que disfrutan y aman el DX latinoamericano; todas las horas 
son UT. Desde la tierra de los incas, les informo mediante este Quipus 
lo siguiente:

6050.00, R. HCJB, Quito; 9/11 0020-0045, 44444, px news, Ecuador 
Noticias, ID “HCJB forma parte de una cadena de emisoras”, ID en 
quechua y dialecto (Escuchar grabaciσn [no] adjunta), mxf. Muchos 
218’s PFA (Pedro F. Arrunαtegui, Lima; La recepciσn la he efectuado 
del 26/10 al 15/11 en compaρνa de mis sabuesos Icom IC R72 + ELAD FDM-
S1 + Splitter ASA 4 x 2 + Mizuho KX-3 + MFJ-1025 y una antena de hilo 
largo de 12 metros + antena auxiliar + una Mini Whip + una antena 

** ECUADOR [non]. Radio Akhbar Mufriha --- Heard this station, which 
is an outlet of Reach Beyond (ex-HCJB), yesterday, 15 November, at 
2150 through about 2215 UT on 9530 kHz via Ascension in presumably 
Pulaar language (at least that is what is scheduled) with a fair, 
somewhat noisy signal as received on a Tecsun PL-880 indoors with its 
whip antenna. Pulaar is a language spoken in Senegal, Mauritania, 
Gambia, and western Mali. The program ended with an announcement in 
French giving an address in Paris, where, presumably, the program is 
produced, and closing music. The station name, if Google Translate is 
translating it correctly, is in Arabic (another of the languages the 
station broadcasts) and means Radio Joyful News. (Don't confuse Akhbar 
with Akbar as in Allahu Akbar.) Website with further information and 
schedules is here:
(Richard Langley, NB, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** EQUATORIAL GUINEA ECUATORIAL. 5005, Radio Nacional, Bata, 1815-
1830, 15-11, now on air with comments in Spanish and pop songs, 
mentioned  "La radio de Guinea Ecuatorisl". Weak. 15321. 

Improving reception at 1843, 15-11, ID "mandamos cordiales saludos a 
todos los oyentes por la Radio Bata", "Radio Bata, la estaciσn mαs 
musical, desde la casa de la radio" 25432. At 1849 transmission cuts 
off abruptly (Manuel Mιndez, Lugo, Spain, Log in Playa Blanca, 
Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Sangean ATS 909-X, cable antenna, 8 metres, 

Manuel, good catch, but nothing noted (listen and string non-visible) 
at 1905 UT tonight. Aoki mention scheduled till 23 UT!? 73 wb 
(Wolfgang Bόschel, Germany, ibid.)

5005, Radio Nacional, Bata, now on air again, at 1802, 16-11, comments 
in Spanish, mentioned "Guinea Ecuatorial". Weak. 15321. Transmission 
cut off abruptly at 1848 (Manuel Mιndez, Lugo, Spain, Log in Playa 
Blanca, Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Enviado desde TypeMail, dxldyg via 

** ERITREA [non]. FRANCE, Live transmission of Radio Assenna in 
English, Nov 16 [Mon]:
1700-1800 on 11720 ISS 250 kW / 130 deg to EaAf Tigrinya Mon/Thu/Sat
73! (Ivo Ivanov, B`lgariya, Nov 16, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

How can you tell that it is live? Not usually in English (gh, DXLD)

** ERITREA [non]. FRANCE, Strong signal Eritrean Forum Medrek Nov 17:
1700-1800 on 11720 ISS 250 kW / 130 deg to EaAf Tigrinya Tue/Fri/Sun
73! (Ivo Ivanov, B`lgariya, Nov 17, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ETHIOPIA. At 1515 UT unstable frequency noted of Ethiopia, Voice of
Democratic Alliance on odd 7236.236 kHz hopping 10 to 20 Hertz around 
(Wolfgang Bόschel, Germany, 1516 UT Nov 15, dxldyg via DX LISTENING 

** ETHIOPIA [non]. Strong signal of Oromo Voice Radio on November 16
1600-1615 on 17850 ISS 250 kW / 130 deg to EaAf Afar Oromo Mon
1615-1630 on 17850 ISS 250 kW / 130 deg to EaAf English Mon
73! (Ivo Ivanov, B`lgariya, Nov 16, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ETHIOPIA [non]. FRANCE, Strong signal of Radio Xoriyo Ogaden Nov 16
1600-1630 on 17870 ISS 500 kW / 130 deg to EaAf Somali Mon/Fri

Very poor signal Radio Xoriyo Ogaden Nov 17:
1600-1630 on 17630 ISS 500 kW / 130 deg to EaAf Somali Tue/Sat
73! (Ivo Ivanov, B`lgariya, Nov 17, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** FRANCE. R. France International after the terrorist attacks Nov 13:
0600-0700 9675 ISS 500 kW / 170 deg to WCAf English Paris Live, Nov 14
73! (Ivo Ivanov, Nov 14, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

Recorded unattended the segment of RFI's English service "Paris Live 
AM" on 9675 kHz between 0600 and 0700 UT this morning using the 
University of Twente WebSDR receiver. Only fair (but listenable) 
reception due to closeness of transmitter. Interesting to get directly 
the French perspective on the events in Paris last night although, as 
one might expect, the information provided was not much different from 
that available from a host of broadcasters both domestic and 
international. And the whole hour was not devoted to the attacks with 
the Saturday program "Sound Kitchen" being broadcast as usual. Perhaps 
there was more coverage in the French service (Richard Langley, NB, 
Nov 14, dxldyg via WORLD OF RADIO 1800, DXLD)

With wall-to-wall 24/7 coverage of this for a week+ on CNN, MSNBC, we 
expect the French broadcasts to pay at least as much attention (gh, 

These are THREE different front pages from Paris, France. Open 
hyperlink on each long item below the list to see on screen, magnify 
to read, or print out. You may need to wait a few moments for them to 
show up. 
(John Babbis, Silver Spring MD, Nov 16, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

[non]. 15770, Nov 17 at 2125, RFI English via WRMI is fair during 
discussion of internet security, 2130 news headlines, 2133 outro 
those, and fading; on the FRG-7 I hear the Spanish 5-digit spylady 
cross-modulating; see CUBA. At 2150 I`m on the BST-1 caradio, which 
will still stop on 15770 during memory scan, but barely; now it`s the 
Indian ambassador discussing 300 megIndians` lack of access to 

11580, Nov 18 at 0100, RFI English re-opening via WRMI, ``Paris Live 
PM`` originally at 16 UT, but we can listen 24h online. Do they ever 
acknowledge on-air that they are relayed by WRMI? Do they even know 
it? RFI certainly doesn`t make it easy for anyone to find them in 
English when everyone would like to. Additional collateral damage of 
RHC being on both 11760 and 11670 with bigsigs in Spanish is that they 
leap a mixing product another 90 kHz lower to 11580, audible 
underneath RFI/RMI. 0119 it`s the cyber-security report again from 4 
hours ago. Tonight 11580 is holding up longer than usual. 

The top of WRMI`s Google spreadsheet frequency schedule now has 4 
icons, anonymous bat, anonymous orangutan, Jeff White, and anonymous 
frog, but the next time I look at it, bat is gone --- something to do 
with chat, apparently. 

I`m checking it again for RFI entries --- on 11580: only on UT Wed, 
Fri and Sat at 0100-0200 and again at 0200-0300 (by when it`s usually 
faded down/out here). So no ``tune in tomorrow`` for this! Instead of 
duplicating the two hours, why not jumble them up so RFI could be 
heard at one hour or the other 6 days a week instead of 3? On 15770, 
the 21-22 full hour is only on Mon & Tue, while on Wed it will be 
reduced to 2115-2200, and on Thu to 2130-2200 (Glenn Hauser, OK, WORLD 

** GERMANY. Frequency changes of Deutscher Wetterdienst via Pinnenberg
0600-0630 NF  5905 PIN 010 kW / non-dir to CeEu German CUSB, ex 6040
1200-1230 NF  5905 PIN 010 kW / non-dir to CeEu German CUSB, ex 6040
2000-2030 on  5905 PIN 010 kW / non-dir to CeEu German CUSB,
73! (Ivo Ivanov, *QTH*: Sofia, Bulgaria, *Equipment*: Sony ICF-2001D 
30 m. long wire, *Web: http://swldxbulgaria.blogspot.com/  Nov 13, 
posted Nov 14, dxldyg via WORLD OF RADIO 1800, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GERMANY [non]. Upcoming frequency change of Deutsche Welle 
effective from Nov 20
0400-0500 NF 11810 MDC 250 kW / 300 deg to EaAf English, ex 11800 to 
avoid CNR-2
parallel freq 9800 MEY 250 kW / 019 deg to EaAf English
73! (Ivo Ivanov, B`lgariya, Nov 14-15, dxldyg via WORLD OF RADIO 1800, 

Frequency changes of Deutsche Welle from Nov 20:
0500-0600 NF 15520 MDC 250 kW / 300 deg to SoAf English, ex 15275
parallel freq 9800 MEY 250 kW / 019 deg to SoAf English
0700-0800 NF 15530 ISS 500 kW / 175 deg to WeAf English, ex 15275
// frequency 17800 DHA 250 kW / 260 deg to WeAf English
73! (Ivo Ivanov, B`lgariya, Nov 17, dxldyg via WORLD OF RADIO 1800, DX 

Upcoming test transmissions of Deutsche Welle:
1805-1815 on 15275 ISS 500 kW / 177 deg to WeAf Hausa, Nov 25-26
1845-1900 on 15275 ISS 500 kW / 177 deg to WeAf Hausa, Nov 25-26
73! (Ivo Ivanov, B`lgariya, Nov 17, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GERMANY [and non]. /MADAGASCAR. MB/BVB was heard in English:
Sun 0445-0515 on 5980 with Day of Decision Ministries, confirmed on 1, 
8, 15 November;  [HFCC: Nauen algo at 0430-0450 only --- gh]

Fri 0902-0917 on 17540, Gospel Peace Ministries program, confirmed on 
25 Oct, 6 & 13 Nov. [HFCC: Nauen, 0830-0915 --- gh]

Sun 1215-1230 on 21480 (and not at 1115-1130!) Eternal Good News 
Ministries, confirmed on 25 Oct & 15 Nov (see BC DX 1227 for 
AUSTRIA/). [HFCC: Madagascar]

Sat 1515-1545 on 13630 Waymark Ministries program heard on 14 November 
[HFCC: Nauen] (Rumen Pankov, Sofia, Bulgaria, 17 November 2015, DX 

** GERMANY [and non]. Several stations via Channel 292 Nov 8 to CEu:
0700-0800 6070 ROB 010 kW / non-dir En/Ge/Fr/It Radio Waves Int
0800-0900 6070 ROB 010 kW / non-dir English SuperClan Radio
0900-1000 6070 ROB 010 kW / non-dir English Hot Radio
1000-1100 6070 MOS 100 kW / non-dir German Radio DARC via MBR: Austria
1100-1200 6070 ROB 010 kW / non-dir En/Ge/Fr/It Radio Waves Int
1200-1300 6070 ROB 010 kW / non-dir English Hot Radio
1300-1500 6070 ROB 010 kW / non-dir German Radio Diamond
73! (Ivo Ivanov, Nov 7-8, not posted until Nov 14, dxldyg via DXLD)

Good signal of Radio Waves International, November 8
1100-1200 9485*GOH 001 kW / 230 deg En/Ge/Fr/It 2nd Sun *USB + carrier
73! (Ivo Ivanov, Nov 7-8, not posted until Nov 14, dxldyg via DXLD)

** GERMANY. Hamburger Lokal Radio relay Deutsche Welle and World of 
Radio Nov 14:
0700-0730 7265*GOH 001 kW / 230 deg English Sat/Wed Deutsche Welle
0730-0800 7265*GOH 001 kW / 230 deg English Sat/Wed World of Radio
* USB + carrier
73! (Ivo Ivanov, Nov 14, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST) Not Wed! (gh)

** GERMANY [and non]. Transmissions of European Music Radio Nov 15:
0800-0900 on  7265*GOH 001 kW / 230 deg to CeEu English 3rd Sun
0900-1000 on  6045 MOS 100 kW / 270 deg to CeEu English 3rd Sun
0900-1000 on  9485*GOH 001 kW / 230 deg to CeEu English 3rd Sun
2000-2100 on  6070 ROB 010 kW / non-dir to CeEu English 3rd Sun
* USB + carrier
(Ivo Ivanov, Nov 13, posted Nov 14, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GERMANY [non]. Special broadcasts of Rhein Main Radio Club Dec 5-7:
0800-0900 on 11690 SIT 100 kW / 079 deg to EaAs English, December 5
0900-1000 on 11690 SIT 100 kW / 259 deg to EaEu Russian, December 5
2200-2300 on 11580 YFR 100 kW / 044 deg to WeEu English, December 5

0100-0200 on 11580 YFR 100 kW / 044 deg to WeEu English, December 6
0500-0600 on  9955 YFR 100 kW / 160 deg to CeAm English, December 6
2300-2400 on  5850 YFR 100 kW / 315 deg to WNAm English, December 6

2100-2200 on  7570 YFR 100 kW / 315 deg to WNAm English, December 7 
2100-2200 on 15770 YFR 100 kW / 044 deg to WeEu English, December 7
73! (Ivo Ivanov, QTH: Sofia, Bulgaria, Nov 18, dxldyg via DX LISTENING 
DIGEST) Sat-Sun-Mon; about the EDXC Conference 2015 in Petrograd

** GOA [and non]. Some B-15 change comments as always:

7250 old / 7505 new, AIR Goa Panaji which caused terrible interference 
to co-channel Dhaka Banglasdesh on 7250 kHz in past seasons. AIR left 
for 7505 kHz now, on upper end of 41mb.

11740 old / 11560 new, AIR Goa Panaji in Pashto / Dari to AFG, left 
11740 in favour of 11560 kHz at 0200-0345, 1300-1530 UT (Wolfgang 

** GREECE. Transmissions of Voice of Greece on November 10
0530-0708 9420 AVL 170 kW / 323 deg WeEu Greek, no signal on // 9935
0708-0710 9420 AVL 170 kW / 323 deg WeEu Serbian, off air at 0714 UT
73! (Ivo Ivanov, Nov 9-10, not posted until Nov 14, dxldyg via DXLD)

Transmissions of Voice of Greece on November 13
0540-0707 on  9420 AVL 170 kW / 323 deg to WeEu Greek and off
73! (Ivo Ivanov, *QTH*: Sofia, Bulgaria, *Equipment*: Sony ICF-2001D 
30 m. long wire, *Web: *http://swldxbulgaria.blogspot.com/  Nov 13, 
posted Nov 14, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

Transmissions of Voice of Greece 0700-1530 UT on Nov 18, all 9420 170 
kW / 323 deg to WeEu
0700-0730  Greek, Serbian, Romanian, Spanish
from 1100  Greek, Spanish, Albanian
from 1200  Greek, relay ERT 1 Proto Programa
from 1300  Greek, relay ERT 1 Proto Programa
from 1400  Greek, relay ERT 1 Proto Programa
from 1515  Greek, relay ERT 1 Proto Programa
At 1545 no signal from Greece on 9420, only CNR-13 Uyghur heard.

Voice of Greece was back on shortwave after 1830 UT November 18
1830-2100 9420 AVL 170 kW / 323 deg to WeEu Greek, very poor signal
73! (Ivo Ivanov, QTH: Sofia, Bulgaria, Nov 18, dxldyg via DX LISTENING 

** GUAM. 15435, Sat Nov 14 at 2212, Strine-accented general talk about 
the ABC, Ustralia, NT service, etc. Can`t be R. Australia, nothing 
audible on 15415, or 17840. Sounds like something on `Wavescan` from 
the HFCC Conference in Brisbane; only poor signal and weakening. 2225 
I can still detect Jeff White with item about QSLing Radio Mi Amigo, 
so it is `Wavescan`; 2229 AWR theme and ID mentioning 15435. I was not 
aware of this airing of WS, but now it`s in the DX/SWL/Media Programs 
roster. What does HFCC B-15 say? KSDA Guam at 2200-2230, in English on 
days 1/3/5, Sun[danese] on days 2/4/6/7. Well, that`s either 
incorrect, or they`ve shifted the days from correct UT days to match 
UT times, i.e. calling this ``day 1`` = Sunday, which it is in the 
target area, but if you are giving times in UT, SO MUST THE DAYS BE. 

I start searching the AWR website hoping for a complete and updated WS 
schedule. It seems that AWR thinks the title of the program is ``DX 
Wavescan``, not just Wavescan. Someone please tell Jeff and Adrian! 

From smtwtfs choices, the first s for Sunday is highlighted on all 
these as I view it on UT Saturday, labeled as AWR English / English 
India, and no sites given:
1030-1100 UT 17730
1530-1600 UT 15670
1600-1630 UT 15530
1600-1630 UT 11995
2200-2230 UT 15435
2330-0000 UT 15320

There has also been confusion whether the 2330 broadcast on 15320 is 
really UT Sat or UT Sun as it used to be. I can`t hear anything but a 
JBA carrier at 2332, but Wolfgang Bόschel confirms it remotely as WS 
on UT Saturday, as well as the 2200 broadcast. The least they could do 
would be to put the 2200 and 2330 broadcasts first on the list, since 
they occur before the others, which are undisputedly on Sundays, UT 
and locally.

But what about all the other WS times on WRMI, WWCR, KVOH? I`ve 
suggested to Jeff White that it would be very helpful if he could 
provide a comprehensive WS schedule by day and time order on all 
stations, and keep it updated (most likely to change being WRMI 
itself) (Glenn Hauser, OK, WORLD OF RADIO 1800, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GUIANA FRENCH. 8855, Cayenne, French Guyana [sic], ATC, 2252 8 Nov, 
traffic with unID flight. Good. This was blasphemously heard over 100 
hours later via an SDR recording. May Glenn have mercy on my heathen 
DX soul (Don Moore, MARE DXpedition, Brighton MI, MARE Tipsheet Nov 13 
via DXLD)

??? I have not objected to such tactix, tho I don`t have time for that 
myself. Are you thinking of Harold`s perpetual ``real time`` tagline? 
Presumably USB (Glenn Hauser, DXLD)

** INDIA. Addresses of SW Stations of All India Radio as at 16 Sept 

Reception Reports may be addressed to The Station Engineer. Please 
write the date and time in Indian Standard Time also which is UT +5.30 
hours. Instead of writing SINPO Code, brief details on reception 
quality may be given. If possible report on local programs of the
individual station. No return postage is needed. Some stations reply 
directly while some forward it to their New Delhi HQ who sends out 
QSLs. Reception Reports on any SW station of All India Radio may be 
sent to: 
Spectrum Management & Synergy,
Directorate General,
Room No.204,
All India Radio,
Parliament Street,
New Delhi 110001,
Email: spectrum-manager@air.org.in

Station Address, E-mail:
1 Aizawl: Radio Tila, Tuikhuahtlang, Aizawl-796001, Mizoram 
1x50 txer

2 Aligarh: Anoopshahar Road, Aligarh-202001, Uttar Pradesh 
4x250 txers

3 Bengaluru: Super Power Transmitters, Yelahanka New Town, Bengaluru-
560064, Karnataka sptairynk@rediffmail.com
6x500 txers

4 Bhopal: Shyamla Hills, Bhopal-462002, Madhya Pradesh 
1x50 txer

5 Chennai: High Power Transmitters, Avadi, Chennai-600062, Tamilnadu
1x50, 1x100 txer airavadi@dataone.in

6 Gangtok: Old MLA Hostel, Gangtok-737101, Sikkim gangtok@air.org.in
1x10 txer

7 Hyderabad: Rocklands, Saifabad, Hyderabad-500004, Andhra Pradesh
1x50 txer hyderabad@air.org.in, airhyderabad@rediffmail.com

8 Imphal: Palace Compound Road, Imphal-795001, Manipur 
1x50 txer

9 Itanagar: ‘C’ Sec., Itanagar-791111, Arunachal Pradesh 
1x50 txer

10 Jaipur: 5 Park House, Mirza Ismail Road, Jaipur-302001, Rajasthan
1x50 txer jaipur@air.org.in

11 Jeypore: Jeypore-764005, Odisha jeypore@air.org.in, 
1x50 txer

12 Kohima: Kohima-797001, Nagaland kohima@air.org.in
1x50 txer

13 Kolkata: Eden Gardens, Kolkata-700001, West Bengal 
1x50 txer sgeairkolkata@rediffmail.com

14 Kurseong: Mehta Club Building, Kurseong-734203, Darjeeling Dist., 
West Bengal
1x50 txer kurseong@air.org.in

15 Leh: Radio Kashmir, Leh-194101, Ladakh Dist., Jammu & Kashmir
1x10 txer leh@air.org.in, seairleh@rediffmail.com

16 Lucknow: 18 Vidhan Sabha Marg, Lucknow-226001, Uttar Pradesh
1x50 txer lucknow@air.org.in, seairlko@sancharnet.in

17 Mumbai: High Power Transmitters, Marve Road, Malad West, Mumbai 
400095, Maharashtra
1x100 txer

18 New Delhi: 1, Sansad Marg, New Delhi-110001 spectrum-

A Khampur: Khampur, Delhi 110036 hptkhampur@yahoo.co.in
7x250 txers

B Kingsway: Kingsway, Delhi-110009 hptkingsway@yahoo.com
2x100 txers

19 Panaji: High Power Transmitters, Bambolim, Goa University PO, 
2x250 txers panaji.spt@air.org.in

20 Port Blair: Haddo Post, Dilanipur, Port Blair-744102, Andaman & 
1x10 txer portblair@air.org.in, airportblair@rediffmail.com

21 Shillong: NE Service, Pomdngiem, Opposite GPO, Shillong-793001, 
1x50 txer shillong@air.org.in

22 Shimla: Choura Maidan, Shimla-171004, Himachal Pradesh 
1x50 txer

23 Srinagar: Radio Kashmir, Sherwani Road, Srinagar-190001, Jammu & 
1x50 txer rks_se@yahoo.co.in

24 Thiruvanantapuram: Bhakti Vilas, Vazuthacaud, Thiruvanathapuram-
695014, Kerala
1x50 txer se_airtvm@rediffmail.com, sd@airtvm.com
(NO SOURCE, Nov NZ DX Times via DXLD)

** INDIA. 4970, AIR Shillong. While listening to the news in English 
at 1234 (Nov 12), heard an item about how on this date, back in 1947, 
Mahatma Gandhi made his one and only address from an AIR studio, 
located in New Delhi. Today is therefore "Public Service Broadcasting 
Day" in India.
(Ron Howard, San Francisco at Ocean Beach, CA, E1 & CR-1, dxldyg via 

** INDIA [and non]. Poor to good signal of Radio Habana Cuba on 11670 
kHz plus AIR English/Hindi
1745-1945 11670 BGL 500 / 325 WeEu English All India Radio
1900-1930 11670 BAU 100 / 340 WNAm Arabic Radio Habana Cuba
1930-2000 11670 BAU 100 / 340 WNAm Creole Radio Habana Cuba
1945-2045 11670 BGL 500 / 325 WeEu Hindi All India Radio
2000-2100 11670 BAU 100 / 340 WNAm English Radio Habana Cuba
2100-2130 11670 BAU 100 / 340 WNAm French Radio Habana Cuba
73! (Ivo Ivanov, B`lgariya, Nov 17, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. Nov 14, a very good day for RRI reception!

3324.891 (Wolfy's recent measurement), RRI Palangkaraya, noted off the 
air Nov 14, at 1300 and subsequent checking. Recently has been on the 
air erratically.

3344.86 (Hiroyuki Komatsubara's measurement), RRI Ternate, as he heard 
them on Nov 10, from 0930 on-and-off till 1500*, ending with "Pulau 
Ambon." Not heard since by Hiroyuki, nor by myself on Nov 13 &14. 
Looks like a one day event, but worth keeping an eye on this frequency 
for a while [WORLD OF RADIO 1800]
3904.981 (Wolfy's recent measurement), Pro 1 RRI Merauke, 1441-1501*,
Nov 13. In Bahasa Indonesia; program pop hit songs in English (Celine 
Dion "My Heart Will Go On," Diana Ross & Lionel Richie "Endless Love," 
etc.); 1459 RRI jingle, local ID and usual theme music "Love Ambon," 
which is also called "Pulau Ambon" (Island of Ambon), composed by 
George de Fretes.

Nov 14, RRI Merauke, at 1304, with the Jakarta news till patriotic 
song "Bagimu Negeri" at 1312; off at 1503*, ending with "Pulau Ambon"; 
ham QRM, but almost fair.    

4749.943 (Wolfy's recent measurement), Pro 4 RRI Makassar, 1317, Nov 
14. Above average reception; mostly phone conversations.

4869.914 (Wolfy's recent measurement), RRI Wamena. Nov 14, at 1303, 
with music program; the best heard in a while.  (Ron Howard, Asilomar 
State Beach, CA, E1 & CR-1, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

3324.891 (Wolfy's recent measurement), RRI Palangkaraya, Nov 18. Went 
off the air between hearing an open carrier with some audio at 1432 & 
gone by 1443. Noted this due to an inquiry to me from Victor 
Goonetilleke about their sign off time, as he recently had noticed 
they were off the air earlier than normal. Thanks Victor! Is this a 
permanent change?

3904.981 (Wolfy's recent measurement), Pro 1 RRI Merauke, 1503*, Nov 
18, after playing "Pulau Ambon" (Island of Ambon)/"Love Ambon" (Ron 
Howard, Asilomar State Beach, CA, E1 & CR-1, dxldy via DX LISTENING 

** INDONESIA. 9526, Voice of Indonesia, 1736 UT in Spanish. S/off 
1759. Change language at 1802 but rapid fading prevented positive 
language ID. Was real good at 1736, rapidly fading past 1800 Nov 15 
(Mick Delmage, Perseus SDR at the Moman antenna farm, Alberta, DX 

** INDONESIA [and non]. /CHINA, Co-channel between Voice of Indonesia 
and CRI on November 17
1500-1600 9526 JAK 250 kW / 010 deg to EaAs Chinese Voice of Indonesia
1500-1600 9525 KAS 500 kW / 308 deg to WeEu English China Radio Inter.
73! (Ivo Ivanov, B`lgariya, Nov 17, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** INDONESIA. QSL correspondence --- News of the distribution group 
"deneb-radio-dx". That got the e-mail response from the Voice of 

Dear Sir, thank you for your email and your reception report. We 
really appreciate that. Stay tuned on Listeners' Mailbag every Sunday 
because we will read emails and letters from our listeners. And visit 
our website http://www.voi.co.id and like our fanpage on facebook 
Voice of Indonesia and The Voice of Indonesia.

Hopefully that will confirm. Although I know that confirmation from 
them may come a year later. Before writing them, and several times 
normal mail and text mail, but the answer was no. That's the unlucky 
story of this radio station.

That wanted to know who and what radio stations it is impossible 
dialogue? Which radio stations for your many attempts to ignore your 
reports? Just wondering. Yours faithfully, (Varzim Victor, RF, 
Lenoble, RusDX 15 Nov via DXLD)

From the "Voice of Indonesia" I have about 10 QSL. The first was back 
in the 90s, the other in recent times. It is best to send reports to 
the station via the form on their website. Each edition answers 
yourself. Several years ago, the reports sent through the form of 
reception in English, German,

French and Spanish. Accordingly I received from each edition QSL. They 
came in one day, but in separate envelopes and all the cards are 
different. Reports through the form was in English. Radio QSL series 
releases, mainly from Indonesia attractions. Responsible for a long 
time from six months to a year. The German edition answered me and for 
reports sent by e-mail. Here's the address: voi.deutsche @ gmail.com  
Dmitry Kutuzov, Ryazan.

Here's an interesting selection-list of radio stations Timm Breyelya, 
Dx-ISTA from Southeast Asia unanswered reports since 2010.
(Varzim Victor, Russia, Leningrad region, G. Kommunar, RusDX 15 Nov 
via DXLD)

From the Voice of Indonesia for all time was one QSL, but no details 
on the card, came a year after I had already scored to send them (to 
info @ voi.co.id). Programs and reports are in English. 

The problems mainly with low-power stations if the signal strength or 
total score = 2, it is often such a report is not valid. I am writing 
solely on e-mail with the expectation of an ordinary cardboard QSL. 
Where switched to e-QSL: there is no longer writing (Andrew, Tomsk, 
RusDX 15 Nov via DXLD)

** INTERNATIONAL VACUUM. --- Utility [sic]: 145.80 MHz, NA1SS, Int'l 
Space Station, 1430 EDT [1830 UT] Oct 23, Good, FM. Schedule with West 
Michigan Aviation Acadamy at the Gerald R Ford Internantional Airport 
(GRR). Downlink heard from mobile between Alto and Lowell. Astronaut 
answering question about viewing recent Lunar Eclipse fron the ISS, 
replied he was sleeping during the event. (Amelar)

145.80, NA1SS, Int'l Space Station, 1208 EDT [1608 UT] Oct 27, G, FM. 
Schedule with Dearborn Public Schools. Downlink heard from Mobile near 
just East of Downtown Grand Rapids. Astronaut answering question about 
meals on the ISS (Jack Amelar, Lowell MI, MARE Tipsheet Nov 13 via 

** INTERNATIONAL WATERS. 8104, Seven Seas Cruising Assn, 1145-1202 8 
Nov, Yacht network. Base station uses call KPK in Coral Gables, FL. 
Communications with several yachts including the Kookabura which was 
located 200 miles SSW of St. Croix. Base stn KPK very strong. Yachts
ranged from weak to strong. SSCA website: https://www.ssca.org/#/home/ 

8170, Coconut Telegraph Net, 1204-1220 7 Nov, Marine weather at tune-
in, then net between yachts. One mentioned they were sitting in harbor 
at Antigua. I e-mailed them and all stations are on yachts. Unlike 
some nets, there is no land-based central control.
(Don Moore, MARE DXpedition, Brighton MI, MARE Tipsheet Nov 13 via 
WORLD OF RADIO 1800, DXLD) Presumably both USB, not stated (gh)

** IRAN. 11730, Nov 13 at 1422, IRIB IS, 1423 Hindi sign-on, and NA, 
still with IADs; 500 kW, 118 degrees from Kamalabad, good signal with 

11760, Nov 13 at 1423, IRIB with Iran NA, simultaneously with 11730, 
but this is Bengali service, 500 kW, 100 degrees from Kamalabad, and 
noticeably weaker, only fair, why? No IADs on this one.

11880, Nov 13 at 1426, IRIB on yet another 25m channel, fair with 
heavy flutter but just barely modulated. This one listed as Russian, 
500 kW, 320 degrees from Sirjan.

7325, Nov 16 at 0336, V. of Justice, S9+15 but hardly solid, American-
accented news about terrorism in France. Is this English hour from 
0320 totally distinct from the others, plain old Voice of the Islamic 
Republic of Iran, and not with American accents? // 9710 is totally 
blocked by RHC Spanish, S9+30; by 0408 Cuba down to S7 and can hear 
something under, and it`s still on past Iran`s finish at 0420. RHC is 
supposedly moving 9710 to 6075, from tomorrow? But even if it`s clear, 
9710 from Sirjan will likely not be propagating as well as 7325 from 
Kamalabad, both 500 kW and almost same azimuths.

9550, Nov 16 at 0424, S5 signal with Iran NA, brief announcement, 
Qur`an, standard opening format, as this is starting a Turkish 
sesquihour from Kamalabad (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** IRAN [non]. U.K., Weak signal of Radio Payem e-Doost, Nov 18:
1800-1845 on  7480 KCH 500 kW / 116 deg to WeAs Persian
73! (Ivo Ivanov, QTH: Sofia, Bulgaria, Nov 18, dxldyg via DX LISTENING 
DIGEST) Baha`i

** IRELAND / NORTHERN IRELAND. Re 15-45: ``It would also be 
interesting to know which, if any, church broadcasts from IRELAND are 
not Catholic (and which, if any, from I.N, are Catholic) (Glenn 
Hauser, DXLD)``

Nearly all churches heard so far from the Republic of Ireland AND
Northern Ireland are Catholic. The only exception is the Holy Trinity
Church in Banbridge, Co. Down (N.I.) transmitting on 27771, which is

Fri Nov 13, 1125-1210 UT:
27505 SS Peter & Paul Church Kilmallock, Co. Limerick
27601 St. Munchin΄s Church Clany Strand/Limerick, Co. Limerick
27601 Church of BVM Immaculate Portglenone, Co. Antrim
27605 Church of the Immaculate Conception of the BVM Newcastle West, 
      Co. Limerick
27721 SS John & Paul Church Tullyvarraga/Shannon, Co. Clare

Sat Nov 14, 1100 UT:
27165 St. Anne΄s Church Rathnure, Co. Wexford

Sun Nov 15, 1030-1100 UT:
27611 SS Peter & Paul Church Athlone, Co. Westmeath
27831 Church of the Immaculate Conception Blarney, Co. Cork
27991 St. Mary΄s Cathedral Killarney, Co. Kerry

Sun Nov 15, 1125-1200 UT
27185 St. John the Baptist Church Kilmaley, Co Clare
27425 St. Mary΄s Church Tarbert, Co. Kerry
27761 St. Gerard΄s Church Newtownabbey, Co. Antrim
27801 St. Mary΄s Church Ardmore/Derry, Co. Derry
27941 Church of the Assumption of the BVM Walkinstown, Dublin 12

Sun Nov 15, 1200-1230 UT
27661 Sacred Heart Church Glounthaune, Co. Cork
27795 SS Peter & Paul Church Clarecastle, Co. Clare
27831 Church of the Immaculate Conception Blarney, Co. Cork
73, (Patrick Robic, Austria, Nov 15, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ITALY. Sabato 21 novembre 2015, ore 10.30, sulle frequenze di 
Challenger Radio --- Mi scuso se approfitto della lista per il 
seguente comunicato. Grazie. Giorgio
Sabato 21 novembre 2015, a partire dalle ore 10.30 [CET?], sulle 
frequenze di Challenger Radio, Maurizio Anselmo, editore della prima 
radio in onde medie autorizzata alla riaccensione in forza di una 
decisione dell'autoritΰ giudiziaria di Padova, avrΰ come ospite della
trasmissione «Spazio Diretta» Giorgio Marsiglio, autore della
denuncia alla Commissione Europea contro il divieto per le radio
libere italiane di trasmettere in onde medie. La denuncia venne
presentata proprio a seguito della chiusura forzata di Challenger
Radio nel 2011.

Sarΰ l'occasione per una chiacchierata a 360  sulla importanza delle
onde medie per la difesa della libertΰ di comunicazione in Italia,
ripercorrendo il percorso della denuncia che ha portato
all'approvazione dell'articolo 4 della legge 29 luglio 2015, n. 115
(legge europea 2014), con affermazione del diritto a trasmettere in
tale gamma d'onda anche per gli operatori privati.

Ampio spazio verrΰ dedicato al contenuto della proposta di
Regolamento per l'assegnazione delle frequenze in onde medie ai
privati, predisposto dall'Autoritΰ per le Garanzie nelle Comunicazioni
(AGCOM) e oggetto in questi giorni di pubblica consultazione aperta a
tutti gli interessati.

La trasmissione verrΰ irradiata sui seguenti media:

- onde medie sulle frequenze di KHz 567, 846 e 1368 AM
- digitale terrestre televisivo sui canali 677 (per la provincia di 
Rovigo) e 287 (per Veneto ed Emilia Romagna)
- satellite sul canale SKY 922
- in streaming audio all`indirizzo internet:
(Giorgio, Nov 14, via bclnews.it yg via DXLD)

** ITALY. Radio Studio X, which broadcasts from Italy on 1584 kHz, has 
suddenly changed its QSL policy. Seen as a hard to verify station, it 
has started to confirm reception reports. In the last 24 hours a 
number of F/D eQSLs have been sent out to their listeners including 
myself. My eQSL came only 2 hours after the time I sent my report to: 
(Antonello Napolitano, Nov 18, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ITALY. Very weak signal of Marconi Radio International, Nov 14
till 1445 on 11389.7 unknown tx site, power 30 watts in English
73! (Ivo Ivanov, Nov 14, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

Using the tuned  magloop and DE1103 connected
11389.5 Marconi 0930+ with a DX program mentioning RNZI and many other 
stations on MW and SW with fair signal; here is a recording:
station has been not noticed at 1038 neither at 1133 or 1205. On my 
R75 with 2x16 or 16 H antenna, there is no significant signal except a 
buzzer on -2 kHz (Zacharias Liangas, Thessaloniki, Greece, Nov 15, 

Very good [!!] signal of Marconi Radio International on Nov 15:
0900-1300 11389.7 unknown tx, power 30 watts English/Spanish/Italian
73! (Ivo Ivanov, B`lgariya, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST) VG???


Greetings from Italy! Here is the schedule for the next test 
broadcasts of Marconi Radio International:
21st November 2015, from 1300 to 1430 UT SAT
22nd November 2015, from 0900 to 1300 UT SUN
25th November 2015, from 1800 to 1930 UT WED
Our frequency is 11390 kHz and power in the region of 30 watts. Test 
broadcasts consist of non stop music, station identification 
announcements in Italian, English, Spanish as well as DX shows in 
English and Italian. MRI encourages reception reports from listeners. 
Audio clips (mp3-file) of our broadcasts  are welcome! Until now 
reception reports, found to be correct, have been received from 13 
countries:  Austria,  Belgium, Bulgaria, Finland, France, Germany, 
Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Romania, Spain, Switzerland and Ukraine. 
We are anxious to receive feedbacks from more countries!
We QSL 100%. Our E-mail address is: 

We hope that you will share this information with your members. Thank 
you very much for your cooperation -- 
(Marconi Radio International (MRI), Short wave test broadcasts from 
Italy on 11390 kHz, Nov 17, WORLD OF RADIO 1800, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ITALY [non]. SECRETLAND, SPL, Secretbrod relay strange TUC Radio in 
English on Oct 31 & Nov 7
1500-1530 15515 050 kW / 195 deg EAf Sat instead of R. Warra Wangeelaa

[Time of Useful Consciousness; see http://www.tucradio.org/about.html
IIRC this was one of the shows on Radio for Peace International -- gh]

SPL Secretbrod relay unknown broadcast in English on November 8
1500-1530 15190 050 kW / 090 deg SAs Sun, instead of Radio Santec
73! (Ivo Ivanov, Nov 7-8, not posted until Nov 14, dxldyg via DXLD)

15515, ROMANIA, presumed Raadiyo Warra Wangeelaa at 1516 in English 
with music and interview of a band. Didn’t realize what this was until 
I checked references later. Too bad I didn’t stay with it to 1530; is 
Saturday only 1500-1530. EiBi says in Oromo, Aoki shows English. 
Program originates with the Union of Oromo Evangelical Churches of 
Europe. - Fair, Nov 14 (Harold Sellers, Vernon, British Columbia, 
listening in my car, parked near the lake, and using the Eton E1 and 
Sony AN1 active antenna, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

Replacing my logging of yesterday:

15515, ROMANIA or BULGARIA, presumed Radio Fabrik Salzburg at 1516 in 
English with music and interview of a band. Didn’t realize what this 
was until I checked references later. Too bad I didn’t stay with it to 
1530; is Saturday only 1500-1530. Aoki list and Ivo Ivanov posting, 
both made Nov 14/15, shows that Raadiyo Warra Wangeelaa has moved from 
this frequency and this program from Salzburg, Germany [sic], has 
taken its place. 35343. - Fair, Nov 14 (Sellers, BC, dxldyg via WORLD 

SECRETLAND, SPL Secretbrod relay another strange Radio Fabrik Salzburg 
on Nov 14
1500-1530 on 15515 SCB 050 kW / 195 deg to EaAf Sat, instead of R. 
Warra Wangeelaa

SECRETLAND, SPL Secretbrod relay unknown broadcast in English on 
November 15
1500-1530 15190 SCB 050 kW / 090 deg SoAs Sun, instead of Radio Santec
73! (Ivo Ivanov, B`lgariya, dxldyg via WORLD OF RADIO 1800, DX 

SECRETLAND(non), SPL Secretbrod relay UN Radio & R. Warra Wangeelaa, 
Nov 14:
1900-2000 7290 SCB 100 kW / 306 deg WeEu English Sat plus unscheduled
2000-2001 7290 SCB 100 kW / 306 deg WeEu Oromo Sat R. Warra Wangeelaa:
73! (Ivo Ivanov, B`lgariya, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST) de IRRS?

** JAPAN. 9760, Nov 16 at 0711 tune-in, immediate ID in American 
English, ``No matter where you are, this is RN2``, and into a song, 
fair signal. I.e. JOZ7, Radio Nikkei 2, which is nominally in 
Japanese, per Aoki at 23-08, 50 kW, 50 degrees from Chiba-Nagara, 
suitable for North America. By this time after 4 pm JST, JOZ6, 6115 is 
also audiblizing, same power and beam (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING 

** JAPAN [non]. 5985, Nov 16 at 0404, NHK in Spanish via WRMI, fair 
but with CCI, which must be AWR Turkish via AUSTRIA, scheduled 
simultaneously despite close relationship between RMI, AWR and HFCC 

** KOREA NORTH. Re: ``Latter odd footprint outlet seemingly originate 
from either Pyongyang or Kanggye broadcast center instead of Kujang 
powerhouse site? (wb) [It's only 8 Hz off gh]``  

But exact footprint means always - x.000 kHz/Hz very NEW BBEF Beijing 
most modern SW tx units which were delivered few years ago at Kujang 
site. http://www.bbef-en.com/about.aspx
wolfy (Wolfgang Bόschel, Nov 12, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** KOREA NORTH. 13760. VOK. 16/11 0328 UT. Servicio en Castellano.
Portadora. A las 0330: “Sintonizan la Voz de Corea”, luego himno 
nacional, saludo a los oyentes desde Pyongyang, la canciσn del General 
Kim Il Sung, la canciσn del General Kim Jong Il. A las 0337 se da 
noticias sobre la visita del Mariscal Kim Jong-Un con la visita a la 
“Fαbrica de alimentos para los niρos de Pyongyang” destacando el 
proceso de modernizaciσn, el compromiso de los trabajadores y la 
producciσn de leche de soya, el envio de Mariscal Kim Jong-Un de 
herramientas de trabajo, informaciones sobre estudios de la idea Juche 
en Kenia, Partido Obrero de Hungrνa declara el recuerdo al 4 
aniversario del fallecimiento del General Kim Jong Il, entrega del 
premio Kim Il Sung a varios acadιmicos de universidad norcoreanas, 
publicaciones de la idea Juche en Nigeria, informaciones sobre una 
secciσn de mujeres pertenecientes al “Partido del Trabajo de Corea”,
saludo de Mariscal Kim Jong-Un al mandatario de Angola Josι Eduardo do
Santos por el 40avo aniversario de la independencia de la Repϊblica de
Angola, noticias sobre relaciones bilaterales con Cuba y Mozambique,
informaciones de diario alemαn sobre Pyongyang, lectura de un titular 
de la publicaciσn: “La Voz del pueblo” de una declaraciσn sobre Japσn 
y su crimen de lesa humanidad durante el perνodo de ocupaciσn de 

A las 0357 se emite una pieza musical. A las 0401 hay mϊsica 
orquestal. A las 0410 se presenta una canciσn sobre la bandera del 
Partido, leyιndose la letra en idioma castellano. A las 0415 se 
presenta una canciσn interpretada por un coro masculino. A las 0419 
una pieza instrumental. A las 0422 se lee una historia sobre un 
anciano y sus hijos con una moraleja aludiendo al beneficio del 
ahorro. 0425 se leen los horarios y frecuencias del servicio en 
espaρol de la “Voz de Corea”. SINPO: 45444 y desde las 0400 con SINPO:
55444 (Claudio Galaz Toledo, RX: Realistic DX-160, ANT: Antena de 
varilla, mαs antena de tierra y balϊn de ferrita 4:1, QTH: Ovalle, IV 
Regiσn, Chile, condiglista yg via DXLD)

Wow! This will be useful for scholars of the future --- someone 
axually listened to and made notes on an entire VOK broadcast! (gh, 

** KOREA NORTH [non]. [Re 15-45:] ``7620, UZBEKISTAN, Voice of 
Wilderness presumed with Korean at 1345, woman speaker, music bridge. 
- Very weak, Nov 6 (Harold Sellers, Vernon, British Columbia, 
listening in my car, parked by the lake, and using the Eton E1 and 
Sony AN1 active antenna, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

I note this is not in HFCC: nothing on 7 MHz above 7600 (except WOOB  
7730 from WRMI) And site reported by Ivo as DB = TAJIKISTAN, not  
Uzbekistan, so where did you get that? (Glenn Hauser, DXLD)``

Glenn, Aoki shows Uzbekistan, although the latest version has the 
frequency as 7615, while EiBi shows Tajikistan. Possibly on November 
6th both of these references showed Uzbekistan as the site and the 
frequency as 7620, or I didn’t pay close enough attention to see the 
discrepancy in sites and focused only on Uzbekistan (Harold Sellers, 

7615, Nov 18 at 1352, poor signal in Korean, seems also with tone 
jamming? Nothing in HFCC. On Nov 16, Harold Sellers remarked about 
Voice of Wilderness, ``Glenn, Aoki shows Uzbekistan, although the 
latest version has the frequency as 7615, while EiBi shows Tajikistan 
[at 1330-1530 on 7620]``. Had been on 7620 when he heard it Nov 6 

** KOREA NORTH [non]. 9960, Nov 18 at 1436, Japanese with some 
humbuzz, slightly stronger than adjacent 9955 WRMI with WOR, and thus 
to be avoided. It might have been Taiwan site, but HFCC has duplicate 
registrations for T8WH PALAU, a.k.a. ex-KHBN, from Babcock & Babcock, 
and from JCI & FCC, but agreeing it`s in Japanese, 100 kW, 345 degrees 
at 1430-1500 daily. EiBi gives the real identity: Furusato no Kaze 

** KOREA NORTH [non]. TAIWAN/PALAU, Reception of Nippon no Kaze Nov 16
1300-1330 on  9950 TSH 100 kW / 002 deg to NEAs Korean
1500-1530 on  9975 HBN 100 kW / 345 deg to NEAs Korean
1530-1600 on  9965 HBN 100 kW / 345 deg to NEAs Korean

Reception of Furusato no Kaze on Nov 16
1330-1400 on  9950 TSH 100 kW / 002 deg to NEAs Japanese
1430-1500 on  9960 HBN 100 kW / 345 deg to NEAs Japanese
1600-1630 on  9975 HBN 100 kW / 345 deg to NEAs Japanese
73! (Ivo Ivanov, B`lgariya, Nov 16, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** KOREA NORTH [non]. TAJIKISTAN, Good signal of Radio Free North 
Korea, Nov 16, 1200-1300 on  9470 DB  100 kW / 071 deg to NEAs Korean

Weak to good signal of National Unity Broadcasting Station
1300-1500 on  7515 DB  100 kW / 071 deg to NEAs Korean

Frequency change of Voice of Wilderness from Nov 8
1330-1530 NF  7615 DB  100 kW / 071 deg to NEAs Korean, ex 7620

Good reception of North Korea Reform Radio, Nov 16
1430-1530 on  7590 DB  100 kW / 071 deg to NEAs Korean

Good reception of Voice of Martyrs on November 16
1630-1800 on  7520 TAC 100 kW / 070 deg NEAs Korean + English 1715 UT
-- 73! (Ivo Ivanov, B`lgariya, Nov 16, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** KOREA NORTH [non]. Nov 12, another Thursday with Shiokaze (7400) 
again in English; interestingly was a repeat of what was broadcast 
last week, with exact same items. The major difference being that in 
the last few days have not heard anything at all from CRI from *1300 
to 1357*, so Shiokaze had much better reception than last week. Did 
CRI actually drop 1300-1357 due to Shiokaze being here? CRI was in 
fact heard at 1400 today with good signal on 7400 (Ron Howard, CA, 

** KURDISTAN [non]. UNIDentified station with Arabic music under Denge 
0800-1200 on  9400 ERV 300 kW / 192 deg to WeAs Kurdish
0900-0920 on  9400 unknown secret tx site, November 11:
73! (Ivo Ivanov, B`lgariya, Nov 11, posted Nov 14, dxldyg via DXLD)

9400, Nov 14 at 1354, Kurdish music with no CCI, so I wonder if FEBC 
has been driven off? Its other Chinese service is still audible altho 
not strongly, on 9430 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

MOLDOVA vs PHILIPPINES, Strong co-channel between Denge Kurdistan and 
from 1355 9400 KCH 300 kW / 130 deg to WeAs Kurdish Denge Kurdistan
from 1355 9400 IBA 100 kW / 330 deg to EaAs Chinese FEBC Manila
73! (Ivo Ivanov, B`lgariya, Nov 14-15, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

Denge Kurdistan via Secretbrod, Issoudun Nov 17/18
till 1659 on  9400 SCB 100 kW / 090 deg to WeAs Kurdish + 2nd hx 18800
from 1659 on  9400 ISS 250 kW / 090 deg to WeAs Kurdish
73! (Ivo Ivanov, QTH: Sofia, Bulgaria, Nov 18, dxldyg via DX LISTENING 

** KYRGYSTAN. Poor reception of Kyrgyz Radio 1, November 11
1508 & 1530 on  4009.9 BI  100 kW / non-dir to CeAs Kyrgyz
73! (Ivo Ivanov, B`lgariya, Nov 11, posted Nov 14, dxldyg via DXLD)

4009.891 ... .895.5, frequency unstable wandered KGZ Bishkek Radio at 
0135 UT on Nov 12, also 4819.852 kHz KGZ in \\  (Wolfgang Bόschel, log 
0135-0210 UT Nov 12, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** LIBERIA, 6050, ELWA RADIO, MONROVIA, 0620-0635, 16-11, heard all 
days in Lanzarote with good signal, religious songs and comments, 
English. 34433 (Manuel Mιndez, Lugo, Spain, Log in Playa Blanca, 
Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Sangean ATS 909-X, cable antenna, 8 metres, 
dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST) All days = every day at some time or 
other = todos los dνas; all day = continuously during the daylight 
hours = todo el dνa (gh)

** MALI. Reception of China Radio International via Bamako, Nov 11
1400-1557 on 17630 BKO 100 kW / 085 deg to CeAf English
1600-1657 on 15125 BKO 100 kW / 085 deg to CEAf Arabic
73! (Ivo Ivanov, B`lgariya, Nov 11, posted Nov 14, dxldyg via DXLD)

** MALI. 5995, Radio Mali, Bamako, 2223-2315, 15-11, Vernacular songs. 
14321; 0635-0643, 16-11, French, comments. 25322. 9635, Radio Mali 
Bamako, 1515-1545, 15-11. Vernacular comments. 13221 (Manuel Mιndez, 
Lugo, Spain, Log in Playa Blanca, Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Sangean 
ATS 909-X, cable antenna, 8 metres, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

Are the signals really that weak at the 1 or 2 level? Or is it just 
the modulation level which is usually quite low. One must make a 
distinxion (Glenn Hauser, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MEXICO. 610, UT Monday Nov 16 at 0411, `La Hora Nacional` about 
some lake in Michoacαn; quick MW bandscan on N/S antenna wire finds 
this is the best `LHN` outlet, no doubt XEBX in Sabinas, Coahuila. 
Second best is 770, but not //, probably XEACH Monterrey NL. Another, 
1060.04 at 0416, i.e. XERDO Tamaulipas (atop XEEP DF). And on 1320 at 
0419, `LHN` is likely XECPN Piedras Negras, Coahuila, but no 100 
watts! As for major stations, forget it, nothing readable in Spanish 
on 540, 730, 800, 900, 940, 990, 1050, 1140, 1220 or even 1570 --- 
station in English atop XERF (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MEXICO. 709.90 approx., Nov 16 at 0358, Spanish music making het to 
710 stations, no doubt XEDP, Ciudad Cuauhtιmoc, Chihuahua, running its 
off-frequency transmitter site tonight; yes, at 0359 so sung-IDing, 
``XEDP, La Ranchera de Cuauhtιmoc``. Separable and readable with LSB, 
narrow bandwidth and passband tuning boost on the NRD-545 (Glenn 

** MEXICO. 1510, Nov 14 at 0155 UT, Woman in monolog, about self-help? 
Spanish from N/S, not E/W. Fades at 0158, but soon back enough to copy 
``Radio NL, XEQI, 1510-AM, la radio alternativa, servicio (?) de radio 
y televisiσn de Nuevo Leσn``. Seems like a local public radio station 
for Monterrey (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MEXICO. 1630, XEUT, BCN, Tijuana, 11/16, 0745 MST [1545 UT]. 
Current events programming in Spanish. Good after local sunrise here. 
Long deep fades, but hanging in on Grundig Satellit portable. 
Receivers for MW: Panasonic RF-2200, Grundig Satellit 750 (barefoot); 
Hammarlund HQ-120X, Terk Advantage loop. 73 and Good Listening! ~ 
(Rick in AZ Barton, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MEXICO. RF 2, Nov 16 at 1648 UT, my long-hours monitoring for 
sporadic E openings pays off again, way off-season, with signs of NTSC 
video. By 1653 I see a full-screen INFO 7 ID, so it`s XHTAU, Tampico, 
Tamaulipas; 1654 ad for SEARS (``say-ARSE``, but no audio MUF yet). 6m 
Es map now shows two contacts: TX to IN, and shortly, XE2 northern 
Mexico to Indiana (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)


The last of Chihuahua's commercial television stations is on air, as 
XHAUC-TDT 32 (9.x) has finally hit the airwaves as of yesterday.

There aren't many missing stations left. This was one of the big ones 
and one of the last remaining missing commercial stations nationwide. 
(XHENB in Ensenada is my most immediate concern in the category.)

State networks are another concern entirely. In Campeche, they're 
wondering why some municipalities that lack any television service are 
getting TVs when there's no OTA television to be had.

On Ciro Gσmez Leyva's radio show, IFT President Gabriel Contreras said 
that unready broadcasters will face sanctions if they don't get to air 
by year's end. 
That would include some 30 public stations. He also said that the 
focus right now is getting shadow channels on the air.

These are networks that I consider ready that were in analog: Edomex, 
Aguascalientes, San Luis Potosν, Nuevo Leσn (Monterrey only), Oaxaca, 
Campeche, Yucatαn, Sonora, Morelos, Puebla, Guanajuato, Jalisco, 
Veracruz. In some cases only some transmitters are operating in 
digital at the moment, but that still leaves big gaps. 

    Read my Mexico Beat blog | Calendario de Apagones

    December 11: San Felipe BC; Allende, Saltillo and Parras Coah.; 
Celaya and Leσn Gto.; Querιtaro Qro.; Agua Prieta and Caborca Son.
    December 16: Isla de Cedros BC; Northern Coahuila; Jalisco except 
Puerto Vallarta; most of Michoacαn; San Luis Potosν SLP; Cananea Son.; 
San Fernando Tamps.
    December 17: Mexico City, Edomex, Puebla, Tlaxcala, Pachuca; 
Telemax in Agua Prieta and Caborca, Son.
(Raymie Humbert, Phœnix AZ, Nov 12, WTFDA Form via DXLD)

Sometimes you look at cities and wonder "where's the full network 
service"? For instance, Tenosique, Tabasco, has a local station, a CE 
transmitter, and the state network. But then we get the shadow 
authorizations, which are filling in the picture. For instance, Azteca 
operates shadows of its Cd. del Carmen stations there (at 930/920 

    Also: a couple of authorizations for full stations appeared!

    XHCDC-TDT 39 at 31 kW 
(Google Maps; note that for digital Televisa installed a new, 51 m 
self-supported tower to replace the old guyed stick)

    XHPCE-TDT 33 at 159.97 kW
 — This is one of the highest-powered digital TV stations in rural 
Mexico. Azteca's other transmitter here was at 8 kW.

And speaking of high-powered, XHTVM was authorized for final digital 
facilities and will be raising its power to 513.05 kW 
from the analog channel 40 site (instead of the Azteca tower). That is 
the highest ERP in Mexico and the first digital television station to 
exceed 500 kW ERP. Azteca's Mexico City stations, all three of them, 
now surpass Televisa's C. de las Lajas transmitters as the highest-
powered in Mexico after being authorized for new final facilities this 
    Also, the apagσn declaration hit the DOF today.

XHLEG and XHPAC do not have full digital service in their analog 
coverage area but, as service is guaranteed by other stations, they 
will be able to shut down. The XHLEG coverage area overlaps with those 
of a whopping 25 digital television stations based out of Querιtaro, 
Guanajuato, Aguascalientes, Jalisco, San Luis Potosν and Michoacαn, 
according to the document.

Some shadows are spared: XHPAC-7 at Melchor Ocampo, Zac. and XEZ-4 and 
XHZ-8 at Landa de Matamoros, Qro., as they are not in digital and are 
the only available television services in their areas. 

Last edited by Raymie; 11-13-2015 at 02:04 PM (Raymie, ibid.) 

The IFT's third quarter report is out, including an inventory of 
numbers of requests for various sorts of telecommunications 
On page 95 is the broadcasting one, showing that there were hundreds 
of pending requests for shadows, 37 radio modifications, and so on. 
(Raymie, ibid.)

Reforma via La Maρana, 16 November 2015

Broadcast television permit stations, especially the state networks, 
are the sector most behind in moving to TDT, as they still have not 
digitalized 76% of their signal, according to experts.

IFT data says that, as of November 11, a total of 30 of the 39 permit 
stations have not digitalized their signals, and there are also 
missing shadows from Televisa and TV Azteca.

Gabriel Sosa Plata, an expert in TV and radio, said that the majority 
of the permit or public stations will not manage to make the 
transition, which will make it necessary for them to continue with 
analog broadcasts so that the public does not lose TV service.

"Of the total of permitholders, the remaining 30 that have problems 
are going to keep broadcasting in analog, there's no other way, 
because never mind the idea of taking away the option of public 
television from the population.

"What's more, the TDT transition policy itself establishes that the 
IFT will establish all the possible mechanisms so that public 
television can remain transmitting although the apagσn analσgico 
continues", he added.

Jorge Fernando Negrete, president of the Mexican Association for the 
Right to Information (AMDI), indicated that Congress is who should 
have been responsible for financially supporting public broadcasters 
and helping them make the transition on time, and he made a call for 
them to re-examine such a project and establish a designated budget.

"Now that it's clear that the apagσn has been confirmed and will 
happen, it's necessary to earmark a budget destined for all the public 
media, so that they can make their transition in the course of the 
next year.

"The fact that there will remain areas without coverage is not a 
problem, the problem is not connecting them, that is to say how to do 
it so they have digital coverage," Negrete says.

He explained that it will be when the apagσn is complete, at the end 
of December, when the authorities make a diagnosis and establish from 
that diagnosis a plan, with an earmarked budget, so that the 
permitholders move from analog television to digital. In the meantime, 
they will remain broadcasting in analog.

The specialist ruled out having a fine, as the law indicates, for 
public broadcasters that haven't made the changeover; however, those 
small local commercial stations that haven't made the investment to 
digitalize will be subject to sanctions.

"If right now, in this instant, all the broadcasters were notified, 
concession by concession, of the need and obligation, many of them 
would have administrative sanctions. The IFT must have the commitment 
of individuals to make the apagσn next year.

"But you have to have a working plan and know which areas of the 
country couldn't make the switch," Negrete added (via Raymie, Nov 16, 

67 stations. 7 states. Another apagσn, December 16.


    Isla de Cedros, BC (1 station)
    Guadalajara, Atotonilco el Alto, Autlαn de Navarro, Ciudad Guzmαn 
and La Barca, Jal.
    Ciudad Hidalgo, Los Reyes Salgado, Morelia, Puruαndiro, Zamora, 
Zinapιcuaro, Zitαcuaro, Apatzingαn, Pαtzcuaro and Uruapan, Michoacαn
    San Luis Potosν, SLP
    Monclova, Nueva Rosita, Piedras Negras, Sabinas and Ciudad Acuρa, 
    San Fernando, Tamaulipas
    Cananea, Sonora

This is the largest apagσn to date. It includes three major cities — 
GDL, Morelia and SLP — and also will lead to the clearing of several 
700 MHz band stations in Sonora and Coahuila.

The only analog television left in Michoacαn will be in Lαzaro 
Cαrdenas and Sahuayo, as well as the state network. In Jalisco, only 
Puerto Vallarta will remain in analog. Coahuila will become an all-
digital state with regards to main stations.

Speaking of the Michoacαn state network, the head of SMRTV said on 
Monday that "big investment" 
is needed to save the television service which has all of its 
authorizations but no money to build them (Raymie, Nov 18, ibid.)

Another day, ANOTHER APAGΣN, scheduled for December 17:

Central Mexico is pretty much all going on this date. Mexico City, 
Toluca, Puebla/Altzomoni, Tlaxcala and Pachuca are all up for grabs. 
Also, Telemax stations in Agua Prieta and Caborca, Sonora. Good golly 
(Raymie, Nov 19, ibid.) 

OK, I think I've read enough bull, but...

Grupo Radio Mιxico, at least publicly, says its recent format shakeup 
in Ciudad Juαrez was intended to be just that, a "shakeup". But then 
how do you explain what was brought in on XHIM 105.1 and XHNZ 107.5? 
You can't, at least within GRM. Not when the new formats are @FM and 
La Poderosa.

You guessed correctly if you saw the formats and thought "Radiorama!". 
Turns out they owned the stations all along. If you ever see Javier 
Pιrez de Anda or Casio Carlos Narvαez Lidolf when you're looking at 
concession histories, you pretty much know what you're in for.

Some sort of operational agreement between GRM and Radiorama must have 
ended and Radiorama is operating its stations again. 

Read my Mexico Beat blog 
(Raymie, Nov 19, ibid.)

** MYANMAR. 6165, Thazin Radio via Pyin Oo Lwin  1352-1458* Nov 17. 
Per a tip from fellow DX'er Harold Sellers, out there in Vernon, Br. 
Columbia, tuned into the frequency of 6165 at 1352 hearing a program 
of indigenous ballad music, with comments in Burmese by female 
speaker. There was no interference and the quite stable with s4 to s5 
level. This programming was played from this time frame to 1428, then 
a pause, female speaker with what I thought was a ID, then very 
distinctive flute/piccolo music played at 1430. More ballad music with 
female singers followed. 1435 the NEWSCAST in English was read by a 
female announcer with several key references to land issues, recent 
election, co-operation between the delegates in Myanmar and a 
economical trade show. 1442 Single TIME Note. This was followed with 
an English selection called 'You are my Lady' sung by Freddie Jackson

1446, rest of the program was sort of up-beat hip-hop dance music with
heavy drums and guitar, but rather low-keyed. I should add the signal 
was peaking about 1442 just prior to local sunrise with a nice s5 to 
s6 s-reading. 1458 Female speaker came on with closing comments and 
again the flute/piccolo music played (their Interval Signal ?) and 
sign-off at 1459 UT. I must say one of the best mornings for this 
signal path into Central Alberta! (Edward Kusalik, Daysland, Alberta, 
Canada, using the old trusty Drake R8A and 31/49 Inverted "V" Dipoles. 

** MYANMAR/BURMA. 5985.0, Myanmar Radio, 1530-1554, Nov 18 
(Wednesday). In English; news (unreadable); weather; noticeably
absent were the usual nationalistic slogans; fairly readable at 1538
with "I'm Shirley Griffith. And I'm Doug Johnson with the VOA Special
English program, 'People in America.' Today we tell about Katharine
Graham. She was the owner and publisher of The Washington Post
newspaper," telling her life story; poor-fair (Ron Howard, Asilomar
State Beach, CA, E1 & CR-1, dxldyg via WORLD OF RADIO 1800, DX 

** MYANMAR [non]. 12105, Nov 13 at 1428 tune-in hear one word and then 
dead air for two minutes until 1430* --- i.e., RFA via SAIPAN, Burmese 
at 1230-1430 [sic]. (Will Suu Kyi change the name back to Burma?) 

** NAVASSA. K1N DVD ---> The DVD of the February 2015 DXpedition to 
Navassa Island is now available: see http://www.k4uee.com for the 
details. "It took eight years to send men to the moon, but it took 
thirteen years to get permission to visit Navassa Island. The long 
road involved getting permission from the US Fish and Wildlife 
Service, because Navassa has been declared a National Wildlife

The DVD shows the logistical challenge of moving fifteen operators and 
tons of gear to this small uninhabited island in the Caribbean. It was
hot work - and expensive - since the only practical way to get there 
was via helicopter. This two-week effort paid off with 140,000 QSOs 
and many, many all-time new ones, as tens of thousands of hams 
worldwide weren't even licensed the last time Navassa Island was 
activated in 1993" (425 DX News via Dave Raycroft, ODXA yg via DXLD)

** NETHERLANDS [non]. 7395 has some music on it, Nov 14 around 2335, 
so seems The Mighty KBC hasn`t changed frequency via GERMANY yet 

Here is a audio-recording of the DX-Mailbag from last weekend (1 week
ago) Co-channel situation 2300-2400z, RRI/KBC here in Europe.

Some minutes of the RRI-DX-mailbag - KBC audible from time to time in
the background:

Am 13.11.2015 um 15:17 schrieb VOA Radiogram:
> The Mighty KBC transmitter site in Germany repeated (on shortwave, 
at least) The Giant Jukebox show from 1 November on 8 November. 
Because of this, the Olivia 64-2000 promised for last Sunday will be 
repeated this weekend, at 0130 UTC  Sunday (Saturday 8:30 pm EST) on 
7395 kHz. Reports to Eric: themightykbc@gmail.com 

At 0130z KBC is sole user is on this frequency (2300-2400z CCI/Co-
channel interference with Romania, 0100 to 0130z CCI with BBC). So a 
decoding in Olivia 64-2K  was not a major challenge for FLDIGI, 100 
miles away. 

Nice idea - new sound around:  ;-)
(roger Thayer, Germany, Nov 15, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** NORTH AMERICA. Hi, Gents: Very Poor overall conditions this past 
week, but did hear one pirate:

PIRATE-NA. WMID, 6880 AM, 2328-2348*, 11-08-15, SIO: 444. Mostly rock 
and pop tunes by such folks as Gerry Rafferty, The Byrds, The Zombies,
Beatles. IDs by OM announcer as "WMID, All Music All The Time" and 
also mentioned this was John T. Arthur's second favorite pirate 
station. No contact info but has been sending out QSLs for those 
posting on the Hfunderground (Chris Lobdell, Box 80146, Stoneham, MA 
02180, Receivers: Eton E1, NRD-525, Aerials: G5RV, 40 Meter Dipole, DX 

** NORTH AMERICA. 6975.01-AM, Nov 14 at 0140, JBA music, S5, only 
pirate signal heard this hour. Many other better logs of XFM:

** NORTH AMERICA. 6952.62-AM, Nov 17 at 0155, pirate music, lyric 
includes ``rock `n` roll``, very poor S4. Others weren`t hearing much 
better, but the operator Synthetik Mayham [sic] had tipped on 

``Radio After Dark 6952.5 AM 01:37 UTC « on: Today at 01:40 » [sic:] 
Currently running a show at 6952.5 I apologies I have not designed qsl 
cards yet or made and jingle intros strictly music stay tuned in the 
near future for sstv / qsl cards All audio samples appreciated and 
station reports to Canadianradioafterdark at gmail dot com

Appreciate the welcome thanks yes new broadcaster testing various 
antenna configurations and xtmr designs see best results but I agree 
band conditions have been Piss poor on all band lately 40m has been ok 
ssb with some power but that's about it But thanks for the welcome I 
operate mostly covert portable atm Smiley 35w carrier atm And 
broadcast concluded at 0404 thanks for listening for those who could`` 

** OKLAHOMA. 930, Nov 18 at 0733 UT, WKY OKC is OFF! See USA for logs 
in its absence; hard to get past WKY otherwise even when nulling. Next 
check 1703 UT, WKY is on in Spanish, but weaker than usual, *much* 
less signal than its neighbors which it normally exceeds, 890 KTLR and 
1000 KTOK (Glenn Hauser, Enid, WORLD OF RADIO 1800, DX LISTENING 

** OKLAHOMA. 1120, Nov 14 at 1951 UT, for the record, yes, KETU/KEOR 
Sperry/Catoosa/Tulsa is still going, nothing but regional Mexican 
music tocadiscos (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** OKLAHOMA. 1210, Nov 16 at 0351 UT, nothing but hum from east/west, 
obviously KGYN Guymon; wiggle that patchcord! Still same at 0418 UT 
check, while on the N/S antenna something musical presumably RGV 
(Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** OKLAHOMA. 1360v & 1420v, Nov 13 at 0533 UT, spurs from 1 kW KCRC 
1390 Enid are not audible as close as Hennessey on caradio, but are 
still heard day and night inside Enid, always slightly off-frequency 
producing hets; at this point, 1390 itself not QRM-free but atop 

** OKLAHOMA. 1380, Nov 14 at 0132 UT, Spanish talk mentioning 
California, but then ad for filetes costing 8.99 at Las Amιricas, also 
mention Garnett, one of Tulsa`s arteries, so I`m confident this is 
KMUS Sperry, hijacked from MUSkogee, really Tulsa now, Radio Las 
Amιricas, the radio station named for a supermarket, outreach from 
Arkansas (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) 

** OKLAHOMA [and non]. 1520, Nov 13 around 0430 UT, not far outside 
OKC on the road north, KOKC is torn up by CCI, presumably KOLM MN 
perpetually cheating, abetted by KOKC, site on the SE side, still on 
12.5 kW ND STA instead of 50 kW direxional away from Buffalo. It`s 
habitually this bad in Enid too.

800, Nov 13 around 0430 UT, KQCV OKC now has a clear signal with no 
XEROK QRM, since that station has powered way down, so much that we 
first thought it was gone. On previous visits to OKC, XEROK would tear 
up KQCV on the north side via caradio; its site on the SW side.

740, Nov 13 around 0430 UT, KRMG Tulsa continues to put a good signal 
into OKC at night, tnx direxional pattern aimed that way, but as we 
approach closer to Enid, it`s losing out as we get away from that 
lobe. Yet KRMG IDs mainly as 102.3 FM, which is blocked in OKC by a 
Del City translator! {Or, as the Tulsa World insists, ``OC``, not to 
imply anything positive about the rival city.}

1170, Nov 13 around 0535 UT, KFAQ Tulsa is amazingly weak on US 81 
north of OKC, in fact creamed on the caradio by 1173 IBOC noise from 
KSL 1160. 50 kW KFAQ night pattern is supposed to be broad to the 
west, away from WWVA (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** OKLAHOMA. 1560, Nov 14 at 1936 UT, in a daytime MW down-bandscan, 
find no signal from KEBC Del City, 1000 watts, which is normally 
audible here. Checked both on the NRD-545 and caradio parked. Was NBC 
Sports, which means I pay no attention to it anyway, and can`t recall 
whether it was on or not when I was within OKC a bi-day ago. NRC AM 
Log gives slogan as ``The Franchise 2``, which I`ve never heard 
either. For comparison, the next 1 kW station down the dial, 1490 KMFS 
Guthrie is audible as usual, altho it is closer; and 1520 KOKC sounds 
like less than 12.5 kW.

1560, Nov 17 at 2006 UT check on caradio, KEBC Del City is back on 
with sportstalk (was absent Nov 14 at 1946 UT) (Glenn Hauser, Enid, DX 

** OKLAHOMA [and non]. 11520, Nov 16 at 1936 on the G8 by a 
restaurant`s east-facing window, what`s this? Sounds like that harsh 
fellow Alex Jones mixing with something weaker. Never heard on this 
frequency via bigger receivers, but same as on 12160 WWCR; with one 
radio I can`t tell if they match exactly. So it`s probably a mixing 
product: yes, the other WWCR frequency, super-strong 9980, plus local 
1640 KZLS The Eagle, which does have Alex Jones on at 17-20 UT = 
11520, so external mixing around here, or the G8 internally 
overloaded. KZLS doesn`t usually get involved with SW stations (Glenn 

** OKLAHOMA. A lot can change in 5 months; such as another new 
windfarm springing up around Okarche. And:

95.3, Nov 12 around 18 UT, arriving in Oklahoma City we find a new 
signal since our last visit in June: Spanish gospel-huxtering on 95.3, 
ID as KHBJ? ``Estιreo Restauraciσn, El Monte ---``; by 2300 UT copied 
an ID also in English, but in neither language could I be certain of 
the third letter, which is in fact V: KHVJ. It`s a new LPFM but they 
never append the -LP, as many such 100-watt stations don`t want to 
admit how feeble they really are. FCC info:
shows it`s licensed since July 6, 2015, by IGLESIA DE RESTAURACION, EL 
MONTE DE LOS OLIVOS, 2700 NW 10TH ST., City: OKLAHOMA, State: OK, Zip 
Code: 73107.  

Reception is rather spotty as we drive from the N to the S side of 
OKC, as to be expected: 60 dbu service contour has a ``length`` of 23-
miles, but from map scale, the radius is less than 4 miles from site 
at the above address, near the intersexion of I-44 and NW 10 St.:
so it reaches roughly NW 50 St to SW 33 St (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX 

** OKLAHOMA. While searching for info on the suddenly QRP WKY, nothing 
new on that, but I get a bunch of extraneous hits including this, 
about a station I didn`t notice while in OKC and will never notice in 
Enid due to a local co-channel translator: (gh)

El Patron Launches In Oklahoma City 
Lance Venta | August 26, 2015 
98.5 El Patron Oklahoma City

iHeartMedia has launched Regional Mexican “98.5 El Patron” K253BV/94.7 
KBRU-HD2 Oklahoma City. The EMF owned translator covers the northern 
portions of Oklahoma City and Edmond with 130 watts at 189 meters 
(Coverage Map). The launch gives Oklahoma City its third Regional 
Mexican formatted station along with Tyler Media’s “La Z 106.7” KTUZ-
FM Okarche and Cumulus’ “La Indomable 930” WKY Oklahoma City. The 
Oklahoman reports that the station will also feature an English 
package of 13 high school football games called by former Oklahoma 
University voice John Brooks and Mike Baldwin (via DXLD)

** OKLAHOMA. 105.7, Nov 12 around 1630 UT as we head south from Enid 
on US 81 toward OKC, when will we get to hear KROU Spencer from the 
University of Oklahoma? Previously we could get it within 5 miles from 
Enid as soon as the local translator on 105.5 weakened enough. Now, 
since 105.7 has been occupied by 50 kW KRDR Alva, that is no longer 
possible. The two are about equal levels fighting over frequency as 
far as Hennessey, but 1.6 kW KROU has captured the frequency by the 
next town south, Dover, so we can hear most of `Zorba Paster` at 1706 
UT Thursday. KRDR, still stupid sports talk, ESPN? 60 dbu service 
contour does not even reach Enid on Bing map, but it`s enough to 
significantly reduce OU`s reach beyond Enid. We were travelling toward 
OKC for a concert courtesy of KGOU, by the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet 
at Oklahoma City Community College`s fine new auditorium (Glenn 

** OMAN. R. Sultanate of Oman relay 90.4 FM English after 1500 Nov 11:
1400-1518 15140 THU 100 kW / 315 deg WeEu English, instead till 1500
from 1519 15140 THU 100 kW / 315 deg WeEu Arabic, instead from 1500:
73! (Ivo Ivanov, B`lgariya, Nov 11, posted Nov 14, dxldyg via DXLD)

Good signal of Radio Sultanate of Oman on Nov 16
from 1405 on 15140 THU 100 kW / 315 deg to WeEu English
from 1505 on 15140 THU 100 kW / 315 deg to WeEu Arabic
73! (Ivo Ivanov, B`lgariya, Nov 16, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** PAKISTAN. Radio Pakistan to extend its reach across Pakistan

ISLAMABAD - Radio Pakistan Director General Syed Muhammad Imran 
Gardezi has said that the state-run organisation is going to extend 
its reach across Pakistan through new high range transmitters.

Addressing the staff and artists of the Radio Pakistan, he said that 
being the voice of the nation, the national broadcaster has played a 
very significant role in the socio-economic development of Pakistan.

Since independence, the Radio Pakistan has set a standard of 
broadcasting which now has become a hallmark for other broadcasting 
institutions, the director general also said. [source??]

No further details but "high range" could mean MW 73 (Steve Whitt, Nov 
13, MWCircle yg via DXLD)

** PERU. CHASQUI DX PFA – NOVIEMBRE 2015 --- CQ, CQ, CQ; Aquν Pedro F. 
Arrunαtegui para compartir algo con los que disfrutan y aman el DX 
latinoamericano; todas las horas son UT. Desde la tierra de los incas, 
les informo mediante este Quipus lo siguiente:

1429.931, PERΪ; R. Universal, El Tambo, Huancayo; 26/10 1100-1125  
22222 comenta sobre la futuras elecciones. advs sobre la ciudad de 
Jauja Suma Motor Instituto  Huancayo en el Tambo ID “Universal Radio”. 

4774.90, PERΪ, R. Tarma, Junνn; 3/11 1010-1035 44444 mx cumbia peruana 
ID 4.40 Radio Tarma la primerνsima”

4985.00, PERΪ, R. Voz Cristiana, Chilca, Huancayo; 15/11 1130-1150 
44444  mxf  con motivos religiosos ID "A travιs de Radio Voz 
Cristiana, hay que estar preparados" mx  ID "Esta usted en sintonνa de 
radio "Radio Voz Cristiana"

6173.85, PERΪ, R. Tawantinsuyo, Cusco; 9/11 0050-0100  44444 px news 
Noticiero ABC ID El noticiero ABC con su actualidad por  Radio 
Tawantinsuyo” advs en quechua.

Muchos 218’s PFA (Pedro F. Arrunαtegui, Lima; La recepciσn la he 
efectuado del 26/10 al 15/11 en compaρνa de mis sabuesos Icom IC R72 + 
ELAD FDM-S1 + Splitter ASA 4 x 2 + Mizuho KX-3 + MFJ-1025 y una antena 
de hilo largo de 12 metros + antena auxiliar + una Mini Whip + una 
antena loop, DX LISTENING DIGEST) 

** PERU. 5980. R. CHASKI, 12/11 2233 UT. Programa “Visiσn Para Vivir”
hablando sobre la responsabilidad cristiana frente al relativismo de 
los valores. SINPO: 52332 con QRM marcado de CRI, servicio en chino, 
desde 5975 y CRI en japonιs desde 5985 (Claudio Galaz T., RX: 
Realistic DX-160. ANT: Antena de varilla, mαs antena de tierra y balϊn 
de ferrita 4:1, QTH: Ovalle, IV Regiσn, Chile, condiglista yg via 

[and non]. 5980, Nov 14 at 0105, JBA carriers from BBC/UAE and 
Urubamba, slightly apart and beating as usual, one producing a bit of 
music modulation; until the stronger one cuts off at 0110:51*, i.e. R. 
Chaski, 30.5 seconds later than last check Nov 10 until 0110:20.5*, 
averaging 7.6+ seconds later per, more than usual (Glenn Hauser, OK, 

5980. R. CHASKI. 15/11 2346 UT. Portadora sin modulaciσn. SINPO: 
45444. RX: Realistic DX-160. ANT: Antena de varilla, mαs antena de 
tierra y balϊn de ferrita 4:1 QTH: Ovalle, IV Regiσn, Chile (Claudio 
Galaz, Chile, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

5980. R. CHASKI 16/11 2333 UT. Programa “Momento decisivo” con 
alusiones a los comportamientos morales y el concepto del poder en el 
antiguo testamento. SINPO: 54444 con leve QRM de CRI, servicio en 
inglιs, vνa La Habana, Cuba en 5990 (Claudio Galaz Toledo, RX: 
Realistic DX-160, ANT: Antena de varilla, mαs antena de tierra y balϊn 
de ferrita 4:1, QTH: Ovalle, IV Regiσn, Chile, condiglista yg via 

5980, Nov 17 at 0110, JBA carriers from R. Chaski and BBC/UAE, until 
the stronger one, Chaski, autocutsoff at 0111:06.5* which is 15.5 
seconds later than last check Nov 14 until 0110:51*, or averaging 5.17 
seconds later per.

5980, Nov 18 at 0109, R. Chaski and BBC UAE are both JBA carriers, 
until the stronger one cuts off at approx. 0111:13* which would be 6.5 
seconds later than last night (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** PHILIPPINES. 9400, Nov 18 at 1344, Chinese atop Kurdistan, so FEBC 
is certainly still here colliding, scheduled until 1400, not // other 
Chinese program on 9430 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** PHILIPPINES [and non]. Updated B-15 schedule of Radio Veritas Asia
via two transmitters in Palauig-Zambales and one in SM di Galeria, 
VATICAN. No more broadcasts in Sinhala & Tamil:
0000-0027 on  9645 PUG 250 kW / 280 deg to SoAs Kachin
0000-0027 on 11935 PUG 250 kW / 280 deg to SEAs Karen
0030-0057 on 15265 PUG 250 kW / 300 deg to SoAs Bengali
0030-0057 on 15280 PUG 250 kW / 280 deg to SoAs Hindi
0100-0127 on 15280 PUG 250 kW / 300 deg to SoAs Urdu
0100-0127 on 15530 PUG 250 kW / 280 deg to SoAs Telugu
0130-0157 on 15255 PUG 250 kW / 280 deg to SEAs Zomi-Chin
0130-0227 on 15530 PUG 250 kW / 280 deg to SEAs Vietnamese
1000-1027 on 11850 PUG 250 kW / 280 deg to SEAs Khmer
1000-1157 on 11945 PUG 250 kW / 000 deg to EaAs Mandarin
1130-1157 on 15450 PUG 250 kW / 280 deg to SEAs Burmese
1200-1227 on 11935 PUG 250 kW / 280 deg to SEAs Hmong
1200-1227 on 15225 PUG 250 kW / 280 deg to SEAs Karen
1230-1257 on 15225 PUG 250 kW / 280 deg to SEAs Kachin
1300-1357 on 11850 PUG 250 kW / 280 deg to SEAs Vietnamese
1330-1357 on  9520 PUG 250 kW / 280 deg to SoAs Zomi-Chin
1400-1427 on  9520 PUG 250 kW / 300 deg to SoAs Hindi + video
1400-1427 on 11825 PUG 250 kW / 300 deg to SoAs Bengali + video
1430-1457 on 11750 PUG 250 kW / 280 deg to SoAs Telugu + video

1430-1457 on 15330 SMG 250 kW / 089 deg to SoAs Urdu + video
1500-1557 on 15620 SMG 250 kW / 107 deg to N/ME Filipino + video

2100-2257 on  6115 PUG 250 kW / 350 deg to EaAs Mandarin
2300-2327 on 15355 PUG 250 kW / 000 deg to CeAs Filipino
2330-2357 on  9670 PUG 250 kW / 280 deg to SEAs Vietnamese
2330-2357 on  9720 PUG 250 kW / 280 deg to SEAs Burmese
(Ivo Ivanov, Nov 13, posted Nov 14, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** PUERTO RICO. 1660, 0258- 04/11/2015, WGIT, Faro de Santidad, 
Canσvanas, Spanish religious program, santidad desde el pulpito 2 [2 = 
signal strength? Overall merit?] (Saverio De Cian, Sedico (Belluno), 
Italy, Perseus SDR, DKaz + FLG100LN, via Dario Monferini, playdx yg 
via DXLD)

** RUSSIA. These days I have been monitoring the Russian Buzzer at 
4625 kHz and found it to be a very good indicator of propagation 
conditions. Some days it has been almost impossible to hear it at all 
even in my Hammarlund HQ180A and either the 60ft long wire or MFJ 
remote amplified antenna. Today I can hear it in any of my radios. 73s 
(Guido Santacana KP4FAR, Nov 16, swl at qth.net via WORLD OF RADIO 
1800, DXLD) Presumably in Puerto Rico

** RUSSIA. Good reception of Comintern Radio, November 11
1200-1500 on  6990 VOR 001 kW / non-dir to EaEu Russian
73! (Ivo Ivanov, B`lgariya, Nov 11, posted Nov 14, dxldyg via DXLD)

Good signal of Comintern Radio on November 18:
from 1434 on  6990 VOR 001 kW / non-dir to EaEu Russian
(Ivo Ivanov, Sofia, Bulgaria, Nov 18, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** RUSSIA. Got QSL-cards RWM Moscow Taldom.
06.09.2015 / 1300-1330 / 9996 kHz, 14996 kHz
The card can be found here:

The letter sent by mail to the address: [sic:]
n / a Mendeleevo, Solnechnogorsk district,
Moscow region, 141570, Russia.
(Anatoly Klepov, Russia, MIDXB Oct 27 via RusDX 15 Nov via DXLD)


In 1939-1940, it was decided to build a city of Kursk superpower radio 
transmitting station 1,200 kilowatts. Technical performance was 
entrusted to A. L. Mintsa. A draft, selected area, to the factories of 
Moscow and Leningrad have placed orders for manufacturing equipment. 
It incorporated a five-storey building maintenance overhead. 
Construction began in 1941. The beginning of the war mixed plans. 
Construction transmitting center was urgently relocated under the 
Kuibyshev. Already in July 1941, it sets a new Square oschadka under 

The site was chosen for the following reasons. Firstly, the 
construction of large transmitting radio centers was carried out at a 
distance of not less than thirty kilometers away from the big cities - 
the area looking for in this radius. It said what took place in this 
area single-track railway line for the construction of hydropower. The 
fact is that before the war the Kuibyshev hydroelectric station has 
been designed near the mouth of the river Juice, where the Tsar's 

For the purpose of the construction was laid down several villages, 
one of them was called "Management". There were camps for prisoners 
that would enable the construction workforce. After the war, the 
project on technical and economic reasons, revised and transferred 
Kuibyshev hydroelectric station upstream, closer to the old Stavropol 
(now Tolyatti). There was also energobaza - have worked Bezymyanskaya 
CHP which was practically next door. It was also an important factor. 
At the time, the efficiency of transmitting stations was low - at 1 
megawatt emitted by the transmitter consumes 5.6 megawatts of 
electricity. Based on the requirements of wartime was given the task 
to put radiotsen mp under the ground, on top of leaving only the 
antenna structure. Power supply cables also conducted underground, go 
to the air line is only for railway station "Vodinskaya." Copper 
coaxial cables of large diameter, reaching to the antennas, also were 
buried in a special feeder tunnel.

The essence of the adopted technical solutions can be summarized as 
follows. In the pre-war years in the construction of transmitting the 
centers engineers are faced with the problem of the lack of powerful 
radio tubes. They could build a transmitter 20-30 kilowatt, but more 
powerful transmitters could be done, there was no corresponding lamps. 
Out of the situation by including multiple parallel tubes, two, three, 
up to five. With further increase in the number of lamps appeared 
parasitic capacitance, inductance per unit length, which is not 
allowed rabotata transmitter. Such difficulties with lamps existed 
just before the war, when they built only long and medium-

Later, shortwave great power proved no longer needed, the KV - a 
"long-range" waves, using them only 10 watts can be contacted around 
the globe. There was a problem especially medium and long waves. At 
medium waves at night good passing, but in the afternoon and the short 
and medium wave due to the physical characteristics of poorly 
distributed. However, the goal was set so that the transmitters would 
cover a larger area, for this long and medium waves and needed a large 
capacity. No one in the world at that time did not have this problem. 
And Americans and Europeans have decided to build it in different ways 
lamps, but the power of the biggest transmitters would not exceed 100 

And then A. L. Mints proposed the idea: not to collect lamps and 
transmitters. If more than one low-power transmitters will work on a 
common load (on a common antenna or addition in the air) in the sum 
can reach more air capacity. For the first time this principle has 
been built "Small Comintern" - six transmitters were formed in total 
intermediate circuit and output to the antenna high power, thus 
achieving the ethereal power of 200-300 kilowatts. Then in Moscow was 
built and the "Big Comintern" is also named after the Communist 
International, he has worked for 500 kilowatts and was already the 
most powerful transmitter in the world, which was not similar. Thus, 
even before the war, the Soviet Union has become the world leader in 
high-power broadcasting. Further see. 
(RusDX 15 Nov via DXLD)
** RUSSIA. DX PROGRAMS: "Radiopanorama." The program is in Russian.
Author and presenter Vadim Alexeev. 
World Radio Network 738 kHz Moscow 5 kW [local time???]
23.46-23.58 (Fri)
04.16-04.28 (Mon)
07.46-07.58 (Sun)
12.16-12.28 (Sat)
15.46-15.58 (Sun)
18.46-18.58 (Mon)
20.46-20.58 (Sat)

You can listen to the program on the Internet page of the Russian SWL 
/ DX site: http://www.dxing.ru RusDX 15 Nov via DXLD) Also on WRMI

** RWANDA [non]. GERMANY, No more broadcast of Radio Inyabutatu in 
winter B-15 of MBR
1700-1800 on 17605 ISS 100 kW / 144 deg to SoAf Kinyarwanda Sat, 
73! (Ivo Ivanov, B`lgariya, Nov 17, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

"Ni kuri uyu wa gatandatu, tariki ya 14/11/15 kuri Radio Inyabutatu 
ikorera kuri SW no kuri internet." Says a notice at 
which, I guess, specifies the cancellation date.

Had they changed the transmission provider at one point? I have in my 
files that their original provider in August 2013, when their 
transmissions via Issoudun started (in addition to the web radio that 
already existed at this point and continues now, too), was Broadcast 
Belgium (Kai Ludwig, Nov 18, dxldyg via WORLD OF RADIO 1800, DX 

** SEYCHELLES [non]. CHINA vs SRI LANKA, Strong co-ch between CNR-2 
and FEBA Radio, Nov 16
1330-1400 on  9775 TRM 125 kW / 345 deg to SoAs various FEBA Radio
1330-1400 on  9775 BEI 150 kW / 270 deg to EaAs Chinese CNR-2
73! (Ivo Ivanov, B`lgariya, Nov 16, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SOMALILAND. 7120, Nov 16 at 0330, S9+15 open carrier. Traces of 
modulation at imagination level, maybe just QRhaM, and can`t tell any 
difference between LSB and USB. Still same at 0335, 0343, and 
weakening at 0402 by when I was hoping Radio Hargeisa would surely be 
modulating normally (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SOUTH CAROLINA [non]. 3185, WWRB, Brother Spare-change with talx re 
time and the Bible's End Times predictions. He made an oblique 
reference to Harold Camping and started up with the 'we won't know the 
exact time' and mentioned that the world isn't MILLIONS of years old 
(NO, I agree! It is 4.5 Billion, but I bet that isn't what he meant!) 
but he didn't elaborate on that. He DID however, just two or three 
sentences after he mocked Harold Camping about picking a day, went on 
about a 'seven day warning' for the coming of the 11/11/2015 beginning
of the Tribulation. He opined that these warning signs would be 
something like the death of the Elder George Bush, or Billy Graham 
(the 'modern Methuselah') or the like and he mentioned that this was 
being recorded on 11/2. 

Either he got smart and pulled this from the 'rotation' of stuff to 
broadcast since the signs didn't happen on 11/4 or we just missed it 
the rest of the weekend. I was disappointed I couldn't get this on 
tape since I was recording the VoA as I listened to this! WWRB ID at 
ToH. Yowza, that was a lot of stuff to cram into 15 minutes of 
broadcast! In well as I recorded VoA, 4+54+4+4+ using the ccskywave 
and whip antenna, 0941-1001 7/Nov (Ken Zichi, MARE DXpedition, 
Brighton MI, MARE Tipsheet Nov 13 via DXLD)

** SPAIN. 9690, Saturday Nov 14 at 1944, no signal from REE North 
American service, which ought to be propagating by now; others are 
audible, 11530 a JBA carrier; 15390 very poor and 15500 merely poor. 
At 2216 recheck, 9690 is definitely AWOL, while 11530 is VP, 15390 & 
15500 are good. No, not heard on ex-17855 either, which is still 
registered in B-15 HFCC as imaginary/alternative (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX 

15500, 1556 15 NOV - RADIO EXTERIOR ESPAΡA (SPAIN). SINPO = 25122. 
Spanish, male and female announcers conversing. musical interludes 
with operatic and musical stage numbers. sf106.6 a10, k1, geomag : 
very quiet. 200kw, beamAz 110 , bearing 42 . Sangean ATS505 w/MFJ-
1020C active antenna used to preselect 37’ of 22-gauge wire connected 
to aluminum rain gutter along eave of roof above two story building. 
Received at Las Vegas, United States, 9115 km from transmitter at 
Noblejas. Local time: 0756 (Rodney Johnson, NV, dxldyg via DXLD)

Sunday, and there must not have been a stupid ballgame available to 
fulfill `Tablero Deportivo` as scheduled, so they had to fill with 
something else, shux (gh, DXLD)

9690, Nov 16 at 2032, REE is still AWOL from their North American 
frequency, which this late should be propagating, perhaps better than 
the ones which are JBA carriers, 11530, 15390, 15500. I guess their 
NAm transmitter is out of order (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING 

So, did 9690 kHz not come back after I noted the abrupt disappearance 
of the signal at 20:51 UTC on 10 November? See: 
(Richard Langley, NB, Nov 17, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

9690, Nov 17 at 2115, REE with VG signal, while 11530, 15390 and 15500 
are scarcely more than JBA carriers. This NAm frequency had been 
absent for a few(?) days. Now it`s a partido tonto de pelotas pre-
empting rational programming normally on weekdays, extremely rapid 
enthusiastic announcers, but from what I can gather they are covering 
something going on at Wembley, i.e. the big silly ballgame between 
England and France (which was losing 2-1) --- or were they covering 
more than one game at once? Anyhow it`s all in Castilian (Glenn 

Poor reception of Radio Exterior de Espaρa on Nov 18 [Wed]:
1900-2300 on  9690 NOB 200 kW / 290 deg to NoAm Spanish
1900-2300 on 11530 NOB 200 kW / 161 deg to WCAf Spanish, no signal
1900-2300 on 15390 NOB 200 kW / 230 deg to SoAm Spanish, no signal
1900-2300 on 15500 NOB 200 kW / 110 deg to N/ME Spanish, no signal
73! (Ivo Ivanov, QTH: Sofia, Bulgaria, Nov 18, dxldyg via DX LISTENING 

** SPAIN [non]. GERMANY, Good signal of Radio MiAmigo via Kall Nov 8:
0900-1300 on  9560 KLL 020 kW / non-dir to CeEu German Sat/Sun
73! (Ivo Ivanov, Nov 7-8, not posted until Nov 14, dxldyg via DXLD)

** SUDAN. 9505, Voice of Africa – Al-Aitahab, 1852-1930*, Nov 9.  
Hausa Service with woman announcer hosting African music program which 
was taken over by a male host at 1902. Mixture of Hausa language talks 
and nice musical selection until final closedown announcement and 
brief IS before carrier was terminated. Fair (Rich D’Angelo, French 
Creek State Park DXpedition No. 48 (November 8, 9 and 10, 2015), 
Equipment: Ten-Tec RX-340, Drake R-8B and an Eton E1, 500-foot wire 
essentially north for the RX-340 and 250-foot wire essentially 
northeast for the R-8B and a whip antenna for the E1, NASWA Flashsheet 
via DXLD)

** SWAZILAND. Good signal of Trans World Radio Africa on Nov 18:
1802-1902 on  9500 MAN 100 kW / 013 deg to EaAf English Mon-Thu
73! (Ivo Ivanov, QTH: Sofia, Bulgaria, Nov 18, dxldyg via DX LISTENING 

** TAIWAN. 7502.0 AM+USB+LSB, but strongest in USB, StarStar 
Broadcasting Station (V13), 1305-1324*, Nov 16. Giving numbers in
Chinese; assume their fourth program - "XingXing guangbo diantai 
4"; fair; believed to be operated by Taiwanese Intelligence agency.
Must be *1300 and also *1200 (Ron Howard, Asilomar State Beach, 

** TAIWAN. R.O.C., Sound of Hope/RFA program in Mandarin was heard on 
November 14, 2015 at 1730 on 6730, 9180 and new (maybe) // 6380, 7730, 
7800 (Rumen Pankov, Sofia, Bulgaria, 17 November 2015, DX LISTENING 

Fingerprint exact frequencies on Nov 18 at 1130 UT: 6369.933, 
6729.932, 7729.962, 7800.090, and 9180.164 kHz. wolfy (Wolfgang 
Bόschel, ibid.)

** TAIWAN [non]. [Re 15-45:] Frequency Change for November 14 2015

Dear Friends, At the last minute we had to make a frequency change for 
our special broadcasts to Europe. The time will remain the same: 0900 
to 1000 UT. But we will not be using 17825. The new frequency is 11580 
kHz. Nothing else has changed. Regards, (Keith Perron, PCJ Radio 
International, 1604 UT Nov 13, WORLD OF RADIO 1800, DX LISTENING 

Keith: Still from Trinco or now from WRMI as 11580 kHz is one of their 
frequencies? Just before sending this, I saw the news relayed via 
Facebook that it is indeed WRMI. So, North American listeners might 
now have a chance to hear the broadcasts too. A tad early in the day, 
though, so I will likely record it unattended. Will try to record from 
the Twente University SDR receiver, too, for comparison (Richard 
Langley, NB, Nov 13, cc to DX LISTENING DIGEST)

Fair and clear signal on 11580 with moderate fading - Keith Perron 
with EZL music "Say it with Music" from 0900 UT. 73 (Alan Pennington, 
Caversham, UK, AOR 7030plus ALA1530 loop, BDXC-UK yg via DXLD)

I had a strong signal signal here initially at 0900 UT+, but by 0925 
it has weakened considerably - although still usable (Alan Roe, 
Teddington, UK, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

Sadly the reception here in the South Pacific was marred by Radio Free
Asia dominating the 11580 frequency. PCJ was audible underneath but 
largely unusable (Bryan Clark, Mangawhai - New Zealand, ibid.)

At 1020 UT on Nov 14 on 11580 kHz Brother Stair TOM instead, in 
Germany S=9+10dB or -62dBm signal. 11580 kHz at 09-10 UT towards 
Europe / North Africa at 44 degrees, is an excellent mb, frequency and 
time slot selection by frequency management organizer. wb (Wolfgang 
Bόschel, ibid.)

As expected, excellent reception here in New Brunswick of the special 
PCJ Radio International special broadcast of "Say It With Music" via 
WRMI early this morning between 0900 and 1000 UT on 11580 kHz. Bro. 
Stair [was] interrupted for an hour to air this broadcast. Praise be 
to God! Reception noted to be fair but listenable in The Netherlands 
via the University of Twente WebSDR receiver (Richard Langley, ibid.)

Had my Perseus recording, and just a weak carrier on the west coast of 
North America. 73 (Walt Salmaniw, Victoria, BC, ibid.)

PCJ Radio International, series of special broadcasts
0900-1000 on 11580 YFR 100 kW / 044 deg to WeEu English Saturdays
November 14 - Say It With Music, 5 videos from today, November 14
November 21 – Call it Ukraine
November 28 – Rockin with Raoul
December 05 – Classics with David Monson
December 12 – Special Jazz For The Asking
December 19 – European radio during WW2
December 26 – Special listeners programs
-- 73! (Ivo Ivanov, Nov 14, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

Keith Perron just wrote on is renamed Facebook group ? "PCJ - Media 
Related Topics":

``I will be canceling the remainder of the PCJ Special Broadcasts 
after next week`s program. There is just not a sufficient audience to 
continue with the rest. Last week and this week it was the same 
people. So it's not justified to keep it going for fewer than 20 
people. Apologies to those who did tune in`` (via Mike Terry, Nov 22, 
dxldyg via DXLD)

Brother Scare as a lead-in and during an hour he is normally avoided, 
was not helpful; nor airing it in the middle of the North American 
night, as far as we were concerned (gh, DXLD)

** TAIWAN [non]. Nuevo esquema de R. Taiwαn Internacional
Publicado el 15 noviembre 2015 17:54 por EA4-0003
Con la incorporaciσn de la nueva frecuencia para Centroamιrica de 5985 
kHz, el esquema de emisiones en espaρol serα asν a partir del martes 
17 de noviembre de 2015: 0200–0300 11920 kHz S-AME, 0300–0400 5985 kHz 
C-AME (Antτnio Avelino, Brasil) … Sigue leyendo 
(Pedro Sedano, AER, Nov 15, noticiasdx yg via DXLD)

Replaces 7730 leaving no usage at all of that WOOB channel (gh, DXLD)

** TAJIKISTAN. Re 15-45, Yangi yul site: {but these programs via 
curtain arrays nearby at same soil ... wb.} 

Recently the Tajik R 1 program appeared on even 4765.000 kHz - so 
another transmitter erected or re-aligned now, but former odd 
transmitter of x.988 kHz appeared on 4789.988v kHz.

USSR era history:
4635, 4740, 4940, 4975, fountain like steep angle fountain antennas at
38 29 28.58 N, 68 48 43.99 E
38 29 10.87 N, 68 49 13.86 E
wb (Wolfgang Bόschel, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** TAJIKISTAN. 02.11.2015 from 0900 to 0940 UT hosted Radio "Ovozi 
Tojik" - "The Voice Tajiks "in Russian at the frequency of 7245 kHz. 
SINPO: 35322. Given daytime and distance, the time had a good 
reception. parts for the report can be collected, but I think at the 
radio station still does not have a site, and of email address.
Receiver: Degen 1103. Antenna: Telescopic. Admission to the 
countryside, 150 km southeast of Ryazan (Dmitry Kutuzov, Ryazan, 
Russia / "deneb-radio-dx" via RusDX 15 Nov via DXLD)

** TIBET [non]. UZBEKISTAN, Frequency change of Voice of Tibet, 
November 13
1415-1430 NF 11513 DB  100 kW / 131 deg to CeAs Tibetan, ex 15548
(Ivo Ivanov, Nov 13, posted Nov 14, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** TURKEY. 12035, Nov 14 at 1359, VOT English with `Question of the 
Month`: something about boxers; poor-fair, and on to music fill, still 
at 1411, as this is an off-week for `Letterbox`. 

12035, Nov 17 at 1428, English broadcast from VOT is running late, IS 
playing, unknown language ID, very poor, but starts up whatever that 
is after accurate timesignal at 1430 until cutoff at 1431:45*. 
Presumably Kazakh, the only language scheduled to start at 1430, and 
that should be in B-15 on 9785, which probably came up in another 3-4 
minutes, missing most of the news (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING 

** U K. TACKLING PIRATE RADIO --- Icqpodcast.com November 15, 2015 By 
Colin Butler 
A North London Borough (Council) is adopting a new approach to 
eliminate the issue of Pirate Radio, hoping to save up to £1 million 
if rolled out without [sic] the whole of London.

Haringey Council, in conjunction with Homes for Haringey, have changed 
their to enforcement, and have saved £90,000 in Policing and repair 
costs, by focusing on the sites used by Pirate Radio.

Employees target known locations that provide the perfect conditions 
for broadcast, high rise building, where the enforcement teams find 
transmitters installed on rooftops or hidden in lift shafts. Often the 
equipment is poorly installed, potential a risk to people from falling 
equipment or frequency interference.

The prompt removal of illegal broadcast equipment is removing the harm 
for people and building, reducing costs, and is also providing a 
cleaner band for the emergency services to broadcast within,

If this approach is adopted by the whole of London, the savings could 
be as much as one million pounds.

Clive Corrie, Head of Ofcom's Spectrum Enforcement team, said: 
"Illegal broadcasting harms local communities and risks lives by 
interfering with vital communications used by the emergency services 
and air traffic control.

"By working in partnership with local authorities, Ofcom is tackling 
this problem. We also strongly urge those broadcasting illegally to 
get involved with internet or community radio, a legitimate route on 
to the airwaves."

Astrid Kjellberg-Obst, Executive Director of Operations at Homes for 
Haringey, said: "Pirate radio stations damage people's homes and can 
be extremely distressing to our residents.

"We've seen huge success in tackling the problem with the measures 
that we've introduced, removing all pirate radio stations from 
Haringey and saving the borough tens of thousands of pounds in the 
process. We will continue to work with Ofcom to keep Haringey pirate-

Ofcom offers accessible, legal alternatives to get onto the airwaves. 
Since 2005, Ofcom has issued community radio licenses, enabling small 
stations across the UK to get on-air right and serve their local 
communities. More than 200 community radio services are now 

Ofcom is also supporting a new, innovative way for smaller stations to 
broadcast on digital radio. If tests are successful the system, called 
'small scale DAB', promises to open up digital radio to smaller 
broadcasters for a fraction of current costs.

Direct download: ICQPodcast_S08_E24_Final.mp3
Posted by: (Mike Terry, Nov 15, dxldyg via DXLD)

** U K. 10 popular BBC radio programs

I'm not sure why this Indian publication would know so much about BBC 
radio program(me)s, although some of them had international 
distribution, a few of which we remember on shortwave ...

93rd anniversary of BBC radio: 10 popular programmes
(Kim Elliott, Nov 15, dxldyg via DXLD)

** U S A. WOO, Ocean Gate NJ: See MUSEA

** U S A. 26110/NFM, KMK282, KOVR-TV Sacramento CA with 'Good Day 
Sacramento' OM & YL 'Happy-talk' morning show. Code ID at 1607 that 
was too fast for me to copy and I didn't record it! dead air during 
ads from 1607 to 1610 when back with Thanksgiving menu ideas. 2+54+44-
- not quite full quieting, but good. 1605-1615 7/Nov using Drake SPR-4 
& 500' randomwire (Ken Zichi, MARE DXpedition, Brighton MI, MARE 
Tipsheet Nov 13 via DXLD)

KOVR-TV audio, Sacramento CA coming in very well at 1745 on 26110 in 
FM. They go off during breaks, so if nothing is there, wait a couple 
of minutes. The program is Good Day Sacramento with lotsa chit-chat 
(Harold Frodge, Midland MI, Nov 13, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

I believe that KOVR was originally a Stockton station, but has come to 
identify with the much more important city of Sacramento (gh, DXLD)

** U S A. 6080, Nov 12 at 0642, VOA is VG, so must be back to 
Greenville again, altho 24 hours earlier it was weak and suspected had 
reverted to original site Sγo Tomι. During `International Edition` 
item about an app for visiting Rome --- not exactly hard news.

6080, Nov 14 at 0645, ``VOA One, the hits`` says the DJ, and on with 
rock music instead of news; good signal, still Greenville, not 
Pinheira. I guess this continues to start at 0630, tho the Sγo Tomι 
transmission was scheduled from 0500 when I have not been looking for 
it (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [and non]. 9510.0, Nov 16 at 0340, S8 conversation in 
presumed Somali, into pop music, as this is listed as VOA Somali via 
VATICAN, violating Separation of Church & State, at 0330-0400.

11750.0, Nov 16 at 0345, very good S9+15 signal and VG modulation too, 
mentions ``Somali``; in fact it`s the SSOB, exceeding Brasil`s S7 on 
11780.1. HFCC shows at 0330-0400 this is also VOA Somali, 100 kW, 350 
degrees from BOTSWANA, which is off-beam for Somalia, but better for 
us. Are their antennas more toward Somalia tied up with something 
else? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) I might guess this was 
also a substitution by Greenville, but doubt it would be so strong at 
that hour on 25m (gh, DXLD)

VOA Spanish reporter Celia Mendoza reporting from the U.N. [caption]

WASHINGTON D.C., November 17, 2015 -- Weekly audiences for Voice of 
America news and programs in all media hit record levels in 2015, 
reaching 187.7 million people weekly, according to new figures 
released November 16th by the Broadcasting Board of Governors, the 
federal entity that oversees all U.S. civilian international media. 
VOA, the largest of the U.S. international broadcasters, now accounts 
for 83% of the total measured audience for U.S. international media, 
boosting the combined weekly measured audience of the BBG entities to 
226 million, also a new high. 

The research data collected by Gallup and other research firms, shows 
that Voice of America's weekly measured audiences grew by 16 million 
in 2015, from 171.6 million in 2014. The increase includes substantial 
gains in digital and television audiences in highly competitive media 
markets that are of strategic importance to the United States.

"We are delighted to see that VOA's accurate, authoritative and 
comprehensive programming, combined with good affiliate relationships 
around the globe have resulted in outstanding audience growth and 
impact," said VOA Acting Director Kelu Chao. "VOA journalists around 
the world in more than 45 languages are also to be credited for these 
audience gains, and we salute their work in difficult and challenging 
environments," she added.

VOA's customized affiliation strategy is a major factor, particularly 
on television. The bulk of VOA's growth comes from an audience boost 
in Mexico, where VOA Spanish works to program collaboratively with a 
leading national television outlet. Overall, VOA's audience in 
strategic locations in Latin America surpassed 37 million.

In South and Central Asia, VOA increased its weekly audience by 4.5 
million, with Afghanistan ranking in the top five countries with the 
largest VOA weekly audience - over 39%.

VOA's extensive news and information programming also increased 
engagement in Africa, which is another contributing factor to the 
audience growth. In 2015, VOA's Africa audience increased to 52 
million people. In Nigeria, VOA's affiliation with independent 
Channels TV, resulted in an audience increase of 1.8 million. In 
Kenya, an ever-increasing share of people consume VOA content on 
various platforms - with an increase of 1.7 million this year.

Strong social media growth paired with increased popularity of VOA's 
microblogs and video content also boosted the weekly audience by 1.4 
million in China, which attempts to block VOA content. Additionally, 
optimized survey coverage in some countries like Thailand, where 
previous surveys were limited to urban areas, contributed to VOA's 
audience growth in East Asia.

In addition to weekly audience size, the BBG measures its impact using 
quantitative, qualitative, digital and anecdotal data on a wide range 
of factors including program quality and credibility, engagement with 
the news process, and audience understanding of current events. In the 
10 countries with VOA's highest credibility scores, VOA's 
"trustworthy" rating surpasses 95 percent. Overall, 85% of VOA's 
weekly audience feels that their understanding of current events has 
increased thanks to VOA.

For more on VOA's programming go to: http://www.voanews.com

VOA reaches a global weekly audience of more than 187 million people 
in 45 languages. VOA programs are delivered on satellite, cable, 
shortwave, FM, medium wave, streaming audio and video and more than 
2,350 media outlets worldwide. It is funded by the U.S. Congress 
through the Broadcasting Board of Governors (VOA PR Nov 17 via WORLD 

Uncritical RW story essentially regurgitates above press release:
Posted by: (Mike Terry, dxlldyg via DXLD)

BBC Monitoring`s story is a bit more reserved, even sceptical?

Text of report by US Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG) website on 
16 November (via gh, WORLD OF RADIO 1800, DXLD)

** U S A [and non]. WORLD OF RADIO 1799 monitoring: confirmed Friday 
Nov 13 at 2130 on WRMI 15770 following a canned ID by Andy Sennitt. 
Also confirmed Nov 13 on WRMI 7570, but this did not start until 
2131.5, a minute later than usual, after a Rudy Espinal ID. Tuned in a 
few minutes earlier, both these were playing the same fill music, but 
not synchronized, so either the 2100 programs on each were missing, or 
ended early. 

Since WOR did not start until 2131.5 on 7570, I feared it would be 
chopped off incomplete, as that would have run until 2200.5. But it 
was chopped off way earlier at exactly 2151.0, back to fill music! 
While 15770 version continued to play. So the automation on 7570 must 
be way out of whack. Hope they get it aligned by next Friday. 

Jeff White replies: ``Transmission log shows that silence was detected 
at 2150, so it sent to fill music. I'm not sure why that was, but it 
IS Friday the 13th! Jeff`` Hmmm, the silence sensor may be just a bit 
too quick. He later replies that it`s not supposed to fire until 15 
seconds of silence.

Next WOR chances:
Sat 0730   HLR 7265-CUSB to SW
Sat 1530   HLR 7265-CUSB to SW
Sat 2030v  WA0RCR 1860-AM ND?
Sun 0415v  WA0RCR 1860-AM ND?
Mon 0400v  WBCQ 5110v-CUSB Area 51 to WSW
Mon 0430   WRMI 9955 to SSE  
Tue 1200   WRMI 9955 to SSE
Wed 1415.5 WRMI 9955 to SSE
Wed 2200   WBCQ 7490v to WSW

WORLD OF RADIO 1799 monitoring: confirmed Saturday Nov 14 after 1530 
on Hamburger Lokalradio, Gφhren, 7265-CUSB, via UTwente SDR, quite 
sufficient, with CRI Hindi somewhat audible underneath; seems 
relativity of these two varies greatly week to week.

Also confirmed UT Sunday Nov 15 at 0429 on WA0RCR, 1860-AM, finishing 
item on Germany, DW schedule, which is :11 minutes into program so 
started circa 0418.

Also confirmed UT Monday Nov 16 from 0400:53 on Area 51 via WBCQ 
5109.7-CUSB. And UT Monday Nov 16 from 0430:09 on WRMI 9955, very poor 
S7, much weaker than WRMI 9395. Following ID by Allen Graham. Next:
Tue 1200   WRMI 9955 to SSE
Wed 1415.5 WRMI 9955 to SSE
Wed 2200   WBCQ 7490v to WSW

WORLD OF RADIO 1799 monitoring: confirmed Wed Nov 18 after 1415.5 on 
WRMI 9955, good. Not confirmed after 1530 Nov 18 on HLR, 7265-CUSB, 
via UTwente SDR, just weak signal in presumed Hindi from CRI East 
Turkistan. The Wed HLR transmission keeps appearing in some schedules, 
as in Ivo Ivanov`s, at least for the earlier 0730 broadcast, altho it 
was ``suspended`` months ago and I don`t know of any plans to resume 
it. Next WOR: Wed 2100 on WBCQ 7490v.

WORLD OF RADIO 1800 monitoring: confirmed first SW broadcast Thursday 
November 19 at 1230 on WRMI 9955, good with no jamming. Also confirmed 
Thu Nov 19 at 2100 on WRMI 7570, good too. Next:
Fri 0200   WBCQ 9330v-CUSB to WSW
Fri 2130   WRMI 15770 to NE
Fri 2130.5 WRMI 7570 to NW
Sat 0730   HLR 7265-CUSB to SW
Sat 1530   HLR 7265-CUSB to SW
Sat 2030v  WA0RCR 1860-AM ND?
Sun 0415v  WA0RCR 1860-AM ND?
Mon 0400v  WBCQ 5110v-CUSB Area 51 to WSW
Mon 0430   WRMI 9955 to SSE  
Tue 1200   WRMI 9955 to SSE
Wed 1415.5 WRMI 9955 to SSE
Wed 2200   WBCQ 7490v to WSW

** U S A. 9955, Nov 16 at 0713, Brother Scare via WRMI is inbooming, 
contrary to 2.5 hours earlier when 9955 was very poor S7. Makes one 
wonder if 9955 really stays on the 160 degree beam at all times, but 
maybe just a propagational fluke. Some other late nights, it`s almost 
inaudible (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [and non]. Wavescan scheduling mystery

Jeff, It would be a big help to those of us trying to compile 
comprehensive schedules of DX programs, if you would provide and keep 
updated a listing by day and time of ALL WS broadcasts on all SW 
outlets. I just heard WS at 2200-2230 UT Sat on 15435 = Guam, which is 
news to me.

Hunting on the AWR website, this is all I find, no sites specified, 
for Asia, === at least I think it refers to ``DX Wavescan`` (not 
Wavescan), and the first S is hilited, meaning Sundays, not Saturdays.

It`s also been unclear whether the 15320 broadcast at 2330 is on UT 
Saturday or (as it used to be, I think) UT Sundays. Maybe I can 
confirm one way or the other shortly, if I can hear it.

English    10:30 - 11:00 UTC    17730 KHz    16 Meter Band    smtwtfs
English    15:30 - 16:00 UTC    15670 KHz    19 Meter Band    smtwtfs
English    16:00 - 16:30 UTC    15530 KHz    19 Meter Band    smtwtfs
English    16:00 - 16:30 UTC    11995 KHz    25 Meter Band    smtwtfs
English    22:00 - 22:30 UTC    15435 KHz    19 Meter Band    smtwtfs
English    23:30 - 00:00 UTC    15320 KHz    19 Meter Band    smtwtfs
73. (Glenn Hauser, Nov 16, to Jeff White, via DXLD) No reply

Sats 2200 AWR Wavescan Asia Guam, E,  INS/MLA/SNG  –  15435
     2330 AWR Wavescan Asia Guam, E,  VTN/SoEaAS   –  15320
as in wwdxc hobby list. Both should marked as UT Saturday broadcasts, 
but Sunday in their target, in

15320 heard at present on UT Saturdays, when tuned in at 2340 UT, UT 
Nov 10, 2015. Heard at S=9+5dB level in Tokyo Japan remote SDR post,
featured Radio Australia by Mr. Baxter, of 1968year start of Cox isl 
[sic: pen.] Darwin site transmission, heard at 2349 UT. AWR Wavescan 
station ID and, TX cut OFF at 2359:05 UT. wb (Wolfgang Bόschel, DX 

Hi Glen[n], The frequencies shown on their website still seem to be 
the summer ones, and on the last two Sundays I've listened to Wavescan 
on 11750 at 1530 and 11780 at 1600 UT. I think the 1530 broadcast is 
coming from Germany and the 1600 from Trincomalee (this latter one was 
a better signal here in the UK).

I haven't worked all the other ones out yet, but the two 11 MHz 
frequencies are exactly the same ones used in the B-14 schedule last 

The B-15 times and frequencies shown on the HFCC site do seem to match
up better to what I've actually been hearing though, so I'm more 
inclined to believe these than the ones listed on their website:
(Alan Gale, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST) See also GUAM

** U S A. 7489.92 approx., UT Sat Nov 14 at 0100, WBCQ with `Allan 
Weiner Worldwide`, first talking about tubes/valves, with Pam also in 
studio, // 5109.7-CUSB not synchronized but several seconds behind. 
0117 he says the date is 16 October, so this is a rerun from a month 
ago. Meanwhile, at 0106 UT Nov 14, the other WBCQ with Blalock the 
blaster is measured on 9331.57-CUSB (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING 

** U S A. Ramsey's Roadhouse --- Hope you got to hear the show this 
evening as it was a good example of what Jim Reynolds does with the 
show. Only two left, but he did call me this evening and talked of 
another show he might try (John Carver, Mid-North Indiana, UT Tue Nov 

John, Shux, missed it again. Would be nice if they are available 
online? I will mark my calendar again for next weeks as I am not 
usually at the dials at that hour (Glenn to John, via DXLD) UT 
Tuesdays 0000-0030 on 7490

Sorry you missed it. Most of the time I'm not privy to the shows 
contents so don't know what's on till I listen. No, they are not 
archived anywhere that I know of. I might convince Jim to part with a 
copy of tonight's show but can't promise. Turned out to be a special 
show tonight as he played more of my bits than usual and the three 
music slots were filled by my suggestions this time. He also did one 
of his famous rants. This time about the Paris attack and carried on 
with his viewpoint that religion is a mind altering, brainwashing, 
conditioning sort of thing that no sane person should have anything to 
do with and that the Muslims who did this sort of thing were obviously 
sick fucks.

He also announced the possibility of another show and asked for people 
to write in and offer their opinion. On the phone this evening he went 
into a little more detail about the new program he's considering. No 
more radio giveaways as he felt it would be too confusing to rerun 
shows that talked of drawings for the radio so had very few episodes 
he could repeat if need be. Said it made him feel like a farmer with a 
huge henhouse who could never leave but always had to take care of his 
chickens. In his case he always had to make new shows so listeners 
wouldn't be confused. He did say that if he goes with the new show 
there will be a place for me there (John Carver, WORLD OF RADIO 1800, 

5109.7-CUSB, Nov 16 at 0329, Area 51 via WBCQ is amid a Jean Shepherd 
show, stream-of-consciousness about ``The Dogs of Elsinore``. This 
appears alternate UT Mondays at 0300-0345, then fill music until 0400 
WOR (my WOR, not his) (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [and non]. Very nice to discover Art Bell's Midnight in the 
Desert show is on WTWW and CFRX. Both of these usually come in very 
well on my bedside ICF-6800W. WTWW is close so some nights it is S9+50 
and some nights reception is poor, so very nice to have CFRX available 
as a backup on those nights. CFRX is usually a good signal overnight 
here. -- 73, (Brandon Jordan, WA4230SWL
Fayette County, TN EM55gc
WinRadio G33DDC G313-e | RFSpace SDR-IQ NetSDR | Elad FDM-S2 | Icom 
R75 IC-7200
Array Solutions SAL-30 Shared Apex Loop
Clifton Labs Z1501F Active Whip
DX Engineering NCC-1 Phased ARAV3 Active Whips
Wellbrook ALA100HG Loop, Nov 12, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

5085, Nov 14 at 0650, WTWW-2, `Midnight [sic] in the Desert` as Art 
Bell is replying to a caller who wonders why Art refers to ``25 time 
zones`` --- aren`t there only 24? Art explains there is a half-hour 
zone somewhere, as an addition. Well, Art, there are several half-hour 
zones, adding up to a lot more than 25 total. More slipshod/inaccurate 
info from this source, besides not knowing what ``midnight`` means 

** U S A. 5980, Nov 16 at 0404, the WWCR 5890/5935 leapfrog another 45 
kHz higher attains S9 as the fundamentals are still very strong, 
mostly audio from 5890 some non-BS gospel huxter, but 5935`s dead Gene 
Scott also audible. On reverse leap, 5845, only a very poor carrier 

15825, Nov 16 at 2005 on BST-1 caradio, happen to tune to a memory I 
can`t read but presumably this, as WWCR is concluding a 5-minute 
program with a website kanaan.com [spelt], which presumably pertains 
to `God Lives and Works Today`, and making an announcement that 
effective immediately, 5070 is replaced by 9350 at 5-7 pm Central 
Time, or 22-24 UT! 

At first I thought it must be an outdated screwup since that would 
pertain to CDT, not CST, but uplooked later, I see that WWCR 
transmitter schedules have been updated this very day November 16, to 
eliminate 5070, and extend 9350 really to 23-01 UT on WWCR-2. What was 
wrong with 5070? Certainly always very strong here, and less likely to 
fade into the dusk/night than a 9 MHz frequency. BTW, current sked 
supposedly expires March 21, 2016, which is 8 days after DST resumes 
on March 13, and 6 days before A-16 begins on March 27, right in the 
middle of the biweek of confusion, so what`s with that? More anomalies 
not only about timezones but significant dates.

7520, Nov 18 at 0020, notice that WWCR audio is heavily breaking up, 
hitting on peaks only, awful! Isn`t anyone at station monitoring their 
off-air signal (or even in-studio? Hard to tell if it`s an input or 
output foulup). Not that programming is anything I would want to 
listen to. 0026 now there is noise added to the breakup, but a 
different sound than before. Mostly noise spread across 20 kHz from 
7510 to 7530; I can tell that the program is `Unshackled`. This might 
be messing up their spur on 6220! But I can`t detect it at all. At 
0053, intermittent noise blasts only, not the distortion. By 0103 
check, now sounds OK, but at 0118 again some occasional noise bursts.

9350, Nov 18 at 0027, I`m checking WWCR since they yesterday replaced 
5070 with this until 0100, and just as I suspected, the 9350 signal is 
very poor! Not the first time WWCR has done the opposite of what you 
would expect from Propagation 101, which their frequency manager has 
never figured out. Well, maybe it`s skipping over me which 5070 would 
not (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 9265, Nov 17 at 2116, WINB carrier is really wobbling again, 
and modulation somewhat distorted in AM mode, gospel music with piano. 
Weekday sign-on isn`t till 2045 UT, so has only had a semihour to warm 
up and settle down, not enough (hey! Online schedule dated Nov 8 
finally has correct 5-hour EST/UT conversion!!). Next check 0107 UT 
Nov 18, wobble is much lighter (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 11550, Nov 18 at 1349, WEWN missing again from half its 
Spanish frequencies, still on 12050, and English 15610; also not on 
7515, checked in case on late (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 670, KMZQ, NV, Las Vegas, 11/16, 0816 MST [1516 UT]. Spots 
for Las Vegas Land Rover, Boulevard Mall. "6-70 AM The Score". Near 
local quality (just enough to nudge the S-Meter on Grundig Satellit) 
and well after daybreak. Receivers for MW: Panasonic RF-2200, Grundig 
Satellit 750 (barefoot); Hammarlund HQ-120X, Terk Advantage loop. 73 
and Good Listening! ~ (Rick in AZ Barton, dxldyg via DX LISTENING 

** U S A. 680, Nov 13 at 0406 UT on caradio north of OKC, `Jim 
Bohannon` from presumed KFEQ St Joseph MO, in and out, and it`s *not* 
// JimBo on 690, KGGF Coffeyville KS. KGGF carries him live starting 
at 0306 UT, while the sked on KFEQ is 0406-0700 UT, so I had assumed 
KFEQ would also be live for two hours, and play back the first hour at 
0606 UT (as presumably continues all night on the WW1 network feed). 
Instead, KFEQ apparently delays the whole thing by one hour, so don`t 
try calling in while tuning 680! The 04+ UT topic on KFEQ is the 
University of Missouri situation, something else on KGGF (Glenn 

** U S A. 890, MISSISSIPPI WHJA, Laurel. 1136 GMT November 14, 2015. 
Urban Gospel, including Vicki Yoh'e "He's Been Faithful" (thanks, 
SoundHound), "Gospel 890 AM" slogan, quickly faded out (Terry L 
Krueger, Clearwater FL, DX LISTENING DIGEST) 

** U S A. 980, FLORIDA, WHSR, Pσmpano Beach. 1057 November 14, 2015. 
Presumed the one with very proper French (not Haitian kreyςl) female, 
seemingly something block brokered. Guess the Haitians can still 
figure out most of it (Terry L Krueger, Clearwater FL, DX LISTENING 
DIGEST) Ou pour les oiseaux-de-neige quιbecois en Floride du Sud? (gh, 

** U S A. 1080, Nov 13 circa 0530 UT, KRLD Dallas ought to own the 
frequency 300-400 km away in OK on caradio between OKC and Enid, but 
is torn up by CCI at night; cheaters from MN and/or UT? Often the case 
on home receivers in Enid too.

1080, Nov 16 at 0354 UT, heavy CCI to KRLD Dallas mentions ``105`` so 
no doubt it`s again the cheatin` 10 kW ``daytimer``, KSLL Price UT 
which has a 104.9 translator as previously discussed (Glenn Hauser, 

** U S A. 1100, Nov 16 at 0352 UT, ``In defense of liberty, NewsRadio 
1100, KNZZ`` Grand Junxion CO, somewhat atop WTAM Cleveland, roughly 
equal on average, so again/still on 50 kW day pattern. Their idea of 
defending liberty is propagating nothing but one far-right-extremist 
wacko talkhost after another: on weekdays, Bennett, Beck, Limbaugh, 
Hannity, Levin, Savage and the Redeyes. More variety on weekends, 
including Armed American Radio (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. KLAV-1230 Las Vegas [NV] --- Just received this from Bill 
Croghan at Lotus Las Vegas. I have a recording on the 7th. I also 
asked him if he's interested in running a DX Test. I think he's a 
former IRCA member. - Martin

We have recently (Last week) moved the KLAV transmitter from a poor 
site to one with a vastly superior ground system. I'd be interested in 
before and after reports on signal reception. The move was made 
basically on the 11th and has been on the new site since. Same power 
etc. Bill (Martin Foltz, Nov 13, ABDX via DXLD)

KLAV-1230 Las Vegas --- The latest email from Bill Croghan. Doesn't 
look like a DX test but I'm sure he would appreciate some reports on 
their stations (1230, 1340, 1100 are mentioned but they're also on 920 
and 1460).
Bill's email is loteng (at) lvradio.com
(Martin Foltz, Nov 15, ibid. WORLD OF RADIO 1800)

"Martin, Thanks, I doubt I'll have time to do a specific DX test like 
I used to in the "old" days but there is still work being done out 
there between now and the first of the year. Mostly some fine tuning 
of the band width since we have put the 1230 and our 1340 on a tower 
in our 1100 pattern, and have a 1280 and 1400 just about 100 yards 
away from some others. Mark Mueller has done a great job of the 
combiners and filters, but there are some bandwidth issues he will be
working on between now and Christmas. I'll try to let you know when we 
will be doing them. For fun, see if you can get the 1230, 1340 (both 1 
kW non directional mostly Full time and the 1100 which is 20 kW days, 
2 kW nights, both highly directional. The next door 1280 and 1400 are 
Non Directional. I forget the power of those two, but one is 5 kW 
Days. Bill"

Nice email verie from Bill Croghan for KLAV-1230 Las Vegas NV in 1 day 
for an email report. GY verie #31 (Martin Foltz, Mission Viejo CA, Nov 
16, IRCA via DXLD)

** U S A. Our power was off from about 4 to 8:30pm PST on Tuesday [Nov 
17]. Also off were (1) KKMO-1360 (1 mile away) and (2) a whole lot of 
electrical noise. Of note (PST [UT -8]):

1250 K? Seattle. Now with Indian (Punjabi?) music but most of the ads 
and announcements are in English. Don`t know if they have changed 
calls yet. Of note only because it sounded like they were on night 
pattern around 6:30p but at 7 they were definitely on day pattern. 
This is one of those quirky grandfathered-in arrangements where they 
are supposed to go on night pattern at sunset but can go back to 5kw 
non-DA at 9 pm local. I guess the presumption is that KWSU has no 
Western Washington listeners after 9 pm (Pete Taylor, Tacoma, WA, 
12225w 4719n, HQ180 & ICF2010, Kiwa aircore & Palomar loops, DX398, 
SRF-59 & M37V, Eton E100 + Tecsun PL-300/380, Nov 18, IRCA via DXLD)

** U S A. OF SPECIAL INTEREST: 1270, KVMI, CA, Tulare, EX-KJUG, 11/11 
alone on 1270, 2335 [EST = 0435 UT Nov 12] with Christmas music and 
numerous “My 97.5” slogans. Station is airing Christmas music until 
December 26th when whey will change formats (John Johnson, Mesa AZ  
85212, Icom IC-R75, 75’ N-S longwire, IRCA DX Monitor Nov 21 via DXLD)

+ Heard 11/13 at 0812 [EST = 1312 UT] with “My 97-5” then Christmas 
music, was KJUG (Bill Block, Prescott Valley AZ, ICOM IC-75, ibid.) 

** U S A. 1330, KGAK, NM, Gallup, 11/16, 0910 MST [1610 UT]. M 
announcer in Navajo. Fair/Poor, up and down on Grundig Satellit with 
antenna oriented to NE/SW. A record for how late I've heard them here, 
tho they come in early before sunset. Faded out, then back even 
stronger at 0915 with chanting and tom-toms and male presenter.
Receivers for MW: Panasonic RF-2200, Grundig Satellit 750 (barefoot); 
Hammarlund HQ-120X, Terk Advantage loop. 73 and Good Listening! ~ 
(Rick in AZ Barton, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. 1430, KLO, UT, Ogden, 11/14, 0810 MST [1510 UT]. Retro radio 
program, Bob Hope comedy routine. Absolutely local quality signal, S-
Meter to S9, and well after local sunrise. Quick legal ID by M at ToH 
and into CBS News. More retro radio after the hour and still audible 
as late as 0923 local. Some deep fades, then gone for good after 0945. 

Note: for those of you into product reviews, this was heard on a big 
Hammarlund with the Terk "Advantage" loop. But when the signal faded 
down to threshold, I tried different radios (including RF-2200), and 
found that the Grundig Satellit 750 still had them Fair/Poor, but 
better than the others. I had thought that my RF-2200 was a more 
sensitive portable, but not this time. Receivers for MW: Panasonic RF-
2200, Grundig Satellit 750 (barefoot); Hammarlund HQ-120X, Terk 
Advantage loop. 73 and Good Listening! ~ (Rick in AZ Barton, dxldyg 

** U S A. Who's on 1469.70? Hitting Chinese speaking hard with a 
massive 300 Hz het on the low side, + or - 7 hertz according to my 
reckoning. 0715 UT / Drake R8 / Flag & Wellbrook through Phaser (Colin 
Newell - CoffeeCrew.com - VA7WWV - Victoria - BC, Nov 15, IRCA via 
DXLD) That would be KBSN in Moses Lake, WA. They've been way off 
frequency for ages. 73, (Nigel Pimblett, AB, ibid.)

** U S A. 1510, Nov 13 at 0716 UT, ``our colorful musical portfolio on 
KMSD``, classic rock, medium SAH from WLAC? Loops NNE/SSW. Wasn`t 
certain of call at first, KNST? KNSB? But now I`m sure it`s this, 
5000/14 watts in Milbank SD. Site appears misplaced in the NRC AM 
Pattern Book, circa Sioux Falls in SE SD. Daytime coverage map on 
radio-locator as ``Mibank`` shows site is in NE SD, NE of Watertown 
barely on the SD side of the border, i.e. where Milbank really is; but 
with address in Valley City ND, which is not even within the fringe 
contour! So much for being the ``Hometown Station``; or rather, plenty 

1510, Nov 14 at 0200 UT, as I have just copied a full ID from XEQI, 
see MEXICO, mixing in is one for ``Hometown Radio, 1510 and 98.3, 
KMSD``, so again the Milbank, South Dakota station. 98.3 is K252FB, 
250 watts also in Milbank, per WTFDA Database. 1510 is supposed to be 
14 watts at night (Glenn Hauser, OK, WORLD OF RADIO 1800, DX LISTENING 
DIGEST) It`s not Millbank, either per Rand McNally (gh)

1510, KMSD, Millbank [sic], SOUTH DAKOTA, Nov/15/15, 2100 EST [0200 UT 
Nov 16] English, VG, Male DJ with ID at 2100 EST as "You'll find all 
your favourites on 98.3 FM and 1510 AM KMSD". Into song by Chicago 
``Saturday in the park". OVER WLAC!! RELOG, 5 kW/14 Watts (Rob ROSS, 

** U S A. 1560, Nov 14 at 0201 UT, promo asking for listener response 
to Wilkins Communications Network, into gospel huxter. NRC AM Log 
shows WRN on 1560 is KLNG, 10 kW daytimer in Council Bluffs IA; but, 
but, it`s long after sunset (Glenn Hauser, oK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. KDZR, 1640, Lake Oswego, OR --- Disney gone, Christian Talk.
First time I noticed that KDZR 1640 is now Christian Talk. 2:20 PM PST 
[2220 UT]. Christian talk and SNR news at 2:30 PM PST. Bumper music 
for this talk show program was Rock & Roll, Gimme Three Steps by 
Lynyrd Skynyrd. SNR news breaks. Commercial programming. 

At 2:59 PM PST when the conservative talk program ended, so did their 
audio. I was able to hear KDIA 1640 ID Vallejo CA with a call letter 
ID. Now at 3:06 PM PST, KDZR back on with a talk show hosted by Hugh ? 
KDIA can be heard underneath KDZR signal. The open carrier allowed me 
a new catch for the IRCA DX contest. Best regards, (Dennis Vroom, 
Kalama, WA, JRC NRD 545 + Drake R8B, Nov 14, IRCA via DXLD)

Don't know what's up, but Radio Disney back on air with their 
programming. Salem Media had Christian talk on Saturday afternoon. 
Will keep checking channel for switch to Salem Media. Best regards,
(Dennis Vroom, Kalama, WA, 2223 UT Nov 16, ibid.)

Good reception tonight (UTC 18 November). Mostly I'm hearing a 
religious station, with a cochannel Radio Disney. At times, it fades 
up and totally dominates, like at 0452 with a Radio Disney ID, then 
fading down allowing the religious broadcaster to come back. Family 
friendly programming from Radio Disney again. When switching antennae, 
I can just make out a SS station in addition. A good haul for one 
frequency! 73 (Walt Salmaniw, Victoria, BC, 0454 UT Nov 18, ibid.)

KDIA ID at 0458 (the religious station). The broadcast originated out 
of a Vancouver [WA] church, as they gave their contact information. 
Into news at 0458 after the local ID. I'm not sure if it's just the 
conditions, but I recall the Radio Disney station as being the usual 
dominant station. Not tonight at all, though. Weakly faded up to a 
brief ID at 0500. 73 (Walt Salmaniw, BC, ibid.)

** U S A. 1700, Nov 12 at 0650 UT, open carrier/dead air; DF fits for 
KKLF Richardson TX, mixed with two talk stations, IA and RGV (Glenn 

** U S A. Re: Denver radio change --- I just saw the reported price 
paid for the 94.1 translator that is now carrying KOA. This shows what 
a big change radio has taken. That 250 watt translator was sold for 
$950,000. In the official news release from KOA, they stated that the 
new translator will allow KOA to reach more listeners. Oh really? A 
250 watt translator will allow the station to reach more listeners 
than their 50 kW AM signal? Absolutely amazing, isn't it? Gee, no 
wonder they spent nearly a million for it.

In sharp contrast, it was also reported that KBUD (1550) Golden sold 
for a paltry $25,000. The buyer of KBUD is planning to mate it with 
the 96.9 translator near Boulder that has most recently been carrying 
the signal of KCKK 1510 Littleton, which is also on 93.7 from Lookout 
Mountain. The new station(s) will be called 96.9 The Cloud, and should 
begin in early 2016. KCKK dropped their legal ID that included the 
96.9 translator, but I have not confirmed that their signal has been 
dropped from it. It was still on it as recently as a week or so ago.

Denver's Radio Disney station, KDDZ 1690, is still carrying RD, but it 
has been sold to Salem. They have already reserved the call sign KDMT, 
and it is reported to stand for Denver's Money Talk. As you might 
guess, it will be financial news and the like. 73, (Kit W5KAT, Nov 16, 

** U S A. FLORIDA: 1690.05, (MIS), WQKP882, Pinellas County Traffic 
Management; Largo and Clearwater. 9685 Ulmerton Rd and intersection of 
Roosevelt Blvd. and 49th St. N respectively. 1420 November 7, 2015. I 
presumed that the Largo transmitter was off the air, with the weak 
signal at the house being the Clearwater location. But today I 
happened to be driving by the Largo site, and a very weak, distorted 
signal peaks here, with a usable signal getting out maybe 1000 feet. 
Farther westbound on Ulmerton, the weak Clearwater transmitter is 
heard. The same looping audio, but no longer properly computer linked 
in sync. Both distorted and bad modulation. The Traffic Management 
office never responded to my emailed request to just stop it and shut 
what's left of the once eight transmitter network. I suspect the other 
last-operating transmitter in Oldsmar is also still limping away on 
its own with no loving guidance. At least it's easier to hear 
something more distant than these on 1690 from the house now. But 
still --- Florida Low Power Radio Stations:
(Terry L Krueger, Clearwater FL, DX LISTENING DIGEST) 

** U S A. There's a good site for looking up team names: 
If you're searching for a HS FB team name, select "High School"
for the level, but do not specify an individual sport. 73 (Tim, Bonita 
Vista Barons (mascot looked like Elmer Fudd), Sent from my BlackBerry 
10 smartphone, Hall, CA, ABDX via DXLD)

** URUGUAY. 6125.1, 0721, (tentative) prolonged Spanish language talk 
here at weak level. Music at 0755 and finally lost in the noise at 
0755. Nothing on frequency for next 3 nights. I logged Radio Uruguay 
on 6125.12 last year so likely them, but needs exceptional conditions 
to hear this reportedly 250 watt transmitter. 30/10 (Bryan Clark at 
Mangawhai, Northland, North Island, New Zealand, WinRadio G33DDC SDR 
and AOR7030+, EWEs to North, Central & South America, Nov NZ DX Times 
via DXLD)

** UZBEKISTAN [non]. UK/CHINA,P.R.: BBC in Uzbek heard on 13th 
November 2015 at 1300-1330 on 4790 + noise jammer, 13865 - only CNR1 
was observed here, 15510 + low siren type jamming & 17780 BBC under 
siren + CNR1 (Rumen Pankov, Sofia, Bulgaria, Nov 18, DX LISTENING 

** VATICAN [and non]. 6070, Nov 12 at 0643, VR with organ music during 
Latin mass, making medium SAH with CFRX underneath. 

3975, Nov 12 at 0644, JBA signal, maybe mass but really too weak. VR 
traditionally uses this instead of 7250 during the B-seasons, and used 
to provide a credible signal into North America. Alan Pennington in 
the British DX Club says 3975 has been revived since Oct 25, altho 
missing from own outdated schedule.

[and non]. 6185, Nov 16 at 0318, VR in Armenian, fair, and no sign of 
XEPPM in Spanish, off? 0310-0330 is normally the only time now it has 
to cope with CCI. However, at 0402 there is an S9 carrier, little if 
any modulation, but if that`s R. Educaciσn it was not hetting VR 
earlier. BTW, did you know that RRI ``MKI``, Manokwari, Indonesia has 
a 1 kW transmitter on 6185 in English! at 01-05 & 07-10? That`s what 
HFCC would have us believe (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** VENEZUELA. 1280 MW, Radio Trujillo, Trujillo, 0701-0712, 18-11, 
Venezuelan songs, Spanish, comments, mentioned "Trujillo". 14321. 

1290 MW, Radio Puerto Cabello, Puerto Cabello, 0640-013, 18-11, 
Venezuelan and Spanish songs, "Morir de amor" song by Camilo Sesto, 
identification: "Radio Puerto Cabello", at 0716: "las 2 y 46 minutos, 
Radio Puerto Cabello, en primer lugar" 14321 (Manuel Mιndez, Lugo, 
Spain, Log in Playa Blanca, Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Sangean ATS-
909, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** VIETNAM [non]. PALAU, Strong signal of Radio Que Me via T8WH Angel 
3, Nov 13: 1200-1230 9930 HBN 100 kW / 318 deg to EaAs Vietnamese Fri
73! (Ivo Ivanov, *QTH*: Sofia, Bulgaria, *Equipment*: Sony ICF-2001D 
30 m. long wire, *Web: http://swldxbulgaria.blogspot.com/  Nov 13, 
posted Nov 14, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ZAMBIA. 5915, ZNBC/Radio One, 0402-0434, Nov 16. Mostly fair and
readable; in vernacular; very detailed program schedule; many phone 
conversations. In past years I do not recall ever hearing so many 
"ZNBC Radio One" IDs. Very nice to hear them at this decent level, 
with clear IDs. 
contains my audio (fair/good quality) (Ron Howard, Asilomar State 
Beach, CA, E1 & CR-1, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

UNIDENTIFIED. 930, Nov 18 at 0733 UT, WKY OKC is OFF! Hard to get past 
it otherwise even with nulling. Now I am hearing classic rock/oldies 
from ENE/WSW, fast SAH with algo. 0734 UT DJ with celebrity bit, about 
Conan O`Brien and Northwestern (University?), and a singing ID, maybe 
some C`s in it, but just can`t make it out. Modulation is slightly 
distorted. A couple of PSAs like that too. 0736 UT, `Heartache`` by 
Bonnie Tyler. Best bet by format, DF and proximity is KCCC Carlsbad 
NM, as long as they are closer to day power of 1000 watts than night 
of 60.

930, Nov 18 at 0737 UT classic rock station above is losing out to a 
country station looping ESE/WNW, or at least clockwise from its 
predecessor. Hoping one or the other will be clear for a next ID, but 
by 0746 UT too much mix and I can`t stay awake any longer. In NRC AM 
Log there are quite few C&W stations on 930, with two possibilities: 
KAFF Flagstaff AZ, 5000/31 watts; and KRKY Granby CO, 4500/121 watts 

UNIDENTIFIED. 1190v, Nov 13 before and after 0528 UT, low audible 
heterodyne on caradio south of Enid, roughly 0.1 kHz? and also noted 
for some time. Which station is off-frequency? At home I wasn`t 
certain whether it was de a local device (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX 
LISTENING DIGEST) There is a similar nighthet on 1590

UNIDENTIFIED. 1400, 1115 November 15, 2015. Someone here with Haitian 
kreyςl preaching in the jumble of other graveyard stations. This 
format often heard and presumed to be WFLL, Fort Lauderdale; however, 
the latest NRC DXN 83-4 reports the station as silent from Oct. 24 due 
to licensed and STA sites lost and new owners are applying for a CP 
for a new permanent site. So, back on, or something else all along 
here? Something brokered from WSDO, Sanford a possibility, too, though 
they're supposedly still Spanish (Terry L Krueger, Clearwater FL, DX 

UNIDENTIFIED. 1510, Nov 13 at 0523 UT on caradio at Dover OK, 
``spooky`` music over WLAC in & out, 0530 UT Spanish announcement; 
more spooky at 0551 UT on caradio almost to Enid. Probably XEQI, 
Monterrey NL, which I haven`t logged from home since Feb 24; but the 
music could have been another (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

UNIDENTIFIED. 1550, Nov 13 at 0524 UT on caradio S of Enid, 
soul/gospel music often atop. Looks like WPFC Bβton Rouge LA is most 
likely, heard before, 5000/42 watts. AFAIK, KLFJ Springfield MO, the 
Branson barker, is still silent; forever? (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX 

UNIDENTIFIED. 5984.0, Nov 16 at 0325, just heard a few ditdahs of CW 
ending with K, and a reply(?) weaker, but no DE ID copied. Intruding, 
but WRMI isn`t on 5985 until 0400 (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING 
DIGEST) But soon from 0300 with RTI relay ex-7730, too bad for CW (gh)

UNIDENTIFIED. 7240 kHz Persian heard around 1445-1500 UT tune-in.
Persian in 14-15 UT slot --- BSKSA Riyadh is 1500-1757 UT scheduled in 
B-15 season, but heard an UNID in Persian language before, and at 
1500-1503 UT UT heard Muslim HQ prayer in Arabic instead, followed by 
Persian program from 1504 UT. Underneath 7240 kHz Chinese program of 
CNR Lhasa Tibet, PBS Xizang (Wolfgang Bόschel, Germany, 1516 UT Nov 
15, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

UNIDENTIFIED. --- FMBC: 87.9, UNID Midland MI pirate; 11:10 AM - 12:23 
PM [EST = 1610-1723 UT], 10-Nov; I tuned in at the house to hear Xmas 
music. Thinking it was the same pirate I've previously reported, I 
drove toward that one's hot spot, about 2 miles south. The Xmas music 
outfaded and taken over by a strong OC with DA. The previous pirate 
has been off more than on lately, but the strong OC is almost always 
there. Driving back toward the house, the Xmas music upfaded again.  

DFBDA (Direction Finding By Driving Around) did not yield any obvious 
culprit, but it's definitely within a few blocks of me. It's audible 
over a mile out, but the effective range is a half mile or so. No // 
FMBC or MWBC found. Several years ago, there was an FM pirate in 
Midland that on-air ID'd as Tower Boy. 

+++ 12N[oon = 17 UT], 11-Nov; Heard both the Xmas music pirate and the 
pop music pirate. The latter has been off a lot lately. The transition 
point for change in dominance is about 1 mile south, just about half
way between the two apparent hot spots (Harold Frodge, MI, MARE 
Tipsheet Nov 13 via DXLD)




Caught your report right after FG Radio - Cyprus. First time listener.  
Outstanding broadcast on 9955 WRMI at 1415 UT Wednesday. SINPO 45344 
using a CCRSW with the whip antenna, indoors. Helped sort out what 
happened to Mighty KBC and you had a good report on the odd and creepy 
"Lord Haw Haw" pirate on 6950.7. Will try to catch them both this 
weekend. Keep up the good work! 

"Calm and real." That’s how the voice of VOR sounds like to 
professionals who clumsily locate and listen. In our business, 
factuality is everything, but the voice --- well, that’s what counts.

Is your Sked on your Website? Just don’t stop what you’re doing, G.
Will support your short-wave “ministry” when we can. Best, Regards, 
Lawrence Myers (with a contribution via PayPal to woradio at 


Thank you, Glen[n] for the MANY years of your time and efforts 
informing us and promoting the Shortwave Listening hobby. Keep up the 
great work. Also, congrats on reaching 1800! World of Radio shows. 
Somewhere around I have a box full of "R.I.B.s" Ahh, those were the 
days. Reading RIB and anxiously waiting for the next QSL to arrive.
Just as you have done, I've been "doing radio" for almost all my life. 
35 years at NPR as of August 2015. "100% modulation, 100% of the 
time!" Joyous greetings to you during this season of Thanksgiving and 
Christmas. All the best to you for the New Year. We'll be listening 
and reading! (Vincent Destajo [Deh-STAH-ho], with a contribution via 
PayPal to woradio at yahoo.com)

Great job with World of Radio, Glenn, always enjoy the broadcast. I 
listen by downloading the program every week when it's posted. 73, 
Rob, NV5E (Robert May, with contribution via PayPal) 

One may also contribute by check or MO in US$ on a US bank to WORLD OF 
RADIO, P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702

Dear Glenn: Congratulations on reaching milestone show number #1800 of 
World of Radio. Too bad WRMI has reduced a number of hours. I can 
remember first hearing your show on 6185 kHz [WRNO, c. 1982y] 73's, 
(Richard Lemke, St. Albert, Alberta, Canada, Nov 18, 2015, WORLD OF 

Congrats on your 1800th Glenn! (Andy Reid, Ont.)

Well, Glen[n], I do want to congratulate you on WOR 1800. That is 
quite a record. I do remember you from back in the WRNO days. In fact; 
I remember you from the North American DX Report you used to do on DX 
Juke Box. I don’t even know when that started.

Since the beginning of World of Radio, I think I can honestly say that 
I have missed fewer than 100 shows, many of those during the 15 months 
in 1984-85 that I worked in South Africa. Keep up the good work.

During all this time, my life has, of course, changed some. The 
greatest change, and not a good one, is that I have lost almost all of 
my hearing. Hearing aids, that I do use, really don’t get the job 
done. My two great passions, SW listening and languages, have both 
been very negatively impacted, of course, by this loss.

Add to that, I have a very meager antenna here, and, for some reason, 
shortwave reception here in Huntsville seems, overall, to be terrible.  
So, I’m thankful I get WOR on ACB Radio. As others have said, do keep 
up what you are doing. 73, (Tim Hendel, Huntsville AL)

We feel for Tim in his situation. For those who may not know, he is 
already blind. I suppose the remaining way to communicate to him will 
be Braille conversion of e-mail/anything printed or on computer 

Glenn, to the kind person who wondered how I can do e-mail, I can hear 
the speech of the computer when I use headphones. For now, that works.
Converting e-mail into braille is pretty challenging, not to say 
expensive. First, you need a device called a braille embosser, a sort 
of braille printer. Then you need software to translate and format the 
printed matter into braille. Think of software which will 
transliterate the Roman alphabet into Cyrillic, and a Cyrillic 
printer. That's the idea. I appreciate the concern anyway. I do have 
something called a braille display. It hooks to the computer via
a USB port and produces refreshable braille, which shows what is on 
the screen. So far, I have not been able to make it work. Don't know 
what could happen if the ears get still worse. 73, (Tim Hendel, AL, DX 


EiBi B15 English Extracts

(Full, only DRM and without UTE/MW) as of November 13, 2015 are 
available in the Schedules section of 
73, (Kraig, KG4LAC, Krist, Nov 15, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)


IRTS Radio News Bulletin Sunday 15th November 2015

The news from WRC-15 on the possibility of an allocation to the 
Amateur service at 5 MHz is not very heartening. Some administrations 
are insisting on the use of very restrictive eirp limits if an 
allocation is made. At the moment three major administrations are 
resisting any allocation at 5 MHz. The time allocated for conclusion 
of this item has now expired and there is a danger of a no change 
position being adopted if a consensus cannot be reached reasonably 
quickly. If a favourable consensus can be reached it would seem to be 
tending towards a worldwide 15 kHz allocation with a power limit of 
fifteen watts. Unfortunately this would be quite a distance from what 
was hoped for. However, we live in hope and await a final decision on 
the issue. Posted by: (Mike Terry, Nov 15, dxldyg via DXLD)

That`s ridiculous. Anyone tuning between 5.1 and 5.8 MHz (at night) 
will find lots of empty spectrum. The hams should get at least 100 
continuous kHz somewhere in there for a fully funxional band, even if 
they mislabel it ``60 meters`` (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)


HFCC/ASBU/ABU-HFC A16 Global Coordination Conference
Conference Location:  Istanbul, Turkey
Conference Hosts:  Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) and Turkish 
Radio and Television (TRT)
Conference Dates:  25-29 January, 2016
Hotel: Radisson Blu

HFCC/ASBU B16 Coordination Conference
Conference Location: Miami, Florida, USA
Conference Hosts: Broadcast Belgium and WRMI, with assistance from the 
National Association of Shortwave Broadcasters (NASB)
Conference Dates: August 22-26, 2016
Hotel: Hilton Miami Downtown Hotel
(via gh, DXLD)


Hi everyone - Fest dates have been set: February 19-20, 2016. Venue is 
the same: Doubletree Guest Suites Philadelphia West, Plymouth Meeting, 
PA. Hotel has been newly renovated, including the elevators (if one 
were to know...)! (Richard & John, co-Festmeisters, Nov 16, NASWA yg 
via DXLD)

SAVE THE DATE: 29th Winter SWL Fest

Hi gang - The 29th (!) Annual Winter SWL Fest has been set for the 
19th & 20th of February, 2016, at the Doubletree Guest Suites 
Philadelphia West, Plymouth Meeting, PA. We'll have online 
registration and printable forms updated in the next couple of weeks.
Hope many here can join us! (Richard Cuff and John Figliozzi, co-
chairs, ODXA yg via DXLD)

Kansas City joint DX Convention SEPT 9-11 2016 FIRST CALL FOR PAPERS

Here's the first call for tech "papers" for the joint convention.
Newsletter-exposure will be appreciated. Text below is also attached.
Regards, Mark Durenberger


Have you had some fun DX experiences you’d like to share with the rest 
of the club members? Ideas for new techniques or antenna-design? 
Thoughts about ways to make the hobby even better?

The Kansas City joint DX Convention SEPT 9-11 2016 will be a good 
place to do that. We’re thinking about restructuring our “tech talks” 
programs, to include less-formal presentations with the longer 

If you don’t have enough for a full-blown talk, we’d still like to 
hear your ideas, so consider this your first opportunity to express 
your interest in doing so. Regardless of the length of your comments, 
we can support your presentation with full audio and video playback as 
well as slide projection. Please let me know if you have some DX-
related ideas you’d like to contribute! (Mark Durenberger 
Mark4@durenberger.com Nov 14, MDXC yg via DXLD)



Posted: November 7, 2015 in Uncategorized [and LOTS of replies at:]

There have been a series of internet posts lately that give me the 
impression that more and more Dxpeditioners are getting pretty fed up 
with the way in which many operators are conducting themselves in 
various pileups. Rick-K6VVA is leading his P5CW effort www.p5cw.com

Rick has announced his no dupe policy. He has also created software 
that will only log a station once. In addition, he has announced that 
Bully Lids” and stations that QRM his other activations may be black 
listed from getting a contact with P5CW at a later time.

Noted Dxpeditioner and recent CQ DX Hall of Fame inductee Vlad Bykov-
UA4WHX has just completed his 2015 Russian Arctic Coast Expedition. He 
has posted the following:

“If you worked me same band – same mode – same island more than once 
and it was during the time when the pile-up was thick, it is almost 
100% certain you will see no QSL 5 years from the time of the last 
extra QSO or not at all. No excuses considered or accepted. You put 
your needs on top of others’ basic one time QSO expectations – fine – 
pay the fee for being selfish. No joke. Any extra QSO (after QSO #1) 
puts you 5 years later on the confirmation. Say, I got you 3 times AS-
027 14 cw – great – your QSL is coming October 2025”

The upcoming VK9WA Willis Island Dxpedition has announced on their 
website that “Stations that continually disrupt our attempts to Log 
specific stations or call into specific regions of the world risk the 
removal of all QSOs from the expedition Log without further notice”.

Each of these three methods described above are new and potentially 
controversial. In the case of the P5CW example, I think it is prudent 
to request that stations only call once, however with the 
implementation of software that will only accept one contact per call 
sign, there is the risk that someone may “pirate” a call sign and make 
the contact thereby preventing the owner of that call to make a 
contact where they actually know the date, time and band of the 
contact so that they can seek confirmation.

The approach outlined by Vlad-UA4WHX runs the risk of the same 
problem. Someone such as me could have made one contact and then 
perhaps someone that I have alienated tries to make a few more by 
pirating my call. If that were to occur, then I would essentially have 
to wait five years for a QSL card. So in both cases with the K6VVA 
approach and the UA4WHX approach, there is the potential that an 
innocent Dxer could be harmed by the pirating of their call. Pirating 
is a frequent problem as seen in last week’s 3B7FA operation from St. 
Brandon. It does happen.

The VK9WA approach is also new. Typically when a Dxpedition operator 
learns that a certain station is calling out of turn or is making 
excessive “dupe” contacts, his call gets written down and that Dxer 
often finds himself getting ignored for a period of time by the 
Dxpedition. Sort of a “time out” approach. This is employed more and 
more often these days and is a topic that Dxpeditioners talk about 
when they get together. Most of the time, we are talking about the 
same stations that do this time and time again.

But to remove successful and valid contacts already made in the log as 
a threat to deter abusive or rude operating, well that just takes it 
to another level. I think that removing valid contacts from the log 
would cause issues with the ARRL DXCC desk and proper accreditation. I 
also suspect that Foundation, Association and Club sponsors may object 
to this approach. I am not sure if the VK9WA team will actually employ 
this method. It seems a bit drastic and like the other solutions 
described above it creates the potential where someone’s call sign 
could be used and abused and create long standing issues for the 
actual innocent owner of the call sign.

We are all trying to solve the problems of rude, abusive and poor 
operators in our pileups. The problem seems to becoming worse and 
worse. The solutions are all over the map from being potentially 
blacklisted in working P5CW, to waiting five years for your QSL 
confirmation, to having your contacts removed from the log by the 
Willis Island Dxpedition.

I don’t think any of these three solutions will really solve the 
problem and I feel that they create the potential for other problems 
for owners of calls that are used and abused.

What do you think? (Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin No. 1240, November 16, 2015,
Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW, Provided by BARF80.ORG (Cleveland, 
Ohio), Written From Strongsville, OH via Dave Raycroft, ODXA yg via 
DXLD) Whew, we one-way DXers have no concerns like that (gh, DXLD)



Boresight --- that is a new radio word to me, Martin. Wikipedia knows 
it though hi!

``In telecommunications and radar engineering, antenna boresight is 
the axis of maximum gain (maximum radiated power) of a directional 
antenna. For most antennas the boresight is the axis of symmetry of 
the antenna. For example, for axial-fed dish antennas, the antenna 
boresight is the axis of symmetry of the parabolic dish, and the 
antenna radiation pattern (the main lobe) is symmetrical about the 
boresight axis. Most antennas boresight axis is fixed by their shape 
and cannot be changed. However phased array antennas can 
electronically steer the beam, changing the angle of the boresight by 
shifting the relative phase of the radio waves emitted by different 
antenna elements, and even radiate beams in multiple directions 
(multiple boresights).[1] 

The term boresight came from high-gain antennas such as parabolic 
dishes, which produce narrow, pencil-shaped beams which are difficult 
to aim accurately at a distant receiving antenna. These often are 
equipped with optical boresights to assist in aiming.`` 
You learn something new every day, Best wishes (Barry  :-)  Carlisle 
UK, Davies, Nov 2, MWCircle yg via DXLD)






AT THE TONE (2015 Redux)

Hi Glenn: Well, I can't believe this project keeps going somehow, but 
after 23 years, it appears there's always more to be found.

At the Tone, my "little history" of NIST Radio Stations WWV & WWVH, 
has just been reissued and expanded - yet again - this time with a 
trove of recordings recently unearthed by WWVH themselves.

The station came across a secret stash of reels, carts, and cassettes 
featuring studio announcements by Jane Barbe and WWVH personnel from 
1975-1992. I transferred and cleaned up the tapes here in Los Angeles 
and took the opportunity to rework the entire set. Further, mow that 
we've been liberated from the CD era, I was able to go back in and add 
other tracks which were left off the 2009 reissue.

The set now runs nearly 100 minutes over 72 tracks going back to 1955.
Folks who are interested should visit 

The set can be downloaded in any audio format of choice and includes a 
PDF with historical liner notes on each track.

Thanks as always for your excellent work! Best, (Myke Dodge Weiskopf > 
http://www.myke.me Radio producer > Field recordist > Songwriter, Nov 


[Re 15-45]: Should WOO remnants be preserved?

Glenn, I can look it up in the office library, but I don't think this 
was ever used by VOA unless it was for point-to-point transmission to 
actual broadcast sites. Unfortunately, all the people I knew who would 
have information about this sort of thing are long dead.

Other AT&T sites have long since been dismantled, along with various 
RCA and Mackay and Navy sites. But the Bolinas - Pt. Reyes site 
[California] is still operational by the hobbyists, and so it's 
probably enough.

It would be nice if they'd preserve the OTH troposcatter AT&T site in
the Keys that was used for telco connection to Cuba until fairly 
recently (Ben Dawson, Hatfield-Dawson, WA, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

Yes, before your time, Glenn (and mine)! An episode of Wavescan from 
2010 covered the history of the Voice of America at Ocean Gate, New 

Must be mentioned in Jerome Berg's books, too. I have only the 1945 to 
the present book, and the use of AT&T transmitters by VOA is briefly 
mentioned in the sections for the years 1945 and 1946 (Richard 
Langley, NB, dxldyg via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

Maybe OT, but I remember I had couple of QSO's with Ocean Gate 
Radio/WOO in late 1970's. I was somewhere in the Atlantic with my 
ship. I think they were working only HF phone, no CW or MF 
frequencies. 73, (Jari Savolainen, Finland, ibid.)

Southgate November 16, 2015   

The Essex Record Office have released a recording of a speech made by 
Guglielmo Marconi in 1935 --- Second part of a speech made by 
Guglielmo Marconi on the occasion of the unveiling of the 'Fisk 
Memorial' at Wahroonga, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia on 14 
December 1935 (the disc is incorrectly labelled). The 'Fisk Memorial' 
commemorates the first direct wireless message sent from the U.K. to 
Australia, in 1918.

In the speech, Marconi forecasts the impact that wireless 
communication will have on ship navigation, but also the world economy 
generally. Would he be surprised by how accurate he was in his 
prediction that 'no country can make much headway' without such 
technology? Listen at
Posted by: (Mike Terry, Nov 17, 2015, dxldyg via DXLD


Information from the group "open_dx": Dmitry Mezin, Kazan:

Looking through old records in the block Mount Evelyn DX Report, the 
author of which - Australian radio amateur Rob Wagner, came across an 
interesting link. It a documentary about the production of the Allied 
military version of the transmitters and receivers Hallicrafters, 
launched in 1944. Good shows the processes assembly and testing. The 
film is in English, but the announcer says enough distinctly.
(RusDX 15 Nov via DXLD)



While listening to the morning drive program over WBAP, 820 AM, Ft 
Worth/Dallas on 11/18/15, there was a mention of RadioShack moving 
their Black Friday to Black Wednesday, 25 Nov, in an effort to get a 
jump on the holiday shopping season. After hearing this I checked the 
RadioShack website to see if the store still carried shortwave radios.  
I noted a couple of small size models. 

While on the internet I came across an article from USA Today dated 
11/17 which details the Black Wednesday move and mentions new 
partnerships with well-known national brands such as Amazon, Apple, 
and Bang & Olufsen. Hopefully, RadioShack can make a comeback (Larry 


Responding to a query on the League’s DX Dialog Yahoo Discussion Group 
about the source of an unscheduled transmission on 504 kHz being heard 
in Northland, apparently from Magic 702AM in Auckland, member ANDY 
GARDNER has pointed us to the ‘mathematics’ and likely cause of this 
spurious broadcast being something as innocuous as a rusty bolt on a 
transmitting mast. This is a potential outcome of situations where 
multiple transmitters share the same facilities, including common 
antennas. As previously reported in this column, most if not all AM 
transmissions in Auckland now come from a common tower.

Andy pointed us to the commentary at 
and the "Sources of PIM" about half way down the page, which gives 
clues on where to look for the offending object(s) and points to 

He also highlights 
where, by entering the transmit frequencies on a tower, and the 
unwanted frequency being received, it is possible to see the 
mathematics behind the issue.

So, for the unwanted transmission on 504 kHz (0.504 MHz) we would 
Transmit Frequencies(MHz): .702 1.08 1.476 .936 1.179 .81
Receive Frequencies(MHz): .504
Tolerance: 0.000

Select 3rd, 5th, and 7th order and hit the calculate button. The 
results below show the way that commonly-sited AM transmissions can 
lead to unexpected and unwanted broadcasts!
5th order:

7th order:

All the above transmit frequencies emanate from the Henderson (West 
Auckland) transmitting site.

Member BILL MARSH Jr has reminisced about another spurious example 
signal resulting from transmitters sharing the same mast. He recalled 
that “back in the early 1950's when 4ZA came to Invercargill (820 kHz) 
it shared the same tower as 4YZ (720 kHz) this caused the mixing of 
the two frequencies to put out a hefty signal of the two transmitters
mixed on 1540 kHz. The transmitter mast was at Dacre several 
kilometres east of Invercargill.

This harmonic [sic] was S9 in Invercargill on a correctly tuned 
communications receiver, but domestic receivers and others out of tune 
had birdies all over the band. My dad, on behalf of the Southland 
Branch of the DX League, spent months talking to the Engineers 
concerned along with the Radio Inspector and eventually filters were 
fitted in the individual antenna feeders and this went a long way to 
eliminate the problem but the 1540 signal still remained. From what I 
remember there was no other mixing on the BC band. The only 
consolation was that you could use this signal to calibrate your dial 
at 1540 if a signal generator was not handy (Nov NZ DX Times via DXLD)


:Product: Weekly Highlights and Forecasts
:Issued: 2015 Nov 16 0630 UTC
# Prepared by the US Dept. of Commerce, NOAA, Space Weather Prediction 
# Product description and SWPC contact on the Web
# http://www.swpc.noaa.gov/weekly.html
#                Weekly Highlights and Forecasts
Highlights of Solar and Geomagnetic Activity 09 - 15 November 2015

Solar activity was at very low to moderate levels over the period.
The period began at moderate levels with an M3/2b flare at 09/1312
UTC from Region 2449 (S12, L=207, class/area Dao/150 on 08 Nov).
Associated with the flare were Type II (957 km/s) and Type IV radio
sweeps, a 670 sfu Tenflare, and a partial halo coronal mass ejection
(CME). Originally, the CME was thought to have a partial
Earth-directed component; however, there was no arrival apparent in
ACE/SWEPAM data. Low levels were observed on 10 and 13 November due
to low level C-flare activity from Regions 2443 (N07, L=316,
class/area Fkc/650 on 01 Nov) and 2452 (S08, L=169, class/area
Axx/010 on 11 Nov). Late on 15 November, two filament eruptions
occurred in the SW quadrant. The first was an approximate 21 degree
filament eruption centered near S11W17 that was observed lifting off
around 15/2114 UTC in SDO/AIA 304 imagery. The second was an
approximate 19 degree filament eruption centered near S26W24
observed lifting off around 16/0114 UTC. Analysis was ongoing for
these two events, however given their location and initial
trajectory, an Earth-directed component is probable. 

An enhancement (below S1-Minor threshold) of the greater than 10 MeV
proton flux occurred at 09/2130 UTC associated with the M3 flare.
Particle flux measurements reached a maximum of 3.7 pfu 10/0020 UTC
before declining to background levels by early on 11 November. 

The greater than 2 MeV electron flux at geosynchronous orbit was at
high to very high levels over the period. Very high levels occurred
on 11 and 13 November with maximum flux levels of 59,508 pfu at
11/1915 UTC and 88,813 pfu at 13/1355 UTC, respectively. 

Geomagnetic field activity ranged from quiet to major storm levels.
The period began under the influence of a prolonged negative Bz
component followed by a solar sector boundary crossing mid-day on 09
November. Shortly after, a co-rotating interaction region preceding
a positive polarity coronal hole high speed stream (CH HSS) became
geoeffective starting in the latter half of 09 November. Total field
rose briefly to 12 nT with solar wind speeds increasing to the
650-750 km/s range. Solar wind continued to be enhanced through 12
November as CH HSS effects declined. The geomagnetic field responded
with unsettled to (G1-minor) minor storm levels on 09 November,
active to (G2-moderate) major storm levels on 10 November, and quiet
to minor storm levels on 11 November. Quiet levels were observed on
12 November. By 13 November, another positive polarity CH HSS became
geoeffective causing total field to initially rise to 10 nT with
solar wind speeds in the upper 400 km/s range. Total field remained
slightly agitated from 14-15 November with total field ranging from
5-9 nT. As a result, quiet to active levels were observed on 13
November, with quiet to unsettled levels on 14-15 November. 


Solar activity is expected to be at very low to low levels with a
chance for M-class (R1-R2, minor-moderate) flares from 22 November
through 05 December with the return of old Region 2443 (N07, L=316). 

No proton events are expected at geosynchronous orbit.

The greater than 2 MeV electron flux at geosynchronous orbit is
expected to be at high levels from 16-18 November and again from
01-12 December due to recurrent CH HSS influence. Normal to moderate
levels are expected from 19-30 November. 

Geomagnetic field activity is expected to be at unsettled to active
levels from 16-19 November due to prolonged southward Bz as well as
a negative polarity CH HSS on 18-19 November. Multiple recurrent
positive polarity CH HSSs are expected to influence the geomagnetic
field from 30 November-02 December, 05-08 December, and 10-12
December causing unsettled to active levels with (G1-minor) storm
periods likely on 30 November-01 December, and 06-08 December. 

The eruptive filaments on 15-16 November are not in the present
forecast as we are waiting on further imagery to model these events.

:Product: 27-day Space Weather Outlook Table 27DO.txt
:Issued: 2015 Nov 16 0630 UTC
# Prepared by the US Dept. of Commerce, NOAA, Space Weather Prediction 
# Product description and SWPC contact on the Web
# http://www.swpc.noaa.gov/wwire.html
#      27-day Space Weather Outlook Table
#                Issued 2015-11-16
#   UTC      Radio Flux   Planetary   Largest
#  Date       10.7 cm      A Index    Kp Index
2015 Nov 16     104          10          4
2015 Nov 17     102           8          3
2015 Nov 18     100          15          4
2015 Nov 19     100          12          4
2015 Nov 20      95           8          3
2015 Nov 21      95           8          3
2015 Nov 22      95           8          3
2015 Nov 23     105           5          2
2015 Nov 24     110           5          2
2015 Nov 25     110           5          2
2015 Nov 26     115           8          3
2015 Nov 27     115           5          2
2015 Nov 28     115           8          3
2015 Nov 29     115           8          3
2015 Nov 30     120          25          5
2015 Dec 01     120          25          5
2015 Dec 02     115          15          4
2015 Dec 03     110           8          3
2015 Dec 04     110           5          2
2015 Dec 05     105          12          4
2015 Dec 06     105          20          5
2015 Dec 07     105          25          5
2015 Dec 08     105          18          5
2015 Dec 09     105           8          3
2015 Dec 10     105          12          4
2015 Dec 11     105          10          3
2015 Dec 12     105           8          3


The Global HF propagation forecast thru November 21 from IPS in 
Australia: normal to fair.

From Spaceweather South Africa as of November 21: magnetic conditions 
quiet to unsettled, shortwave fadeouts unlikely; MUF unstable.

From Met Office UK: On November 21st and 22nd, generally unsettled 
conditions are expected in the wake of the coronal mass ejection and 
high speed stream, while storm conditions should cease.

From OK1MGW in Prague, the Geomagnetic field will be:
mostly quiet on November 20 - 21, 26 - 29
quiet on November 22 - 23
quiet to unsettled on November 24 - 25, December 3 - 4, 8 - 9
active to disturbed on November 30, December 1, 6
quiet to active on December 2, 5, 7

From SWPC in Boulder, Geomagnetic field activity is expected to be at 
unsettled to active levels with (G1-minor) storm periods likely on 
November 30, December 1, 6, 7 and 8 with A and K indices peaking at 25 
and 5. Lowest readings of 5 and 2 or 8 and 3, November 20-29. Solar 
flux troughing at 95 on November 20-22, climbing to 120 Nov 30 and 
December 1.

William Hepburn`s VHF/UHF/Microwave DX maps show extreme tropospheric 
ducting off Baja California, and between Mozambique and Madagascar on 
November 21-23; and all week off northwestern Australia (via DXLD)

SUNSPOTS and nots

I have automated searches running constantly for appearances of the
word "sunspot" on the web and in news stories, but not all the
results refer to actual solar events. For instance (this was new to
me) in Great Britain it seems that sunspot is also a word for any
popular winter travel destination at lower latitudes. Another recent
search revealed Sunspot is the name of one of the "My Little Pony"
figures, from an online collector's forum. But the strangest was a
link to an EDM (electronic dance music) mp3 file titled (I am not
making this up), "Powerful X-Class Solar Flare Erupts from Active

Sometimes I DJ EDM at local dances. Perhaps I should give it a
listen (QST de W1AW, Propagation Forecast Bulletin 46 ARLP046, From 
Tad Cook, K7RA, Seattle, WA November 13, 2015, To all radio amateurs, 
via Dave Raycroft, ODXA yg via DXLD)



I've never seen a more honest discourse on this topic: I hope it gives 
us all something to think about.
Jerome van der Linden, Director, Networks On Demand, ACN 079312726
http://www.nod.com.au Computer Network Services

Takes courage to speak out. This is actually a real story. He is real 
& He talks much sense here & also there`s much more on the net. Would 
like to see many more standing up like him. I hope this brave, 
intelligent, civilized man’s voice is heard by the religious leaders, 
and does not get lost in the Islamic wilderness (Bill Furnival)

From The Heart of an Honest Muslim!
By Dr. Tawfik Hamid
Description: cid:0F7019E45E4742D38F63D74D4E15F483@peter

"I am a  Muslim by faith, a Christian by spirit, a Jew by heart, and 
above all I am a  human being."

Dr. Hamid is an Egyptian scholar and author of the following article.

I was born a  Muslim and lived all my life as a follower of Islam.

After the barbaric terrorist attacks done by the hands of my fellow 
Muslims everywhere on this globe, and after the too many violent acts 
by Islamists in many parts of the world, I feel responsible as a 
Muslim and as a human being to speak out and tell the truth to protect 
the world and Muslims as well from a coming catastrophe and war of 

I have to admit that our current Islamic teaching creates violence and 
hatred toward non-Muslims.

We Muslims are the ones who need to change.

Until now we have accepted polygamy, the beating of women by men, and 
killing those who convert from Islam to other religions.

We have never had a clear and strong stand against the concept of 
slavery or wars, to spread our religion and to subjugate others to 
Islam and force them to pay a humiliating tax called jizia.

We ask others to respect our religion while all the time we curse non-
Muslims loudly (in Arabic) in our Friday prayers in the mosques.

What message do we convey to our children when we call the Jews 
"descendants of the pigs and monkeys"? [Yet, both Arabs and Jews are 
descendants of Ibrahim (Abraham)!]

Is this a message of love and peace, or a message of hate?

I have been into [Christian] churches and [Jewish] synagogues where 
they were praying for Muslims.

While all the time, we curse them, and teach our generations to call 
them "infidels", and to hate them.

We immediately jump in a 'knee jerk reflex' to defend Prophet Mohammad 
when someone accuses him of being a paedophile while, at the same 
time, we are proud with the story in our Islamic books that he married 
a young girl seven years old [Aisha] when he was above 50 years old.

I am sad to say that many, if not most of us, rejoiced in happiness 
after September 11th and after many other terror attacks.

Muslims denounce these attacks to look good in front of the media, but 
we condone the Islamic terrorists and sympathise with their cause.

Until now our 'reputable' top religious authorities have never issued 
a fatwa or religious statement to proclaim Bin Laden as an apostate, 
while an author, like Rushdie, was declared an apostate who should be 
killed according to Islamic Shari'a law just for writing a book 
criticizing Islam.

Muslims demonstrated to get more religious rights as we did in France 
to stop the ban on the hijab (head scarf), while we did not 
demonstrate with such passion and in such numbers against the 
terrorist murders. It is our absolute silence against the terrorists 
that gives the energy to these terrorists to continue doing their evil 

We Muslims need to stop blaming our problems on others or on the 
Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

As a matter of honesty, Israel is the only light of democracy, 
civilization, and human rights in the whole Middle Eas .

We kicked out the Jews with no compensation or mercy from most of the 
Arab countries to make them "Jews-free countries" while Israel 
accepted more than a million Arabs to live there, have their own 
nationality, and enjoy their rights as human beings. In Israel, women 
cannot be beaten legally by men, and any person can change his/her 
belief system with no fear of being killed by the Islamic law of 
'apostasy,' while in our Islamic world people do not enjoy any of 
these rights.

I agree that the 'Palestinians' suffer, but they suffer because of 
their corrupt leaders and not because of Israel. 

It is not common to see Arabs who live in Israel leaving to live in 
the Arab world.

On the other hand, we used to see thousands of Palestinians going to 
work with happiness in Israel, its 'enemy.' If Israel treats Arabs 
badly as some people claim, surely we would have seen the opposite 

We Muslims need to admit our problems and face them. Only then we can 
treat them and start a new era to live in harmony with human mankind.

Our religious leaders have to show a clear, and very strong stand 
against polygamy, paedophilia, slavery, killing those who convert from 
Islam to other religion, beating of women by men, and declaring wars 
on non-Muslims to spread Islam.

Then, and only then, do we have the right to ask others to respect our 
Please pass this on as far as possible and help spread this paradigm 
shift in Muslim thinking. Maybe it will germinate & grow. SEE 
(via Bill Furnival, via Jerome van der Linden, Australia, ARDXC via 
DXLD) ###

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