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Angelica HustonAnjelica Huston is one of America’s more interesting actors for the roles she takes, her talent and the interesting life she lives. Anjelica has Sun, Mars and Uranus in Cancer and is very much a part of her family which is very involved and talented in the movie industry. When Anjelica won the Academy Award for “Prizzi’s Honor,” she became the third generation to win the award after her father, director John Huston and her grandfather, actor Walter Huston.

Anjelica has a way of choosing very intelligent roles and acting in them with intelligence and talent for her craft. She has Moon, Venus and Saturn in Virgo giving her a great ability to choose scripts that are both interesting and intelligent while making her a hard worker who has worked as a model before becoming an actress. Anjelica has a Sagittarius rising and Jupiter in Aries which has led her to live a very interesting life and has caused her to run with and know a very interesting crowd in the entertainment business. Finding both family, with so much Cancer in her chart, in the entertainment field as well as friends and lovers, Anjelica is an interesting study as both a person and an actor.
Watching any of her performances we see a blend of energy from her Fire signs and intelligence from her Virgo stellium making her one to watch whenever she takes on a role or character. Anjelica thinks in dramatic ways with Mercury in Leo and has Pluto in Leo as well. With so much fire, a water sign like Anjelica has found both adventure and a family in her chosen career. Midheaven and Neptune are both in the 10th house giving her prominent and public relationships and making them important to her career and in her life. Her Cancer sun is in the 7th adding to the importance she has put on relationships in her life and since Cancer finds family very important, Anjelica has, at times, put her relationships and family ahead of her career. Her love of adventure coming from her Fire signs and Sagittarius rising with Venus in the 9th has also led Anjelica to have a very adventurous life, especially in her youth.
Anjelica lost her prima ballerina mother early in her life most likely making her mother figures important to her as is the case with many Cancers, and she valued family as she pulled close to her father and began taking small roles in his films when she still young. She became a model for some years, young in life and began her adventures while beginning a relationship with a man 23 years older than herself. This man with whom Anjelica found a relationship was photographer while she was modeling, showing us that Anjelica found love in her career and looked for family there. Later, when acting more, she had a long relationship with Jack Nicolson lasting from 1973 to 1990.
Her adventures led to her be a witness in the case against Roman Polanski when he was accused of statutory rape. She made a deal when she was found with cocaine at the home of Jack Nicolson where the incident took place.
Anjelica would start filming with Nicolson in movies early in her career again mixing family with her career. Anjelica would take on roles in such films as “The Postman Always Rings Twice,” Prizzi’s Honor,” “The Grifters” and “The Addams Family.” Anjelica feels at home in front of the camera, no doubt and has taken roles later in her career that allow her to age in front of the camera such as her roles in “The Royal Tenenbaums” and “The Darjeeling Limited.” With a Cancer Sun, Anjelica has done many roles that have her part of a family, and with her Virgo Moon, Venus and Saturn, they are intelligent roles while being very unique and interesting characters ( Sagittarius rising). Anjelica has carved out a place in the movie industry that is both exciting and different using her very particular talents to the fullest extent of her ability while following the family choice of careers. If Anjelica takes a role we can be sure it will be both intelligent and interesting while bringing us into the film in a way that a Cancer actor can do when they are part of a cast.
Angelica’s mother was Italian giving her a darker coloring and a because her mother and father were tall, Anjelica has a stature about her that commands attention. She is unique looking with features that are classic and noble in their own way. She makes the most of herself when dressing and appears in flattering clothing when making public appearances, no doubt part of her experience as a model showing itself. Having classic, Roman-type features with a strong nose and jaw, Anjelica plays up her different looks with a hair cut that is very Italian in its look while doing the most to make her features stand out. When one wears their hair long and dark with bangs to set off the eyes there is a stark look that comes about which is very dramatic. When one is very aware of themselves they often opt for hairstyles that are simple and do not take away from the face and the expressions.
Anjelica looks straight into the camera as a model would with her strong expressions and seems very at home in her body. Not being a size 0, Anjelica is a great model for women with “real” bodies and she shows us how to wear clothing in the very best way by not limiting herself to looks that the majority of actresses wear. Anjelica appears very comfortable in gowns on the red carpet, a nod, no doubt, to her modeling days and wears dark colors beautifully. She can pull off dramatic looks in the area of clothing and often wears strong colors such as red, black and gold. She probably knows what works with her body and like many Cancers she is not afraid of a bit of cleavage showing in her choices of gowns. Favoring dark and bright colors is best for a dark haired woman and a woman with some color to her skin and Anjelica shows us this in her wardrobe.
Being a former model, Anjelica knows that her strong features will carry her in photos without a huge amount of make up and she often favors natural color eye makeup to avoid the clown look that strong featured woman can get when they have color to them and wear too much color on their faces. Anjelica plays up her eyes and lips and leaves the rest to carry itself and very rarely appears in heavy eye makeup.
With a strong jawline and very high cheekbones, Anjelica’s smile is wide and we often find that Cancer actors tend to smile for the camera because they relate to their fans on an emotional level and want to be approachable. With a Sagittarius rising we see a big smile across Anjelica’s face a lot, and she sometimes accents her smile with red lips that look both dramatic and beautiful given her coloring. True to the Cancer woman’s preference, we often see Anjelica in blouses with a couple buttons undone which is very casual yet sexy in a womanly way. We can learn a lot about dressing for our own features and body from Anjelica because she has a very unique style to go with her already unique look.SOURCE HERE

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