Σκακιστικο ωροσκοπιο

The ARIES Chess Player (Mar.21-Apr.19). True to form the Aries is aggressive, impulsive and a sheer dynamo in life as well as over the chessboard. He is full of enthusiasm for his opening favorites, though that changes from game to game. Always looking for that killer first or second move, he basks in the confusion that his innovations present to his opponent. Is the Aries’ luminescence a wave or a particle? Both. One minute his play pulsates with surprises and tempo gaining moves; next in a series of swift exchanges, a pawn advantage materializes before the opponent realizes his miscalculation. Trigger happy, he has a military leader’s instinct to notice weaknesses in the foe’s game before they are obvious on the board. Focusing his pieces on that spot, the Aries checkmates faster than any other sign. The Aries bravura intimidates before, during and after the game. His air of impenetrability; his highly charged personality; and the way he grips the pieces, especially when capturing, present a formidable challenge. He salivates when playing those in a higher category and like a wolf in sheep’s clothing he’ll act ever so humble before the game begins. But his desire to win can only be masked for so long and soon he is plundering his foe, keeping him off guard with very aggressive, maybe even reckless, moves. His momentum is so powerful that the opponent may be swept under by its sheer force, acting and playing at the Aries’ pace rather than his own. The Aries reserves his most splendid, come from behind, themes for players who have in some way disparaged him in the past. Is the Aries’ playing style one of fury or time pressure an opponent may ask? Does it matter? For in that one nanosecond of doubt the Aries foe capitulates.

The TAURUS Chess Player (Apr.20-May 20). Tempted by the great pleasures of life, the Taurus is a bon vivant whose greatest gratification comes from pricking the egos of others. Picture a confectioner handing out free habit-forming, spiked candy to a chocoholic. That’s the way the Taurus slyly embeds his games with his own distinctive playing style: one of seduction. Taurus is an earth sign and these people tend to play life, and chess, close to the vest. They have their own standards for playing and don’t exhibit the die-hard need to vanquish an opponent... openly. Lulling an opponent with solid, well-known opening lines he’ll often choose variations popular in the 1950s and 1960s. Around moves 13, 14 and/or 15 though, his lullaby turns into a death march as he rolls out a new move for his opening, considered in the past to be unplayable. He is a used bookstore devotee, collecting rare and antiquated chess material with a knowledgeable eye. Obscure, but superb Taurean preparation, often using very old variations challenges his foes to put aside their study and use up precious minutes as the opponent tries to find over the board moves to refute this novelty. A Taurean uses time as if they had a 17th piece on the chessboard. Hoarding, then rushing; dilly-dallying, then slamming the clock with the ferocity he’d like to pummel his opponent with, the Taurus is most inventive when he is in time pressure. Threaten him with just seconds to go and the Taurean’s personal chess muse subconsciously helps him choose the winning move. Taureans have the ability to pull last minute victories from what look like drawn positions. When the sword of Damocles hangs over them they automatically move into an intellectually superior zone and this tension gives them a second wind. They then play with masterly skill, relishing last-minute complications and sacking material as they suck their foes into a deadly, mating whirlpool.

The GEMINI Chess Player (May 21-June 21). Affable, chatty, and with charm dripping from every pore, the Gemini chess player knows instinctively how to work a room, a chess club or a major tournament. Geminis play their opponents far more than they play the board. They notice body language, nervous ticks, etc. and even the way his foe lines up his score sheet and pieces. The Gemini mind is a black hole absorbing all this minutiae and little by little they sense an opponent’s vulnerability. Like a fencer his first moves are meant to mislead, as he feigns one opening and then transposes to another. Geminis adore unusual openings, probably because they have tried so many of them themselves. Solid players bore the Gemini who likes to live by his wits. His impatience alone could rattle the most stoic foe. A tactical genius, the Gemini is known for playing outrageous, lesser-known gambits. Sacking material and setting costly traps the Gemini style features a very peripatetic queen. He loves open positions and again will give away material if this gives him the position his steel-trap mind has planned. In across the board play notice that he will slowly take over more space on the playing table itself, crowding his opponent who doesn’t quite realize why he is feeling cornered both physically and mentally. Action is his middle name and even when doing the deepest middle game analyses, he’ll jump out of his seat, get some water, check his chess bag and look as if he didn’t have anything on his mind. The Gemini is symbolized by the symbol of the twins in astrology, so it can be no surprise that he can do two things at once. What may come as a surprise to his opponents is that he often has Plan A and Plan B in his mind at all times. Just when you think you can squiggle out of his Plan A, his Plan B comes into play and the Gemini’s opponent has to choose Plan R: resignation.

The CANCER Chess Player (June 22-July 22). Endowed with the most natural chess sense of all the signs, the Cancer’s combination of positional memory and sheer tenacity makes him formidable at any age. His repertoire is classical spiced up with a bit of chicanery. Nothing pleases him more than to beat an opponent using the opponent’s favorite opening or gambit. His play is enthralling and foes are torn between admiration and intense dislike. One of the three water signs his hunches are guided by his natural sense of direction. While a foe may joust on one side, the Cancer understands and quietly ridicules this silly, time-wasting ruse. A magus when it comes to brewing up an attacking pattern combining two or more different themes, he’ll strive to keep the position mobile, daring his opponent to close the center. With his hands tied behind his back, he actually covets cramped quarters knowing how to play them to his own advantage. He wants to bait his foe into prematurely tasting victory, though before his opponent has had a chance to smack his lips, the Cancerian’s maneuver becomes all too evident. Cancers play on their own timetable, thinking forever over seemingly no-brainer moves and striding out of the playing room to pace by themselves. You’ll notice a Cancer’s arrival because he’s usually carrying lots of his personal paraphernalia: water, drinks, snacks, pens and/or a box of Kleenex. That a Cancerian has his moods is no surprise, since his ruling body is the moon, ruler of sensation. He’ll either appear very happy or depressed. When he doesn’t emit strong emotions it’s because he’s learned to hide them with an inscrutable, robotic countenance. A chess historian he not only insists on mating his opponent, but in doing so with a position reminiscent of some great game of the past. While making a bit of history for himself.

The LEO Chess Player (July 23-Aug.22). A swashbuckling amalgamation of Luke Skywalker and James Bond, the Leo’s larger-than-life personality diminishes everything in its path including the chess pieces themselves. He poses, he strides, he prevails with seemingly effortless ease. The sign of royalty the Leo feels it is his divine right to win. He hates to watch others, or wait for them as he craves the action of the game. He can actually taste victory, swilling it around in his mind as a wine connoisseur does with a prize vintage. The satisfaction the Leo gets from mating anyone, patzer or master is sublime yet with noblesse oblige he is extremely generous with advice, explaining his chess theories to anyone who will pay him homage. The symbol for Leo is the lion. So, as congenial as the Leo is, as playful, as appealing, as cuddly, he is king of the jungle and will go for the jugular in an instant. Like the big cats he may "toy" with his prey allowing his opponent to make bold moves in the center while he prepares a delicious maneuver. A theatrical player the Leo wants drama. With officials, foes, and by-standers he may flaunt the rules, or challenge them but it is really for show. Actually he is stage managing the game and bringing to bear both chess and psychological weaponry. Anything that turns the limelight on the match thrills him, for he thrives under tense conditions while most foes are rattled. When the position is complicated or unclear he chortles inside, enjoying it when he has to claw his way to a kill. Always the performer, the Leo wraps things up with a flourish. And once again the spotlight falls on this virtuoso proving that he is, indeed, the king.

The VIRGO Chess Player (Aug.23-Sept.22). Deep in the recesses of the Virgo mind lies a binary computer evaluating everything in terms of whether it is something good or bad, positive or negative. The Virgo’s instant, non-stop calculation gives him an analytical edge because this activity is so much a part of his being. Clean, methodical, deceptively simple early play serves as a canvas for him to try out his well-researched ideas. His craft comes to light when he slowly, but steadily chooses subtle space-expanding moves from his palette of options. The Virgo slips in and out of a self-induced hypnotic state, confounding opponents who think they can read the faces of their adversaries. During a match, when the position gets interesting the Virgo starts to fall in love with the game before him. But he is a jealous lover, and at this point he lustfully moves to monopolize and own the game. Suddenly his passions are roused and a friendly game becomes one in which he must annihilate his opponent. Several, long deep breathes signal the Virgo is activating his chi energy, though some may foolishly think he is in retreat. The Virgo motto is: Get me to the end game. He hums through the tricky computations as his foe starts experiencing a Prozac cool down. Whether playing aggressively or strategically, he must control the action. He hates conformity and lives to keep his opponents off-balance often exchanging pieces at what seems an awkward moment. His mating style is one where he entices his opponent into thinking that a lost or difficult position still has winning chances. Betting against a Virgo’s strength at this point is a losing proposition. By the time the Virgo’s wizardry unfolds, and the mating trap is sprung, his opponent should just cash in his chips and vanish.Η συνεχεια εδω

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