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Marilyn Monroe was an American actress, singer and model. She was born on the 1st June 1926. Marilyn's mother Gladys Baker and father Edward Mortenson, married but separated before she was born. Marilyn denied he was her father. In later years, Gladys was diagnosed as mentally unstable and could no longer provide care for Marilyn, and subsequently she was placed with foster parents, whom she lived with until she was seven years old. Gladys had bought a house for her and Marilyn to live in, but after a few months Gladys suffered another mental breakdown. Marilyn remembers her mother during this state as "laughing and screaming," and consequently her mother was moved to a mental ward. Young Marilyn was declared ward of the state. The star lived in a succession of foster homes, never knowing real stability.

Marilyn's Natal Chart

The Moon (mother) is part of a T-square involving Saturn and Neptune, and this conflict reflects the difficulty in bonding with her mother, and the lack of  "mothering". According to Astrologer Liz Greene " Moon-Neptune is often the "favorite" child enjoying a special mysterious bond with the mother, and assuming, in adult life, that loved ones will provide constant and absolute emotional nourishment. Moon-Neptune in it's more difficult expression may be linked with drug and alcohol addiction, as well as eating disorders." 

Abuse - Mars-Neptune & Venus - Pluto

Marilyn went to live with her great aunt, and it was here that she was sexually assaulted by one of her son's at age twelve. At the time of the assault transiting Neptune in the 2nd house opposed natal Mars in Pisces in the 8th house. Transiting Pluto in Cancer in the 12th house had formed a square to natal Venus in Aries. The Mars-Neptune contact indicates sexual boundaries had slipped (Neptune) and induced feelings of guilt and sin around sex (Mars). The loss of innocence (Neptune) through violation (Mars). Natally, Mars in the 8th house rules sex, death, crisis and penetration. The 8th house rules abuse, secrets, rape, societal taboos and murder. The house of "sex and death" can be a heavy house to inhabit. However this is the house of rising from the depths and transforming spirit. The Venus-Pluto transit is symbolic of a time when Marilyn was vulnerable to attracting fated events (Pluto) concerning relationships (Venus). Venus-Pluto may show trauma in relationships/arousing feelings in others of a jealous and obsessive nature. The contact embodies great emotional and sexual intensity.

Marilyn's first Marriage - Jupiter-Uranus

Marilyn began a relationship with Jim Doherty a neighbours son of her foster parents, and married him in June 1942. She only agreed to marriage so that she wouldn't be placed in any more foster homes. Marilyn said she did not feel like a wife. At this time, transiting Jupiter in Gemini in the 11th house formed a square to Uranus in Pisces in the 8th house. Jupiter points to legal affairs (Jupiter) and the urge to be free (Uranus). The contact is often ushers in a new chapter in life, but in hard aspect a "rebellious spirit". The marriage ended in1946, and Marilyn went off to pursue her career. The transits are particularly revealing, and shows the great sense of freedom at this juncture in life. Transiting Jupiter (expansion) in Libra (relationships) trined her natal Moon in Aquarius (freedom) in the 7th house (partner) . Transiting Uranus in Gemini in the 11th house trines her natal Moon in Aquarius, and again indicates that this was a comfortable change. Marilyn now had the opportunity to break away from limiting patterns. "Easy" transits during a divorce often show an easy transition.

Marilyn found work in a factory spraying airplane parts, during this time she signed with a modelling agency. In 1946, she was contracted for sixth months, she changed her name and appeared in a few movies, but her contract was not renewed, and she returned to modelling. While she was still unemployed and penniless she posed for nude photographs. Transiting Pluto (exposing) conjoined the Asc (self). The transit also describes her sexual and physical magnetism increasing. Marilyn was undergoing a physical-transformation, and there was an intense quality about the way she interacted with the world.

In 1948, she signed a sixth month contract with Columbia Movies and met with an acting coach who she stayed with for several years. Transiting Saturn in the dramatic sign of Leo opposed her natal Moon. The Moon rules relationships with women, and Saturn represents maturity and management. The Moon-Saturn contact can show a difficult and anxious time. Marilyn's success went up and down like a yo-yo, but she did eventually get signed under a new contract for 7 years in 1950. An interesting transit for the beginning of her schooling was transiting Jupiter in Pisces in the 8th house forming a square to Mercury in Gemini. Marilyn enrolled in university and studied literature and art appreciation. Jupiter in astrology rules higher education, growth, and optimism and Mercury presides over the mind, intellect and immediate environment.

Photo's Resurface- Moon- Pluto

In 1952, Marilyn faced a scandal when one of her nude photo's was featured in a calender. During this reveal, transiting Pluto opposed her Moon. In astrology, Pluto rules all things hidden and taboo. The Moon relates to the past, women and family. Under a Pluto transit to the Moon secrets may surface and you may feel emotionally-exposed. Marilyn can either feel empowered or manipulated at this time. Transiting Jupiter conjoined the M.C at the same time and so her reputation was enhanced. The public exposure created more career opportunities are available due to all the heightened publicity and the public felt sympathy for her under those transiting Neptune trines that were also prevalent.

Dates Playwright

In May 1955, Marilyn Monroe began dating playwright Arthur Miller. In June 1955, on her birthday, they both attended a premier of the 7 year itch. A party hosted by Miller, but the little birthday bash ended in a public quarrel and a lengthy estrangement. The tension is shown by transiting Saturn in the fourth house forming a square to the Moon in the 7th house, representing a painful time of separation and uncomfortable feelings. Marilyn severed her relationship with long time mentor Natasha Lytess and replaced her. 

Marilyn's Saturn return offered her a contract for 7 years, and Marilyn Monroe Productions was formed (Saturn) crystallizing her success, and she now had the right to reject any script or director she didn't approve of. During this time her relationship with Miller had developed again, and the press began to discuss an impending marriage, both of them refused to confirm the rumour. In June 56, a reporter followed them by car.The couple tried to shake him off, but he swerved and crashed killing a female passenger Marylin was said to be extremely upset by this, and the engagement was finally announced to reduce public attention.

Marriage - Jupiter-Neptune & Venus-Neptune

The marriage occurred under transiting Jupiter conjoined Neptune and opposite natal Jupiter. Dreams and high aspirations were present. A dream can be realized under Jupiter-Neptune or the bubble can burst sometime later. Transiting Chiron was on her Dsc (relationships) in Aquarius trine the Sun in Gemini. The relationship can heal many wounds;  and it might of indicated a teacher/mentor relationship. Transiting Uranus formed a square to Venus  - showing dramatic changes in relationship, and a wedding happening suddenly and ending just as quickly. Transiting Neptune was opposite Venus, and she is hopelessly in love and under romantic illusion.

Marilyn suffered a miscarriage in August 1957, as transiting Jupiter in Virgo opposed her natal Uranus in the 8th house (unexpected loss). Transiting Saturn opposed her natal Sun. Marilyn went back to work in Aug 1958 but was reported to be hostile and full of profanity. The star refused to co-operate, but old wounds were re-opened when transiting Chiron in Aquarius conjoined the Moon and formed a square to Saturn. Chiron's wounded side can violent bitter and filled with rage. Emotionally she was facing a tough time-reliving early rejection and loss. It was during Pluto's easy transit over Chiron and Neptune's opposition to Chiron, that Marilyn's health began to deteriorate and she was seeing a psychiatrist. Pluto rules psychology & Chiron is associated with healing. The Doctor prescribed drugs to Marilyn, and she slowly began her descent into addiction. Marilyn also complained of insomnia too.


Monroe was frequently ill in 1960, and unable to perform. The movie star resumed her medication and alcohol consumption. A visitor to her set described Monroe as "mortally injured in some way". She was admitted to a hospital in August of that year and was hospitalized for 10 days. Reports claimed she was near death, her illness was not disclosed. Marilyn was said to be very sick and under a psychiatrist. During this critical juncture, transiting Saturn in Capricorn/6th house formed an opposition to natal Pluto/12th house. Saturn transiting the 6th house often describes a time of failing health and it had reached crisis point (Pluto). Transiting Neptune conjoined the I.C, inwardly she is feeling victimised and is highly sensitive (Neptune). Transiting Uranus formed an opposition to the natal Moon, creating instability. Marilyn split with Miller at this time. Uranus transits are classic divorce aspects.

During the following months Marilyn's health fails due to drug addiction and alcohol consumption. Marilyn's divorce was finalized in 1961, stating incompatibility of character. This same year she underwent surgery to remove a blockage (Saturn) in her fallopian tubes in May, and the following month gall bladder surgery. Transiting Saturn in the 6th house formed a square to Venus. Natally, Mars conjunct Uranus in Pisces in the 8th house can describe sudden operations. There was extra stress due to a mutable T-square that had formed involving Chiron in Pisces, Pluto in Virgo and natal Mercury in Gemini. Marilyn continued to have sick days off and a law suit was filed against her for half a million dollars. However, she did have high publicity, and the dispute with 20th century fox was resolved, and her contract renewed. It was reported she was in great spirits at this time and never looked better.

Marilyn Monroe is dead from a suspected drug overdose. Amidst the controversy were rumours of homicide. Rumours circulated on possible affairs with the Kennedy brothers. Investigators could not class her death as homicide, suicide or accidental death due to lack of evidence. During her final days, transiting Jupiter & Chiron in Pisces in the 8th house formed a square to the  Sun. Jupiter expands Chiron's wound. Similar to Chiron in myth, it may have been accidental wounding. Her death was ruled as poisoning by acute barbiturate. The planet of transformation and death (Pluto) also squared her life force (Sun). Transiting Saturn squared M.C (end of a career) SOURCE HERE

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