I AM Light.
 I AM Infinite.
I AM The Channel.
I AM Expanding.
I AM Psychedelic.
I AM Vibration.
 I AM Timeless.
I AM Unity.
 I AM Activating.
 I AM Resonant.
I AM Galactic.
 I AM Radiant.
I AM Defined.
 I AM Electric.
I AM Lunar.
 I AM Magnetic.
I AM Planetary.
 I AM Balanced.
I AM Organized.
 I AM Connected.
 I AM Inspired.
 I AM In Harmony.
 I AM In-tegrity.
I AM Perfect.
I AM Manifestation.
I AM Dissolving.
 I AM Releasing.
 I AM Liberated.
I AM Dedicated.
I AM Universalized and Divine, Transcending Mantra.
 I AM Being.
 I AM Communicating.
 I AM Spirit.
I AM Breathing.
 I AM Cosmic.
I AM Essence.
I AM Power.
 I AM Action.
 I AM Dreaming.
 I AM Abundance.
I AM Intuition.
I AM God.
 I AM Extreme.
I AM Internal and External.
I AM Flowering.
I AM The Clocking.
 I AM Aware.
I AM Life force.
I AM Surviving.
I AM Spiraling.
I AM Arc.
 I AM Accomplishing.
 I AM Healing.
 I AM Beauty.
I AM Elegance.
I AM Pure.
I AM Flowing.
I AM Love.
 I AM Chakras.
I AM Co-inciding.
 I AM Playing.
 I AM Magic.
I AM Elusive.
I AM Free Will.
 I AM Wise.
 I AM Exploring.
 I AM Space and Time.
I AM Waking Life.
 I AM Vivid.
 I AM Enchanting.
 I AM Timelessness and Complete, Infinite Design
. I AM Alien.
 I AM Human.
 I AM Receptive.
 I AM Vision.
I AM Energy.
I AM Mindful.
I AM Questioning.
I AM Answering.
I AM Intelligent.
 I AM Fearless.
I AM Evolving.
I AM Opening My Third Eye to the Unseen Vision, Translating.
 I AM Synchronicity.
I AM Reflecting.
I AM Endlessness.
I AM Order and Chaos.
 I AM The Tao.
I AM Crystallized.
I AM Self-generation.
I AM Affirming.
 I AM Enlightened.
I AM Blind.
 I AM The Tone.
I AM The Color.
 I AM Electronic.
I AM Lunar and Solar, Opposite and Polar.
 AM Language.
 I AM Radial.
I AM Particles of Plasma.
I AM Endurance.
I AM Cosmic.
I AM Releasing.
I AM Liberating.
I AM Perfect.
I AM Pulsing.
 I AM Realizing.
I AM The One Because The One Are All.
I AM Form.
I AM The Infinite, Nothing That Becomes The Everything.
I AM Symbolic.
 I AM Relative.
I AM The Divine Spirit that Harmonizes with Laws.
 I AM Projecting. I AM Controlled Experience.
 I AM Desire.
I AM Being. I AM We, We Are You.”

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