Globalization and the Uranus-0-Neptune

By French astrologer Andre Barbault:
"When working on mundane astrology and taking a worldwide view of history, one aligns oneself on the consistency of repetitive astral returns – such as the Uranus Neptune conjunctions of 1136, 1307, 1478, 1649 and 1821. One then notices that, since the discovery of these two planets, the history of Man on Earth has taken a new dimension, as evidenced by the metamorphosis of world society in the past two centuries and the radical transformation of everyday life that has taken place in the past few generations.

Planetary cycles remain the basis of a cyclic time where, from one conjunction to the other, a return of the same occurs, which gives a sense of history as a continuous link of events stretching across time and space. It is upon the Uranus Neptune conjunction in the first degrees of Sagittarius in 1479, through which Jupiter and Saturn also moved from 1485 to 1488, that the great explorers take over the oceans: Dias passes the Cape of Good Hope and Christopher Columbus is just about to land in America (1492). The globe as a whole is embraced by man who starts travelling it : it is the beginning of the great expeditions which will lead Europe to the colonization of the globe. We will see the continuation of this movement when the same planets move through Sagittarius. In the same manner, an extraordinary industrial revolution takes place, giving birth to our modern society, when the following conjunction occurs in 1821 in the first degrees of Capricorn.

Starting in 1992-1993, the conjunction Uranus Neptune is there again, still in Capricorn, that Saturn went through in 1988-1989, then Jupiter in 1997. This same society is still in its full renewal.

The basic manifestation of these configurations is the conjunction: a synod or meeting of stars, which forms a kind of cosmic egg. This cosmic egg recurs; it is a unity of celestial bodies the alignment of which is the true symbol of an end and a renewal in history, with a basic trend towards unification."
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